3 times champion tipster Steve Simpson

Recent Winners

Lord Murphy 8/1
Riddlestown 12/1
Amateur 4/1
Scala Regia 8/1
Behind The Wire 7/2
Shanroe Santos 5/1
Vieux Lion Rouge 8/1
Ballyandy 3/1
Daphne De Clos
Custard The Dragon 2/1
Lost The Moon 2/1
Ami Desbois 15/8
What A Diva 6/1
Lady Buttons 9/4
Pinzolo 5/2
A Toi Phil 7/2
Espresso Freddo 5/1
Looks Like Power 15/8
GDay Aussie 2/1
Stamford Raffles 11/2
Royal MacNab 12/5
Midnight Jade 100/30
Mythical Madness 3/1
General Hazard 15/8
Priors Brook 11/4
Lozah 5/1
Signed Request 11/4
Miss Spent 11/1
Taroum 7/2
Oxford Blu 5/1
Peak To Peak 7/2
Astracad 100/30
Charlemar 7/2
Moss Street 3/1
Cape Cova 4/1
Bold Image 8/1
Zippy 9/4
Burning Thread 10/1
Outre Mer 11/10
Marquee Club 5/1
Medieval 11/4
Captain Dion 6/1
Kiringa 5/2
Wediddodontwe 11/4
Captain Colby 6/1
Minminwin 3/1
Fact Of The Matter 5/1
Lord of the North 4/1
Certifcate 7/2
Coopers Friend Evs
Nemoralia 15/8
Kummiya 15/8
Amthal 5/2
Ralphy Boy 11/4
Mokarris 9/4
Kyllang Rock 15/8
Right Touch 7/1
Silva Eclipse 11/4
Langley Vale 5/1
Bayston Hill 2/1
Eddiemaurice 11/4
Son Of Suzie 11/4
Sir Dylan 9/2
Master Blueyes 10/3
Bernisdale 4/1
Jumeirah Star 3/1
Baadi 5/2
Urban Space 3/1
Art Mauresque 3/1
Taysh 3/1
Brave Spartacus 7/1
Sharp Rise 9/4
Cue Card 6/5
Shrewd 3/1
Affectionate Lady 22/1
Value At Risk 11/4
Carried 2/1
Magical Man 7/2
Annie Power 5/2
The Nipper 9/2
Swift Cedar 6/1
Crosse Fire 7/2
The Organist 11/4
More Spice 9/2
Jotem Down 5/2
Arthurs Oak 11/4
Lightscameraction 6/1
Ericht 5/1
New Abbey Angel 11/4
Fleckerl 5/2
Supreme Bob 11/4
Bridge Of Sighs 2/1
Frivolous Lady 4/1
Elysian Prince 7/2
Moon River 7/1
Le Reve 4/1
Welliesinthewater 2/1
Kalahari 9/4
Logans Lad
Truckers Highway 9/2
Les Gar Gans 11/2
Jess 11/4
Kadrizzi 2/1
William Of Orange 9/2
Percella 3/1
Little Stampy 2/1
Money Team 7/4
Mulzamm 9/4
Mystic Sky 15
Dont Be 20/1
Commeragh Trix 9/4
Supreme Bob 11/4
Ruby Rambler 11/4
Baby Shine 6/1
Minstrels Gallery 4/1
North Hill Harvey 4/1
Seek The Fair Land 6/1
Jers Girl 2/1
Quatrieme Ami 2/1
Little Sweetheart 11/4
Entihaa 9/4
Alibi De Sivola Carlisle
Mindurownbusiness 2/1
Seychelloise 15/8
El Campeon 4/1
Pithivier 11/4
Yes I Did 2/1
Final Assault 15/8
Rosa Fleet 7/2
The Steward 7/2
Throthehatch 9/4
Clondaw Cian 9/2
The Cobbler Swayne 15/8
Rouge Nuage 12/1
Automotive 7/2
Love The Leader 2/1
Butlergrove King 15/8
Gleann Na Ndochais 4/1
Replenish 3/1
Atwix 5/1
Be On Time 15/8
Ullswater 11/8
After Eight Sivola 6/1
Tobefair 7/1
Forever My Friend 3/1
Top Offer 9/2
Roadie Joe 9/4
Billy Ranger 5/2
Sea Pride 3/1
Mandria 3/1
Harlequin Striker 5/1
Polarisation 3/1
Libran 9/1
Curious Carlos 11/4
Sir Billy Wright 15/8
Dr Robin 9/2
Algaith 5/2
Be Lucky 10/3
Air Force Blue 9/4
Balmoral Castle 6/1
Highland Reel 7/4
More Mischief 6/4
Dear Bruin 7/4.
Bold Runner 12/1 EW.
Seamour 5/2
Guiding Light 13/8
Talyani 11/4
The Tin Man 9/4
Temple Lord 7/2
Azure Amour 5/1
Pixeleen 11/4
Franklin D 5/4
Picture Dealer 11/2
Shipyard 11/8
John Splendid 2/7
Majenta 5/1 EW
Swift Cedar 11/4
Trulee Scrumptious 3/1
Ghinia 7/2
Tigers Tale 3/1
First Selection 11/2
Stone Roses 15/8
Lady Tiana 7/2
Iseemist 11/2
Tobefair 11/4
Mutawathea 9/2
War Envoy 10/1
Mercers Row 3/1
Saved By The Bell 9/2
Avenue Des Champs 5/2
Code Red 14/1
One More Go 4/1
Kerrymerry 11/4
Adaay 6/1
Pennant Dancer 8/1
King Of Rooks 11/4
Cygnet 5/2
Red Baron 3/1
Cygnet 4/1
Libran 13/2
Goolagong Girl 9/2
Libran 7/1
Goldream 5/1
Pennant Dancer 7/2
Go Dan Go 2/1
Tanerko Emery 4/1
Lungarno Palace 4/1
Bon Chic 2/1
Arctic Lynx 5/2
Osaila 4/1
Kublai 15/8
Don Cossack 3/1
Dark Ocean 3/1
Princess Ombu 5/1
Party Palace 9/1
Quadriga 8/1
Windshear 15/8
Elusive Ellen 9/4
Better B Quick 11/4
Rebel Rebellion 7/1
Subversive 2/1
Forgivienne 17/2
Tsarglas 5/2
Desert Strike 12/1
Matraash 9/4
Primrose Valley 11/4
Its A Long Road 2/1
Murrayana 2/1
Comeonginger 10/3
Perfect Cracker 12/1
Pearl Noir 2/1
Lean On Pete 5/1
Bowberry 4/1
Chelwood Gate 5/4
Royal Macnab 4/1
Always Bold 13/2
Brave Spartacus 7/2
Telegraph 9/4
Varsovian 11/4
Gigawatt 5/2
Gabrial The Terror 9/2
Shanroe Santos 11/4
Theregoesthetruth 5/2
Kodafine 3/1
Perfect Pasture 4/1
Hallelujah 2/1
Baradari 11/2
Rebel Rebellion 12/1
Monkerty Tunkerty 7/1
Steel City 5/4
Cody Wyoming 2/1
Rathlin Rose 10/3
Brandon Hill 9/2
Gores Island 3/1
Royal Player 10/11
Rock On Ruby 5/2
Francos Secret 5/1
Melvin The Grate 9/4
Grey Danube 6/1
Toot Sweet 3/1
Welease Bwian 14/1
Benbane Head 16/1
Daveron 3/1
Deep Resolve 7/2
Champagne Chaser 9/4
Past Forgetting 3/1
Malibu Sun 9/2
Dont Be 2/1
Rowlestone Lass 9/1
The Ould Lad 9/4
One For The Boss 5/2
Strawberry Martini 7/1
Dont Be 9/2
Good Authority 5/2
Desilvano 15/8
Tikkandemickey 6/1
Robbie 9/1
Big Baz 5/2
Sam Winner 15/2
Synonym 100/30
Toothemoonandback 5/2
Favorite Girl 100/30
Monbeg Theatre 5/2
One For Hocky 3/1
Brother Brian 3/1
Alright Benny 5/2
Eurystheus 9/4
Mary Le Bow 3/1
Cadmium 4/1
Blue Kascade 5/2
Midnight Charmer 9/4
Montoyas Son 5/2
Madame Lilibet 7/1
Dark Ruler 3/1
Urban Space 10/1
Eastern Dragon 7/1
Lady Tiana 4/1
Yakoum 6/1
Chesil Beach 7/2
Caulfields Venture 11/4
Mister Bob 9/4
Knights Reward 5/1
Abbeygrey 9/4
Phoenix Returns 9/4
Islandmagee 9/4
Della Sun 100/30
Sleep In First 2/1
Bluegrass Blue 11/4
Interception 2/1
Knight Owl 5/1
Bayleyf 3/1
Battersea 8/1
Green Howard 15/8
Chapellerie 2/1
Baltic Knight 11/4
Secret Missile 7/2
Hallings Wish 9/4
Storm King 9/2
Giant O Murchu 10/3
Saborido 3/1
Elhaame 9/4
Ssafa 7/1
Pretty Bubbles 5/2
Maverik 10/1
Rawoof 4/1
Go Go Green 14/1
Trulee Scrumptious 6/1
Rusty Nail 15/8
Mick Duggan 2/1
La Bacouetteuse 11/4
Kiwi Bay 3/1
Solar Spirit 7/2
Almagest 3/1
Thourntoun Care 11/4
Gorteenwood 5/2
Ballybough Gorta 15/8
Jargon 2/1
Dr Red Eye 9/2
Tenor 11/4
Swiss Cross 11/4
Top Chief 5/2
BookEm Danno 11/4
Bernisdale 9/2
Gravitational 4/1
Le Chat DOr 3/1
Pennant Dancer 9/2
Baitha Alga 15/8
Laughing Jack 9/4
Genius Boy 3/1
Beach Belle 15/8
Midnight Diamond 4/1
Youre Fired 9/4
One Pursuit 4/1
Tiggy Wiggy 3/1
Chatez 7/1
Comrade Bond 2/1
Uncle Dermot 3/1
Uncle Dermot 100/30
BookEm Danno 4/1
Sir Lynx 7/2
Intibah 5/2
Six Wives 2/1
Lemon Gent 2/1
Secret Art 7/1
Alices Dancer 3/1
Should I Stay 9/4
Mull Of Killough 4/1
Sudski Star 15/8
Ifan 6/1
Hold Court 3/1
Time Square 8/1
Camden 5/2
Heronry 7/1
Ballylifen 7/2
The Lock Master 4/1
Bob Keown 7/2
The Lock Master 7/2
Ballyoliver 8/1
Villa Royale 6/1
Dynaste 3/1
Present View 8/1
Capisci 3/1
Gibbstown 7/2
Khajaaly 6/1
Dark And Dangerous 9/4
Fair Breeze 3/1
Kaylif Aramis 11/2
Saffire Song 5/1
Songcraft 9/1
Star Links 5/1
Ballyesker Hill 5/2
Grendisar 9/4
Masterful Act 5/2
Robin Hoods Bay 4/1
Wilfrid Pickles 4/1
Star Links 3/1
Captain Chris 15/8
Random Success 2/1
Stanlow 6/1
Perfect Pasture 11/4
Tony Dinozzo 2/1
Baradari 11/4
Caroles Spirit 2/1
Dubai Hills 11/4
Lord Protector 5/1
Maggie Pink 5/2
Renard DIrlande 11/4
Next Sensation 15/8
Melodic Rendezvous 9/2
Dancing Daffodil 5/2
Powerful Pierre 2/1
Hunters Lodge 8/1
Standing Ovation 3/1
Jump City 7/2
Line DAois 15/8
Volume 9/4
Pantxoa 6/1
Goal 9/4
Mister Fizz 3/1
Waahej 2/1
Ebony Express W8/1 8/1
Tawhid 15/8
Bayan 5/1
Aloha 4/1
Exclusive Waters 2/1
The Lark 15/8
Lancelot Du Lac 3/1
Gordon Lord Byron 7/2
Anytimeatall 9/2
Yojimbo 9/4
Cullentry Royal 9/2
Royal Bajan 9/4
Papradon 12/1
Surf And Turf 5/2
Glen Moss 5/2
Bohemian Rhapsody 11/4
True Pleasure 3/1
Silver Rime 7/2
Certavi 3/1
Floating Along 11/4
Born To Fly 15/8
Dineur 5/2
Alwilda 15/8
Oceana Gold 2/1
Reginald Claude 5/2
Dame Nellie Melba 15/8
Jubilee Dancer 15/8
Secondo 15/8
Excellent Aim 5/2
Forever My Friend 11/4
Progenitor 13/2
The Grey Gatsby 11/4
Snowy Dawn 5/2
Riskit Fora Biskit 4/1
Universal 3/1
Al Kazeem 15/8
Ambiance 7/2
Front Page News 5/2
Sky Lantern 9/2
Glen Countess 8/1
Man Of Steel 4/1
Great Crested 11/4
Baltic Knight 2/1
Clowance Estate 11/4
Emperors Hope 5/2
Dom Lukka 5/1
Honoured 9/4
Area Fifty One 11/4
Langley Vale 15/8
Creek Falcon 3/1
Yeager 15/8
Nafa 5/2
Clon Brulee 9/2
Ralston Road 3/1
Lord Ashley 5/2
King Of The Danes 4/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Nafa 3/1
Eton Forever 9/2
Eshtiaal 9/4
The Black Baron 4/1
Brunton Blue 9/4
Edgware Road 4/1
Saint Thomas 15/8 (dht)
Sky Lantern 9/1
Honest Strike 2/1
String Theory 9/4
Molon Labe 14/1
Sleep In First 7/2
Aryal 7/2
The Clyda Rover 4/1
Deputy Dan 11/4
Stuccodor 7/2
Araldur 2/1
El Salvador 15/8
Rockalong 3/1
Mojolika 15/8
Hidden Justice 5/2
Calculated Risk 4/1
Solwhit 9/4
Cappa Bleu EW 12/1
Ace Master 5/2
Five Rivers 7/2
Rumble Of Thunder 4/1
Irene Kennet 5/1
Goldstorm 15/8
Devout 3/1
Top Of The Range 11/4
Riskit For A Biskit 15/8
Come On Annie 4/1
Botteen 5/1
Howards Legacy 2/1
Everaard 15/2
Bridge That Gap 11/4
Leviathan 9/4
Goldstorm 2/1
No Way Hozay 2/1
Light Burst 2/1
Mubtadi 4/1
Boxing Shadows 7/2
Toga Tiger 9/4
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Bitaphon 4/1
Gorgehous Lliege 3/1
Adiynara 10/1
Katenko 4/1
Woolfall Sovereign 2/1
Last Fighter 3/1
Master Of The Sea 11/4
Chartreux 2/1
Killimore Cottage 9/4
Kames Park 11/4
Mica Mika 11/4
Shaunas Spirit 5/1
Flag Of Glory 5/1
Lean On Pete 2/1
Lager Time 9/2
Tarquinius 5/2
Outlander 9/4
Noble Witness 10/3
Neige DAntan 5/2
Shaking Hands 11/2
Sulpius 5/2
Stow 4/1
Dark Lover 9/2
Changing Times 11/4
Doctor Harper 2/1
De La Bech 7/2
Sakhees Rose 3/1
Amok 3/1
Our Father 11/4
Buck Mulligan 11/4
Cue To Cue 7/2
Locked Inthepocket 6/1
Harouet 11/1
Ivors King 7/2
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Nameitwhatyoulike 5/2
Fama Mac 9/2
Lamb Or Cod 7/2
Grand Liaison 5/2
Little Rocky 2/1
Dolores Rocket 15/8
Pericoloso 15/8
Tis Rock N Roll 4/1
Fire Ship 2/1
Fattsota 9/2
Im Back 15/8
Solar Deity 4/1
Hit The Switch 4/1
Chosen Character 11/4
Jacob Cats 10/3
Ingleby Angel 15/8
Empowerment 85/40
Hawdyerwheesht 4/1
Black Spirit 7/2
Trackmate 9/2
JoBurg 9/2
Kings Flyer 7/2
Heeraat 9/2
Finch Flyer 15/8
Star Links 4/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Universal 3/1
Mister Ming 5/2
Raving Monsun 9/2
Changing The Guard 11/4
Green Howard 7/4
Illustrious Prince 7/2
Juarla 9/2
Premier Dane 9/4
Geminus 4/1
Royal Dutch 9/4
Echion 4/1
Brigadoon 7/2
Gospel Choir 5/2
Ethics Girl 14/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Meccas Team 9/2
Fresa 2/1
Charlie Em 9/2
Sound Of Guns 15/8
Orwellian 2/1
Victor Hewgo 4/1
Asker 9/4
Iktiview 10/1
Captain Scooby 7/1
Guiletta 3/1
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Able Master 6/1
Potomac 4/1
Liberty Island 4/1
Farang Kondiew 3/1
Fenella Fudge 5/1
Cardigan Island 7/4
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Lahaag 15/8
Basseterre 11/4
Our Boy Jack 7/4
Liliargh 6/4
Queen Of Mantua 5/2
Colbyor 9/4
Teak 2/1
Cecily Parsley 85/40
Lexis Boy 3/1
Bint Alzain 11/4
Niceonefrankie 2/1
Vertueux 5/2
Kedleston 2/1
Kentford Grey Lady 5/2
Emmaslegend 2/1
Woop Woop 3/1
Battlecry 11/4
Woop Woop 5/1
The New One 11/4
Alfraamsey 15/8
Deacon Blues 5/2
Mauritino 2/1
Diverting 11/4
Alfraamsey 15/8
Avon River 2/1
Ardglen 2/1
Tanmawy 2/1
Passionada 2/1
French Navy 2/1
Bogini 9/4
Deliberation 15/8
Hot Rod Mamma 3/1
Absolute Shambles 5/2
Sansili 3/1
Im The Decider 9/4
Side Glance 2/1
Imaginary Diva 9/4
Blown It 15/8
Roninski 15/8
Polar Annie 5/2
Eijaaz 2/1
Jewelled Dagger 2/1
Little Jimmy Odsox 3/1
Roodee Queen 10/3
Princely Hero 11/2
Farlow 2/1
Lexis Boy 15/8
Kool Henry 2/1
John Forbes 9/4
Quite Sparky 13/2
Golden Waters 15/8
Bondage 9/4
Princely Hero 5/2
Minis Destination 5/1
Addictive Dream 4/1
Show Rainbow 5/2
Wooden King 9/4
Malibu Sun 11/4
Miss Muga 11/4
Elzaam 10/3
Health Is Wealth 15/8
Tatispout 3/1
Mandhooma 85/40
Dream Achieved 11/5
Bold Diva 3/1
Indian Shuffle 15/8
Sir Kezbaah 9/4
The Which Doctor 5/1
Nideeb 9/4
Topolski 15/8
Go Maggie Go 15/8
Stormin Exit 2/1
Robertewnutter 5/2
Trooper Clarence 11/4
Numide 4/1
Non Dom 9/4
Premier Sagas 9/4
Flying Phoenix 15/8
April Fool 7/2
Elhamri 2/1
Unlimited 10/3
Honourable Arthur 7/2
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Stanley Rigby 9/4
Yourelikemefrank 11/4
Lord Lansing 5/2
Hollo Ladies 9/4
Mossley 3/1
Fantasy Gladiator 9/4
Salpierre 9/4
Take Ten 3/1
Calypso Bay 5/2
Mr Hudson 2/1
Kilcrea Kim 5/2
Garton King 7/2
Psychic Ability 2/1
Ingleby Spirit 7/2
Cappagh 15/8
Kartanian 11/4
Lang Shining 9/2
Earlsmedic 7/2
Dreamacha 10/3
High Twelve 3/1
Sharp Sovereign 15/8
Vesuve 2/1
Oldrik 11/4
Finch Flyer 9/4
Epic 7/2
Rudanphast 15/8
Mushy Peas 15/8
Poets Voice 2/1
Nave 9/4
Magic Cross 9/4
Classic Swain 3/1
La Fortunata 10/3
Jet Away 2/1
Midday 15/8
Changing Lanes 6/1
Jack Luey 9/4
Orpenindeed 2/1
Lady Eclair 15/8
Space Telescope 9/4
Perfect Blossom 11/4
Mandhooma 5/2
Christopher Wren 5/2
Space Telescope 8/1
Parks Prodigy 3/1
The Fonz 2/1
Maid In Heaven 9/4
Jollywood 3/1
Milhu 9/4
Strike A Deal 15/8
Penang Cinta 15/8
Boogie Waltzer 100/30
Feathered Crown 15/8
Day Of The Eagle 10/3
Aviate 11/4
Pro Pell 11/2
Kajima 15/8
Mostly Bob 3/1
Shalamiyr 2/1
Activate 9/4
Mabait 9/4
Quick Reaction 5/2
Bathwick Bear 2/1
Captain Chris 2/1
Avow 3/1
Buona Sarah 2/1
Admission 10/1
Bene Lad 15/8
Sophies Choice 3/1
Buxted 5/2
Drussell 15/8
Fred Bojangals 7/2
Mister Pete 5/2
Bothy 2/1
Gansey 9/4
Ginger Grey 9/4
Shadows Lengthen 11/4
Qozak 2/1
Oiseau De Nuit 2/1
Wunder Strike 2/1
Ere Alfie 100/30
Doctor Pat 9/4
Wishfull Thinking 15/8
Follow The Dream 11/4
Natural Action 85/40
Magnetic Pole 2/1
Banjaxed Girl 9/4
Bowdlers Magic 11/4
Manjam 2/1
Woop Woop 5/1

Notable Winners

Glen Countess 8/1
Glen Countess 8/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Urban Kode 13/2
Urban Kode 13/2
Legacy Gold 9/1
Legacy Gold 9/1
Everaard 15/2
Everaard 15/2
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Adiynara  10/1
Adiynara 10/1
Shaking Hands 11/2
Shaking Hands 11/2
Locked Inthepocket  6/1
Locked Inthepocket 6/1
Valerene 11/1
Valerene 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Iktiview 10/1
Iktiview 10/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Able Master 6/1
Able Master 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Unforgettable 4/1
Unforgettable 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Gores Island 14/1
Gores Island 14/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Deacon Blues 5/2
Deacon Blues 5/2
Alsindi 5/1
Alsindi 5/1
Princely Hero 11/2
Princely Hero 11/2
Korabushka 4/1
Korabushka 4/1
Quite Sparky 13/2
Quite Sparky 13/2
Perfect Tribute 12/1
Perfect Tribute 12/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
Numide 4/1
Numide 4/1
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Changing Lanes 6/1
Changing Lanes 6/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Pro Pell 11/2
Pro Pell 11/2
Admission 10/1
Admission 10/1

Recent winners

Lord Murphy - Wolverhampton    28 Mar 2017
Friendless on course but backed by members, Lord Murphy came with a late surge to land the odds!

Riddlestown - Southwell    28 Mar 2017
Riddlestown landed the second big-priced touch for members in as many days, maintaining his tremendous course record and coming at a huge 12/1!

Amateur - Chepstow    13 Mar 2017
Amateur landed a fine touch for members on the start of Cheltenham festival week, very well backed first time out for John Flint!

Scala Regia - Newcastle    10 Mar 2017
Scala Regia drifted like a barge on course so members collected big time as the winner swooped late!

Behind The Wire - Newbury    04 Mar 2017
Behind The Wire simply outclassed the field, powering away & then eased down for a facile win!

Centurius - Ludlow    02 Mar 2017
Centurius was very well backed & cruised to victory by 6ls - powering away after the last!

Coolking - Plumpton    27 Feb 2017
Coolking looks a very good horse for connections & again posted a fine performance - very well backed!

Shanroe Santos - Warwick    24 Feb 2017
Shanroe Santos was well backed and off of a decent Huntingdon effort, landed the Friday late gamble for members!

Alabaster - Kempton    22 Feb 2017
Alabaster may have drifted on course but got up to land a nice 5* gamble for members!

Vieux Lion Rouge - Haydock    18 Feb 2017
Vieux Lion Rouge posted a fine display to land a big maximum bet for members on Saturday & at a tasty price of 8/1!

Ballyandy - Newbury    11 Feb 2017
Ballyandy did the job very nicely to land the Saturday gamble & we almost hit the exacta jackpot, but for Clyne finishing third!

Daphne De Clos - Newbury    11 Feb 2017
Daphne De Clos made it a red letter Saturday by cruising to take the Newbury, finale - well backed & never in trouble!

Custard The Dragon - Southwell    10 Feb 2017
Custard The Dragon certainly likes Fibresand & travelled like a dream, to make it 3-3 at Southwell!

Lost The Moon - Chelmsford    08 Feb 2017
Lost The Moon had looked good on her previous run & again turned in a fine winning performance!

Ami Desbois - Wetherby    04 Feb 2017
Ami Desbois posted a power-packed performance & looks a very good horse, landing a tidy gamble for members!

What A Diva - Towcester    02 Feb 2017
What A Diva handled the testing conditions & cheekily won by 3/4 length & is clearly going the right way.

Lady Buttons - Southwell    31 Jan 2017
Lady Buttons looks a classy mare & won as easy as she liked again today.

Lady Buttons - Newcastle    23 Jan 2017
Lady Buttons simply hacked up today - very well backed- & is likely to reappear quickly!

Pinzolo - Lingfield    22 Jan 2017
Pinzolo landed a tidy punt for members on Saturday, scorching to victory & breaking the track record!

A Toi Phil - Leopardstown    22 Jan 2017
Backed in from 6/1, A Toi Phil landed a major Irish gamble coming from way off the pave to land the spoils in a thriller!

Dazacam - Wolverhampton    14 Jan 2017
Dazacam was given a very confident ride & kept on well to reward punters with a comfortable victory.

Espresso Freddo - Wolverhampton    13 Jan 2017
Espresso Freddo was back up in trip & with cheek-pieces on first time, ran on really well to land the gamble!

Looks Like Power - Ffos Las    21 Dec 2016
Looks Like Power came good at last, well backed he battled on gamely & can improve further.

Gallifrey - Kempton    20 Dec 2016
Extreme;y well backed, Gallifrey knuckled down to land the gamble, ending bookies running for cover!

GDay Aussie - Fakenham    18 Dec 2016
GDay Aussie made it another massive weekend for members & landed the only bet on Sunday & so easily - by 11 lengths!

Uknowhatimeanharry - Ascot    17 Dec 2016
Uknowhatimeanharry is proving a class act and landed a massive punt at Ascot! 2017 should be a massive year!

Stamford Raffles - Newcastle    16 Dec 2016
Stamford Raffles left behind a poor run at Chelmsford to land a fancied tasty bet at Newcastle on Friday!

Royal MacNab - Musselburgh    14 Dec 2016
Laid out & well backed, Royal MacNab won this race for the second year running & members cashed in with the main bet of the day!

Midnight Jade - Southwell    11 Dec 2016
Midnight Jade landed another fine touch for members, despite idling & fluffing the last to make it one bet 1 winner on Sunday!

Mythical Madness - Wolverhampton    10 Dec 2016
Mythical Madness landed a tidy gamble for members - very well backed the 5yo was given a fine ride!

General Hazard - Wolverhampton    02 Dec 2016
Seriously backed, General Hazard landed the gamble as easy as you like - by nearly 4Ls!!

Priors Brook - Lingfield    30 Nov 2016
Priors Brook always travelled well & laid out for this race, asserted late on & can follow up.

Greyed A - Lingfield    29 Nov 2016
Greyed A was very well backed today & made no mistake by winning by an easy 4Ls!

Lozah - Newcastle    29 Nov 2016
Lozah flew from virtually last to take it up late on & land a lovely gamble 5/1 gamble!

Way Back Then - Ludlow    28 Nov 2016
Way Back Then made nearly all & when challenged, powered away & looks a useful recruit.

Rocklander - Leicester    27 Nov 2016
Heavily backed from 7/2 when sent out to members, Rocklander won nicely with the field strung out behind.

Signed Request - Towcester    24 Nov 2016
Very well backed, Signed Request simply bolted up at Towcester, scoring by a very easy 10 lengths!

Miss Spent - Huntingdon    19 Nov 2016
Miss Spent had bled on her previous race but no problems today as she stayed on powerfully to land the 11/1 payout!

Higher Power - Kempton    16 Nov 2016
Heavily backed all day, Higher Power powered to victory off a slow pace & rates an exciting horse for the winter.

Taroum - Fakenham    15 Nov 2016
Taroum enjoyed the trip to Norfolk plus the return to hurdling & simply outclassed the field!

Oxford Blu - Newcastle    14 Nov 2016
lipped in from 8/1 just before the off, Oxford Blu landed the gamble by an easy three lengths!

Peak To Peak - Cheltenham    13 Nov 2016
Subject of a decent whisper, Peak To Peak was sent off a generous price & duly won first time out for Paul Nicholls.

Astracad - Cheltenham    11 Nov 2016
Astracad landed the gamble & apart from the second - the field was well strung out behind!

Dougan - Dundalk    04 Nov 2016
Dougan proved his class with a power packed finish to make the trip across the Irish sea pay off!

Charlemar - Chepstow    02 Nov 2016
Charlemar made a very pleasing UK debut, beating a heavily odds on favourite & could be smart!

Moss Street - Huntingdon    30 Oct 2016
Moss Street made the long journey to Cambridgeshire and simply bolted up! Fit from the Flat - it was one-way traffic!

Blue Rambler - Wetherby    29 Oct 2016
Blue Rambler warmed up for this with a fine run at Newmarket & strolled to a very easy win back over the sticks.

Westward Ho - Newcastle    28 Oct 2016
Westward Ho was well backed into favouritism from around 11/4 & simply bolted up!

Cape Cova - Doncaster    21 Oct 2016
Cape Cova was the only 3yo in the race & members were alerted to the fact that in the last 10 years, that age had been victorious. The result - a nice 4/1 winner!

Bold Image - Fontwell    19 Oct 2016
Bold Image took advantage of a poor race to score for £ A Point members at Fontwell, hitting the front & doing the job despite running green!

Zippy - Yarmouth    18 Oct 2016
Zippy proved too good at Yarmouth today, battling home to land the late £ A Point gamble!

Burning Thread - Bath    12 Oct 2016
Friendless on course but not with £ A Point members, Burning Thread was laid out for the race he won last year & won nice & easy!

Flymetothestars - Newcastle    08 Oct 2016
Flymetothestars was very well backed late on & from a best 2/1, won at even money to land the big 10* maximum bet!

Outre Mer - Nottigham    29 Sep 2016
Outre Mer was well backed in from 11/2 & simply bolted, to score by a very easy 7Ls!

Zymyran - Newcastle    29 Sep 2016
Very well backed on course, Zymyran made light work of winning - doing so by nearly 4Ls!

Marquee Club - Bath    26 Sep 2016
Another great winner for Champion Service members as Marquee Club beat the 5/4 favourite to land the 5/1 punt!

Medieval - Epsom    26 Sep 2016
A nice easy win for Medieval at Epsom today, winning at a healthy 11/4 for Champion members!

Journey - Newmarket    23 Sep 2016
Journey made light work of her rivals & sauntered to a very easy victory! She now heads to Ascot.

Captain Dion - Pontefract    22 Sep 2016
Well drawn & backed in from 8/1, Captain Dion got up to land a thriller & reward backers handsomely!

Kiringa - Wolverhampton    17 Sep 2016
Kiringa landed the big 10-point maximum bet on Saturday, well backed and by a very easy 3Ls!

Wediddodontwe - Thirsk    13 Sep 2016
Wediddodontwe was fancied to win first time out in an average race & despite being slowly away & then hampered, landed the odds in a thriller.

Captain Colby - Doncaster    10 Sep 2016
Captain Colby was given a confident ride & landed a fine gamble for £ A Point members on St Leger day!

Minminwin - Bath    10 Sep 2016
Minminwin had run really well the race before when out of the handicap & now back in maiden company, got up late to land a tidy gamble!

Vintage Vinnie - Worcester    06 Sep 2016
Very well backed, Vintage Vinnie landed the gamble with the minimum of fuss by a facile 16 lengths!

Fact Of The Matter - Worcester    06 Sep 2016
Fact Of The Matter had had problems but returned a different horse after a wind operation & won nicely!

Taper Tantrum - Stratford    03 Sep 2016
A rare runner over the sticks for the Michael Bell team - but a very easy winning one.

Lord of the North - Newcastle    02 Sep 2016
Gay Kelleways horse made the long trip north to Newcastle pay-off.

Salouen - Salisbury    01 Sep 2016
The highest-rated runner in the line-up did the business.

Sciarra - Lingfield    31 Aug 2016
This Michael Bell-trained 3 year-old just got up close home to land the money.

Warp Factor - Ripon    30 Aug 2016
Stayed on far too strongly for this lot.

Certifcate - Goodwood    27 Aug 2016
This improving John Gosden horse wins again!

Persuasive - Sandown    20 Aug 2016
A very eye-catching win for this Gosden horse - one to watch!

Nemoralia - York    19 Aug 2016
Jeremy Nosedas classy mare got back to winning ways after tackling harder opposition.

Taffeta Lady - Kempton    17 Aug 2016
Taffeta Lady was friendless in the market but that did not concern the horse & members were rewarded with a bigger priced than expected!

Gaelic Silver - Windsor    15 Aug 2016
Gaelic Silver made it a 1-2 for Gary Moore, heavily backed before the off and landing the gamble easily!

Old Castletown - Tramore    11 Aug 2016
Well & truly laid out, Old Castletown did the business, staying on so strongly to make it back-to-back wins in the race!

Kummiya - Ffos Las    08 Aug 2016
Kummiya looks well handicapped & simply bolted up at Ffos Las today & there should be plenty more to come.

Amthal - Wolverhampton    05 Aug 2016
Owned bu Clive Brittain, Amthal is now making up for lost time & landed a tidy gamble - well backed at the off - at Wolverhampton today!

Ralphy Boy - Pontefract    03 Aug 2016
Ralphy Boy was laid out for the same race he won last year & perfectly prepared, he landed the gamble!

Scottish - Newbury    16 Jul 2016
Very well backed Scottish won impressively at Newbury & can make further progress in decent races.

Mokarris - Newbury    15 Jul 2016
Makaris was expected to leave a last disappointing run way behind & so he did, quickening clear in the manner of a smart horse!

Leontes - Hamilton    15 Jul 2016
Leontes landed the second bet of the day for £ A Point members, holding on gamely - the front pair well clear of the field!

Mr Ormsby - Killarney    12 Jul 2016
We had a strong mark for Mr Ormsby running in Ireland & the horse duly obliged for members - nice & easy by 2 lengths!

Kyllang Rock - Windsor    11 Jul 2016
Kyllang Rock was well backed the night before, then drifted on the day only to be well backed again on course & fine winner to start the week!

Right Touch - Chester    09 Jul 2016
Right Touch was aptly-named & landed a fine payout for £ A Point members on Saturday! Prepped for this with 2 runs on the AW - the return to turf was a fine one!

Silva Eclipse - Carlisle    07 Jul 2016
Silva Eclipse scored for members despite trouble in running & is clearly going in the right direction.

Langley Vale - Wolverhampton    05 Jul 2016
Langley vale was very well backed on his first visit to Wolverhampton & with the visor on, landed a tidy gamble!

Bayston Hill - Wolverhampton    05 Jul 2016
Bayston Hill made it a red letter day for members by landing the second leg of the double at Wolverhampton, winning in a thrilling finish!

Hatsaway - Eposm    30 Jun 2016
Hatsaway was a well backed & very easy winner - powering away to leave the field toiling!

Deauville Dancer - Stratford    28 Jun 2016
Deauville Dancer came good at last & well fancied, strolled to victory for £ A point members!

Eddiemaurice - Worcester    19 Jun 2016
Eddiemaurice took a big step up today, winning what looked a very tough race but doing it well backed from 5/1 to 11/4!

Son Of Suzie - Uttoxeter    15 Jun 2016
Sent out to members at 5/1, Son Of Suzie outstayed the field to bolt up by 9 lengths to win a very well backed 11/4!

Sir Dylan - Fontwell    29 May 2016
Sir Dylan landed another big 10* maximum bet for members, scoring nice & easy by nearly 4 lengths on Sunday!

Master Blueyes - Chester    28 May 2016
Master Blueyes ran a tremendous race, travelling well & holding on in a tight finish, landing a big Saturday Maximum bet!

Bernisdale - Newton Abbot    25 May 2016
Back to her best & with the yard in fine form, Benisdale nailed this race with a gutsy performance & looks a candidate to follow up.

Jumeirah Star - Wolverhampton    24 May 2016
Jumeirah Star was set alight by the first-time visor & despite drifting in the betting, landed the odds for £ A Point members!

Baadi - Windsor    23 May 2016
A fine performance by the inexperienced Baadi, who followed up his maiden win & can continue to progress!

Urban Space - Chepstow    21 May 2016
Urban Space has gradually been returning to his best & with conditions to suit, landed a big 10* maximum bet for members!

Art Mauresque - Newton Abbot    04 May 2016
It was close but Art Mauresque fended off the favourite to score for members at 3/1, the front pair well clear of the rest of the field.

Taysh - Catterick    03 May 2016
Taysh was ridden positively & won very readily, going away with the field left trailing.

Fumbo Jumbo - Musselburgh    29 Apr 2016
Fumbo Jumbo did the job nicely - coming good after a couple of second places - & landing a tidy gamble!

Fadillah - Haydock    23 Apr 2016
Fadillah was the subject of a strong whisper from Newmarket & the expensive filly obliged first time out - running a little green but finishing very well.

Brave Spartacus - Sedgefield    19 Apr 2016
What a performance by Brave Spartacus & a great front-running ride to make all & ping the last to leave the short favourite trailing!

Roconga - Dundalk    15 Apr 2016
Roconga had endured a luckless run the time before but came good at Dundalk tonight & returned what looked a decent price of 13/8!

Sharp Rise - Kelso    11 Apr 2016
Sharp Rise was fit & raring to go after a long break & James Reveley at Kelso for one ride - the result - a very easy all-the-way win!

Cue Card - Aintree    07 Apr 2016
Cue Card back to his best, eased to a very easy win & is probably off to Ireland next.

Here I Am - Fontwell    01 Apr 2016
Here I Am jumped superbly throughout & when pressed, pulled out plenty tom win commandingly!

Top Gamble - Fairyhouse    29 Mar 2016
Top Gamble made it 2 wins from just 2 bets for the £ A Point Service at the Fairyhouse meeting, winning very easily!

Shrewd - Wolverhampton    29 Mar 2016
Shrewd had been in great form over hurdles & transferred that ability back to the Flat & won easily. The Scottish Champion hurdle awaits!

Affectionate Lady - Redcar    28 Mar 2016
A stunning Easter result for £ A Point members as Affectionate Lady won at a fantastic 22/1! Sent just up the road by Keith Reveley, it was a great result for the locals!

Value At Risk - Fairyhouse    28 Mar 2016
A big 100% day for £ A Point members as after Affectionate Lady W22/1, Value At Risk landed the raid very gamely heavily backed 11/4.

Grendisar - Lingfield    25 Mar 2016
Grendisar was backed off the boards from 11/8 in the morning & had way too much class & speed for the field!

Carried - Dundalk    23 Mar 2016
Very well-backed, Carried was given an ultra-confident ride to make virtually all & land a tidy gamble!

Magical Man - Ffos Las    20 Mar 2016
A fine result with the only bet of the day as Magical Man cruised to the lead when left in front & won very easily.

Thistlecrack - Cheltenham    17 Mar 2016
What a performance by Thistlecrack, who was always going well & powered clear for an emphatic victory!

Annie Power - Cheltenham    15 Mar 2016
After last years disaster, Annie Power came good in fine style to land a tremendous gamble & give members a fine maximum bet winner!

The Nipper - Sandown    12 Mar 2016
What a performance by The Nipper, who must have gone at least a furlong further than the rest with some alarming drifting! Still, she obliged & looks smart if can race in a straight line!

Swift Cedar - Southwell    10 Mar 2016
A great result on Thursday as Swift Cedar was given a top ride by Aled Beech who was riding his first winner! 6/1 was a fine price & the horse could well follow up at the track.

Crosse Fire - Southwell    10 Mar 2016
Crosse Fire was better away today & powered to a fine victory to make it 2 wins from 2 bets for £ A Point members on Thursday!

Elusivity - Southwell    08 Mar 2016
Steadily backed all day, Elusivity made all, kept on strongly & looks on the upgrade now.

The Organist - doncaster    05 Mar 2016
The Organist proved that her running in the previous race was all wrong as she bounced back to win at Donnie. Well regarded - she can go on from this.

Bear Faced - Dundalk    04 Mar 2016
Bear Faced landed a cracking touch for members, beating the 8/15 favourite easily! Its a long way from Newmarket to Dundalk but the trip back will be very happy!

More Spice - Lingfield    01 Mar 2016
A fine start to the month as More Spice flew home over 5f to land the 5* bet at 9/2! He likes the track & the blinkers rerally worked a treat!

Jotem Down - Plumpton    29 Feb 2016
Jotem Down had run really well on debut at Towcester until being found out by the stiff uphill climb. No problems today though, as he made all & was never to be caught!

Arthurs Oak - Chepstow    27 Feb 2016
Arthurs Oak relished the conditions at Chepstow & bolted up - landing the first leg of a big 59/1 Saturday treble for £ A Point members!

Lightscameraction - Lingfield    27 Feb 2016
Shrewdly backed in from 9/1, Lightscameraction landed a cracking race to give members the second leg of a 59/1 treble! The horse is very hard to beat over 5f!

Ericht - Kempton    27 Feb 2016
The final leg of our big Saturday treble was landed by Ericht at 5/1! It was nice & easy & the winner eased in by 5Ls!

New Abbey Angel - Lingfield    24 Feb 2016
New Abbey Angel was available at 9/1 when sent out to members & backed into 11/4 in an almighty gamble, landed the gamble!

Fleckerl - Lingfield    22 Feb 2016
What a gamble as Fleckerl was backed in from 11/2 to 5/2 at the off & scooted in by nearly 2 lengths!

Supreme Bob - Ffos Las    21 Feb 2016
There is no doubt that Supreme Bob loves Ffos Las & heavy going, & with the meeting just surviving, conditions couldnt be better for a great 5-point win!

Bridge Of Sighs - Chelmsford    18 Feb 2016
It was exciting but Bridge Of Sighs held on well in a thriller to land the Thursday late gamble! Well backed all day - there could be more to come from the C&D winner.

Frivolous Lady - Lingfield    17 Feb 2016
Frivolous Lady made all under a fine ride, holding on well in the final stages to score at a decent price of 4/1!

Elysian Prince - Lingfield    17 Feb 2016
Elysian Prince was the second winner of the day for £ A Point members & another to make all under a tremendous positive ride.

Lifting Me Higher - Southwell    16 Feb 2016
Lifting Me Higher was bred to do well on the Southwell surface & the long trip over from Ireland paid dividends, with a well-gambled win!

Moon River - Southwell    14 Feb 2016
Moon River was forgiven a poor run at Kempton when upped in class & back at favourite track, simply bolted up! Never to be caught, it was all so very easy!

Minstrels Gallery - Wetherby    12 Feb 2016
Very well backed late on, Minstrels Gallery proved the class act with fine jumping & plenty of speed to land the 5-point gamble!

Youre A Goat - Chelmsford    11 Feb 2016
Adam Kirby had to wait but when the chance came, he powered Youre A Goat to victory & land a tidy gamble.

Le Reve - Sandown    06 Feb 2016
Le Reve was well & truly laid out for today & with ideal conditions - made it back-to-back wins in the race! Next stop may be the Grand National!

Megara - Lingfield    06 Feb 2016
Megara had flopped at Chelmsford the run before but back at Lingfield, destroyed the field by a very easy six lengths!

Welliesinthewater - Southwell    04 Feb 2016
Welliesinthewater certainly likes racing on the Fibresnad & after some near misses at Chelmsford, returned to Southwell to land a big late 4* touch - very well backed!

Kalahari - Kempton    03 Feb 2016
Available at 4/1 when sent out to members, the Lucy Wadham-trained Kalahari scored at a heavily backed 9/4! One to keep on the right side of!

Logans Lad - Wolverhampton    01 Feb 2016
Logans Lad looks a different horse now & very well backed, flew home to land a tidy Monday touch at 11/2!

Truckers Highway - Uttoxeter    30 Jan 2016
Truckers Highway landed the big Saturday Maximum bet gamble, forging clear to romp home by a massive 21 lengths!

Eleuthera - Southwell    28 Jan 2016
Very well backed, Eleuthera flew the stalls as expected & scored under a hand & heels ride to land the 5-point gamble!

Les Gar Gans - Wolverhampton    25 Jan 2016
Les Gar Gans had been unlucky the run before but go it right tonight by rattling home very last on! It was close but members collected at 11/2!

Jess - Lingfield    22 Jan 2016
It was a thriller but £ A Point members were on the right horse as Jess won on her handicap bow! Expected to improve for the switch to the AW, she was fit & raring to go!

Kadrizzi - Lingfield    20 Jan 2016
Kadrizzi drifted in the morning but was backed late on & landed the big Wednesday 5* bet, travelling supremely well & winning going away!

Paddys Motorbike - Wolverhampton    18 Jan 2016
Paddys Motorbike did the job nicely, bowling along & landing the big gamble with plenty in hand.

Megara - Lingfield    15 Jan 2016
Megara landed the Friday 5* gamble under a fine ride - repelling all challengers & holding on well.

William Of Orange - Catterick    14 Jan 2016
William Of Orange was the subject of a piece of good fortune & took full advantage to land the gamble for £ A Point members!

Percella - Lingfield    12 Jan 2016
Ryan Bird has a fine-strike rate for Ian Williams & another big result for members as Percella w3/1! No bad luck in running for the horse this time!

Little Stampy - Wolverhampton    11 Jan 2016
Little Stampy may have missed the break but stayed on strongly to land the £ A Point gamble nice & easily!

Barye - Lingfield    08 Jan 2016
Barye won as easy as he liked under a superb patient ride as Richard Hughes continues to impress as a trainer.

Money Team - Chelmsford    03 Jan 2016
Money Team doesnt win too often but was well handicapped & duly landed the Sunday gamble - & by a very easy margin!

Ice Cool - Punchestown    31 Dec 2015
Extremely well backed, Ice Cool landed the big 5* New Years Eve gamble at Punchestown! Heavy going suits & theres more to come!

Mulzamm - Lingfield    28 Dec 2015
Mulzamm blasted from the stall, made aii & hacked up by over three lengths! The horse can go in again!

Mystic Sky - Fakenham    20 Dec 2015
What a weekend again after another big 10* maximum bet was landed with Mystic Sky. Richard Johnson gave the horse a fine ride & the cash was landed easily!

Dont Be - Lingfield    19 Dec 2015
Another stunning result for £ A Point members as Dont Be took the Listed prize at Lingfield at 20/1! Unlucky in similar races after winning at Dundalk, she flew home to hold off the favourite!

Commeragh Trix - Fairyhouse    19 Dec 2015
Commeragh Trix landed another big 10* maximum for members to set up the Xmas expenses! Given a never-say-die ride by Nina Carberry, the gamble was bagged late on!

High Bridge - Catterick    15 Dec 2015
High Bridge was very well backed & turned in an impressive performance - galloping the field into the turf!

Supreme Bob - Ffos Las    14 Dec 2015
Supreme Bob had been aimed at this race & what a debut for Debra Hamer! Given a brilliant ride - he nailed the race close home!

Ruby Rambler - Southwell    13 Dec 2015
Well that was a stunning weekend with another 10* maximum bet going in on Sunday! Ruby Rambler jumped slickly & landed the third winner in a row for Lucy Wadham & massive weekend profits for members!

Baby Shine - Lingfield    12 Dec 2015
Baby Shine is as tough as they come with an enormous engine & she galloped the field into the turf, jumping superbly!

Minstrels Gallery - Doncaster    12 Dec 2015
Another big winner on the day as Minstrels Gallery was given a peach of a ride by Wayne Hutchinson! The winner pounced late - the only disappointment being the price due to non-runners.

North Hill Harvey - Cheltenham    11 Dec 2015
North Hill Harvey rates a horse going places after a comfortable victory at Cheltenham. Given an ultra-confident ride, he scored by over four lengths!

Seek The Fair Land - Lingfield    09 Dec 2015
What a result as Seek The Fair Land landed a fine touch for £ A Point members W6/1 - beating the 4/7 favourite by nearly three lengths!

Supersta - Chelmsford    07 Dec 2015
Supersta fell out of the stalls as usual but has so much pace it doesnt matter & he picked of the leaders to win again!

Jers Girl - Aintree    05 Dec 2015
Jers Girl was in impressive winner at Aintree, virtually making all & stretching clear by 10 Ls!

Quatrieme Ami - Wolverhampton    05 Dec 2015
Pleased to say the £ A Point members were not on the 8/15 favourite but the well gambled 2/1 shot, Quatrieme Ami who had broken the track record last time & scorched to victory again!

Little Sweetheart - Dundalk    04 Dec 2015
Little Sweetheart was mightily impressive at Dundalk this evening, flying form the stalls, making all & winning easily!

Entihaa - Wolverhampton    30 Nov 2015
Entihaa was extremely well backed today to land back-to-back wins in the 2m stayers race & hes likely to return again soon!

Alibi De Sivola - 5/2    29 Nov 2015
Alibi De Sivola had the field well stretched out to land the Sunday gamble & that despite pulling up lame!

Field Of Dream - Ludlow    25 Nov 2015
Field Of Dream - once rated 110 - is a serious horse at todays lower level & duly duly landed the gamble!

Mindurownbusiness - Chelmsford    23 Nov 2015
Mindurownbusiness, proven at this level, landed a very big gamble easily & mopped up the cracking first prize of £29,000 -not bad for a Monday!

Seychelloise - Wolverhampton    21 Nov 2015
Seychelloise landed a tidy gamble for £ A Point members on Saturday night, strolling to an unextended 2 length victory!

El Campeon - Wolverhampton    20 Nov 2015
El Campeon was given a terrific ride by Nicky Mackay, kicking clear to leave the field trailing & then holding on well to be returned at a tasty price of 4/1!

Pithivier - Southwell    17 Nov 2015
Pithivier drifted on-course but that didnt bother the horse who posted an impressive performance to destroy the field!

Yes I Did - Southwell    17 Nov 2015
Yes I Did - despite a scare at the last - looked very impressive when landing a gamble at Southwell. She looks a decent prospect.

Final Assault - Ayr    11 Nov 2015
Final Assault was always going very well under a confident ride & eased to victory with the field toiling behind!

Rosa Fleet - Southwell    09 Nov 2015
Rosa Fleet won nicely despite some sketchy jumping, powering away & landing the 7/2 gamble!

The Steward - Kempton    09 Nov 2015
The Steward landed another late bet double for members - the third inside a week - at 7/2! The cheekpieces did the job nicely!

Throthehatch - Kelso    07 Nov 2015
Throthehatch enjoyed a romp at Kelso, making all & easing to an eight-length victory for £ A Point members!

Clondaw Cian - Fontwell    06 Nov 2015
Clondaw Cian landed another big touch for members on an already profitable month, fending off the two joint favourites! Quite well regarded, the bumper winner looks useful.

Youre Cool - Chelmsford    06 Nov 2015
Youre Cool rattled home fast & late to land the second leg of the late bet double - the first winner being Clondaw Cian!

The Cobbler Swayne - Musselburgh    05 Nov 2015
The Cobbler Swayne travelled well throughout, pinged the last & won impressively! There could be plenty more to come!

Rouge Nuage - Wolverhampton    03 Nov 2015
A fantastic winner with Rouge Nuage, who landed the gamble in a thrilling finish! Backed in from 16/1 it was a fine 12/1 winner for £ A Point members!

Automotive - Wolverhampton    27 Oct 2015
It was a thriller but Automotive prevailed in a bunched finish - well backed - to score from the in-form Julia Feilden yard.

Monbeg River - Ayr    26 Oct 2015
Monbeg River was very well backed & landed the second leg of out late bet double by a very easy 8 lengths!

Love The Leader - Ayr    26 Oct 2015
Love The Leader stayed on very strongly to score going away & that despite hitting the last! The win was the first leg of a 6.88/1 late bet double.

Butlergrove King - Ludlow    22 Oct 2015
Butlergrove King jumped really well for the majority of the race & ran the field ragged to land a tidy 4-point touch for members.

Gleann Na Ndochais - Carlisle    22 Oct 2015
The second gamble of the day is landed by Gleann Na Ndochais, who was returned a tidy price of 4/1! That gave members a very tasty profit on a quiet Thursday!

Replenish - Kempton    21 Oct 2015
Replenish looked some value against the favourite & so it proved as James Fanshawes inmate landed the gamble in a thrilling finish!

Atwix - Lingfield    20 Oct 2015
Atwix likes lingfield & returned to the track, obliged in a tight finish at the rewarding odds of 5/1!

Be On Time - Worcester    14 Oct 2015
Be On Time was strongly fancied to land the gamble & the well backed 15/8 shot, did the business, giving £ A Point members a big 5-point winner!

Ullswater - Huntingdon    04 Oct 2015
Ullswater made the long journey pay off, being backed in from 9/4 to 11/8 & landing the £ A Point sole bet on Sunday.

After Eight Sivola - Fontwell    03 Oct 2015
After Eight Sivola was friendless on course but no worries for the horse who bolted up by four and a half lengths at 6/1!

Tobefair - CChepstow    30 Sep 2015
A fine end to the month with Tobefair winning at 7/1! Given a super-confident ride - the horse belied his odds & continues on an upward curve!

Forever My Friend - Market Rasen    26 Sep 2015
Forever My Friend was laid out for the prize & sent on the long haul to Lincolnshire & landed a great bet for £ A Point members - a rare 10* maximum!

Flying Officer - Newmarket    24 Sep 2015
Flying Officer was available at 11/8 when sent to members but was backed into 4/5 before the off in a huge pro gamble. Despite idling in front, the job was done with ease.

Top Offer - Kempton    23 Sep 2015
Top Offer was sent out to members at 7/1 & was then backed in to 9/2 for a VERY easy nearly 4-length romp to victory!

Roadie Joe    22 Sep 2015
Roadie Joe was well backed in from 11/4 & didnt let members down by getting up to score after a mistake at the last.

East Indies - Kempton    21 Sep 2015
East Indies was a heavily backed & very easy 7-length winner for £ A Point members, making all & never in any danger!

Marsha - Catterick    19 Sep 2015
Marsha may only have won by half a length but it could have been so much more & looks a very decent prospect for Sir Mark.

Billy Ranger - Carlisle    15 Sep 2015
Billy Ranger just kept galloping & was a decisive winner in Carlisles final Flat race of the season! He can go on from this.

Saraha - Lingfield    12 Sep 2015
Saraha is well bred & entitled to win a race such as this. In the end it was quite tight but she swooped late to land the gamble!

Sea Pride - Kempton    09 Sep 2015
Sea Pride had some serious bumper form & used that experience to demolish the field, leaving the favourite trailing by a huge six lengths in arrears!

Mandria - Wolverhampton    05 Sep 2015
Mandria had shaped well the run before & appeared on Saturday ready to roll & won very easily!

Harlequin Striker - Epsom    01 Sep 2015
After big profits June/July/August - September off to a flyer with Halequin Striker W5/1! The C&D winner was friendless on course but did the business for £ A Point members!

English Summer - Epsom    31 Aug 2015
English Summer simply bolted up under an ultra-confident ride by Patrick Mullins - never in any danger at all!

Polarisation - Hamilton    28 Aug 2015
Polarisation was sent up to Hamilton in a bid to maintain Mark Johnstons stranglehold on the race & did the job very well indeed!

Savello - Ballinrobe    25 Aug 2015
In an incident-packed race, the class horse prevailed & landed the 5-point gamble to kick members even further clear for the summer!

Classical Rose - Kempton    24 Aug 2015
Very heavily backed, Classical Rose landed another gamble for £ A Point members to take the service further ahead for August!

High Secret - Killarney    22 Aug 2015
High Secret, backed in from odds against, simply cruised to victory to make Sir Mark Prescotts trip to Ireland a very successful on!

Libran - York    21 Aug 2015
Libran posted a gritty performance at York today, staying on after losing the lead to dead-heat on the line in the finish of the week at the big meeting!

Curious Carlos - Bangor    21 Aug 2015
Curious Carlos landed the 2nd touch of the day for members, always travelling sweetly & beating the favourite easily!

Sir Billy Wright - Ffos Las    19 Aug 2015
Sir Billy Wright relished the heavy going & flew past the field after a fierce early pace was set to land a tidy gamble!

Dr Robin - Worcester    19 Aug 2015
Dr Robin made it a red letter day for members who could get 6/1 easily before backed in to 9/2! Given a great Sean Bowen ride, the Welsh raider landed the touch!

Dancing Star - Windsor    17 Aug 2015
The form of Dancing Stars first race had been working out very well & the £ A Point winner, used that experience to bolt up today!

Algaith - Chelmsford    17 Aug 2015
Algaith made it 2 out of 2 for members on Monday, making all & looking by far the class act!

Be Lucky - Pontefract    16 Aug 2015
Be Lucky was well backed from 5/1 & made it 3 wins from 3 visits to the West Yorkshire, travelling really well & obliging in a thriller!

Air Force Blue - Curragh    09 Aug 2015
Air Force Blue proved a much tougher horse today & crushed the opposition to stamp a big claim on the 2016 2000 Guineas!

Balmoral Castle - Goodwood    01 Aug 2015
Backed in from 8/1, Balmoral Castle landed the first big touch for members in August! After a massive June/July - its looking great for the rest of the summer!

Highland Reel - Goodwood    29 Jul 2015
A much improved performance from the OBrien trained 3yo.

More Mischief - Carlisle    26 Jul 2015
A gutsy winner for the Jedd OKeeffe team.

Dear Bruin - Lingfield    25 Jul 2015
John Spearings charge was an easy winner to send favourite backers home happy

Bold Runner - Salisbury    25 Jul 2015
No chance with the favourite, but at 12/1 was sa tasty e/w return

Seamour - Ascot    24 Jul 2015
Got home by a short head to justify the support.

Guiding Light - Chepstow    24 Jul 2015
A very easy winner for the service - looks a horse to follow next time too.

Talyani - York    24 Jul 2015
William Haggas fired in another winner - well-backed but its easy to see why now.

The Tin Man - Doncaster    23 Jul 2015
Related to Deacon Blues this horse looks another good one for the James Fanshawe team.

Temple Lord - Worcester    23 Jul 2015
Jonjo ONeill has his horses in cracking order at the moment.

Azure Amour - Bath    22 Jul 2015
Great 5/1 winner for the service on the day!

Pixeleen - Bath    22 Jul 2015
Ran on well to lead on the line and land the money for us.

Franklin D - Sandown    22 Jul 2015
Stayed on really well for the Micahel Bell team to give us another winner on the day.

Picture Dealer - Chelmsford    21 Jul 2015
An easy 2 3/4 length winner for the Peace camp.

Shipyard - Musselburgh    21 Jul 2015

John Splendid - Haydock    18 Jul 2015
The money came for this well-backed winner - was a lot bigger when the bet went out.

Majenta - Curragh    18 Jul 2015
Kept on well but not enough to peg-back the winner.

Swift Cedar - Haydock    18 Jul 2015
Stayed on really well for this lot to lead near the finish.

Trulee Scrumptious - Newmarket    17 Jul 2015
Made all and the others couldnt get in a blow - easy 5 length winner!

Ghinia - Leicester    16 Jul 2015
Ghinia arrived in excellent nick & given a fine ride by Hayley Turner, powered up the hill to nail the race close home!

Tigers Tale - Sandown    15 Jul 2015
What a race as our 5-point bet of the day nailed the early leader on the line! It was tremendous performance & Tigers Tale is at the top of his game!

Arod - Ascot    11 Jul 2015
Last Saturday Lady Tiana landed the 10-point bat & today Arod also obliged! The class horse of the race, he won unchallenged!

First Selection - Newmarket    11 Jul 2015
What a day after Arod W6/4 Great Park ew2nd beat neck & now First Selection w11/2! Given a great ride, the winner held on in a thriller!

Stone Roses - Chepstow    10 Jul 2015
Well that could not have been easier as Stone Roses simply galloped them into the Chepstow turf to win unchallenged!

High Secret - Catterick    08 Jul 2015
High Secret did the job with a minimum of fuss, making smooth progress & then running on to score going away!

Lady Tiana - Haydock    04 Jul 2015
The rain had been timely for Lady Tiana & despite trouble in running, landed the Group 2 price with a fine turn of foot! She is being aimed at Chmapions Day.

Iseemist - Epsom    02 Jul 2015
Iseemist should have won on Derby Day but made up for it with an emphatic victory for £ A Point members! Always in coomand, she did us proud at 11/2!

Tobefair - Worcester    01 Jul 2015
Tobefair may have been raised 14lbs but it made no difference at all, as the £ A Point late info bet simply hacked up! He is now 2-2 for Debra Hamer & can win again!

Mutawathea - Kempton    01 Jul 2015
What a start to July with 2 winners from 3 bet, the latest Mutawathea, clearly a class above the field & very easy winner. He simply hacked up & left the field trailing!

More Mischief - Hamilton    30 Jun 2015
More Mischief looked a lost cause at Hamilton today but went the gaps came, she powered up the hill to score with something in hand!

Gang Warfare - Beverley    23 Jun 2015
Very well backed all day & then on course, Gang Warfare justified the support with a very easy two and a quarter-length win!

Tumbaga - Chelmsford    18 Jun 2015
Well backed in from odds against, Tumbaga was by far the best horse in the field & simply bolted up! Much better things await!

War Envoy - Ascot    18 Jun 2015
Another stunning result for £ A Point members as the man in form, Ryan Moore, produced an electrifying burst of speed from War Envoy to score at Royal Ascot at 10/1 (16s when sent to members)!

Mercers Row - Carlisle    15 Jun 2015
Perfectly laid out this time after finishing second in the race last year, Mercers Row cam with a well-timed run to score!

Paris Snow - Doncaster    14 Jun 2015
Paris Snow was well backed & landed the Sunday gamble with ease, pushed out & never in any trouble!

Saved By The Bell - York    12 Jun 2015
Saved By The Bell was laid out for the race & after two prep runs, duly stepped up in trip to score nicely landing a big 5-point bet for £ A Point members!

Bollihope - Haydock    10 Jun 2015
Bollihope really appreciated the step up in trip & despite drifting left, picked up well & could be useful at staying trips.

Avenue Des Champs - Beverley    10 Jun 2015
Very well backed, Avenue Des Champs looks like making Beverley his home after another taking victory. He really appreciates the very stiff uphill finish!

Explain - Windsor    08 Jun 2015
Explain looked the easiest winner of the night, simply bolted & heavily eased down! A big, very well-backed gamble for members!

Code Red - Epsom    05 Jun 2015
Code Red ran nor race in the Guineas but lit up the field today & blasted home for a spectacular win! Returned at 14/1 (20/1 when sent out to members) it was a fine win!

Big Baz - Nottingham    03 Jun 2015
Big Baz continues to build towards Royal Ascot & landed a big 5-point gamble for members on Wednesday, keeping on strongly & impressively!

Giantstepsahead - Chelmsford    03 Jun 2015
Giantstepsahead was a game winner at Chelmsord tonight, gradually taking command & then winning with some to spare! That made it 2 bets & 2 winners on the day - one more to run!

One More Go - Ripon    03 Jun 2015
What a day with our third bet from 3 runners obliging at Ripon in the finale! Backed in from 7/1, it was a fine victory & a red letter day for £ A Point members!

Kerrymerry - Lingfield    01 Jun 2015
Available at 5/1 when sent out to members, Kerrymerry was very well backed to score at 11/4! Well in command, the winner obliged by an easy two lengths!

Peacock - Newmarket    30 May 2015
Peacock proved the class horse of the race, despite not enjoying the dip at Newmarket & came through to score convincingly & very well backed!

Adaay - Haydock    30 May 2015
Available at 8/1 when sent to members, Adaay did the business nicely backed into 6/1. The horse is improving fast & even better awaits!

Pennant Dancer - Worcester    28 May 2015
Pennant Dancer came up trumps again for members, easing to a very easy win by 9 lengths! The horse continues to improve & looks keeping on the right side of!

King Of Rooks - Sandown    28 May 2015
King Of Rooks looks a very exciting prospect for the Hannons & members were on as the 11/4 value second favourite bolted up by a ridiculous 5 lengths!

Cygnet - Cartmel    27 May 2015
Very well backed, Cygnet won for members again today! Hunting the leader throughout, he was given a fine ride & pulled clear for a very easy win!

Current Event - Newton Abbot    19 May 2015
Current Event was rated as the class act & duly obliged for members, landing a big 10* maximum bet - quickening clear with a fine burst of speed!

Red Baron - Thirsk    16 May 2015
Red Baron had looked a shade unlucky at York on Thursday but no problems today & he cruised to the front & then shot clear!

Cygnet - Fontwell    14 May 2015
Mickie Bowen is fast becoming a trainer to note with his hunter chasers & the long trip to Fontwell paid off with a 9-length romp, beating the very short-priced favourite!

Libran - York    13 May 2015
A fine start to the York Dante meeting as Libran landed the 5-point gamble! Rapidly progressing, there could be more to come from the winner!

Goolagong Girl - Bath    13 May 2015
2 bets & 2 winners on Wednesday as Libran won at York (13/2) & our evening bet Goolagong Girl W9/2 from 7/1 when sent out to members! A spectacular & very profitable day!

Sharp Rise - Sedgefield    12 May 2015
Sharp Rise was a rare 10-point maximum bet & landed the heavy gamble by a very easy 12 lengths, in a hack canter!

Ralphy Lad - Musselburgh    11 May 2015
Ralphy Lad was second favourite when members received the information and, heavily backed before the off, the 4yo tore the field apart & looks to be going places very quickly!

Penhill - Ascot    09 May 2015
It was a thrilling finish but the big gamble in the opener, Penhill got his head in front to reward members with a big 5* winner, well backed in from bigger price!

Courtown Oscar - Uttoxeter    06 May 2015
James Reveley headed to the meeting for one ride & Courtown Oscar won very well backed & very well backed!

Libran - Beverley    04 May 2015
A lovely bank holiday touch for members as Libran turned out - as expected - to be the class horse of the race! The winner simply bolted up at 7/1 by 6 lengths!

Goldream - Newmarket    02 May 2015
A winner at the Guineas meeting last year, Goldream repeated to trick on Saturday. Clearly a horse to be backed when fresh, the winner was returned a healthy 5/1!

Pennant Dancer - Towcester    30 Apr 2015
Pennant Dancer never up the chase & as so often happens at Towcester, the leader became very tired & the Welsh raider struck to score in the shadow of the post!

Go Dan Go - Beverley    23 Apr 2015
Seriously backed from the evening before, Go Dan Go powered up the Beverley hill to score as expected! Theres more to come from this one!

Tanerko Emery - Perth    23 Apr 2015
Tanerko Emery made it a big 100% day & landed the 5* bet in style! It was great race and the selection asserted after the last to make it a long journey worth while for Peter Bowen!

Lungarno Palace - Epsom    22 Apr 2015
Lungarno Palace had had a luckless run the time before but no traffic problems today at Epsom! The extra trip also helped & he looks a horse to stay on the right side of.

Bon Chic - Stratford    20 Apr 2015
Bon Chic landed a nice Sunday gamble, taking it up at the last & running out a very comfortable winner!

Arctic Lynx - Chelmsford    16 Apr 2015
Course form looks to be vital at Chelmsford City & the in-form Arctic Lynx was proven on the surface! Well backed, Hayley Turner did the business to fend off the favourite!

Osaila - Newmarket    15 Apr 2015
Osaila was a very well backed winner at Newmarket today, prevailing in a tight finish. She has the potential for a very big season ahead!

Wakea - Kempton    15 Apr 2015
Wakea was hit hard on course & justified the heavy support! George Baker dictated the pace, bossed the race & scored untroubled!

Kublai - Fontwell    10 Apr 2015
Punters on course went big time for another runner but £ A Point members were on the right horse as Kublai landed the odds at 15/8!

Don Cossack - Aintree    10 Apr 2015
Our second bet of the day goes in as Don Cossack simply bolted up at Aintree. The horse has a big engine & simply galloped them into the ground!

Quadriga - Southwell    09 Apr 2015
What a gamble away from the big meeting at Aintree as Quadriga was backed all day & then on course off the boards! Returned at 10/11, members were able to get on at 7/4!

Dark Ocean - Pontefract    07 Apr 2015
Available at 9/2 early, Dark Ocean landed the gamble by swooping late! It was a big result & back-to-back wins in the race for the horse!

Princess Ombu - Taunton    02 Apr 2015
Princess Ombu enjoyed the better goi g today & duly ran a big race, dead-heating with Classical Art. She surely would have had the spoils all to her self, had she not been left in the lead & then ran green!

Party Palace - Exeter    31 Mar 2015
What an end to the month as members cleaned up with Party Palace, quietly backed at 9/1! Good going looks the key for this one!

Quadriga - Southwell    31 Mar 2015
Paul Burgoyne has his runners in rude health & members were on the yards latest winner, Quadriga who took the field apart & Jimmy Quinn had trouble pulling him up!

Windshear - Doncaster    29 Mar 2015
Very well backed, Windshear knuckled down to land the gamble at Donnie on Sunday. Much is expected of the horse this term, and this rates a decent opener.

Subversive - Lingfield    27 Mar 2015
Subversive looks a decent Mark Johnston horse to follow & well backed, landed a fine late bet touch for £ A Point members!

Sbraase - Wolverhampton    26 Mar 2015
Sbraase was the subject of a decent whisper & well backed, landed the odds with the field well stretched out!

Elusive Ellen - Kempton    25 Mar 2015
Elusive Ellen had run well the race before & came good again on Wednesday night. Well backed, she held on well after hitting the front & prevailed in a thriller.

Better B Quick - Hexham    24 Mar 2015
Very well backed, the Irish raider Better B Quick landed the gamble to give his handler another Hexham winner! He won comfortably & will be of note when returning to the venue.

Rebel Rebellion - Newbury    22 Mar 2015
Rebel Rebellion made it a fine Saturday by scoring at 7/1 for members at Newbury! Ignored by many in the betting, the winner scored nicely & gave Paul Nicholls yet another Saturday payday!

Subversive - Wolverhampton    19 Mar 2015
Mark Johnstons horses are coming to hand & Subversive justified the support to power home at 2/1. There could be plenty more to come in the next few weeks!

Forgivienne - Chepstow    19 Mar 2015
At last the going is drying out & that was perfect for Forgivienne, who won at 17/2 (outsider) - galloping the field into the turf! Theres more to come form the mare!

Tsarglas - Wolverhampton    13 Mar 2015
Tsarglas was fancied to bounce back from a poor Chelmsford run & did so, scoring well backed by nearly 2 lengths!

Spowarticus - Southwell    11 Mar 2015
Spowarticus was our AW mans banker bet of the day & heavily backed, landed the gamble nice & easy!

Desert Strike - Kempton    11 Mar 2015
What a result for members as Desert Strike landed a great quiet touch for members! Ignored in the betting by most - but not us - Hayley Turner made all & held on well to bag a great 12/1 winner!

Bebinn - Leicester    06 Mar 2015
It wasn not much of a race but something had to win & members were rewarded with victory from the well backed Bebinn, scoring for the first time!

Grey Life - Carlisle    05 Mar 2015
Grey Life landed another solid gamble for members, very well backed & cruising to an 11-length victory!

Oriental Relation - Southwell    05 Mar 2015
Oriental Relation landed the second gamble of the day for £ A Point members, given a great ride to get and score close home!

Classinaglass - Catterick    04 Mar 2015
Having come home with a third last time out, this horse proved to be a strong galloper out jumping his rivals to bring in the win.

Matraash - Wolverhampton    02 Mar 2015
Matraash is no superstar but was well placed to land the gamble today, coming with a sustained late run. He can continue to thrive in lowly company.

Ballybolley - Kelso    28 Feb 2015
Ballybolley was very well backed, showed a fine turn of foot & strung out the field to score very easily!

Primrose Valley - Lingfield    27 Feb 2015
What an impressive run by Primrose Valley, who bolted up at 11/4 & hopefully will be off the big finals day on Good Friday, where she could take some beating!

Its A Long Road - taunton    26 Feb 2015
Well backed & proven in testing going, Its A Long Road justified a 5* selection for £ A Point Members & stayed on best of the field to bag the money!

Murrayana - Wincanton    25 Feb 2015
Murrayana bounced back to form with a fine effort back at a sensible trip & after behaving himself at the start! He gets on well with his jockey & can win more races.

Rascal - Bangor    25 Feb 2015
Rascal recovered well from losing the lead & driven out, landed the gamble at Bangor today, making it 2 wins from 2 afternoon bets for members!

Comeonginger - Kempton    21 Feb 2015
The service remains in hot form as Comeonginger made all under a fine Richard Johnson ride & galloped the field into the soft ground!

Perfect Cracker - Wolverhampton    20 Feb 2015
What a result at Wolverhampton tonight as Perfect Cracker belied his odds & rewarded members with a 12/1 payday! He flew home from the furlong pole & there should be more to come!

Pearl Noir - Kempton    18 Feb 2015
It looked a competitive contest but Pearl Noir took the race apart, making all & never seeing another horse for a very easy unchallenged three-length victory!

Lean On Pete - Wolverhampton    17 Feb 2015
Lean On Pete landed a fine touch for members - well backed on course - by pouncing late! The early 8/1 vanished & the winner returned 5/1!

Bowberry - Wolverhampton    16 Feb 2015
Bowberry had been threatening to hit form as was her yard & it all came together today for a fine 4/1 win! & that in a 6-runner field - real value!

Princess Tara - Ffos Las    15 Feb 2015
Proven in the very testing conditions, the tough mare Princess Tara ploughed through the mud to land a big on course gamble for local trainer, Peter Bowen!

Chelwood Gate - Lingfield    13 Feb 2015
Chelwood Gate looked the class act in the race & duly landed a big gamble, heavily backed in to 5/4, with a very easy winning distance of nearly four lengths!

Satchville Flyer - Chelmsford    12 Feb 2015
Satchville Flyer was impressive on his previous run & again looked like never being caught, always doing enough to land the gamble!

Royal Macnab - Musselburgh    11 Feb 2015
Jumping is the name of the game & Royal Macnab won in grand style with some superb, slick leaps! It was the difference between winning or not!

Feb Thirtyfirst - Lingfield    11 Feb 2015
Feb Thirtyfirst was very well backed & won going away. He looks happier on the Flat & should run again very soon.

Always Bold - Ffos Las    10 Feb 2015
Ability to stay the distance in the mud was key & Always Bold ploughed round Ffos Las to string the field out! What a great result, returned 13/2!

Brave Spartacus - Catterick    09 Feb 2015
Brave Spartacus is well handicapped over hurdles. loves Catterick & with everything in place landed the gamble 7/2 from 5/1!

Telegraph - Wolverhampton    09 Feb 2015
Telegraph had looked an unlucky horse when well backed on his previous run but with Adam Kirby now aboard, there were no problems!

Varsovian - Lingfield    07 Feb 2015
Varsovian had looked very unlucky on his previous run but was given a confident ride today to steal a couple of lengths & then hold on in a thriller!

Gigawatt - Wolverhampton    07 Feb 2015
Gigawatt had looked poised to strike and, given a positive ride, took it up in the final furlong & won going away!

Gabrial The Terror - Wolverhampton    07 Feb 2015
Gabrial The Terror landed a big gamble for members at Wolverhampton tonight to make it 3 wins from 4 bets on Saturday. Sent out to members at 7/1, the winner was backed in to 9/2!

Shanroe Santos - Musselburgh    01 Feb 2015
Shanroe Santos was a fine winner for Lucy Wadham, staying on strongly. He is now likely to head to the Cheltenham Festival.

Theregoesthetruth - Leicester    28 Jan 2015
Theregoesthetruth was all the rage on course but members were on at a bigger price early & well rewarded as the course and distance winner cruised to victory in the final furlong!

Beatabout The Bush - Sedgefield    25 Jan 2015
Beatabout The Bush was the only bet on Sunday & well-backed could not have doen the job any easier! The winning margin was 11 lengths, achieved in a hack canter!

Kodafine - Lingfield    23 Jan 2015
Another astonishing gamble for members as Kodafine was backed from 8/1 into 3/1! The winner blasted from the stalls & never saw another horse!

Mr Bossy Boots - Lingfield    21 Jan 2015
Mr Bossy Boots was expected to be a class above the field and so it proved as the four-year-old shot clear late on & won as he liked. He looks very progressive.

Perfect Pasture - Wetherby    20 Jan 2015
Sent out to members at 8/1, Perfect Pasture landed a rare old gamble at Southwell, backed in to 4/1 & taking the race under a fine ride!

Hallelujah - Kempton    18 Jan 2015
A fascinating race & well won by Hallelujah, given a positive ride by a rejuvenated Hayley Turner! The Sunday winner continued a spectacular weekend for members!

Baradari - Ascot    17 Jan 2015
Baradari started Saturday nicely for £ A Point members by winning the Grade 2 handicap hurdle at Ascot. It was close but what a race & a result!

Rebel Rebellion - Ascot    17 Jan 2015
Rebel Rebellion landed the second leg of the £ A Point double at a tremendous 12/1! Ignored by punters on course, the Paul Nicholls-trained horse made it a big 83.5/1 double payout!

Monkerty Tunkerty - Wincanton    15 Jan 2015
What a result for members & Jess Westwood as Monkerty Tunkerty won head in chest! Given a top ride, he was well in command in scored at a tasty 7/1!

Dutch Uncle - Wolverhampton    12 Jan 2015
Dutch Uncle made it a smooth victory to lose his maiden tag in style. Heavily backed, it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Steel City - Donaster    09 Jan 2015
Steel City is in a fine purple patch and simply bolted up again! He jumps really well & may not have stopped winning yet!

Cody Wyoming - Catterick    08 Jan 2015
Cody Wyoming was well backed & members were on a terrific performance as the winner jumped round like a stag! Theres more to come from the horse!

Rathlin Rose - Taunton    07 Jan 2015
Rathlin Rose may have been friendless in the betting ring but the horse didnt know & eased to a fine victory at a tasty price!

Brandon Hill - Ludlow    07 Jan 2015
A tremendous jumping performance by Brandon Hill, who was backed in from 6/1 to 9/2 and landed the gamble, with El Dancer back after a lengthy break snapping at his hooves!

Gores Island - Plumpton    05 Jan 2015
Gores Island dug deep after taking it up & landed the first bet of the week in a thrilling finish, returned at a very decent 3/1!

Royal Player - Musselburgh    05 Jan 2015
The second bet of the day for £ A Point members goes in as Royal Player scooted to clear at the last to win as he liked & land a big gamble!

Another Bill - Ayr    02 Jan 2015
Another Bill landed the 5-point gamble on Friday, gamely holding off the challenge of the Irish raider! There is little doubt that Nicky Richards is a man to follow in bumpers.

Rock On Ruby - Cheltenham    01 Jan 2015
A tremendous performance by Rock On Ruby who used his experience & grit to see off Vaniteux at Cheltenham! 5/2 was great value & members off to a flyer in 2015!

Francos Secret - Lingfield    31 Dec 2014
What a thriller on New Years Eve as our only bet of the day Francos Secret flew home to dead heat with Bosstime! Another stride & it would have been a clear cut victory!

Melvin The Grate - Lingfield    28 Dec 2014
Melvin The Grate landed the odds at Lingfield today, scoring in impressive style, leaving the field trailing!

Grey Danube - Dundalk    19 Dec 2014
A rare bet at Dundalk came up trumps for £ A Point members, as Grey Danube landed the odds at a tasty 6/1. That keeps the nice-priced winners flowing!

Toot Sweet - Towcester    18 Dec 2014
It was a slow motion finish in the mud but Toot Sweet outstayed them all & prevailed to land another nice £ A Point touch at 3/1!

Welease Bwian - Kempton    17 Dec 2014
Welease Bwian hit the Christmas expenses jackpot on Wednesday evening by scoring at a cracking 14/1! It was a close finish but the Stuart Williams yard and £ A Point members will not care, with the winnings safely banked!

Benbane Head - Cheltenham    12 Dec 2014
The results keep on coming & the icing on the cake on Friday as Benbane Head won for £ A Point members at a huge 16/1! The winner scored by an easy 9 lengths, the rest strung out!

Daveron - Taunton    11 Dec 2014
Available at 6/1 when members were alerted, Daveron was heavily backed & sent off at 3/1 on course. The winner jumped slickly & won without any worries!

Deep Resolve - Hexham    10 Dec 2014
Deep Resolve landed a fine punt for £ A Point members on Wednesday, ploughing through the mud & returned a very healthy price of 7/2!

Champagne Chaser - Uttoxeter    09 Dec 2014
Champagne Chaser may well end being very well named but in the mean-time made mincemeat of the opposition in the concluding Uttoxeter bumper. He simply strolled to victory by 10 lengths!

Past Forgetting - Kempton    08 Dec 2014
Past Forgetting had been shaping with great promise and found plenty in the straight under a power-packed Luke Morris ride! 3/1 looked a very decent price!

Malibu Sun - Leicester    04 Dec 2014
What a performance by the in-form Malibu Sun who made just about all & pulverised the field! He could have won more than the official 7 lengths!

Dont Be - Lingfield    03 Dec 2014
Dont Be won for us a few days ago & followed up in scintillating style on Wednesday! The horse has got a stunning change of gears & is likely to out again very soon!

Rowlestone Lass - Wolverhampton    02 Dec 2014
Rowlestone Lass was allowed to hit the front too soon on her previous run but the mistake was not repeated today! She simply bolted up & returned a massive price of 9/1!

Dalaman - Towcester    30 Nov 2014
Dalaman was strongly fancied by the yard to beat the David Pipe horse & so it proved! The winner bolted up by 8 lengths to land a big 10-point maximum!

The Ould Lad - Leicester    30 Nov 2014
The Ould Lad followed up our Saturday 8-length winner by scoring by the same distance! Returned at 9/4, the weekend was turning in big profits again!

One For The Boss - Leicester    30 Nov 2014
One For The Boss landed the second bet of the day & made it a big weekend for members! Eased into the lead, the field was well strung out & the winner could have scored by an awful lot more.

Invincible Ridge - Wolverhampton    28 Nov 2014
Invincible Ridge was very well backed & was given a fine ride, pouncing late to win going away. That was a good run & he may well go in again next time.

Strawberry Martini - Kempton    27 Nov 2014
Another big value winner for £ A Point members as Strawberry Martini landed the bet at a tasty 7/1! It was close but members have cleaned up again!

Dont Be - Wolverhampton    24 Nov 2014
Dont Be had been quietly wound up by the ever-shrewd Sir Mark Prescott & was produced with perfection by Luke Morris. The winner will be of interest if turned out quickly.

Good Authority - Wolverhampton    22 Nov 2014
Good Authority landed a big late bet gamble at Wolverhampton tonight, enjoying the decent pace set on the Tapeta surface. Available at 5/1 when members were alerted, the cash came on course & he was returned a well backed 5/2.

Dream Child - Wolverhampton    21 Nov 2014
There is little doubt that Godolphins horses are flying & members benefited again as Dream Child did the business! It was close but yet another gamble in the bag!

Desilvano - Market Rasen    20 Nov 2014
Desilvano was strongly fancied to oblige in the concluding bumper at Market Rasen & after being very well backed, landed yet another £ A Point touch!

Solidarity - Kempton    20 Nov 2014
Solidarity landed the second £ A Point late info bet, well supported and going away at the end in fine style! It was impressive & Meydan next year may beckon.

Tikkandemickey - Hexham    19 Nov 2014
After Robbie won at 9/1 on Tuesday, £ A Point members hit the target again with Tikkandemickey! Returned at a healthy 6/1 & scored by an easy 11 lengths!

Robbie - Doncaster    18 Nov 2014
There is no doubt that the Keith Reveley yard is in fine form & Robbie was another winner, scoring at a fine price of 9/1 for £ A Point members! The horse loves it Donnie!

Big Baz - Lingfield    15 Nov 2014
Big Baz is a very good horse on his day &, well prepared for todays £12,000 pot, did the business nice & easy for £ A Point members!

Sam Winner - Cheltenham    15 Nov 2014
Sam Winner made it a massive Saturday for members as he landed the race in some style! Given a fine ride, he took it up at a vital stage & then was never going to be caught! He looks to have a big season ahead!

Heisman - Lingfield    14 Nov 2014
Heisman was rated the class act of the field & with Jamie Spencer booked, was given a big 5-point vote! And the gamble was landed, with the horse backed off the boards!

Synonym - Kempton    12 Nov 2014
Another cracking result for members as Synonym nailed the result in a thrilling finish! It was mighty close but the 4-point £ A Point bet was safely bagged!

Toothemoonandback - Huntingdon    11 Nov 2014
Toothemoonandback may have only scored by just over a length but it was confident performance & the winner only had to be pushed out!

Favorite Girl - Huntingdon    11 Nov 2014
Favorite Girl was given a confident ride by Richard Johnson, taking the race by the scruff of the neck & winning with plenty in hand!

Monbeg Theatre - Southwell    10 Nov 2014
Monbeg Theatre was fancied to score after a warm up race 18 days ago & duly landed the gamble in a decent race by 5 lengths!

One For Hocky - Musselburgh    06 Nov 2014
One For Hocky was given a perfectly judged ride, coming from last to first to nail the race close home!

Brother Brian - Kempton    03 Nov 2014
A fine start to the new week as Brother Brian landed the first bet of the day! Well regarded, he looks a horse of some potential!

Alright Benny - Plumpton    03 Nov 2014
Alright Benny may have drifted on course but he was a confident selection &, given a great no nonsense Jamie Moore ride, landed the second bet of the day!

Eurystheus - Newmarket    31 Oct 2014
What a gamble & winning result for members as Eurystheus was backed from 6/1 early doors into 9/4 on course! The field was spreadeagled by 5 lengths!

Mary Le Bow - Wolverhampton    31 Oct 2014
What a day as both late bets landed monster gambles, the latest Mary Le Bow backed in from 11/2 to 3/1! It was close as the winner idled but she held on in a thriller!

Cadmium - Kempton    30 Oct 2014
Cadmium won with plenty in hand under a confident ride by his inexperienced claimer & looked very good value for an SP of 4/1!

Blue Kascade - Ayr    27 Oct 2014
Blue Kascade is a horse to be backed when fresh from a break & £ A Point members were on today! It was a thriller but the winner was got his head in front where it mattered.

Elm Park - Doncaster    25 Oct 2014
Elm Park landed yet another £ A Point 10-point maximum bet on Saturday & doing it in dominant fashion to bag the Group 1 Racing Post Trophy!

Midnight Charmer - Fakenham    24 Oct 2014
Laid out for todays race again, Midnight Charmer landed a sustained gamble leaving the field trailing behind! It was an impressive win!

Montoyas Son - Carlisle    23 Oct 2014
Montoyas Son is a revelation at the moment & landed a nice bet for members at Carlisle. He stalked the leaders & pounced late on to score with ears pricked!

Madame Lilibet - Pontefract    20 Oct 2014
Another stunning result hot on the hooves of Urban Space W10/1 as Madame Lilibet hacked up at 7/1! She nipped up the inside & simply shot clear to acore by 10 lengths!

Dark Ruler - Pontefract    20 Oct 2014
Another stunning day as Dark Ruler W3/1 (after Madame Lilibet W7/1) after trouble in running. He may not have won by far but it could have been so much more granted a clear run!

Urban Space - Bath    19 Oct 2014
Backed in from 16/1, Urban Space landed a fine big-priced touch for members, ploughing through the mud to stay on powerfully. Clearly back at the top of his game, he can go in again.

Spiculas - Kelso    18 Oct 2014
It really could not have been easier for Keith Reveleys Spicula, who was given a fine positive ride & simply bolted up!

Eastern Dragon - Brighton    16 Oct 2014
Eastern Dragon looked a big price & members snapped up 7/1 & were well rewarded again! The winner had them stretched out & won well in command!

Lady Tiana - Leicester    15 Oct 2014
Lady Tiana hails from a very shrewd yard & was well prepared for todays race. The mud helped matters & Lucy Wadhams inmate simply hacked up!

Kaysersberg - Wetherby    15 Oct 2014
Kaysersberg was a £ A Point second winner of the day & like Lady Tiana, eased to an impressive victory! He jumped well & may well follow up!

Together Forever - Curragh    12 Oct 2014
Another 10-point maximum bet was landed for members today at the Curragh, as Together Forever stayed on very strongly to score! She quickened up well & could be a 1,000 Guineas horse.

Yakoum - Goodwood    12 Oct 2014
What a weekend as a fourth bet piled in! Yakoum scored at a tremendous 6/1, getting up in a thriller to fend off Fun Mac! What a result & massive weekend profits posted!

Henrytheaeroplane - Musselburgh    11 Oct 2014
Henrytheaeroplane was a very strong mark mover for us on Saturday & duly justified the 10-point rating! An easy winner, the cash was bagged with no worries!

Chesil Beach - Musselburgh    11 Oct 2014
Chesil Beach made it a very profitable day for members on Saturday by landing the 5-point gamble at 7/2! The winner powered home & had the field on the stretch behind!

Abbeygrey - Newton Abbot    10 Oct 2014
Abbeygrey was again subject of a strong word and after hacking up for us on Sunday, obliged again on Friday, heavily backed & a ready winner under tough conditions!

Caulfields Venture - Exeter    09 Oct 2014
The race turned out to be a battle between the joint-favourite but £ A Point members were on the right horse as Caulfields Venture won by over two lengths, landing a very nice touch after a lengthy break!

Mister Bob - Wolverhampton    09 Oct 2014
Extremely well-backed, Mister Bob gave members a second winner on the day, landing a big 5-point bet! Sent out to members at 3/1, the winner did us proud!

Knights Reward - Straford    06 Oct 2014
Available at a bigger price early, Knights Reward was well backed to score! A fine dark horse touch, the horse had shown nothing in three runs until members were on today!

Abbeygrey - Huntingdon    05 Oct 2014
Sent on the long-haul from South Wales, Abbeygrey came up trumps under a very confident ride & will be of interest again next time.

Phoenix Returns - Hexham    03 Oct 2014
Paul Moloney had made the long journey to Hexham for one ride & made it pay in style, to give members a tidy £ A Point winner!

Islandmagee - Chepstow    30 Sep 2014
Islandmagee was involved in a sustained scrap with the favourite but asserted late on & the £ A Point gamble was landed at Chepstow!

Stanarley Pic - Hamilton    29 Sep 2014
Extremely well-backed, Stanarley Pic was sent off a warm favourite in the end but didnt let members down, landing the 5-point gamble!

Della Sun - Newton Abbot    29 Sep 2014
Della Sun made it a magical Monday for members by scoring at Newton Abbot today. Returned at 100/30, it was a great price & an easy win!

Plucky Dip - Wolverhampton    27 Sep 2014
Plucky Dip landed a massive 10-point maximum bet at Wolverhampton tonight, backed off the boards from 15/8 in the morning to odds on at the track!

Teak - Plumpton    21 Sep 2014
Teak landed another big 10-point £ A Point maximum bet for members on Sunday, cruising into the lead two out & never in trouble.

Flash Fire - Catterick    20 Sep 2014
Flash Fire did the business for members & landed a big 10-point maximum bet! Very well-backed, Mark Johnstons inmate asserted last on & can progress further.

Sleep In First - Sedgefield    16 Sep 2014
A great run by Sleep In First, who landed another fine gamble for £ A Point members, always going well & scoring with ease.

Bluegrass Blue - Lingfield    13 Sep 2014
A great start to Super Saturday as Bluegrass Blues cruised to victory at Lingfield. A class horse at this level, hell be interesting if turned out again quickly.

Interception - Lingfield    13 Sep 2014
Interception is a filly going places & there could be some black type to come after her very easy win today! Always cruising, she landed a big 10-point win with plenty in hand!

Clon Brulee - Doncaster    10 Sep 2014
Clon Brulee was the subject of heavy professional support & the gamble landed successfully. It was another big 10-point max winner for the in-form £ A Point team!

Knight Owl - Redcar    09 Sep 2014
Yet another major punt landed for £ A Point members as Knight Owl rewarded players with a cracking 10-point max bet win! Profits are building again nicely this month!

Bayleyf - Brighton    08 Sep 2014
Bayleyf pinged the stalls & simply bolted up for another big £ A Point winner! Never going to be caught, it was all so easy!

Battersea - Ascot    06 Sep 2014
Another stunning winner for the £ A Point service as Battersea stormed to a famous Ascot win! It was a hot race but the horse landed a very confident 10-point punt!

Green Howard - Musselburgh    05 Sep 2014
Green Howard took another big step towards making the cut for the Ayr Silver Cup by scoring with ease today! Available at 11/4 earlier in the day, it was a very easy win & a big 10-point max bet winner for members!

Chapellerie - Wolverhampton    04 Sep 2014
Chapellerie made it another big £ A Point day by making it 2 winning bets from 2! Backed in from 3s, the winner did the job very nicely!

Baltic Knight - Haydock    04 Sep 2014
Baltic Knight ran the field ragged up at Haydock today as the ploy of sending the horse all that way worked superbly! He need the going & simply bolted up!

Secret Missile - Brighton    31 Aug 2014
Secret Missile landed a tidy payout for £ A Point members on Sunday, given a great ride by Martin Dwyer. The winner made all & then held on to fend off all challengers by three-quarters of a length!

Hollow Penny - Newton Abbot    30 Aug 2014
Yet another big August winner for members as Hollow Penny landed the gamble on Saturday! There was maximum confidence & a maximum result!

Hallings Wish - Bath    30 Aug 2014
It is all happening for £ A Point members this month as another fine touch goes in! Hallings Wish was gaining a first win & it was achieved with minimum of fuss!

Storm King - Beverley    30 Aug 2014
Storm King produced a tremendous front-running performance to make all & produce a fine payout for members! Returned at 9/2, it was more August profits!

Giant O Murchu - Fontwell    28 Aug 2014
A real tussle from 3 out right to the line, with Giant O Murchu edging ahead in the final stride for members.

Couloir Extreme - Fontwell    28 Aug 2014
Slight luck on our side as the nearest rival crashed out at the last but with Jamie Moore in the saddle whos to say he wouldnt have guided Couloir Extreme to success anyway.

Saborido - Lingfield    28 Aug 2014
An already fantastic day just got better, as the 3rd 5* MAX bet on the day secured victory with a late surge, returning at a very generous 3/1!

Elhaame - Newmarket    23 Aug 2014
Elhaame recorded his third career success and is thriving over todays distance and could looks worth following over the coming weeks.

Ssafa - Kempton    20 Aug 2014
The bookies were bashed once again with Ssafa putting in a sustained late run & powered past her rivals to post a career-best effort.

Pretty Bubbles - Southwell    20 Aug 2014
Pretty Bubbles is ultra consistent and can always be relied on to give her best and scooted clear when asked to record a cosy win for members.

Maverik - Leicester     19 Aug 2014
The good times continue to roll as Maverik gave members another massive win making a pillar to post victory and returning at 10/1!

Rawoof - Yarmouth    19 Aug 2014
With the first time hood applied Rawoof relaxed from the start and this good looking filly was far too good for her rivals.

Go Go Green - Thirsk    18 Aug 2014
An absolute thriller for members and a most memorable 14/1 winner with Go Go Green being judged the winner by the smallest of margins!

Trulee Scrumptious - Newmarket    15 Aug 2014
Back at the course shed recorded her only win and getting her conditions for the first time in a while Trulee Scrumptious was not for catching getting an easy lead and staying on in determined fashion.

Deauville Dancer - Chepstow    14 Aug 2014
Deauville Dancer was backed as if defeat was out of the question, he did however give his followers some concerns but was doing his best work at the finish & showed a fine attitude to score with a bit to spare!

Rusty Nail - Newton Abbot    13 Aug 2014
Hadden Frost is certainly proving to be the jockey to follow at Newton Abbot this season & Rusty Nail followed up their recent C&D winner in game fashion.

Mick Duggan - Lingfield    08 Aug 2014
The winners keep flowing as Mick Duggan landed another well-backed touch for members, with a storming performance to land the spoils!

La Bacouetteuse - Musselburgh    08 Aug 2014
It always helps to have Serena Brotherton on your side in amateur races and she was once again at her best here as La Bacouetteuse recorded his 5th course win at Musselburgh.

Pearl Nation - Southwell    07 Aug 2014
Pearl Nation made it 2-3 for Michael Appleby & gave members another well-backed winner! There looks to be plenty more to come!

Kiwi Bay - Pontefract    06 Aug 2014
The fantastic run continued as Kiwi Bay gave members another 5* success and the price of 3/1 looked very generous after the event!

Solar Spirit - Catterick    05 Aug 2014
Solar Spirit was primed for back-to-back wins in the race & landed the gamble! It was a thriller but job done at a nice price!

Almagest - Ripon    05 Aug 2014
What a day for £ A Point members as Almagest made it 2 bets & 2 winners on the day! It looked at one moment as though the horse had no chance but after getting a clear run at last, simply flew home!

Johara - Kempton    04 Aug 2014
Yard in form & horse in form back at C&D winning track & there could be only one result; Johara W7/4 & simply bolted up!

Pethers Moon - Goodwood    01 Aug 2014
Pethers Moon is a classy horse & took his chance today at Glorious Goodwood. Very well backed, he landed the gamble cosily.

Weekendatbernies - Epsom    31 Jul 2014
Weekendatbernies was the subject of a strong morning whisper & £ A Point members were alerted! The result was a very well backed winner!

Thourntoun Care - Ayr    28 Jul 2014
Thourntoun Care had gone in the notebook on his handicap debut & next time out, stepped up in trip, £ A Point members were on & the gamble landed with ease!

Maverick Wave - Lingfield    24 Jul 2014
Maverick Wave posted a big performance at Lingfield this evening, hitting top gear after getting slightly outpaced & then powering away.

Gorteenwood - Worcester    23 Jul 2014
Our top NH contact is in top form as Gorteenwood landed another touch. The winner took it up late on & held on really well!

Ballybough Gorta - Cartmel    21 Jul 2014
Ballybough Gorta can be an awkward character but he gallops all day & Sean Bowen got a fine tune out of the chaser, to make it back-to-back wins in the race!

Rainbow Rock - Beverley    21 Jul 2014
A big day for the £ A Point service as Rainbow Rock strolled to a 3-length victory, staying on strongly up the hill! That made it 2 bets & 2 wins for the day!

Jargon - Brighton    17 Jul 2014
Jargon showed the benefit of an eyecatching debut, plus the improved form of the Bell yard & landed a decent gamble! The winner recovered superbly from severe trouble in running & could be useful.

Dr Red Eye - Epsom    17 Jul 2014
What a day as Dr Red Eye makes it 2 bets & 2 winners on Thursday & at a decent price of 9/2! Laid out for the race, he did the business to reward £ A Point members handsomely!

Tenor - Lingfield    16 Jul 2014
It was a warm race but Tenor was given a top ride by Adam Kirby & the pair blasted their way to the front after the pacemakers fell away! Returned 11/4, 9/2 was available early doors.

Alex My Boy - Haydock    03 Jul 2014
Mark Johnston is a master at producing 3yo middle distance winners & he did it again with Alex My Boy. Available at even money early. the horse was then backed off the boards!

Swiss Cross - Epsom    03 Jul 2014
It was a thriller but Swiss Cross held on to score for £ A Point members & returned at a tasty 11/4! He should now head to the Stewards Cup.

Top Chief - Perth    02 Jul 2014
Gordon Elliot is a master at laying out horses for Perth & all went swimmingly today as Top Chief landed the touch at 5/2!

Longshadow - Musselburgh    27 Jun 2014
Heavily backed, Longshadow simply bolted up by nearly four lengths to land a big gamble! The horse looks to be progressing rapidly now!

BookEm Danno - Market Rasen    20 Jun 2014
BookEm Danno kept up Peter Bowens fine record at Market Rasen & landed the gamble backed in from 5/1 to 11/4 to set £ A Point members up for the weekend.

Bernisdale - Newton Abbot    16 Jun 2014
Available at 11/2 & then backed into 9/2, Bernisdale landed the gamble. Taking it up late on, she won by 5 lengths despite making a hash of the last.

Gravitational - Kempton    11 Jun 2014
Gravitational was primed to score & with members on at 4/1, it was another massive result to keep the profits rolling in for June!

Le Chat DOr - Ayr    09 Jun 2014
The £ A Point hot form continues! Le Chat DOr simply bolted up on Monday, picking up in devastating fashion to put the race to bed in a matter of strides!

Vayland - Hexham    07 Jun 2014
Vayland absolutely bolted up for £ A Point members, backed in from an early price of 3/1 the winner sauntered home by 26 lengths to make it 3 bets 3 winners on Saturday!

Pennant Dancer - Worcester    07 Jun 2014
Pennant Dancer drifted out 7/1 at one point but was well backed on course and won very easily. The horse has had his problems but is flying now!

Baitha Alga - Epsom    07 Jun 2014
Baitha Alga landed one of the gambles of the day, using his Chester experience to score well. The Coventry at Ascot now looks favourite.

Laughing Jack - Goodwood    06 Jun 2014
Laughing Jack landed a top touch for members on Friday evening, solidly backed & easing to a very easy near four-length victory.

Rural Celebration - Ripon    04 Jun 2014
Rural Celebration needed the gap to appear & when it did, the filly flew home in style. She looks very progressive!

Genius Boy - Yarmouth    03 Jun 2014
The winners keep ticking over for the £ A Point service as Genius Boy scored at sunny Yarmouth on Tuesday. Sent off a decent 3/2, the result was an easy 3-length victory.

Beach Belle - Naas    02 Jun 2014
Beach Belle was a rare bet for the £ A Point service in Ireland & the horse was heavily backed to score! Held up. the winner flew home under a well-timed ride!

Midnight Diamond - Fakenham    01 Jun 2014
Fit from point-to-pointing, Midnight Diamond justified the very long trip from Wales to score by an easy 13Ls! Members well rewarded at 4/1!

Youre Fired - Haydock    30 May 2014
A last gasp challenge was just enough to get You re Fired up in the final stride to making a winning debut for his new connections.

One Pursuit - Haydock    29 May 2014
Heavily backed just before the off, One Pursuit sluiced in to land a tidy touch! Members were able to get on at 7/1 (8/1 with Ladbrokes) & were very well rewarded!

Tiggy Wiggy - Sandown    29 May 2014
Tiggy Wiggy picked up like a smart filly in the testing ground & hurtled to the line. She must surely be Royal Ascot bound!

Chatez - Haydock    24 May 2014
What a big winner for £ A Point members as Chatez stayed on powerfully in the mud! Progressive under these conditions, the early 10/1 was snapped up by punters & there should be plenty more to come!

Comrade Bond - Yarmouth    23 May 2014
Comrade Bond was another well backed winner for £ A Point members, scoring at 2/1 after oncourse money shortened the price. The C&D winner dug in well & the gamble was landed!

Uncle Dermot - Ayr    22 May 2014
Uncle Dermot did the business again for members at Ayr today! Again it was a fine ride, this time by Connor Beasley and apart from the 2nd, the field was well strung out!

Uncle Dermot - Ayr    21 May 2014
What a ride by Graham Lee as Uncle Dermot made all, kicked clear & then won eased down! And a great price for members W100/30 from 5/1!

BookEm Danno - Market Rasen    18 May 2014
BookEm Danno made virtually all & despite losing the lead & dropping back to third close home, rallied under a power-packed Jamie Moore ride to score at a tasty 4/1!

Sir Lynx - Southwell    13 May 2014
Sir Lynx had been desperately unlucky at Fakenham but more than made up for the disaster by scoring today! Returned at 7/2, it was a great result for members.

Intibah - Haydock    10 May 2014
Intibah landed a big maximum bet for £ A Point members at Haydock, given a great ride by Dane ONeill. Going well, the winner took it up in the final 150 yards & powered away.

Six Wives - Southwell    08 May 2014
Six Wives was very well backed through the day & the gamble was landed with the minimum of fuss! Now in top form - there could be more to come!

Lemon Gent - Worcester    07 May 2014
Hammered into 2/1, Lemon Gent landed a fine gamble for £ A Point members at Worcester this evening. The confidence was justified & members rewarded at a bigger earlier price.

Secret Art - Kempton    06 May 2014
Secret Art was quietly fancied to be fully tuned up & so it proved to be! The result was an impressive 7/1 four and a half-length demolition job!

Alices Dancer - Brighton    30 Apr 2014
Alices Dancer was given a top ride by Oisin Murphy to run the field tagged. Well handicapped, it was a fine gamble landed for members at a value 3/1.

Horsted Keynes - Yarmouth    29 Apr 2014
Horsted Keynes was very well backed all day & duly landed a touch at Lingfield. The winner looks to have a big season ahead.

Should I Stay - Huntingdon    21 Apr 2014
Despite some errors towards the end of the race, Should I Stay stayed on strongly to win by 4 lengths. The rest were pretty well strung out & members well rewarded!

Zurigha - Kempton    19 Apr 2014
A big 10-point maximum bet landed with Zurigha today & bookies battered! And, it was fine effort as the early pace was desperate! The filly rates a decent prospect.

Mull Of Killough - Newmarket    17 Apr 2014
Mull Of Killough is a serious horse on his day and again landed the Earl Of Sefton Stakes, with £ A Point members cleaning up at 4/1!

Sudski Star - Hexham    14 Apr 2014
Solidly backed all day, Sudski Star overcame some initial slow jumps but warmed to the task to win very easily. He is progressing rapidly!

Ifan - Wolverhampton    12 Apr 2014
Another big winner for £ A Point members as Ifan held off the late charge of Elaal to score at 6/1 on Saturday night. The step up in trip helped & there looks to be more to come.

Comeonginger - Fontwell    11 Apr 2014
Available at 3/1 early, Comeonginger was very well backed, leaving his disappointing form well behind. He will not go up much in the handicap & could well follow up.

Hold Court - Ludlow    10 Apr 2014
Hold Court loves it at Ludlow & was forgiven a was forgiven a substandard run there last time. The going was much faster today & £ A Point members cleaned up with a cracking 3/1 winner.

Time Square - Kempton    10 Apr 2014
Ignored in the betting due to a poor run the time before, £ A Point members knew better. Soft going at Doncaster hadnt suited but back on the Polytrack, the winner bolted up at a cracking 8/1 price!

Indian Voyage - Carisle    08 Apr 2014
As expected Indian Voyage proved too classy for the field & despite a blunder five out, stayed on powerfully to leave the field trailing!

Magical Roundabout - Windsor    07 Apr 2014
The change in the going made it tough but Magical Roundabout dug deep on his debut & landed a big gamble! There should be plenty more to come as the 2yo matures.

Malibu Sun - Taunton    03 Apr 2014
Malibu Sun was given another fine ride by Nico De Boinville and ran the field into the ground. He jumped well and mau ot have stopped winning.

Camden - Newton Abbot    01 Apr 2014
After a massive March with huge profits recorded, April started with a flyer as the second bet of the day bolted up! Camden cruised home by a very easy 12 lengths from the favourite!

Jacobs Son - Southwell    01 Apr 2014
Off and running in April with the first bet landing a gamble at Southwell. The winner did idle in front but then rallied & the front two were miles clear of the rest.

Heronry - Ascot    30 Mar 2014
A quite simply stunning weekend rounded off with 1 bet 1 winner Heronry W7/1 from 12/1 on Sunday! Members cleaned up again & were able to get on nice and early at the much bigger price!

Little Jimmy - Stratford    29 Mar 2014
Big 10-point touch landed on Saturday with Little Jimmy, who was well backed all day & dug deep to fend off the second, the front two miles clear of the rest!

Ballylifen - Uttoxeter    29 Mar 2014
What a stunning result & gamble landed as Ballylifen scored a big 5-point win, 12/1 into 7/2! One of the gambles of the day, members cleaned up at the bigger early price!

Multitask - Lingfield    28 Mar 2014
The winners keep coming & Multitask landied a lumpy gamble at Lingfield today. It was a 5-point £ A Point special & members well rewarded again!

The Lock Master - Southwell    27 Mar 2014
£ A Point members cleaned up big time on Thursday as the The Lock Master scored by 3 lengths! Ignored in the betting as many went for the favourite, we were rewarded with a fine-priced winner!

Fayette County - Chepstow    25 Mar 2014
The money came on course for the Henderson runner but £ A Point members were on the right horse as Fayette County landed the prize! It was tight but the winnings were bagged!

Bob Keown - Exeter    18 Mar 2014
The stunning run of the £ A Point service continues apace, with Bob Keown landing a mighty punt at Exeter! Available at 6/1 early, the money came & the winner galloped the field into submission!

The Lock Master - Wolverhampton    17 Mar 2014
With Wolverhampton riding more like Southwell at the moment, it was shrewd move for connections to send The Loch k Master to the west Midlands instead of his favourite Southwell. The result was another winner for the £ A Point service!

Ballyoliver - Carisle    16 Mar 2014
Ballyoliver provided £ A Point members with a second 8/1 winner in a week, although most were probably on at 9s! Connections had been praying for better going & Carlisle provided perfect ground!

Villa Royale - Wolverhampton    14 Mar 2014
A stunning week for members continued after our Cheltenham bets produce a 50-point profit & on Friday night, Villa Royale bolted up at 6/1. Ignored in the betting on track, the winner was the outsider of the field & hosed up!

Dynaste - Cheltenham    13 Mar 2014
A great ride by Tom Scudamore, who galvanised Dynaste after looking beaten, to come home really strongly! What a Cheltenham Festival so far for members!

Mr Red Clubs - Wolverhampton    13 Mar 2014
Mr Red Clubs made it a red letter day for £ A Point members after Dynaste won at Cheltenham. Well backed the winner made it a big 100% day!

Present View - Cheltenham    11 Mar 2014
What a start for members at Cheltenham as Present View landed our only Festival bet of the day! The winner had proved most progressive this season, so much so he was then targeted at this race to very profitable effect!

Capisci - Taunton    10 Mar 2014
Capisci made all to land a nice payout for £ A Point members on Monday! It was close in the end after a stumble at the last but he held on in gritty fashion. Theres more to come!

Gibbstown - Ayr    07 Mar 2014
Given a fine ride by Derek Fox, Gibbstown landed a nice touch for £ A Point members, as he stalked the leader & then pounced late on! Returned 7/2, it sets up nicely for the weekend.

Khajaaly - Wolverhampton    06 Mar 2014
Khajaaly may have been friendless on course but it made difference to the horse who won at 6/1. Not only that, he did it easily, winning by over 2Ls!

Dark And Dangerous - Catterick    05 Mar 2014
Dark And Dangerous was given a fine positive ride and the result was a big winner for £ A Point members! Well backed, it was a welcome scorer for Brendan Powell.

Forward Flight - Sedgefield    02 Mar 2014
1 bet 1 winner on Sunday as Forward Flight cruised to victory! Always in charge, the winning margin was a heavily eased down 15 lengths!

Martys Mission - Ludlow    27 Feb 2014
Martys Mission may be getting on a bit but still has plenty of talent & took this race to land a gamble despite idling in front.

Fair Breeze - Wolverhampton    17 Feb 2014
Simon Walker is definitely a jockey to have on your side in amateur riders races & he did the £ A Point service proud on Monday with Fair Breeze a fine 3/1 winner! The winner out-stayed the field & won with plenty in hand.

Gogeo - Southwell    17 Feb 2014
A big day for members as Gogeo landed the 2nd bet at 5/4 to score an 8/1 across card double with Fair Breeze W3/1! & what an easy victory it was!

Kaylif Aramis - Ascot    15 Feb 2014
The huge run continues as Kaylif Aramis powered home at Ascot on Saturday. Always travelling well, the £ A Point winner took it up late on & was never to be caught!

Saffire Song - Wolverhampton    14 Feb 2014
The stunning run continues for £ A Point members as Safirre Song bolted up at 5/1. She always travelled well & could be called the winner a long way out!

Songcraft - Meydan    13 Feb 2014
£ A Point members cleaned up yet again as Songcraft landed the services first ever punt at Meydan! The bet was advised as a 5* special & returned a fine price of 9/1!

Keep Kicking - Lingfield    12 Feb 2014
£ A Point members continue to clean up as Keep Kicking bolted up on Wednesday! Given a confident ride, the result was never in doubt & there looks to be plenty more to come over staying trips.

Frontier Fighter - Southwell    11 Feb 2014
The winners keep on coming for £ A Point members as Frontier Fighter landed a big 5-point bet on Tuesday. It was the only bet of the day & a comfortable success.

Star Links - Wolverhampton    10 Feb 2014
What a day as members cleaned up again with another big gamble! Star Links was available at 8/1 early but well backed on course, won with a bit to spare!

Ballyesker Hill - Warwick    08 Feb 2014
Massive touch landed for £ A Point members, most of whom would have been on at 9/2! The horse stays all day & ground the field into the mud in style.

Iffranesia - Wolverhampton    07 Feb 2014
There was plenty of late money for Iffranesia who obliged for £ A Point members on Friday. The filly was slow out of the stalls but flew at the finish & looks most progressive.

Samoset - Southwell    04 Feb 2014
Another big touch landed for £ A Point members as Samoset was seriously backed off the boards to score at 6/4. Given a no-nonsense ride by Simon Walker, the cash was bagged!

Maggie Pink - Wolverhampton    03 Feb 2014
The winners keep coming for £ A Point members & Maggie Pink landed a big Monday touch! And it was nice & easy by very nearly 3 lengths!

Grendisar - Lingfield    02 Feb 2014
A stunning day for £ A Point members as Grendisar landed the 10-point mega maximum bet at Lingfield on Saturday! Adam Kirby gave the winner a peach of a ride & a follow up could well be on the cards.

Masterful Act - Southwell    30 Jan 2014
Masterful Act loves it Southwell & duly won again at the track to beat an odds on favourite! Another big result for £ A Point members!

Al Alfa - Taunton    28 Jan 2014
Thankfully, the meeting went ahead and Al Alfa had perfect conditions for £ A Point members. The mud was flying & the winner obliged by three and a hslf lengths.

Robin Hoods Bay - Lingfield    25 Jan 2014
It was a Lingfield thriller but Robin Hoods Bay had been laid out for the race & obliged at a superb price of 4/1, beating the 11/10 favourite! It was a rare 10-point maximum for the service & big profits posted!

Prime Exhibit - Wolverhampton    24 Jan 2014
Prime Exhibit is a decent tool in these types of lowly races & very well backed, scored again for £ A Point members to land a big 5 point gamble!

Wilfrid Pickles - Lingfield    22 Jan 2014
Another tremendous result for the £ A Point Service as Wilfrid Pickles landed the touch in a thriller at Lingfield! The winner was returned a cracking price of 4/1!

Ivy Port - Southwell    21 Jan 2014
Ivy Port was given a fine positive ride today & simply bolted up landing a tidy 5-point bet for members! It was all so easy & the winner can go in again!

Star Links - Wolverhampton    13 Jan 2014
Star Links was available at 5/1 for members who were on early & well backed into 3/1, landed the gamble under an aggressive Luke Morris ride! That keeps the £ A Point profitable run going very nicely!

Prime Exhibit - Wolverhampton    12 Jan 2014
Prime Exhibit easily moved out of selling class to land a decent gamble on Sunday. Available at 11/4 early doors, he was well backed to score at 7/4!

Captain Chris - Kempton    11 Jan 2014
Captain Chris posted a massive performance at Kempton today, staying on strongly to win by 23 lengths! He looks primed for a big run at Ascot next month!

Random Success - Lingfield    10 Jan 2014
Random Success rates a filly going places & she romped to victory today at Lingfield. She may only have won by 3/4 length but it was the way she quickened to grab the spoils that was so impressive!

Stanlow - Lingfield    10 Jan 2014
Stanlow came good on his third handicap run, with the blinkers & extra trip making all the difference. That made it 2 winners in a row on the day & a tremendous price of 6/1 was returned.

Retrieve The Stick - Newcastle    04 Jan 2014
Retrieve The Stick kicked off the day by landing the cash for £ A Point members at Newcastle. Shes very tough & had the engine for the awful conditions.

Perfect Pasture - Lingfield    04 Jan 2014
Nice & easy for Perfect pasture who made it 2 bets & 2 wins on Saturday, powering clear in fine style. He clocked a fine time & was returned a cracking price of 11/4.

Munaawib - Southwell    03 Jan 2014
What a start to the new year for £ A Point members as latest winner Munaawib scored at Southwell. He had to dig deep but landed the 5* gamble under a fine ride.

Royal Alcor - Wolverhampton    02 Jan 2014
Royal Alcor gave £ A Point members another winner on Thursday evening, scoring by a very easy four and a half lengths! And that despite trouble in running 2f out!

Tony Dinozzo - Fakenham    01 Jan 2014
Peter Bowen travelled sll the way to north Norfolk with one horse on New Years Day & the huge diesel bill was repaid with interest! The winning margin was an astonishing 57 lengths!

Baradari - Newbury    28 Dec 2013
Baradari cost a lot of money to join Ventia Williams but he looks a horse of some potential after hacking up for £ A Point members at Newbury! He loved the mud & powered away after the last!

Baby Shine - Towcester    26 Dec 2013
Baby Shine didnt have many friends on course but £ A Point members took advantage of the drifting price to clean up! The winner crusied to a 10-length victory & rates onw follow this winter.

Caroles Spirit - Haydock    21 Dec 2013
Caroles Spirit produced a storming finish to power past As I Am at Haydock on Saturday. Three lengths down at the last, she stayed on to score with authority!

King Massini - Ludlow    18 Dec 2013
£ A Point members were told it was laid out for the race & King Massini did not let backers down, landing a big 5-point bet by an easy 7 lengths!

Arabian Flight - Southwell    17 Dec 2013
Arabian Flight kept up the great form of Michael Appleby & gave the £ A Point Service a big winner! Well-gambled, the 4yo kept on really well & can score again.

Knock A Hand - Carlisle    15 Dec 2013
No worries for Knock A Hand on Sunday as he landed the days only bet for £ A Point members. He bossed the race from start to finish, relishing the testing conditions & looks a horse to follow.

Dubai Hills - Southwell    10 Dec 2013
Dubai Hills knows how to win at Southwell & was duly laid out for todays big prize! It was a geat battle up the straight & the winner came oun on top at the line!

Naabegha - Lingfield    09 Dec 2013
It was tight but Naabegha landed the gamble in a thrilling 3-way finish. The drop in class did the trick & there could be more to come now.

Lord Protector - Sandown    06 Dec 2013
What a result as Lord Protector landed the gamble for £ a Point members on Friday! It was a competitive race & a cracking finish but the winner toughed it out to score at 5/1!

Maggie Pink - Wolverhampton    02 Dec 2013
Maggie Pink was well supported & left members in fine fettle after landing a touch at Wolves today. Well supported, the gamble was landed by an easy two & a quarter-lengths.

Just A Par - Newbury    28 Nov 2013
Just A Par landed a big gamble for members today in an eventful race. The winner kept out of trouble & pwered clear by 14Ls!

Epic Battle - Wolverhampton    26 Nov 2013
Epic Battle is still learning the game & after running very green at times, knuckled down to land the only £ A Point bet of the day, fending off the consistent Ishikawa.

Ballyculla - Ffos Las    22 Nov 2013
It became a two horse race in the end & £ A Point members were on the right horse as Ballyculla prevailed to land a tiday gamble at the Welsh venue.

Snuker - Hexham    20 Nov 2013
Snuker landed a fine 5* bet for £ A Point members on Wednesday, battling through the mud like a tank & taking charge after the last!

Seventh Hussar - Lingfield    19 Nov 2013
Seventh Hussar landed the 10* maximum bet gamble by 35 lengths - the only downside being the price being spoilt due to a late non-runner.

Mystery Drama - Leicester    18 Nov 2013
Mystery Drama opened her account over hurldes first time out today & looks a horse of some potential. She stayed on powerfully when bypassing the last & can come on for the run.

Renard DIrlande - Uttoxeter    16 Nov 2013
Sometimes you need a bit of luck to win & Renard DIrlande took full advantage of a last fence blunder by the leader, to score on his seasonal bow. Hell come on fro the run as well!

Next Sensation - Newcastle    15 Nov 2013
Next Sensation lived uyp to his name by simply bolting up at Newcastle today. The winning margin was a very easy 14 lengths & a quick reappearance looks likely.

Melodic Rendezvous - Wincanton    09 Nov 2013
What a start for £ A Point members on Saturday as Melodic Rendezvous posted a power-packed performance to score on his seasonal bow. Available at 11/2 for a while, he was backed in to 9/2 & looks set for a very big season!

Dancing Daffodil - Southwell    08 Nov 2013
It was a war of attrition but Dancing Daffodil is as tough as they come & wore down the opposition in the home straight! Returning at 5/2, it was a great winner for Pound A Point members!

Mountain Tunes - Towcester    07 Nov 2013
What a result for £ A Point members who celbrated with AP as he hit the 4,000-winner mark! Given a trade mark ride, the Champ was never going to get beat!

Town Mouse - Huntingdon    03 Nov 2013
It may not have been a great race but Town Mouse toughed it & galloped the opposition onto the ground to make it 1 bet 1 winner for £ A Point members on Sunday!

Raya Star - Uttoxeter    01 Nov 2013
A classy hurdler on his day who ran in some very big races last season. Raya Star made a decent start to his chasing carer with a battling display.

White Star Line - Clonmel    31 Oct 2013
White Star Line was very well backed before the off & landed the gamble nicely at Clonmel for £ A Point members, scoring by 2 lengths!

Firecruise - Yarmouth    29 Oct 2013
Firecruise loves the mud & was sent on the long haul to sunny Yarmouth to land a big gamble! Given a confident ride by Robert Winston, the result was never in doubt!

Rule The World - Naas    28 Oct 2013
Rule The World may have been off the track for some time but is a class horse and won the race nicely. Hell come on for that & can aim higher.

Mystery Drama - Wolverhampton    26 Oct 2013
Another winner goes in for the £ A Point serivice & again it was at Wolverhampton. Mystery Drama was well backed & the cash safely bagged with consumate ease!

Powerful Pierre - Wolverhampton    25 Oct 2013
Powerful Pierre kept the £ A Point service ticking over nicely with victory at Wolverhampton tonight. He loves it here & put the favourite firmly in his place!

Upswing - Carlisle    24 Oct 2013
Upswing was a very strong 5-point win bet for £ A Point members on Thursday & the JP McManus-owned horse did the business to give backers a thumping profit!

Uxizandre - Plumpton    21 Oct 2013
Uxizandre landed the gamble on Monday for £ A Point members, given a great ride by AP after what looked a race-losing late mistake. The winner rallied really well & can continue to improve.

Hunters Lodge - Cheltenham    18 Oct 2013
What a stunning result for £ A Point members as Hunters Lodge won at a big price of 8/1 (14/1 best price available earlier)! There was plenty of money on course & the gamble paid off big time!

Standing Ovation - Wincanton    17 Oct 2013
Standing Ovation was given a tremendous, positive ride and made virtually all, quickening to score well. And on top of that, members were rewarded with a much better price than was expected!

Jump City - Wincanton    17 Oct 2013
With luck on our side Jump City gave members a thrilling dead heat victory. He was looking very vulnerable after the last but showed real courage to battle back at the line. It resulted in a fine £1 per point double on the day.

Outback Traveller - Lingfield    16 Oct 2013
There was sustained support for Outback Traveller and the £ A Point service winner landed the gamble - heavily backed! It was a confident ride by Ryan Moore & members rewarded again,

Trading Profit - Leicester    15 Oct 2013
It was a romp in the mud for Trading Profit, who eased to a 14-length victory in a one-sided match, the SP spoilt unfortunately by the late withdrawal of the second-favourite.

Commissioned - Musselburgh    14 Oct 2013
It was mighty close but Commissioned got up on the line to land a big £ A Point gamble! There was sustained support all day & that made it 3 winners from the last 4 bets!

War Command - Newmarket    12 Oct 2013
War Command landed the £ A Point first ever 10* bet at Newmarket today! Heavily backed, the future star battled to a fine victor & can now look forward to a big 2014.

Line DAois - Hexham    12 Oct 2013
Line DAois made it a massive day for the £ A Point Sevice by easing to a very comfortable win at Hexham. Just pushed out to score, he could make a quick reappearance.

Hi Filwah - Wolverhampton    11 Oct 2013
Hi Filwah was the subject of a very strong Newmarket whisper & £ A Point members steamed in with a big 5 point win punt. The gamble was landed & both Friday bets were collected on!

Volume - Nottingham    09 Oct 2013
Volume may have been friendless oncourse but £ a Point members knew better & were rewarded with a fine 9/4 winner! The filly battled well & the front pair well well clear of the rest.

Silly Billy - Wolverhampton    07 Oct 2013
Silly Billy was a very strong whisper and landed a big gamble for Pound A Point members on Monday evening. It was all so easy and the field was well strung out behind the runaway winner!

Creepy - Chepstow    01 Oct 2013
Creepy landed a fine & first gamble for Pound A Point members. Heavily supported, the 5yo ran on really well & won with plenty in hand!

Pantxoa - Chepstow    01 Oct 2013
What a stunning start to the new Richard Dunwoody Pound A Point service as the second bet of the day Pantxoa W6/1 ran the field ragged at Chepstow! Making virtually all, the winner powered home to land the gamble!

Goal - Wolverhampton    28 Sep 2013
Goal landed yet another Dynamite touch & did so very easily. Given a good, positive ride from his perfect draw, the result was never in any doubt.

Mister Fizz - Haydock    27 Sep 2013
Mister Fizz started the day well for Dynamite members by leading the field a merry dance in the Haydock opener. It was a great ride by his young jockey!

Soft Falling Rain - Newmarket    27 Sep 2013
A tremendous return to form for Soft Falling Rain, who relentlessly galloped the field into the ground. He won going away & will have more big targets on the horizon.

Waahej - Wolverhampton    26 Sep 2013
A weak race which Waahej took advantage of for Dynamite members. Sweeping to the front two furlongs out and sprinting clear to win easing down. It will have done his confidence the world of good but he wont find many weaker races.

Gud Day - Perth    25 Sep 2013
The long trip paid off for Gud Day, who sporting cheekpieces for the first time, landed the only bet of the day for PAYW members! He looks a different horse with the aids on!

Ebony Express W8/1 - Redcar    25 Sep 2013
Boom for Dynamite players on Wednesday as a lovely touch was landed up at Redcar. The Swinbank yard is back in form & Ebony Express returned an explosive 8/1 winner!

Cat OMountain - Wolverhampton    25 Sep 2013
Cat OMountain was the subject of sustained support all day & won as he liked, pushed clear! That made it 100% on the day for the Dynamite Service.

Stars Above Me - Leicester    23 Sep 2013
Stars Above Me was well supported and won like a decent horse today. Never in any trouble the PAYW Nap bet winner could rated considerably higher.

Wedding Ring - Newmarket    21 Sep 2013
It was close but Wedding Ring dug deep after idling in front and stayed on gamely to hold off all challengers and land a big gamble for PAYW members on Saturday. She should improve more for getting a lead.

Tawhid - Newbury    20 Sep 2013
It was nice & easy for Tawhid at Newbury today, who landed a thumping touch for PAYW members. The winning margin was an impressive two and a half lengths!

Gravitational - Yarmouth    17 Sep 2013
Gravitational had struggled to get his head in front but was given a fine ride today & swept to the front close to score going away to reward PAYW members!

Bayan - Listowel    17 Sep 2013
A rare Irish bet for Dynamite players paid big dividends as Bayan landed a Listowel touch at 5/1! It was a competitive race but members were on the right horse again!

Al Alfa - Stratford    17 Sep 2013
As expected the PAYW service landed 2 winners from 2 bets on Tuesday, with Al Alfa the second leg of the double at Stratford this evening! It was nice n easy & lovely payday!

Aloha - Lingfield    14 Sep 2013
Available at 13/2 early, Aloha strolled to victory at a well-backed 4/1 for Dynamite players. He stayed on very strongly & looks ready to go in again soon.

Exclusive Waters - Kempton    14 Sep 2013
It was tight but Exclusive Waters held on well to land a tidy gamble at Kempton this evening. He looks a bit lazy, so it was fine rousting ride by Jimmy Quinn!

The Lark - Doncaster    12 Sep 2013
It was a dramatic race but The Lark simply flew home for PAYW members, landing a big touch in the process. The rain had come in time & punters well rewarded.

Saskias Dream - Brighton    09 Sep 2013
Saskias Dream kept up the Dynamite Service run of form by landing a big early race gamble at Brighton. Given a confident ride by the champion elect, she did the job nicely.

Lancelot Du Lac - York    08 Sep 2013
BOOM again as Lancelot Du Lac landed the only Dynamite bet of the day on Sunday! Available at a bigger price early doors, the winner looked imporessive & can follow up.

Gordon Lord Byron - Haydock    07 Sep 2013
Dynamite members were on a huge gamble today at Haydock as the rain came in time and Gordon Lord Byron relished the underfoot conditions. It was an impressive win and a decent payout!

Anytimeatall - Leicester    03 Sep 2013
An explosive result for Dynamite members as Anytimeatall posted a fine all the way effort to score at 9/2! It was a fine ride by Kieren Fallon & members well rewarded.

Mizyen - Brighton    02 Sep 2013
Mizyen landed a huge gamble for PAYW members at Brighton, leaving a string of near misses behind! The winner was in no trouble this time, surging to victory & a quick follow up could well be on the cards.

Skyes The Limit - Catterick    27 Aug 2013
A close finish in the end with Skyes The Limit just holding out the challenge of Noble Asset. He may have needed this run having been absent since June and so improvement can be expected next time out.

Yojimbo - Chepstow    26 Aug 2013
A well deserved win for Yojimbo who was unlucky last time. He was given a fine ride from young Charles Bishop and looked to have plenty left at the line.

Afsare - Goodwood    24 Aug 2013
A mightily impressive performance from Afsare as Dynamite members were left dazzled with his turn of-foot. In such good heart he can easily land another Group win before the end of the season.

Chief Barker - Newmarket    23 Aug 2013
Chief Barker maintained his unbeaten record with a hard fought victory. He had to bide his time to get to the front but when he did he was always holding off his rivals.

Cullentry Royal - Bellewstown    21 Aug 2013
Another big double delivered by the PAYW Team as Cullentry Royal stayed on best to hold on in good fashion. The Irish Cesarewitch could be his next target where he will have a live chance.

Umneyati - Warwick    21 Aug 2013
Umneyati is nothing but consistent and landed her third win of the season. She looked to have plenty left at the finish and a rise in class now looks on the cards.

Royal Bajan - Brighton    20 Aug 2013
A really gutsy display from Royal Bajan who has improved massively for cheekpieces. The front two pulled clear of the field and had a titanic battle.

Papradon - Worcester    20 Aug 2013
What a win for Dynamite members as Papradon 12/1 secured his third win from his last four outings. He was always holding the challenge of The Mad Robertson and was left to come home clear when APs mount departed at the last.

Surf And Turf - Worcester    20 Aug 2013
Surf And Turf has a real liking for Worcester and gets on well with the Champion AP McCoy. When asked he found plenty and won with plenty in hand for another Dynamite success.

Cosseted - Pontefract    18 Aug 2013
Cosseted carried the best form in the race and so it proved as she just got the better of her fast finishing rivals. Easier ground could bring about further improvement.

Glen Moss - Newbury    17 Aug 2013
A competitive handicap which should prove strong form. Glen Moss galloped all the way to the line and won with plenty in hand. He should hold a great chance if lining up at Goodwood next Saturday.

Nautilus - Newmarket    16 Aug 2013
A most impressive success for Nautilus as he hammered his rivals and turned the race into a procession for Dynamite members. He will face stiffer opposition but could run up a sequence if returning in this form.

Rocket Ronnie - Beverley    15 Aug 2013
Course and distance winning form can be so vital at Beverley and so it proved again as Rocket Ronnie powered home to land a big PAYW punt! That made it 5 winners in a row!

Truth Or Dare - Salisbury    14 Aug 2013
What a gamble as Truth Or Dare was seriously backed on course & then put the bookies to the sword with an imperious victory! Better awaits the potentially smart Hannon 2yo.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Ffos Las    14 Aug 2013
Boom again for Dynamite players as Bohemian Rhapsody landed a fine touch at 11/4. It was a great price for the hat-trick seeking winner & an easy 6-length demolition job!

Nullarbor Sky - Yarmouth    14 Aug 2013
Another massive day for PAYW mebers as Nullarbor Sky bolted up at Yarmouth tonight. Lucy Wadhams progressive 3yo bossed the race & quickened clear!

Dont Be Late - Worcester    13 Aug 2013
Dont Be Late doesnt win by far but he loves Worcester and, given the full McCoy treatment, landed the PAYW gamble. Hell always be of interest back at the venue.

True Pleasure - Carlisle    13 Aug 2013
Yet another 100% day for PAYW members as our first winner was quickly followed up by True Pleasure. The winner had a race to forget the run before but was back in fine form today!

Baytown Kestrel - Wolverhampton    12 Aug 2013
A nice easy winner to start off the new week for Dynamite members, as Baytown Kestrel eased to 2-length win at Wolverhampton. She was cliamed for £12,000 by Brian Ellison & will be of interest next time.

Silver Rime - Ayr    12 Aug 2013
Boom again as the second Dynamite bet of the day Silver Rime goes at 7/2! That makes it a 100% day for members and a near 10/1 double landed!

Certavi - Windsor    11 Aug 2013
Certavi landed a nice-priced touch at Windsor on Sunday, coming with a fine late charge to land the prize. It was the only bet of the day for PAYW players & 3/1 looked a generous price!

Excellent Aim - Brighton    09 Aug 2013
Another big winner for PAYW members as Excellent Aim bolted up at Brighton! It may not have been much of a race but he did the job by 5Ls & left the favourite trailing!

Gran Canaria Queen - Haydock    09 Aug 2013
Gran Canaria Queen made it another 100% day for the PAYW service as the 4yo won pushed out. It was a fine gamble landed & the filly can go on again from this.

Morocco - Haydock    08 Aug 2013
Morocco duly followed up under a penalty at Haydock & kept PAYW members on a roll, making it last 3 won! The job was done nicely & the cash always safe!

Floating Along - Brighton    07 Aug 2013
What a result & a great ride by Richard Hughes as Floating Along landed the gamble at Brighton. Returned 11/4, it was tremendous value for PAYW members!

Born To Fly - Yarmouth    07 Aug 2013
Boom for Dynamite playetrs as Born To Fly eased to victory on Wednesday! The winning margin was two and a half lengths & the rest nowhere!

Swendab - Yarmouth    07 Aug 2013
Swendab made it a big day for PAYW members by landing the 2nd bet in style. Heavily backed as expected, Frankie Dettori steered the 5yo to a very easy win!

Calm Attitude - Ffos Las    06 Aug 2013
Calm Attitude had conditions to suit & landed the gamble in a thriller at Ffos Las today! Very well backed, the winner looks to have set PAYW members up for a big payday!

Fast Track - Thirsk    03 Aug 2013
Fast Track lived up to his name & duly scorched to victroy for PAYW members at Thirsk this afternoon. He spent most of the race with nothing to race & then did well to hold on. Hell be even better in a bigger field.

Dineur - Market Rasen    03 Aug 2013
There was plenty of confidence behind Dineur at Market Rasen today & Dynamite players cleaned up as the Peter Bowen-trained horse landed the gamble. He will now be aimed at a valuable Ffos Las race later in the month.

Sarangoo - Epsom    01 Aug 2013
Sarangoo was pushed out to score at Epsom this evening and, heavily backed was never in any trouble. Available at a bigger price early, the bookies were sent scurrying.

Alwilda - Sandown    31 Jul 2013
Sir Mark Prescott coninues in fine form & PAYW members benefited with a fine win by Alwilda at Sandown tonight. As usual with one of the yards runners - a sequence could be on the cards.

Oceana Gold - Worcester    30 Jul 2013
Boom again for Dynamite players as Oceana Gold scored at Worcester this evening. It was all so as the 10-length winning margin suggests & 2/1 a great price in a 4-runner field!

Reginald Claude - Wolverhampton    29 Jul 2013
Reginald Claude travelled really well & then picked up nicely when asked to run in & score running on. Available at 7/2 earlier, it was a decent tickle for Dynamite members.

Royal Guinevere - Windsor    29 Jul 2013
Royal Guinevere ticked all the right boxes & tidly backed, she won for PAYW players. Going the right way at a rate of knots, she could well go in again as long as the ground stays fast.

Alcaeus - Newmarket    27 Jul 2013
How easy was that as Alcaeus won as he liked! In fact, Chris Catlin looked alarmed that he was going to win by too far! A quick reappearance under a penalty looks likely!

Nullarbor Sky - Yarmouth    25 Jul 2013
What a gamble at sunny Yarmouth as Lucy Wadham shrewdly placed Nullarbor Sky to score. It was a strong staying effort & the filly is certainly going the right way.

Soryah - Epsom    25 Jul 2013
Boom again for Dynamite players as Soryah eased to an impressive win at Epsom tonight. Hughsie was never in any trouble & had the luxury of heavily easing down!

Dangerous Age - Lingfield    24 Jul 2013
Dangerous Age was backed as though defeat was out of the question & so it was as the Dynamite bet bolted up by over three-lengths! Members were on at a much bigger price than the SP of 5/4!

Dame Nellie Melba - Leicester    24 Jul 2013
Dame Nellie Melba made it a big day for Dynamite members by making it a double on the day! She did the job nicely & may reappear again very quickly.

Mutual Regard - Ffos Las    23 Jul 2013
Mutual Regard bounced back to form under a great Luke Morris ride. The winner has a fine turn of foot for a stayer & looks set for a sequence.

Jubilee Dancer - Redcar    21 Jul 2013
Jubilee Dancer landed a well gambled winner for Dynamite players on Sunday, powering ahead in the final furlong. She may not have finished winning yet!

Salvatore Fury - Hamilton    19 Jul 2013
A fine day for PAYW members was capped off by a very easy victory for Salvatore Fury, who landed the second bet of the day by two and a half lengths! And that was with trouble in running over a furlong out!

Secondo - Haydock    19 Jul 2013
What a start to the day for PAYW members as Secondo bolted up to score at 15/8. The winning margin was only three-quarters of a length but it could have been much more! Very easy!

Excellent Aim - Brighton    18 Jul 2013
Boom again for Dynamite members as Excellent Aim did the business at 5/2. It was a very eventful race but the winner kept out of trouble & won nicely!

Forever My Friend - Uttoxeter    17 Jul 2013
The Dynamite Service continues in top form as Forever My Friend landed another touch on Wednesday! Peter Bowen continues in hot form & the winner beat off the challenge of the well backed favourite!

GDai Sydney - Worcester    17 Jul 2013
GDai Sydney looks a decent horse under Peter Bownes tutilage & improving all the time, landed a fine result for PAYW members! Hell make a fine hurdler.

Progenitor - Kempton    16 Jul 2013
Dynamite members cleaned up with a fine winner tonight as Progenitor landed the touch at 13/2! The 3yo came with a flying run to grab the spoils in the shadow of the post!

The Grey Gatsby - Hamilton    13 Jul 2013
Another big Dynamite winner as The Grey Gatsby obliged first time out & well backed. He ran green for quite a while but picked up well in the end & may take up his Gimcrack entry.

Snowy Dawn - Chester    13 Jul 2013
Snowy Dawn had been knocking at the door at Chester & nicely backed today, landed a fine touch. The PAYW winner took it up in the final furlong & won, totally in command.

Riskit Fora Biskit - Chester    12 Jul 2013
Riskit Fora Biskit had run poorly in her previous race when unable to dominate from a poor draw. No problems from berth 1 at Chester tonight though as she flew the stalls & was never caught!

Universal - Newmarket    11 Jul 2013
A great start to the big Newmarket meeting as Universal W3/1 for PAYW members! The hot info bet direct from HQ was landed with ease as Mark Johnstons inmate stayed on to spreadeagle the field.

Mezel - Doncaster    11 Jul 2013
Mezel was clueless first time out but left that run well behind with a taking performance at Doncaster to land a cracking Dynamite Service touch! Still green, he squeezed through late on & kept on strongly!

Nave - Epsom    11 Jul 2013
After Universal W3/1, Nave landed another touch on Thursday for PAYW members. And it was all so easy as the field was strung out behind the pushed out winner.

Money Team - Catterick    10 Jul 2013
Dynamite as Money Team scorched to victory & Ryan While will struggle to find an easier ride! No dangers!

Al Kazeem - Sandown    06 Jul 2013
What a massive gamble landed for PAYW members as the impressive Al Kazeem made mincemeat of the opposition in a fine time, in the Coral-Eclipse at Sandown today. His season just gets better and better!

Elle Woods - Carlisle    06 Jul 2013
Elle Woods was very keen early doors but soon settled down & landed a fine touch for PAYW members. That made it a fine day after the splendid victory of Al Kazeem!

Ambiance - Sandown    05 Jul 2013
Another great result for Dynamite members as Ambiance scored at a value price of 7/2. Always traveling well, the 2yo was delivered with a telling challenge & won easily.

Cailin Annamh - Wexford    05 Jul 2013
PAYW members were able to get on nice & early to avail themselves of a bigger price for Cailin Annamh, who was heavily backed & cruised to a very easy five-length win.

Green Lightning - Perth    04 Jul 2013
Green Lightning was all the rage and struck at Perth today making the very long journey from Pembrokeshire well worth it. The winning margin was a huge 21 lengths & it couldnt have been any easier.

Front Page News - Newbury    04 Jul 2013
Front Page News made headlines at Newbury tonight for Dynamite players, landing a tidy touch! Traveling well, the winner bolted up despite trouble in running!

Emerald Glade - Uttoxeter    30 Jun 2013
Jim Best has certainly worked the oracle on Emerald Glade & the mare duly won again for the yard, making it a 100% record since joining. She looks way better than her current handicap mark.

Curly Come Home - Doncaster    29 Jun 2013
Curly Come Home was very well backed & PAYW members cleaned up as the winner powered home to score with plenty in hand. There looks to be plenty more to come from the filly.

Broughton - Chester    28 Jun 2013
Broughton was well backed to score at Chester tonight & did not let PAYW members down despite trouble in running. It was a power-packed finish & in the end, nice & easy!

Beachdale Lad - Kilbeggan    24 Jun 2013
There was huge confidence behind Beachdale Lad today & PAYW members were rewarded as the winner romped home by 15 lengths! The Galway Festival now awaits.

Sky Lantern - Ascot    21 Jun 2013
The Dynamite Service continued in great form on day four of Royal Ascot as Sky Lantern landed a great touch for members & the Hannon team! It goes down as a famous victory & 9/2 a cracking price!

Glen Countess - Market Rasen    21 Jun 2013
What a top day for the PAYW service as Glen Countess landed a famous touch at an amazing 8/1! Friendless on course, members knew better & were very well rewarded!

Ginger Jack - Ripon    20 Jun 2013
Considering the racing at Royal Ascot, there were some lumpy bets on Ginger Jack at Ripon today! Battered on course, Dynamite members were on at a much better price early doors & cleaned up!

Man Of Steel - Uttoxeter    19 Jun 2013
Boom for Dynamite members as Man Of Steel had the field on the stretch from 2f out. He did hang a little in the final stages but had way too much class & rates a decent hurdler in the making.

Dawn Approach - Ascot    18 Jun 2013
It was mighty close but a return to form for Dawn Approach, who won the St Jamess Palace Stakes at Ascot today. It was a battling performance that saw class win out on the day & a fine gamble landed for PAYW members at Royal Ascot.

Great Crested - Kempton    17 Jun 2013
The Payw service may have missed out with the days first bet but no problem with the second as Great Crested slaughtered the field. He quickened away in superlative manner & is likely to reappear quickly!

Baltic Knight - York    15 Jun 2013
Baltic Knight landed an explosive touch for Dynamite players on Saturday, heavily backed all day! The early 4/1 soon disappeared & Richard Hannons 3yo now deserves a tilt at Group glory.

Italian Riviera - Lingfield    15 Jun 2013
It was a muddling race but Luke Morris had Italian Riviera nice & handy & kicked on 2f out. It was a devastating winning move & PAYW members were rewarded with another fine touch!

Clowance Estate - Sandown    14 Jun 2013
Dynamite Result! Clowance Estate proved his class & was battered in from a best early price of 11/2 into 11/4. Considering he should come on for the run, he looks very decent.

Henry The Aviator - Haydock    13 Jun 2013
Henry The Aviator relished the mile today & scored in a hack canter! It was all too easy & he is likely to reappear again quickly before getting hit hard by the handicapper!

Emperors Hope - Salisbury    11 Jun 2013
Another fine winner for the PAYW service on Tuesday as Emperors Hope simply bolted up at 5/2. It was fierce betting heat but the Hannon 2yo was way too quick for the field & may now have a go at 5f.

Dom Lukka - Fontwell    11 Jun 2013
What a touch for Dynamite PAYW members as Dom Lukka won nicely at a cracking price of 5/1. Available at 7/1 earlier in the day, a tidy on course gamble was in the bag!

Honoured - Nottingham    09 Jun 2013
There was just 1 bet for PAYW members on Sunday & Honoured landed the touch at a healthy 9/4. It was close but we were on the right horse & the front two were miles clear of the rest.

Area Fifty One - Chester    08 Jun 2013
Area Fifty One landed a fine Chester gamble for Dynamite PAYW members on Saturday, who flew from the gates, made all & then held on well. What a performance!

Lost Legend - Stratford    07 Jun 2013
Lost Legend kept the PAYW service ticking over with a fine win at Stratford this evening, always doing enough to land the gamble backed in from 5/2! The front two were miles clear & he looks a decent horse at this level.

Langley Vale - Brighton    06 Jun 2013
Seb Sanders rides Brighton superbly & he bossed the race expertly on Langley Vale to give PAYW members another winner. Heavily backed all day, the payout was never in doubt!

Macaabra - Brighton    06 Jun 2013
Our second bet of the day duly landed a monster punt, scoring at 5/4! Not only that but Macaabra waltzed home by an astonishing 7 lengths & made it 2 bets & 2 winners for PAYW members!

Awake My Soul - Ayr    05 Jun 2013
Awake My Soul landed a hefty touch at Ayr today, steadily backed all day & a tremendous ride by Danny Tudhope to get the horse home! The saddle slipped on leaving the stalls & the gamble was still landed!

Creek Falcon - Leicester    03 Jun 2013
What a start to June for PAYW members as another bet goes in! Creek Falcon was available at 4/1 but returned a very easy winner, heavily supported on course, at 3/1!

Yeager - Leicester    03 Jun 2013
What a day on Monday as Yeager made it 2 wins from 2 bets & 4 wins from 5 so far this month! Sent off the 15/8 favourite, it was close but PAYW members were certainly on the right horse!

Kians Delight - Fakenham    02 Jun 2013
There is no doubt that Peter Bowens horses are back in hot form & Kians Delight was the subject of a major gamble in Norfolk today. Heavily backed in it was all very easy for Dynamite members!

Llaregyb - Musselburgh    01 Jun 2013
Llaregyb defied a 10lb rise with ease & showed again what a turn of foot he has! PAYW members were on a right old gamble & there looks to be plenty more to come from the rapid improver.

Nafa - Lingfield    01 Jun 2013
On the face of it Nafa had plenty to do at the weights but no problem at all as Mark Loughnanes inmate landed a a tidy PAYW touch. Shes in great form & no doubt will be placed to score again.

Mr Lando - Lingfield    30 May 2013
Mr Lando was all the rage on course but PAYW members were on early at a much better price & the gamble was landed with ease! Connections have really found the key to the horse!

Chester Aristocrat - Hamilton    30 May 2013
Chester Aristocrat landed PAYW members a second bet of the day & another huge on course gamble! Battered at the track - members cleaned up yet again!

If So - Redcar    28 May 2013
A tremendous ride by Hayley Turner to get If So up in a thrilling finish. A tidy gamble was landed for PAYW members and keeps the service well ahead for May.

Maputo - Redcar    27 May 2013
Rarely will you see such an easy winner as Maputo, who landed a big gamble today for PAYW members at Redcar. Clearly a cut above the field , he strolled home by 10 lengths and looks a smart prospect for some decent summer handicaps or better.

Clon Brulee - Redcar    27 May 2013
Clon Brulee gave Dynamite members a fine winner today, returned 9/2 against some more sexy big yard horses. He clocked a fine time and had the field on the stretch entering the final furlong.

Ralston Road - Chester    26 May 2013
It took time for Irish raider Ralston Road to get going but when he did, he stayed on gamely & landed a decent gamble for Dynamite members. He holds an Irish Derby entry but that does look a tad optimistic.

Lord Ashley - Haydock    24 May 2013
The PAYW service came up trumps again on Friday with Lord Ashley scoring at 5/2 by an easy one and three-quarter lengths! That mad it 3 PAYW nap winners in the last 2 days!

King Of The Danes - Goodwood    23 May 2013
King Of The Danes simply bolted up at Goodwood today, dictating the pace & then quickening away to score at a tasty 4/1 for PAYW members!

Sea Shanty - Sandown    23 May 2013
Sea Shanty made it three on the bounce for Her Majesty The Queen and could now be heading to Royal Ascot where he will be sure to run his race. Well backed it made it a very profitable day for the Team following King Of Danes (4/1) earlier in the day.

Coral Sands - Hamilton    17 May 2013
Explosive result! Coral Sands landed a fantastic touch for PAYW Dynamite members on Friday evening - scoring at a very tasty 7/1. He looks most progressive & with his yard still in top form, could well land the hat-trick.

Hawkeye Native - Fontwell    16 May 2013
Hawkeye Native landed a decent on course gamble at Fontwell this evening, fending off the only challenger with determination. The front two were miles clear of the rest!

Hanky Panky - Naas    15 May 2013
Hanky Panky is highly regarded & PAYW members cleaned up as the 3yo landed a tidy touch. Entered up for some top races, it will be interesting to see where the filly goes next.

Nafa - Wolverhampton    13 May 2013
What a start to the week for PAYW members as Nafa pounced late to grab the spoils at Wolverhampton. The winner was given a perfect ride & there looks to be more to come!

Gone Too far - Kempton    12 May 2013
Another spectacular gamble as Gone Too far was backed off the boards to land the days only PAYW nap bet! He looks a fine hurdler in the making.

Hanseatic - Haydock    11 May 2013
Hanseatic was all the rage at Haydock on Saturday & ran accordingly, bolting up by an easy 3Ls! He can now move up in class.

Eton Forever - Haydock    11 May 2013
Making his first start of the new season Eton Forever did really well to make it a winning one and showed a very willing attitude for his rider & Dynamite Members.

Eshtiaal - Goodwood    09 May 2013
Eshtiaal was friendless on course but PAYW members knew better & were well rewarded with a cracking 9/4 winner! It was close but that was down to the sedate pace & the winner may now head to Ascot.

Miss Tenacious - Wincanton    09 May 2013
Miss Tenacious is more than happy in a small field and the versatile mare simply took the race apart with an imperious performance to give PAYW members a second winner on the day! She loves it at Wincanton & is one to keep on the right side of.

The Black Baron - Southwell    09 May 2013
The Black Baron bounced back from a poor effort last time to give Dynamite PAYW members a great winner on Tuesday. He strolled the race & was eased up near the line for an 8-length victory!

Brunton Blue - Fakenham    07 May 2013
Brunton Blue is certainly on the comeback trail big time after injury and simply bolted up at Fakenham today. She is very versatile & there could well be plenty more to come.

Edgware Road - Kempton    07 May 2013
Edgware Road does not win too often but Dynamite members were on today as James Doyle produced a fine tune out of the horse to steer him home! He bossed the race & held on really well!

Saint Thomas - Beverley    06 May 2013
What a thriller as Saint Thomas flew at the death to join Classic Punch on the line to dead-heat. A stronger pace may well have made the difference.

Viztoria - Curragh    06 May 2013
Making her seasonal debut Viztoria looked just as good as she did last season. Her jockey was always looking confident and she heads to the Irish 1,000 Guineas with a live chance.

Sky Lantern - Newmarket    05 May 2013
Champion jockey Richard Hughes landed a first British Classic when he guided Sky Lantern to victory in the 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket. PAYW followers were thrilled with Richards pick and many will have gained bigger odds having received the info two days before.

Duke Of Firenze - Goodwood    04 May 2013
It was close but they all count and Duke Of Firenze landed a hefty gamble for PAYW members on Saturday. Sir Michael Stoute has his team flying & the yard is well worth keeping an eye on at the moment.

Go Nani Go - Musselburgh    03 May 2013
Go Nani Go was hammered in the betting market & then justified the support by landing quite a touch for Dynamite PAYW members! It was a great result for all concerned & there looks to be plenty more to come.

Honest Strike - Lingfield    02 May 2013
What a cute ride by Shane Kelly who produced Honest Strike from what looked a hopeless position, to pounce and score cosily! PAYW members who were on at 3/1 were well rewarded!

If So - Lingfield    02 May 2013
The fine start to the month continues for the PAYW Service as If So landed the gamble at Lingfield. Heavily supported, the 4yo was fast away & won in commanding fashion.

Lord Of The Dunes - Taunton    02 May 2013
Lord Of The Dunes made it a red letter day for PAYW members by making it 3 winners from 3 bets on the day. The horse may not have jumped that well but had too many guns for the field & won by 4 lengths!

String Theory - Kempton    01 May 2013
String Theory provided PAYW members with a fine start to the month by bolting up at 9/4. It was a complete demolition job & the gamble never in doubt.

Watered Silk - Market Rasen    27 Apr 2013
Watered Silk rates a big improver & provided the PAYW Service with another fine touch. Cannily prepared by Lucy Wadham, there looks to be plenty more to come.

Un De Sceaux - Punchestown    26 Apr 2013
Willie Mullins continues in outstanding form & PAYW members cleaned up as Un De Sceaux landed a mighty gamble. It was all so easy & the result never in doubt.

Molon Labe - Chepstow    26 Apr 2013
Molon Labe crossed the line in first place at a cracking price of 14/1 for Dynamite members, only to lose the race unluckily in the stewards room (subsequently reinsated). Members who backed with a bookie paying first past the post would have collected big time!

Fennell Bay - Beverley    25 Apr 2013
Available at 5/2 when we had the information, Fennell Bay was the subject of a sustained gamble and landed the odds at 7/4. Mark Johnstons 4yo looks to have a bright season ahead & will be aimed higher.

Whisky Yankee - Ffos Las    23 Apr 2013
Another very easy winner for PAYW members as Whisky Yankee bolted up in the first. The race was set up beautifully and the well backed winner pounced in the final stages to bag a tidy gamble!

Sleep In First - Hexham    22 Apr 2013
A fantastic result and price for Sleep In First, who won very easily by 10 lengths at 7/2. The 7yo quickened clear after being left in the lead 2 out & never saw another horse!

Aryal - Beverley    17 Apr 2013
The Dynamite PAYW Service has done it again with another big touch - Aryal W7/2. The result was never in doubt as the 3yo made all & won unchallenged!

Intello - Newmarket    17 Apr 2013
Another fantastic result for PAYW members as Andre Fabres smart 3yo cruised to victory at HQs. The winning margin was over 3Ls and it was all so easy.

The Clyda Rover - Exeter    16 Apr 2013
What a result for Dynamite PAYW members as The Clyda Rover fought off the attentions of Global Power to land a fine touch! 15 lengths 5 out, it was a tremendous finish to the race.

Deputy Dan - Exeter    16 Apr 2013
Another big result posted for the Payw Service on Tuesday as Deputy Dan came with a fine late challenge to take it up in the final 100yds. Together with yesterdays 7/2 winner, its been a fine start to the week!

Stuccodor - Leopardstown    15 Apr 2013
Stuccodor was another successful bet for PAYW members in Ireland and returned a tasty 7/2. Not only was the price excellent but the horse won by a very easy six lengths!

Araldur - Chepstow    12 Apr 2013
Araldur landed another big Dynamite PAYW touch on Friday, heavily backed into 2/1. It was close but members were on the right horse & a follow up could well be on the cards.

El Salvador - Limerick    11 Apr 2013
A rare bet for the PAYW Service in Ireland saw El Salvador win easily for members. 15/8 was a great price for horse which turned over the even-money favourite.

Rockalong - Kempton    11 Apr 2013
Kieren Fallon & Luca Cumani teamed up to great effect for Rockalong to land a well-backed Dynamite touch at Kempton tonight. It was a battling win by the selection, who eventually scored cosily!

Spirit Quartz - Nottingham    10 Apr 2013
Spirit Quartz was strongly fancied to land a touch for PAYW members & the gamble was landed with the minimum of fuss. Never in any danger, it was very comfortable indeed.

Mojolika - Carlisle    09 Apr 2013
Yet another winner goes on for the red hot in-form PAYW Service as Mojolika bolted up at Carlisle. It was so easy for the 5yo, who won by 12ls, with the rest nowhere.

Hidden Justice - Pontefract    09 Apr 2013
Dynamite players landed a fine gamble today with Hidden Justice, who was well backed into 5/2. The 4yo cruised into the lead & won as he liked!

Admiralty - Wolverhampton    08 Apr 2013
Admiralty has been very well placed by his handler & PAYW members reaped the benefits with a runaway victory today. At this rate, its hard to see the horse not going in again!

Sam Spade - Kempton    08 Apr 2013
Sam Spade was given a fine ride by Ryan Moore to make all & steal a march on all challengers. It was another big touch for the PAYW Service & made it 2 from 2 on the day!

Calculated Risk - Ascot    07 Apr 2013
Fresh from success at Aintree 24 hours earlier trainer John Quinn watched Calculated Risk come with a great run after the last hurdle and he should find further success. It was a lovely winner for Dynamite members returning at 4/1.

Solwhit - Aintree    06 Apr 2013
Solwhit was an impressive PAYW winner for members at today, always cruising & quickening away when asked. It would be no surprise to see him back here in 2014.

Cappa Bleu - Aintree    06 Apr 2013
Another great run from Evan Williams stable star staying on really well to grab 2nd on the line & a great EW shout from Richard. Connections will surely be hoping he can return for another crack at the big race next year.

At Fishers Cross - Aintree    05 Apr 2013
It was another imperious performance by At Fishers Cross, who swept aside any doubts about the going by romping to victory. It was all so easy & Rebecca Curtis inmate really could be anything!

Gale Force Ten - Dundalk    05 Apr 2013
Gale Force Ten made it a big 100% day for PAYW members, comfortably landing the Listed race at Dundalk tonight. Not quite top class, he can still be a force in these type of races.

Captain Conan - Aintree    04 Apr 2013
Barry Geraghty knew he was on the winner from the off & gave Captain Conan a super-confident ride. Clear before the last, he ran on strongly & the gamble was landed!

Ace Master - Southwell    03 Apr 2013
Ace Master posted a superb display to make all & repel all challengers to land a tasty touch at 5/2! The horse loves it on Fibresand & hasnt finished winning yet!

Elusive Hawk - Southwell    02 Apr 2013
Elusive Hawk is in red hot form at the moment and is very unlucky not to have won 4 on the bounce. No doubt his trainer will keep him busy and he should continue his winning ways.

Five Rivers - Plumpton    01 Apr 2013
What a thriller as Fiver Rivers prevailed in a tight finish to give Dynamite players a cracking Bank Holiday winner. It was the first bet of the month & 7/2 great value!

Rumble Of Thunder - Newcastle    01 Apr 2013
What a start to the month for Dynamite players as the second bet of the day obliged to give a fine 21.5/1 double! Available at 5s early in the day, the gamble held on gamely to land the touch.

Upsilon Bleu - Carlisle    30 Mar 2013
Upsilon Bleu had looked promising on stable debut & stepped up on that with a fine win for PAYW members on Saturday. A decent gamble was landed & the horse now heads to Ayr or Perth.

Prophets Pride - Kempton    30 Mar 2013
Seb Sanders threw the kitchen sink at Prophets Pride as the well backed PAYW bet looked to be labouring! The response came & the winner landed making it a 100% day!

Elusive Hawk - Southwell    27 Mar 2013
Elusive Hawk was given a tremendous ride by young Rob Fitzpatrick to claim another course win & give PAYW members an easy victory! He is in great form and hopefully the handicapper will not be too hard.

Irene Kennet - Lingfield    25 Mar 2013
Boom! Irene Kennet landed a fine touch for Dynamite members, returned at a cracking 5/1. Brought wide & late by Hayley Turner, the timing was perfect!

Linroyale Boy - Southwell    23 Mar 2013
Available early doors at 11/4, Linroyale Boy landed a massive Dynamite PAYW touch at Southwell today. Never in any trouble, Alan Swinbanks inmate won with plenty in hand & looks a big improver.

Dubai Hills - Southwell    23 Mar 2013
Dubai Hills has a tremendous record at Southwell and duly made it 6 wins from the last 6 at the all-weather venue. Given a great ride by Tom Eaves, he avoided the kickback & landed PAYW members a fine gamble.

Walkabout Creek - Sedgefield    22 Mar 2013
Walkabout Creek had been laid out for this decent prize & with the ability to handle the going assured, did the job well, leaving the field well strung out.

Flying Tempo - Kempton    21 Mar 2013
Flying Tempo was up in trip but Graham Lee had this one handy all the way and once he pressed the button there was only going to be one very easy winner.

Goldstorm - Wolverhampton    19 Mar 2013
What a thriller but PAYW members were well rewarded despite the heart attacks as Goldstorm ran on to mug the California English on the line! Another great winner for the service!

Suntiep - Navan    18 Mar 2013
A fine winning bet for PAYW members as Suntiep stayed on the strongest to defeat the odds on favourite. 7/4 was a cracking price in a 4-runner race!

Absent Amy - Lingfield    15 Mar 2013
Absent Amy got off the mark at her eight attempt, hitting the front in the straight and keeping on well when asked for her full effort.

Upavon - Kempton    13 Mar 2013
Upavon provided PAYW members with a lovely touch away from the Cheltenham limelight, taking it up inside the final furlong & holding on well. He is still green but improving now & can go in again.

Devout - Wolverhampton    12 Mar 2013
Devout found plenty after travelling very sweetly & quickly put the race to bed from a furlong out. Returned at a tasty 3/1, it was another fine touch for PAYW members.

Gemini Ahhs - Plumpton    11 Mar 2013
Gemini Ahhs had a quietly progressive profile heading into todays race and it all came right with a very easy win for PAYW members. The winning margin was 8Ls but it could have been more but for easing down.

Top Of The Range - Sandown    08 Mar 2013
Dynamite players scored nicely with Top Of The Range, backed in from 4/1 to win at 11/4. The 6yo had too many gears for the field & won with plenty in hand.

Activate - Wolverhampton    08 Mar 2013
Another big day for the PAYW service as Activate made it 2 winners from 2 bets on the day! The horse looks well 7 truly back on the upgrade!

Hazard Warning - Wolverhampton    08 Mar 2013
Hazard Warning started the evening off nicely for PAYW members by taking the Wolverhampton opener & landing a tidy gamble. He is a progressive horse & could go in again if not aimed too high.

Riskit For A Biskit - Kempton    06 Mar 2013
What a performance by Riskit For A Biskit, who flew home unchallenged & looks a very decent filly! She rates higher than this grade!

Lily Edge - Kempton    06 Mar 2013
Lily Edge made it a big 100% day for PAYW members by landing the days second touch! Better suited by a stronger pace, she still had the class to score despite the slowly-run race.

Sacre Toi - Kelso    02 Mar 2013
Sacre Toi was one of the easiest winners you will ever see, making nearly all & winning completely unchallenged by 19 Ls! A quite superb performance & great winner for PAYW members!

Come On Annie - Taunton    28 Feb 2013
Come On Annie has suddenly come of age and bolted up at Taunton today, winging her hurdles like a good horse! Returned at 4/1, it was fine end to the month for PAYW members!

Flamborough Breeze - Kempton    27 Feb 2013
Flamborough Breeze was available early doors at a much bigger price but was battered on course to land a huge touch. The horse bolted to the front & won nice & cosily!

Botteen - Lingfield    26 Feb 2013
Another explosive result for Dynamite PAYW members as Botteen got up to win a thriller at Lingfield today! It was a thrilling race but members were on the right horse, who beat the gambled-on favourite!

Howards Legacy - Leicester    26 Feb 2013
Howards Legacy landed the gamble for PAYW players on Tuesday at Leicester, doing the job well leaving the other joint favourite trailing! Theres more to come from the progressive 7yo.

Everaard - Catterick    26 Feb 2013
Available at 10/1 early, Everaard landed a huge value touch for PAYW members for 2 big winners on the day! Not only that, the winner bolted up by a very easy 13Ls!

Bridge That Gap - Kempton    25 Feb 2013
Bridge That Gap hit the bookies hard at Kempton today, backed in from an early 4/1 to land a Dynamite PAYW touch! Once the furlong pole had been passed - there was no stopping the winner!

Leviathan - Plumpton    25 Feb 2013
What a great price for Leviathan scoring at 9/4 for PAYW members! Friendless on course, we were certainly on the right horse who took advantage of near carnage 2 out to stay on & score!

Goldstorm - Wolverhampton    22 Feb 2013
Goldstorm lived up to her name & bolted up on Friday night! It was all so easy & that despite trouble in running over a furlong out!

No Way Hozay - Sedgefield    21 Feb 2013
It was a thrilling finish at Sedegefield today but PAYW members came out on top as No Way Hozay prevailed! The winner was returned a decent 2/1 price.

Light Burst - Southwell    19 Feb 2013
Light Burst landed a gold old-fashioned gamble at Southwell today to keep Dynamite players on a roll. 4/1 was available on course but was snapped up as the horse was battered into 2/1 & the gamble landed safely.

Mubtadi - Wolverhampton    18 Feb 2013
A great result for Dynamite PAYW members as Mubtadi won at value price of 4/1. Not only did the horse win, it won pushed out & is likely to reappear for the 4-timer quickly!

Boxing Shadows - Wolverhampton    18 Feb 2013
Boxing Shadows followed up the win of Mubtadi, to land a big Dynamite double paying 21.5/1! It was a close-run thing, but the winner dug deep & held on.

Toga Tiger - Lingfield    16 Feb 2013
Toga Tiger landed a fine touch for PAYW members at Lingfield, scooting clear to win easily & that despite being hampered 2f out! He looks as though he can go in again quickly!

Red Sherlock - Ascot    16 Feb 2013
Red Sherlock out of the useful mare Lady Cricket recorded back to back bumper wins. Not as impressive as her Towcester win but she showed real guts to lead at the line.

Dangerous Age - Wolverhampton    15 Feb 2013
Dangerous Age looked different class to the field & won as she liked! Rated just 56, she is quite well regarded & could well run up a sequence!

Coverholder - Kelso    14 Feb 2013
Heavily backed before the off, Coverholder landed some tasty bets & provided an easy winner for PAYW members! Conditions were perfect & the 6yo simply skipped through the mud!

Lukes Benefit - Thurles    13 Feb 2013
What a Dynamite touch for members as Lukes Beneift won today at a tasty 7/1! Not only that, it was a rout as the veteran relished the mud to score as easy as he liked!

Apache Rising - Southwell    12 Feb 2013
Apache Rising posted a game battling performance as after trying to make all, lost the lead only gain it again on the line. It was a great recovery recovery by Tom Eaves to make sure the gamble was landed!

Harry Topper - Exeter    10 Feb 2013
Harry Topper looks a smart prospect & was imperious in slamming a decent field at Exeter today. He revelled in the conditions & quite simply won unchallenged.

Our Ivor - Southwell    10 Feb 2013
Our Ivor made it a big 100% day for PAYW members on Sunday by landing a big Southwell gamble. Not only that, he bolted up by an unchallenged six lengths, the field spreadeagled.

Bitaphon - Southwell    10 Feb 2013
Bitaphon landed a fine Dynamite PAYW touch at Southwell today, making all and scoring at 4/1. The 4yo held on gamely when challenged & there looks to be more to come on Fibresand.

Boston Bob - Leopardstown    09 Feb 2013
It was a thriller for PAYW members but Boston Bob prevailed to mug Texas Jack in the shadow of the post! In the end, it rates a decent victory as he managed to lose his place 2 out but recovered well & can be considered better that the official winning margin.

Hellorboston - Market Rasen    05 Feb 2013
Hellorboston rates a decent prospect after todays runaway victory for PAYW members. He made nearly all & quickened in the style of good horse to win unchallenged!

Shangani - Sandown    02 Feb 2013
The excellent form of the Venetia Willams yard continues & Shangani made nearly all for an easy victory at Sandown. He jumped like a stage & looks half decent.

Valdaw - Lingfield    31 Jan 2013
It may have been only by half a length bit it was all so easy for Valdaw, who after taking the lead only had to be pushed out. He is now 2-2 for his new yard!

Gorgehous Lliege - Towcester    31 Jan 2013
Gorgehous Lliege made it another top day for PAYW members by landing the 2nd & final bet of Thursday. The horse loves it at Towcester & is tough as old boots. While the mud is flying, he can carry on winning!

Arthurs Pass - Leicester    30 Jan 2013
Arthurs Pass continues his progression over fences and the lightly raced nine year old jumps and gallops. He should have plenty of future opportunities as he is proving versatile in terms of ground requirements.

Dr Livingstone - Lingfield    29 Jan 2013
That was impressive as Dr Livinstone came from last to first to simply bolt up! Connections could do with thinking of keeping this on the level as he has bags of pace & could have a big handicap in him!

Hepworth - Wolverhampton    28 Jan 2013
John Gosden is a master at getting a horse ready for handicaps & Hepworth provided the yard with another winner today. Apart from Dazzling Valentine, the field was well strung out & there could be plenty more to come.

Adiynara - Wolverhampton    27 Jan 2013
An explosive winner again for Dynamite members as Adiynara landed a cracking value touch at 10/1! Given a great ride by Dougie Costello, the 5yo took it up inside the final furlong & kept on well, enjoying the faster surface.

Katenko - Cheltenham    26 Jan 2013
Katenko kept Dynamite players smiling with victory at Cheltenham on Saturday, easing to an impressive 12-length trouncing of a competitive field. Seriously well regarded, the Gold Cup is now an option.

English Summer - Kempton    24 Jan 2013
English Summer was produced with a telling last furlong run to nail the race with a fine change of gears. Backed in from 2s, a tidy gamble was landed for PAYW members!

Woolfall Sovereign - Lingfield    22 Jan 2013
The race was set up perfectly for Woolfall Sovereign, who swooped late to bag a great victory for PAYW members! He is in top form & repeat looks very likely.

Last Fighter - Meydan    19 Jan 2013
What a result for PAYW members as our big international bet Last Fighter landed the odds at Meydan on Saturday! Given a confident ride by Silvestra De Souza, Godolphins 4yo looked impressive.

Master Of The Sea - Wincanton    17 Jan 2013
Master Of The Sea landed a fine touch for Dynamite players on Thursday, always travelling well & then quickening away after the last! In this mood - the 4-timer beckons!

Cousin Khee - Lingfield    17 Jan 2013
Cousin Khee kicked off the day in fine style for PAYW members by landing a big on course gamble with the minimum of fuss. A decent burst of acceleration put the race to bed & the touch was complete!

Chartreux - Wincanton    17 Jan 2013
Backed in from 5/2 Chartreux made it 2 wins for the PAYW Service on Thursday. It was close but the front two were miles clear & it would have been easier but for a sticky last jump.

Whispering Warrior - Kempton    16 Jan 2013
Whispering Warrior was the subject of a day long gamble & he did not let supporters down. And it was gutsy performance in a falsely run race & he can be considered better value that the official one-length winning margin.

Killimore Cottage - Lingfield    15 Jan 2013
Killimore Cottage may have drifted on course but no problem for PAYW members, who were rewarded with a tasty 9/4 winner! In this mood, he could well go for a big four-timer!

Kames Park - Wolverhampton    14 Jan 2013
Dynamite members were well rewarded again as Kames Park landed the gamble at Wolverhampton on Sunday. He may be getting on a bit but the veteran is in top form & can follow up!

Mica Mika - Wolverhampton    11 Jan 2013
What a tremendous race & even better for Dynamite players as Mica Mika battled back to land the spoils! It was another heavily backed winner for the service as the opening 5/1 quickly disappeared!

Haaf A Sixpence - Lingfield    09 Jan 2013
It was a commanding performance by Haaf A Sixpence to land the gamble & repel all raiders. The only negative for backers was the price, somewhat spoilt but the non-runner.

Shaunas Spirit - Kempton    09 Jan 2013
Another great result for PAYW Dynamite players as Shaunas Spirit upset the favourite to score by very nearly 4Ls! It was all so easy & well done to those who were on at an early 7/1!

Spark Of Genius - Wolverhampton    07 Jan 2013
Another big touch goes in as Spark Of Genius flew home to score at a generous 13/8! Expect the horse to reappear again quickly as there looks to be plenty more to come!

Flag Of Glory - Wolverhampton    07 Jan 2013
A tidy touch was landed for Dynamite PAYW members, especially for those on early door at 7/1! Not only that, but it was all so easy as the 6yo spreadeagled the field to score by nearly 3Ls!

Bennys Mist - Taunton    07 Jan 2013
What a day again for PAYW members as the days second bet Bennys Mist waltzed home to make it a big 100% day! The race was a war off attrition but the 7yo clambered over the last to score by 22Ls!

Lean On Pete - Wolverhampton    06 Jan 2013
It was close but Lean On Pete led at the post after a flying finish! He absolutely rattled home after trouble in running & clocked a tremendous final sectional time.

Williams Wishes - Sandown    05 Jan 2013
Williams Wishes posted a most impressive performance at Sandown today & is going the right way fast. The way he recovered from a stumble when travelling well & then powered to victory was noteworthy!

Lager Time - Lingfield    03 Jan 2013
Lager Time left all known form behind as he ran on strongly to land a big touch first time into a handicap for Dynamite players. He appreciated the extra furlong & will be interesting if turned out under a penalty.

Desert Cry - Ayr    02 Jan 2013
It was a hot race but Desert Cry had all the guns & powered to victory after the last to make it a stunning 7 winners from the last 8 PAYW Nap bets! The horse continues to improve & can look forward to a big 2013.

Ishikawa - Lingfield    02 Jan 2013
The astonishing PAYW Nap Service run continues with Ishikawa obliging at Lingfield to make it 8 winners from last 9 bets! Given a great ride the winner nabbed Understory on the line to land a big gamble!

Brave Spartacus - Catterick    01 Jan 2013
It really couldnt have been much easier as Brave Spartacus made all to romp home by 21 Ls. His jumping is still a bit risky at times but he gallops & gallops & look smart.

Tarquinius - Fairhouse    01 Jan 2013
What a day for PAYW members as we hit the bookies for 6 again with Tarquinius doing the business at 5/2 to make it the third 100% day in four! Its a fine start to 2013 & 6 have now won from the last 7 bets!

Bog Warrior - Punchestown    31 Dec 2012
Bog Warrior looks to be very much over his problems & again eased to a simple victory over hurdles. The 8yo loves testing conditions & had too many guns for returning Solwhit who can come on for the run.

Storm Runner - Lingfield    31 Dec 2012
Storm Runner is in serious form & duly landed the touch at Lingfield to give PAYW members another winner on New Years Eve. He finished fast & late & the cash was bagged!

Zuzka - Leopardstown    29 Dec 2012
Zuzka landed what could be the gamble of the day at Leopardstown. Heavily backed all day & again on course, the touch was landed in a thrilling finish for PAYW Nap members.

Outlander - Leopardstown    29 Dec 2012
What a day for the Mullis family & PAYW members as Outlander landed our second bet. The bumper winner returned at 9/4 made it a 100% day for the service & well done to Patrick Mullins in breaking the Irish amateur riders winners record!

Noble Witness - Catterick    28 Dec 2012
A fine jumping performance by Noble Witness who landed a decent Dynamite PAYW gamble at Catterick today. Heavily backed on course, the winner was always going well & the cash was bagged without any concerns.

Jezki - Leopardstown    27 Dec 2012
A strong field & a prestigious race with some top previous winners. Jezki deserved his name at the head of the market and his connections are sure to be thrilled with the manner of his victory.

Tahiti Pearl - Sedgefield    26 Dec 2012
Tahiti Pearl posted a career best on Boxing Day to make all & land the gamble for PAYW members. The 8yo loves it at the track & seems to handle all conditions.

Ulck Du Lin - Ascot    22 Dec 2012
Had a few scares, but once Ruby got this one organised in the straight he simply out-stayed his rivals and looks another exciting prospect for the powerful Nicholls camp.

Neige DAntan - Wolverhampton    21 Dec 2012
There is little doubt that Neige DAntan battles her heart but had become frustrating to follow. However her ever shrewd trainer found the perfect race & PAYW Members were on as she landed a great touch backed from 4/1 into 5/2.

Shaking Hands - Towcester    20 Dec 2012
What a fine pre-Xmas touch for Dynamite members as Shaking Hands bravely did it all from the front at Towcester today to score at 11/2. The tongue tie is the key & he is a different horse if it is left off! Today it was back on!

Drumshambo - Ludlow    19 Dec 2012
Drumshambo is a tough horse & landed a tidy gamble at Ludlow today, loving the conditions & easing to victory. There looks to be more to come!

Sulpius - Folkestone    18 Dec 2012
Sulpius landed PAYW members a fine touch on the last day at Folkestone & what a result it was as the 5/2 shot has looked beaten heading to the last! But in an incident packed finish, he flew home with a wet sail & landed the odds!

Stow - Ffos Las    17 Dec 2012
What a thriller but Dynamite PAYW players came out on top as Stow held on to repel the strong challenge of Ski Sunday. The front two were well clear of the rest & look worth following.

Imperial Vic - Musselburgh    16 Dec 2012
Imperial Vic virtually made all today to supplement his previous course & distance victory. Never in any trouble, he stayed on well to repel all challengers & looks half decent in this sphere.

Tanerko Emery - Lingfield    15 Dec 2012
No worries for Tanerko Emery, who loves testing conditions and spreadeagled the field at Lingfield today. He was always sat in a menacing position and pounced before the last to win going away.

Stunning View - Wolverhampton    15 Dec 2012
Stunning View was well supported during the day and landed the second PAYW Service winner of the day. Always in charge, John Gosdens inamte was the class act in a poor race.

Dark Lover - Cheltenham    14 Dec 2012
Dark Lover landed a fine touch for Dynamite PAYW players, trotting up by a very easy 16 lengths & that after a mistake at the last! The horse had been freshened after flopping the time before & that tactic seems to be the key.

Changing Times - Taunton    13 Dec 2012
Changing Times landed a cracking value PAYW Nap punt today, jumping excellently towards the end of the race for a 7-length victory. The 6yo is in cracking form & looks teed up for more success.

Doctor Harper - Taunton    13 Dec 2012
Doctor Harper landed the second touch of the day for PAYW members but winning first time out for David Pipe. Well fancied after impressing at home, he landed the gamble with few worries to make it a big 100% day!

Thecornishcowboy - Lingfield    11 Dec 2012
Thecornishcowboy is fine form at present & simply bolted up at Lingfield in the opener today landing a fine PAYW Nap touch. In this mood hell be hard to oppose if turning out again quickly!

Freddy With A Y - Lingfield    09 Dec 2012
Freddy With A Y looks a natural for the all-weather game & duly trotted up today to land an easy punt for PAYW members. He can be winning again shortly.

Super Say - Lingfield    07 Dec 2012
The bookies were well & truly sent packing at Lingfield today as Super Say landed a very big gamble. Jamie Spencer had to be patient but everything fell right & the horse flew home.

Bull Bay - Kempton    05 Dec 2012
Bull Bay landed a decent gamble today at Kempton under a tremendous Luke Morris ride. It was tight but the payout was assured!

Chookie Hamilton - Wolverhampton    03 Dec 2012
Oh so easy for Chookie Hamilton who won in an exercise canter at Wolverhampton today! Given a confident ride by Simon Walker, he won as he liked.

Puffin Billy - Newbury    30 Nov 2012
Puffin Billy is highly regarded and landed PAYW Members a fine touch at Newbury today. He accelerated impressively off the slow pace and looks smart.

Marmot Bay - Wolverhampton    30 Nov 2012
Marmot Bay made it a big 100% day for the PAYW Nap service by landing a gamble in the claimer at Wolverhampton on Friday. It was decent effort & the horse was subsequently claimed for £6,000.

York Glory - Wolverhampton    28 Nov 2012
Available at 5/2 early doors, York Glory was battered into 11/10 in a sustained & heavy gamble. PAYW Nap members were not let down as the winner burst through a furlong out & held on well to make sure the cash was safe!

De La Bech - Lingfield    27 Nov 2012
It took a tough horse to win the novices hurdle at Lingfield today & De La Bech did the business very nicely for the in-form Hobbs yard. Returned 7/2 3rd favourite, it was a cracking Dynamite PAYW bet winner!

Mentalist - Ludlow    26 Nov 2012
Mentalist landed a tiday PAYW Nap gamble, backed from an early 9/4 in to 6/4. Given a great ride, the winner pounced late to make sure the cash was safe!

Sakhees Rose - Wolverhampton    22 Nov 2012
Sakhees Rose landed a well backed PAYW Dynamite touch at Kempton tonight. The filly fell out of the stalls but was allowed to find her feet & finished well despite idling when hitting the front.

King Of Kudos - Lingfield    21 Nov 2012
King Of Kudos made it 4 winners from last 6 PAYW Nap bets at Lingfield today. Given a confident ride by Kieran ONeill, the Hannon-trained horse made mincemeat of the opposition.

Amok - Fakenham    20 Nov 2012
Amok settled much better on his handicap debut & landed a tidy touch at Fakenham today. He was helped by the challenger tipping up at the last but he is an improving horse & will be of interest again.

Willow Beck - Wolverhampton    19 Nov 2012
What a gamble as Willow Beck was battered in to 5/4 from an early 5/2! Despite being slowly away, the filly recovered well & shot home to give PAYW Nap members another winner!

Overlay - Fontwell    18 Nov 2012
Overlay had to knuckle down to land the hat-trick but held on gamely & the front two finished well clear of the rest. She has a tremendous attitude & the winning run may continue further.

Our Father - Cheltenham    17 Nov 2012
Our Father was the forgotten Pipe horse but connections stayed patient & were well rewarded along with PAYW Nap members on Saturday. The 6yo was way too good for the field & strolled in by 20Ls!

Dodging Bullets - Cheltenham    16 Nov 2012
Dodging Bullets rates a decent prospect & was given a fine ride by Ruby Walsh to score at Cheltenham today. Well backed, the progressive hurdler made all & was never in any trouble.

Buck Mulligan - Sedgefield    13 Nov 2012
Yet another big gamble goes the way of the Dynamite PAYW Service as Buck Mulligan justified the long journey to Sedgefield. It was a thriller but the job was done!

Cue To Cue - Southwell    12 Nov 2012
Cue To Cue landed another tasty Dynamite PAYW gamble, backed from an early 11/2 into 7/2 to hack up by an easy 6 lengths. The field was strung out behind & the 6yo can look forward to a fine season.

Across The Bay - Carlisle    12 Nov 2012
We thought it might be one of the gambles of the day & Across The bay did not let supporters down as he hacked up by a massive 28 lengths! Always travelling well, the 8yo eased clear before 2 out & was never going to be caught.

Boyfromnowhere - Ffos Las    11 Nov 2012
AP McCoy led from the from the front on this Rebecca Curtis-trained horse to eventually win by an easy 11 lengths - this one could go in again if turned out in similar conditions.

Locked Inthepocket - Musselburgh    09 Nov 2012
Locked Inthepocket landed a fine Dynamite touch for members at Musselburgh today at a tasty 6/1! And it was all very easy as the 8yo strolled to a 9-length victory!

Ardkilly Witness - Towcester    08 Nov 2012
Another big gamble in the bag as Ardkilly Witness proved a really tough horse to win easily on UK debut at Towcester today. AP was always in control & the winner could be a useful stayer in the making.

Monsieur Royale - Kempton    08 Nov 2012
Monsieur Royale was laid out to perfection & as was his half-sister 2 years ago & won on nursery debut. it was very easy & hes likely to turn out again promptly.

Aragorne Rouge - Wolverhampton    05 Nov 2012
Aragorne Rouge was strongly fancied to oblige on only his second run for Keith Dalgleish & Joe fanning booted the horse in to the lead in the straight, never to be caught. The well handicapped winner could turn out again quickly.

Harouet - Carlisle    04 Nov 2012
DYNAMITE! Harouet was Jamie Moores only ride of the day & Peter Bowens inmate was given a peach of a ride! Dynamite Payw members cleaned up with a fantastic price of 11/1 & can look forward to a happy Sunday evening!

Tap Night - Ayr    03 Nov 2012
Tap Night landed an almighty Ayr gamble for PAYW members, many who would have got on at 5/2! It was a thriller but the job was done & he looks a fine horse to follow this season.

Ivors King - Ascot    03 Nov 2012
It doesnt get much easier than a 9-length romp at Ascot & Ivors King simply bolted up for Dynamite members. Joe Tizzard wound up the pace superbly & pulverised the field!

Polly Peachum - Stratford    01 Nov 2012
A fine start to November for PAYW Nap members as Polly Peachum landed the gamble at Stratford today. Nice & fit for her hurdles bow, she saw off the well fancied Pure Style & both looks worth following.

Bladewood Girl - Lingfield    31 Oct 2012
The Dynamite PAYW Service continues in hot form as Bladewood Girl landed another fine touch at Lingfield today. 5/1 was a great price & sets members up nicely for the new month!

Nameitwhatyoulike - Catterick    30 Oct 2012
Available early at 5/1 & then opening at 4/1 on course, Nameitwhatyoulike was battered by punters & landed the gamble at 5/2 to reward Dynamite PAYW members. The 3yo certainly enjoyed the testing conditions & there looks to be more to come.

Fama Mac    29 Oct 2012
Dynamite bet Fama Mac proved himself again to be a very tough horse as he ploughed through the Redcar mud to score by 2Ls. He loves the testing conditions & looks one to keep on the right side of.

Lamb Or Cod - Chepstow    27 Oct 2012
A big Saturday winner for the Dynamite Service taking Chepstows feature race. It was a great training performance from Phillip Hobbs to fill the first three places home and Lamb Or Cod looks a fine prospect for the season ahead.

Theres No Panic - Fakenham    26 Oct 2012
Theres No Panic landed the PAYW Nap touch with a decent performance at Fakenham today. He traveled well throughout & when the favourite capsized, readily ran away with the race.

Vulcanite - Fakenham    26 Oct 2012
Vulcanite made it a 100% day for PAYW Nap members, cruising to victory at Fakenham. His Flat speed proved an asset & he flew around the tight turns. He looks a fine prospect.

No No Bingo - Fontwell    24 Oct 2012
No No Bingo was given the full McCoy treatment at Fontwell today & the champ duly delivered the gamble. It was close but the front two were miles clear of the third.

Pete The Feat - Plumpton    22 Oct 2012
Well backed all day, it was nice & easy for Pete The Feat, who trotted up to spreadeagle the field at Plumpton. He rates a progressive chaser.

Manieree - Naas    21 Oct 2012
What a gamble as Manieree had the Naas bookies running for cover. Available at 5/4 in the morning, the filly was well supported all day & won by 7Ls!

Grand Liaison - Salisbury    15 Oct 2012
The afternoon 4/1 about Grand Liaison didnt last long as the bookmakers were sent into a panic as the money came. It was a fine victory achieved in style & PAYW members cash was more than safe!

Little Rocky - Bath    12 Oct 2012
Little Rocky landed a great touch for PAYW members under a tremendous Dane ONeill ride. The horse dictated the pace & then flew clear!

Dolores Rocket - Ayr    11 Oct 2012
Dolores Rocket may only be a 2yo but shes as tough as they come & cruised to victory today. Happiest running in a mud bath, she looks to have plenty more to give.

Pericoloso - Exeter    11 Oct 2012
It was a pity there were so many non runners but the Dynamite touch was landed as Pericoloso pounced on the tiring leader. In the end, he did the job nicely & should make a decent chaser in time.

Haymarket - Ludlow    10 Oct 2012
Haymarket improved plenty for his debut over hurdles and cruised to victory at Ludlow today. He could turn out to be a decent type to follow this season.

Danas Present - Wolverhampton    09 Oct 2012
The money came flooding in for Danas Present and punters were not disappointed. It was close but the early pace didnt help matters and the result can be upgraded, particularly as the horse pulled up lame.

Tis Rock N Roll - Wolverhampton    09 Oct 2012
A heart-stopping finish but Dynamite PAYW members were on the winner as Tis Rock N Roll held on in a thriller. He battled all the way to the line & looks a useful horse.

Fire Ship - Pontefract    08 Oct 2012
Fire Ship was the subject of a sustained gamble & the morning 100/30 was long gone by the off. Still, 2/1 was a decent reward as despite being hampered, the gamble was landed in style.

Lively Baron - Kelso    07 Oct 2012
Lively Baron was battered on course and the bookmakers reacted by cutting the horse down to 13/8 from an opening 11/4 (much bigger price in morning) and the gamble was landed in a thriller!

Fattsota - Ascot    05 Oct 2012
What a result as Fattsota won at Ascot to take the PAYW Service to over 10 points profit so far in October! 9/2 was a cracking price & the gamble landed by an easy 2ls!

Cilliseal - Hexham    05 Oct 2012
Cilliseal made it a perfect 100% day for PAYW Nap members after Fattsota won earlier at 9/2. The latest winner was able to handle the mud & landed the touch backed heavily into 11/8.

Incendo - Wolverhampton    04 Oct 2012
Incendo landed the Wolverhampton gamble in style tonight, absolutley hacking up by a very easy two and a quarter lengths. The winner was subsequently claimed for £10,000.

Baltic Knight - Salisbury    03 Oct 2012
Baltic Knight was well fancied by the Hannon yard & PAYW members were on to collect! Richard Hughes was always in command & continues to ride out of his skin!

Im Back - Kempton    03 Oct 2012
What a gamble for PAYW members who got on at 3/1 & watched as the price was battered in to 15/8 on course! Im Back didnt let supporters down & spreadeagled the field!

Solar Deity - Wolverhampton    02 Oct 2012
Solar Deity came with a fine late charge from nearly last to swoop under a finely judged ride. It was a competitive race but PAYW Dynamite members were well rewarded with a 4/1 well-backed winner.

Hit The Switch - Sedgefield    02 Oct 2012
What a result for PAYW members as Hit The Switch did the business by an easy near 4Ls at a tasty 4/1. The third horse was a further 13Ls in arrears & it really was a rout!

Spirit Of Shankly - Market Rasen    29 Sep 2012
Its very early days in the start of the new NH season but Spirit Of Shankly has already caught the eye after what was an easy victory and his stable report that he will now turn his attentions to hurdles.

Chosen Character - Haydock    28 Sep 2012
Chosen Character was well backed all day and again on track and did not let supporters down as he landed a tasty PAYW Dynamite touch. He has had a tremendous summer and Natasha Eaton was superb, timing the run perfectly.

Jacob Cats - Newmarket    22 Sep 2012
It was close but Jacob Cats knuckled down well to mug Oxford Charley in the shadow of the post. It was a great ride by Pat Dobbs & another winner for the Dynamite Service!

Drive Time - Listowel    22 Sep 2012
Drive Time had taken a crashing fall in the Galway Hurdle but bounced back in fine style today. He jumped superbly under a confident Ruby Walsh ride & the winner may now head for the Cesarewitch & possibly Cheltenham.

Jawhar - Newbury    21 Sep 2012
Jawhar did the job very nicely today, with Paul Hanagan making sure he didnt win by too far. It was a smooth performance, with more to come.

Ingleby Angel - Ayr    21 Sep 2012
Ingleby Angel had been fancied to score last weekend but had to settle for second. Not so today, as he powered from last to first to land a big gamble for Dynamite members!

Alnoomaas - Kempton    20 Sep 2012
Another Richard Hughes riding master class as he eased the winner to a cheeky half-length victory! Theres no jockey riding better at the moment & it was a fine winner for PAYW members.

Whimsical - Kempton    19 Sep 2012
Whimsical was very well supported beforehand and thankfully just held on at the line. He was challenged from both sides and showed great character to shrug off the closing pack when it mattered.

Empowerment - Folkestone    18 Sep 2012
The 2yo king Richard Hannon struck again as Empowerment cruised to victory to give Dynanite PAYW players yet another winner. The field was well strung out and the favourite was left struggling 3Ls in arrears!

Hawdyerwheesht - Musselburgh    17 Sep 2012
Another explosive result for PAYW Dynamite members as Hawdyerwheesht landed the touch on Monday. He had been unlucky the time before & made no mistakes today with a smooth victory.

Moviesta - Wolverhampton    17 Sep 2012
In truth it wasnt the most competitive of maidens and Moviesta may not have beaten much but he did so in good style and showed a good turn of foot to scoot clear inside the last furlong. He can build on this.

Black Spirit - Doncaster    13 Sep 2012
Black Spirit duly landed the PAYW late bet on Thursday and did so at great price of 7/2. Freshened up by a break, he pounced a furlong out & stayed on strongly. He can be winning again.

Trackmate - Uttoxeter    12 Sep 2012
Another Dynamite winner today as Trackmate did the business at 9/2. It was all so straightforward as the 6yo powered home to leave the field trailing into another parish!

Anton Chigurh - Carlisle    12 Sep 2012
In very testing conditions at Carlisle Anton Chigurh came out on top. Despite wandering in the closing stages Tom Dascombes charge was always doing enough & won with plenty in hand for PAYW Nap members.

JoBurg - Newcastle    11 Sep 2012
So unlucky that the Dynamite PAYW Service failed to land a big double today as the first leg Gunner Rose finished 2nd beat a neck at 10/1 and then JoBurg won at 9/2! The winner simply bolted up by nearly 3Ls & in that form, could go in again.

Porgy - Worcester    11 Sep 2012
Porgy simply cruised in for the PAYW Nap service, the only negative being the SP returned as non-runners & hefty on-course support had the bookies panicking! The winning margin was a very easy 7Ls, with field strung out behind.

Kings Flyer - Fontwell    09 Sep 2012
Dynamite winner Kings Flyer landed the odds at Fontwell with fine & smooth victory! Never in any danger, he can only improve & can make a chaser.

Heeraat - York    09 Sep 2012
Dynamite double landed on Sunday paying 24/1 as Heeraat landed the second leg in a thrilling finish! It was a hugely competitive race but members were on the right horse who clocked a fine time.

Finch Flyer - Hereford    05 Sep 2012
The McCoy factor worked again as Finch Flyer did the business for PAYW members at Hereford today! Wed had a strong late word for the horse & the gamble was landed!

Star Links - Wolverhampton    03 Sep 2012
Another fine winner for the PAYW Dynamite service & another decent price returned at 4/1. Despite being taken wide, the 6yo prevailed in a tight finish and the performance can be upgraded.

Vincentti - Ffos Las     03 Sep 2012
His task was made much easier with the two non runners but Vincentti still did it well and disposed of the two Irish challengers in style to make it another big winning day for the service.

Premier Dane - Newton Abbot    02 Sep 2012
What a result as Dynamite members blasted the bookmakers with Premier Dane - a 14/1 6-length winner! Even better, the horse was the outsider of the 4 David Pipe horses! The Kerry National is now a possibility.

Law Enforcement - Sandown    02 Sep 2012
Law Enforcement landed a hefty pro punt & made it 2 winners from 2 bets today for PAYW members. Never in any danger, Richard Hannons 2yo looks to have a bright future & may head to Leopardstown next.

Universal - Beverley    01 Sep 2012
A great start to September for the PAYW Service! Universal did the job nicely at a decent price of 3/1 & it goes down as a fine front-running performance with a cracking burst of acceleration to seal the race!

Mister Ming - Thirsk    31 Aug 2012
A lovely smooth victory for Mister Ming who cruised in by a very easy 4Ls. The juvenile demonstrated a fine change of gears & it will be interesting to see how the handicapper reacts.

Raving Monsun - Wolverhampton    29 Aug 2012
Raving Monsun landed Dynamite members a tasty bonus tonight as the 9/2 winner simply bolted up at Wolverhampton. The stewards held an enquiry but the result stood & she looks to have plenty more to offer.

Silver Ridge - Ripon    28 Aug 2012
Silver Ridge was fancied to reward connections for making the long journey to Ripon and he did not disappoint seeing out a strong win in pretty good style. He could well improve for a flatter track.

Changing The Guard - Huntingdon    27 Aug 2012
Many couldnt believe the generous odds pre race and therefore had extra cause for celebration when Changing The Guard just held on in a close finish. He should remain competitive on fast ground.

Green Howard - Yarmouth    26 Aug 2012
Green Howard very rarely runs a bad race & is a consitent sort you can always rely on in a finish. It did take him time to get into a rhythm & can be seen to better effect when he steps up in trip.

Mutazamen - Newmarket    25 Aug 2012
Mutazamen made an eye catching debut at the course less than a fortnight ago and didnt have to improve much to succeed here. He should progress further this season with further racecourse experience.

Illustrious Prince - Goodwood    24 Aug 2012
The Dynamite Nap service provided another nice priced winner as Illustrious Prince just prevailed in a tight finish. Today was certainly his day & the gamble was landed.

Juarla - Bath    23 Aug 2012
Juarla was another convincing winner for the team at 9/2. He was backed on course throughout the day & never gave his followers any concerns traveling well throughout & finishing strongly.

Cayuga - Lingfield    22 Aug 2012
Confidence was high beforehand and strong market support was justified as Cayuga put up an impressive display. In fairness his trainer excels with this type & he is open to further improvement.

Gallipot - Kempton    22 Aug 2012
A decent race for a Kempton evening fixture on the polytrack featuring two progressive horses who pulled well clear. Gallipot kept finding that little big extra to make it a big winning day for the PAYW NAP Service.

Premier Dane - Stratford    20 Aug 2012
Premier Dane has been a grand old campaigner and its hard to believe he is only ten. Hes earned well over £140,00 under rules and David Pipe has done well to rekindle his enthusiasm for the sport.

Geminus - Southwell    19 Aug 2012
Geminus relished conditions and the step up in trip which he saw out really well. His stable excel with his type and he should have plenty more to offer before the end of the summer. It was another big winner for the Dynamite PAYW.

Royal Dutch - Lingfield    18 Aug 2012
Royal Dutch has steadily improved for each run & he deserved to get this first win on the board. A scopey individual he should improve further in time. It was a decent win at 9/4 for the Dyanmite Team.

Echion - Nottingham    14 Aug 2012
Echion was given the perfect ride by Richard Hughes, as he held the juvenile up for as long as he could. The result was a decent win and at a tasty 4/1 for Dynamite members!

Brigadoon - Kempton    13 Aug 2012
Another great ride by Michael J Murphy, who made full use of his valuable 7lb claim to see off Richard Hughes aboard the favourite Spartan Spirit. That gave Dynamite PAYW members another cracking value winner!

Attraction Ticket - Lingfield    13 Aug 2012
It was far harder this week for Attraction Ticket and he really had to battle to get past Melodrama. Trainer David Simcock agreed that they had only just got away with it as the race came a little to soon.

Reconsider Baby - Redcar    11 Aug 2012
Reconsider Baby was considered a class above in a poor race & duly delivered the goods with the minimum of fuss. She looks better than a plater!

Gospel Choir - Haydock    11 Aug 2012
What a day for PAYW Nap members as Gospel Choir made it another winner! It was a thriller but Ryan Moore produced a fine ride & the touch was in the bag!

Ethics Girl - Brighton    09 Aug 2012
Dynamite! Another explosive winner from the PAYW Dynamite team as Ethics Girl won at a stunning 14/1! Ignored by punters at the track, members cleaned up in big style as the Dazzler Darryll Holland steered the winner home through the Brighton sea mist!

Sir Graham Wade - Newcastle    08 Aug 2012
Another very easy winner posted for the PAYW Nap service as Sir Graham Wade pulverised the field to land a tidy touch. He looks most progressive.

Waspy - Bath    07 Aug 2012
No messing from Richard Hughes as he steered Waspy home to land a sizeable gamble. Never in any trouble, the 3yo only had to be pushed out for a cheeky half a length victory.

Fleur De La Vie - Kempton    06 Aug 2012
Fleur De La Vie was well supported all day and the money was safe as she came with a well timed challenge to win comfortably. It would be no surprise to see her go for a fast hat-trick.

Ceelo - Newbury    05 Aug 2012
Ceelo landed the PAYW Nap services only bet of the day with the minimum of fuss. It was all very easy & an SP 7/4 has to be the value return of the day!

Another Citizen - Thirsk    03 Aug 2012
Explosive action as the Dynamite Service hits the bookies with another 7/1 winner! And what an easy win it was as the 4yo strolled to victory by 4Ls! He is likely to run again shortly & unpenalised!

Kalk Bay - Redcar    01 Aug 2012
What a result as Kalk Bay landed a tremendous Dynamite result at Redcar today! It may have been close but members collected at a tasty 7/1 to start August off with a bang!

Red Kingdom - Perth    01 Aug 2012
Well, it doesnt get much easier as Red Kingdom sauntered to a 20L victory this evening. He made all, quickened clear & was then eased down!

Chachamaidee - Goodwood    31 Jul 2012
Chachamaidee was a little unlucky at Royal Ascot but made good today by scoring comfortably at Glorious Goodwood. Shes a very pacey horse and a burst of speed sealed the spoils to allow her then to be just pushed out for a fine victory.

Meccas Team - Thirsk    27 Jul 2012
Meccas Team clocked a decent time of the fast going and landed another punt for Dynamite PAYW players. Once she took up the lead, the race was sorted and she can continue to thrive on the better ground.

Fresa - Epsom    26 Jul 2012
1 bet & 1 winner for PAYW members today as Fresa landed a tasty touch! It was a close run thing but the cash was safe as Sir Mark Prescotts filly prevailed. She can only improve for the victory.

Charlie Em - Catterick    25 Jul 2012
It was a thrilling finish but Dynamite PAYW members were on the right horse as Charlie Em held on to score at a decent price of 9/2! She pricked her ears as she passed the winning post & probably could have won by more.

Sound Of Guns - Yarmouth    24 Jul 2012
A lovely tickle for PAYW nap members as Sound Of Guns bolted up at sunny Yarmouth today. Held up until 2f out, he was then let loose by William Buick & surged home, scoring going away!

Orwellian - Ayr    23 Jul 2012
Orwellian posted a fine performance on the soft ground, cruising just off the pace until powering home inside the distance to give PAYW Dynamite backers a tidy winner. It was his first win and he can be expected to build on that.

Sheikhzayedroad - Brighton    19 Jul 2012
Despite hating the track, Sheikhzayedroad landed a mighty punt at Brighton. Available at evens for most of the day, punters steamed in at the track & the bookies were sent running for cover!

Victor Hewgo - Uttoxeter    18 Jul 2012
Victor Hewgo put up a smart performance on his return from a break. He swept the opposition aside and forged clear. 4/1 returned a brilliant price for the Dynamite PAYW considering the style of his victory.

Asker - Ffos Las    17 Jul 2012
Asker showed a tremendous attitude & held of the challenge of Bilidin. It was a great battle between the two but PAYW members were on the right horse & were well rewarded.

Spirit Of The Law - Yarmouth    17 Jul 2012
The early 4/1 didnt last long & the gamble was landed emphatically as Spirit Of The Law bolted up by over 2 lengths! That made it a big 100% day for the PAYW Nap Service!

Olympic Glory - Newmarket    14 Jul 2012
Aptly-named, Olympic Glory landed the Superlative Stakes for Richard Hannon & PAYW Nap members. It was tough going on the awful ground but class told in the end.

Hipster - Epsom    13 Jul 2012
Hipster was the subject of a sustained gamble throughout the day & the touch was landed after a tremendous battle with the second. The front two were well clear of the rest & look worth following.

Iktiview - Market Rasen    08 Jul 2012
Another stunning result as the PAYW Dynamite bet Iktiview landed members a tremendous 10/1 payout on Sunday! It was a superb handicap debut for a horse still very green but he can only get better!

Captain Scooby - Beverley    07 Jul 2012
Another fine touch as PAYW Dynamite bet Captain Scooby did the job at a lovely 7/1! It was a harem scarem finish but the cash was bagged as the winner scored by a head!

Guiletta - Beverley    07 Jul 2012
What a day for Payw Dynamite bets as Guiletta landed the double for members, paying out at 31/1! The tough filly outstayed the field & had them pretty well strung out!

Magic Destiny - Haydock    05 Jul 2012
The PAYW Nap Service continues in fine form with Magic Destiny landing the touch on Thursday at Haydock. And it was all so easy as the 3yo bolted up by 4Ls!

Rock A Doodle Doo - Kempton    04 Jul 2012
Wednesday nights PAYW Dynamite bet Rock A Doodle Doo has a fine strike-rate on the all-weather & used that experience to see off a competitive field at Kempton. Returned a tasty 11/2, he held on well & can progress again.

Waterford Star - Kempton    03 Jul 2012
Waterford Star routed the field at Kempton tonight, stretching out to score by 4ls. Once he had collared the long-time leader, it was all over!

Brady - Uttoxeter    01 Jul 2012
Brady made mincemeat of the opposition at Uttoxeter on Sunday, skipping clear between the last two hurdles and winning unchallenged! Connections are beginning to think they have a decent horse on their hands!

Memory Cloth - Newcastle    30 Jun 2012
It was a fine performance by the tough Memory Cloth, who made all in the mud today at Newcastle & then held on well to score. Hes a horse to keep on the right side of when the going is soft.

Electric Qatar - Wolverhampton    25 Jun 2012
In almost a virtual replay of his win at the course last week. Electric Qatar cleverly weaved his way through to win well at the line. He is another to do well for trainer Tom Dascombe.

Kaafel - Haydock    23 Jun 2012
Kaafel had to work to land the odds but was always doing enough. He will have to improve on this to defy his mark in handicaps but the better ground will be sure to improve him.

Able Master - Ayr    22 Jun 2012
Able Master landed a tasty touch up at Ayr today, winning decisively at a cracking price of 6/1! It looked a competitive race on paper but the field was demolished!

Potomac - Cork    17 Jun 2012
Potomac capped a fine week for Dynamite PAYW members by landing another nice-priced touch at Cork. It was a competitive race but he traveled well & pounced a furlong out to leave the favourite trailing.

Liberty Island - Musselburgh    15 Jun 2012
A winning day every day this week as Liberty Island landed yet another touch for Dynamite PAYW Members in the opener at Musselburgh! It was a lovely smooth performance & the cash was bagged safely!

Farang Kondiew - Haydock    14 Jun 2012
Farang Kondiew landed yet another touch for Dynamite Payw Members to build the profits to a stunning level this week! The shrewd money was on Declan Carrolls inmate, who may be heading to Ayr for the Western Meeting.

Fenella Fudge - Beverley    13 Jun 2012
Another tremendous touch for Dynamite PAYW Members, as Fenella Fudge overcame a hampered start to flash home in the shadow of the post! Returned at 5/1, she has provided more big profits for backers.

Cardigan Island - Southwell    12 Jun 2012
Peter Bowen can do little wrong at the moment & another winner is heading back to west Wales after Cardigan island bolted up by 6Ls! And another fine winner for Dynamite PAYW Service Members who are cleaning up at the moment!

Gra Geal Mo Chroi - Roscommon    11 Jun 2012
Gra Geal Mo Chroi landed another fine touch for the Dynamite PAYW Service. The information was spot on & in a competitive race, the gamble was landed with a fine power-packed performance!

Cosmic Moon - Newcastle    10 Jun 2012
Cosmic Moon was well supported into 6/1 & Dynamite PAYW members cleaned up big time as the 4yo came with a surge to score with plenty in hand. It was a tremendous touch & a lovely price!

Indian Daudaie - Fontwell    07 Jun 2012
Indian Daudaie maintained Paul Nicholls great Fontwell record and held on well to score for members. He did idle in front but his jumping was the key & the cash was bagged.

Lahaag - Yarmouth    06 Jun 2012
Lahaag landed a fine touch for members at Yarmouth today, improving for a promising Newmarket debut & scoring by 2Ls. Very few got into the race & the field was spreadeagled!

Battlecat - Newton Abbot    31 May 2012
Battlecat was all the rage & landed the gamble with the minimum of fuss by just over three lengths, the front two miles clear of the rest!

Basseterre - Haydock    26 May 2012
Well backed all day but friendless before the off, Basseterre paid back the early faith & landed a tidy touch for PAYW members. 11/4 ended up being a great price for a horse laid out for the race.

Our Boy Jack - Musselburgh    26 May 2012
Our Boy Jack made it another day to remember as the victory made it 7 winners from the last 11 bets & another 100% day! And it was so easy as the 3yo had the field well strung out before the final furlong.

Polski Max - Southwell    24 May 2012
There was sustained support for Polski Max, who paid back the confidence with a 2L win and the third a further 8Ls back. It was convincing & another PAYW bet in the bag.

Liliargh - Redcar    22 May 2012
Liliargh was very well backed to score after an eyecatching debut & did the job in some style. The race was won quite a way out & she looks one to follow as the ground dries out.

Emotional Dream - Roscommon    22 May 2012
Emotional Dream made it 4 winners in a row for the PAYW service, giving members 2 100% days in a row. It was a rare bet in Ireland & was landed comfortably by 4 lengths.

Court Lexi - Limerick    21 May 2012
It was close but Court Lexi landed the gamble for members over in Ireland on Sunday. It was a ding-dong battle between her & Spring Hawk but Paul Carberry & Court Lexi came out on top at the line.

High Storm - Stratford    21 May 2012
High Storm landed the days second gamble to give PAYW members a tidy double. Richard Johnson steered the winner to a comfortable victory & the 5yo is looking a different horse now.

Master Of The Game - bangor    20 May 2012
Master Of The Game won as easy as he liked at Bangor on Saturday, easing to a 1l-length victory. The result was never in doubt & the bookies duly hammered.

Makhzoon - Perth    18 May 2012
Its a very long way from Cowbridge to Perth but the trip certainly paid off as Makhzoon fended off the Irish challenger to win for Wales. The front two were miles clear of the rest & the touch was landed in style.

Queen Of Mantua - Towcester    15 May 2012
Queen Of Mantua may have been friendless on course but PAYW members were on the right horse as she took it up at the last to win with a bit in hand. Lightly-raced, she looks worth following.

Colbyor - Nottingham    13 May 2012
A great start to the day for members as Colbyor won nicely by two lengths! Conditions were tough for the field but the 3yo ploughed through the ground - no problem!

Go Go Green - Thirsk    13 May 2012
Go Go Green landed a bit of a touch & did it in style, flying at the finish to score going away! There was no bid for the winner & he can rate better than a plater.

Ballesteros - Chester    12 May 2012
It was the bet our source had been waiting for & Ballesteros sluiced in landing a hefty gamble. Conditions were A1 & it was an impressive victory.

High Storm - Ffos Las    10 May 2012
High Storm ws given a great ride by AP & ploughed through the mud to score nicely. Connections believe hell be a better horse on faster going.

Princely Player - Exeter    09 May 2012
Princely Player was well backed & strolled to victory at Exeter today. Always travelling well, he only had to be pushed out to score & now takes a summer holiday!

Hometown Glory - Wolverhampton    05 May 2012
Brian Meehans 2yos usually come on a bundle for the run & so it was with Hometown Glory, who improved enormously & ran out a ready winner.

Teak - Wolverhampton    05 May 2012
There was plenty of late money for Teak, who was given a great ride to land the gamble for PAYW members. That made it 2 winners from three bets & nicely in profit for the day.

Inthejungle - Plumpton    28 Apr 2012
What a ride by Tom Cannon, who was virtually unseated but still mangaged recover and steer Inthejungle home easily. Heartstopping stuff but could be the recovery of the season!

Red Cape - Wolverhampton    27 Apr 2012
Red Cape made it 3 winners in a row for the PAYW service on Thursday. The prolific winner is hard to beat in lowly races & he won very easily by four and a half lengths.

Kruzhlinin - Perth    26 Apr 2012
Kruzhlinin ended up being a generous price for PAYW members and the horse duly did the business, fending off the challenge of Avenging Ace, the first two miles clear of the rest. Nigel Twiston-Dvaies remains a trainer to watch at Perth.

Only Ten Per Cent - Southwell    25 Apr 2012
Only Ten Per Cent was halved in price in the betting & duly obliged in very good fashion. He bagged the hat-trick very easily and is clearly on the up.

Harris Tweed - Newbury    22 Apr 2012
As the rain kept on pouring down, Harris Tweed became all the rage on course & the gamble was landed. The softer the better for William Haggas charge & he simply bolted up in the mud.

Greyfriarschorista - Wolverhampton    22 Apr 2012
Greyfriarschorista is a tough horse to pass on the all-weather in the right grade & so it was tonight as he made all & was never going to be caught.

Ringa Bay - Southwell    21 Apr 2012
Ringa Bay dug deep in a race reduced to just 3 runners, so spoiling the price. The horse is tough as they come & can continue to shine in this sphere.

Une Artiste - Cheltenham    20 Apr 2012
Une Artiste was heavily backed during the day but was friendless on track, thus giving PAYW members a terrific starting price of 7/4 as on course money piled on Swincombe Flame. In the end, Une Artiste strolled to victory and looks a very decent filly.

Easter Meteor - Exeter    18 Apr 2012
Easter Meteor pulled out all the stops at Exeter to land the gamble for PAYW members today. It looked as though hed be overhauled on the run-in but found more for pressure.

Love Your Looks - Wolverhampton    17 Apr 2012
Mike Murphy has a fine strike-rate this year & Love Your Looks bolted up today. Heavily backed, she saw off all challengers to score by 2 lengths.

Cala Santanyi - Lingfield    12 Apr 2012
Cala Santanyi started of a big 100% day for the PAYW service by losing her maiden tag at Lingfield today. Well backed all day, she eased to victory & can go on from this confidence booster.

Expense Claim - Kempton    12 Apr 2012
Expense Claim mde it 2 winners from 2 bets for the PAYW service, landing a sustained gamble in the process. The front two were well clear and both are of interest next time.

Greyfriars Drummer - Plumpton    10 Apr 2012
Greyfriars Drummer had looked a big improver after an eyecatching debut run & so it proved with victory on Bank Holiday Monday. The gamble made all & won easily.

Take Of ShocS - Chepstow    10 Apr 2012
The oddly-named Take Of ShocS couldnt really have won any easier at Chepstow today. The very lightly-raced 8yo made all & won unchallenged by a heavily eased-dwon 15 lengths.

Cecily Parsley - Towcester    09 Apr 2012
Hughie Morrison has had a fine time with his small band of NH horses & Cecily Parsley won nicely at Towcester today. A real stayer, she powered up the hill to win easily.

Absolute Crackers - Cork    08 Apr 2012
Absolute Crackers was a rare bet for the PAYW service but obliged nicely, backed in from an opening 11/8. The Giants Causeway filly made all & then stayed on powerfully.

Medinas - Fontwell    04 Apr 2012
Medinas is a terrier of a horse and despite drifting alarmingly towards the finish, straightened up & did the business. He looks a decent horse, if a little quirky.

Lexis Boy - Ascot    02 Apr 2012
Lexis Boy was fine winner at ascot today, making all & recovering from a slight mistake at the last to score with the field stretched out for miles behind. He can continue to thrive on the quicker going.

Qoubilai - Wetherby    31 Mar 2012
I think we can safely say that what ever was ailing Tim Vaughans yard, it is now a thing of the past & Qoubilai simply bolted up by 14 lengths today.

Catalyze - Lingfield    29 Mar 2012
Catalyze landed an almighty gamble on Wednesday & PAYW members were on! The horse had been attracting serious money & pounced late to score.

Call Back - Bangor    24 Mar 2012
Call Back had needed his first try over hurdles and with that experience out of the way, was a different proposition today. A winning margin of 17 lengths says it all.

Outrageous Request - Hereford    21 Mar 2012
Members were dealt a stroke of luck when the likely winner came down at the last, thankfully both horse & jockey walked away unscathed. This left Outrageous Request well clear under Giles Hawkins.

Red Somerset - Wolverhampton    15 Mar 2012
Red Somerset is a very hard horse to beat in plating company and landed another victory at Wolverhampton tonight. It was a brave effort in holding off the favourite & there is likley to be more to come if kept at thia level.

Ozeta - Taunton    12 Mar 2012
Ozeta landed a hefty gamble today, easing to victory to give Nicky Henderson & AP McCoy a nice pre-Cheltenham boost. It was all very easy & could have been by more than the official eight lengths.

Flemenstar - Naas    11 Mar 2012
Flemenstar posted a decent performance in taking todays Grade 3 race at Naas. There were only 3 runners but he did the job well & left Bog Warior trailing by over 60 lengths.

Sustainabilty - Carisle     08 Mar 2012
Sustainabilty is as tough as old boots and ground out another victory today. Always doing enough, he is a very hard horse to pass & could well continue the winning habit.

Diligent - Catterick    07 Mar 2012
Diligent landed another big touch for members by bolting up by an easy 10Ls at Catterick in the bumper. It was all over a furlong out!

Colour Guard - Southwell    06 Mar 2012
Colour Guard ran out an impressive winner at Southwell today, powering clear in the final furlong to win by three and a half lengths. There should be plenty more to come from this one!

Haamaat - Lingfield    05 Mar 2012
Haamaat was backed heavily just before the off & strode away for a very easy win to give the bookies a hammering. They went very slow early doors & her young jockey decided to force the pace. Shes much better that a 73-rated filly!

Bint Alzain - Wolverhampton    27 Feb 2012
Bint Alzain was produced with a perfect late charge to make it three winners from the last four bets for PAYW members. The favourite was there to be shot down & the winner was returned at a tremendous price of 11/4.

Third Intention - Fontwell    26 Feb 2012
Third Intention looked to have plenty in reserve as he claimed the National Spirit Hurdle at Fontwell on Sunday. Once he took up the running over the second-last flight there was only going to be one winner as he moved effortlessly clear.

Prince De Beauchene - Fairyhouse    25 Feb 2012
Prince De Beauchene was a very easy winner at Fairyhouse today, easing to a 6L victory. That sets him up nicely for Aintree & he rates a high-class stayer.

Dreambrook Lady - Huntingdon    23 Feb 2012
Dreambrook Lady atoned for her previous disaster & won almost as she liked today. Available at 9/4 early, she cruised to victory & won by 7Ls.

Into Wain - Kempton    23 Feb 2012
Into Wain landed a tidy gamble at Kempton tonight & made it another big day for the PAYW service. 2 bets, 2 winners & 2 very big gambles!

Red Somerset - Wolverhampton    20 Feb 2012
Red Somerset is not the horse he once was but in the right race, is still hard to beat. Given a great ride, he wore down the opposition & won with a bit to spare.

Fiulin - Market Rasen    19 Feb 2012
Fiulin shrugged off a lengthy break to fend off fellow joint-favourite Brass Tax, the front two miles clear of the rest. Both look worth keeping an eye on next time.

Une Artiste - Haydock    18 Feb 2012
Une Artiste justified her odds and won on debut for Nicky Henderson. Shes expected to improve again & could well be heading to Cheltenahm next month.

Niceonefrankie - Leicester    16 Feb 2012
Niceonefrankie started the day nicely for PAYW members, jumping well in the main & landing the gamble at 2/1. He mostly jumped well & was well in command at the end.

Silverburn - Musselburgh    16 Feb 2012
The days first winner strolled to victory but it was even easier for Silverburn, who made all to score by a huge margin of 16 lengths. The field was strung out into another parish and the win made it a big 100% day for members.

Stars In Your Eyes - Wolverhampton    13 Feb 2012
Stars In Your Eyes landed the gamble of the day at Wolverhampton today. Available at 15/8 early doors, John Gosdens inmate was backed off the boards on course & although it was tight, the cash was safe.

Wheres Reily - Southwell    10 Feb 2012
Wheres Reily loves it at Southwell & duly landed another gamble at the track. He was the class horse in the field & won by just under 2 lengths.

Satwa Laird - Kempton    08 Feb 2012
Satwa Laird was the class act in the field & cosily held off the challenges of Russian Ice & April Fool. PAYW members were on another excellent winner & the victory made it 1 bet 1 winner today.

Vertueux - Wolverhampton    06 Feb 2012
Vertueux was targeted at a very poor race & the move paid off handsomely as the 7yo won comfortably. He was fit from hurdling & a spin on the level and was retunrned a healthy price of 5/2.

Face Value - Wolverhampton    04 Feb 2012
Luckily the snow held off to allow Face Value to do the business and romp home to make it 3 winners from the last 3 bets! The 4yo simply took the field apart & those who took the early 5/2 must have been laughing!

Kedleston - Dundalk    03 Feb 2012
Kedleston made it 2 bets & 2 winners for PAYW members on Friday. The 3yo looks highly progressive & eased to a 2 length victory. There should be more to come.

Kickingthelilly - Southwell    02 Feb 2012
Rae Guest has been in decent form with his few runners this year & Kickingthelilly landed the touch for PAYW members at Southwell today. The filly has improved with each run & took to the surface well.

Ted Spread - Taunton    31 Jan 2012
Ted Spread was the subject of a sustained gamble and the early 9/4 disappeared very quickly. No problems for members who were on Paul Nicholls inmate won by seven lengths.

Aikideau - Plumpton    30 Jan 2012
Aikideau turned in a top performance today, lumping topweight around Plumpton with ease. He did make a bit of a hash of the last but was so much in command, it made no difference.

Moscow Mannon - Gowran Park    26 Jan 2012
What a result & a much better price than was expected as Moscow Mannon cruised to victory in Ireland. Very well regarded, it will be interesting where the gelding goes next.

Ingleby Arch - Southwell    24 Jan 2012
Ingleby Arch made it 3 winners from the last 3 PAYW bets. A standing dish at Southwell, he was given a positive ride & was never going to be caught.

Torres Del Paine - Kempton    24 Jan 2012
Torres Del Paine kept up the PAYW purple patch by landing the days finale at Kempton. The win made if four winners in a row & that despite the horse having to work hard to pick up off a sedate early pace.

Cucumber Run - Wetherby    23 Jan 2012
Cucumber Run was a very easy winner at Wetherby today, seeing off the gsmnled on Mac Aeda by 13 lengths. In total command, the Henderson-trained horse drew clear from three out & was never in any danger.

Hopeful Start - Wetherby    23 Jan 2012
What a start to the week as Hopeful Start made it 2 bets & 2 winners for PAYW members on Monday. It was another easy victory as the winner had the field strung out into another parish!

Knockfierna - Thurles    19 Jan 2012
Knockfierna was an unlucky loser when running out on her previous outing but resumed winning ways at Thurles today. That will have done her confidence the world of good & she can move on to even better things.

Charminster - Musselburgh    13 Jan 2012
Charminster cruised to victory for PAYW members, to win by an eased down five lengths. He did tend to jump left but is clearly talented and can defy a penalty.

Pearl Rebel - Kempton    12 Jan 2012
Pearl Rebel repaid punters faith at Kempton today with a power-packed finish. He has a fine change of gears and looks a horse to stay on the right side of over the next few weeks.

Mountainous - Ffos Las    11 Jan 2012
Mountainous dug deep at Ffos Las and won for Dai Walters, the owner of the venue. It was hard work in the mud but he has an engine & did the job well.

Laffan - Southwell    10 Jan 2012
They went off very quick in the 6f sprint at Southwell & after looking a beaten horse, Laffan picked up well to land the gamble. It was a great ride by Philip Makin, who kept his cool.

Flemenstar - Naas    08 Jan 2012
Flemenstar had too many guns for the favourite Lambro and readily held off the challenge in the closing stages. The front two look very good indeed & worth following.

Grand Vision - Huntingdon    04 Jan 2012
Grand Vision was subject of an all day long gamble & made the long journey from Dorset pay off with a gritty win. They ended up sprinting to the line & a better gallop will help next time.

Wistow - Uttoxeter    31 Dec 2011
Handling the conditions was key & Wistow ploughed through the mud with relish & simply bolted up. A fine performance & another win for PAYW members.

Hidden Cyclone - Leopardstown    29 Dec 2011
Hidden Cyclone kept the PAYW service on a roll making it 5 winners from the last 7! The six-year-old jumped well in the main & was bossing the race on the run-in.

Beggers Belief - Wolverhampton    28 Dec 2011
Beggers Belief was very well backed on course as the bookies retreated rapidly! The blinkers have made the difference & he won well despite trouble in running

Kentford Grey Lady - Kempton    27 Dec 2011
Another big festive result for PAYW members as Kentford Grey Lady won at 5/2 on Tuesday. It was a competitive race but Emma Lavelles game mare took the spolis by a fine 6 lengths.

Trifolium - Limerick    26 Dec 2011
Trifolium was backed as though defeat was out of the question & repaid the confidence with a very easy win. The four-year-old made all & quickened away to post an impressive performance.

Sawago - Fontwell    26 Dec 2011
Sawago made it great Christmas for members by making it 2 bets & 2 winners on Boxing Day. It was all so easy with the spoils landed by a hefty 15 lengths!

Grams And Ounces - Hereford    22 Dec 2011
An enormous gamble landed with Grams And Ounces ay Hereford today! Available at 6/1 early doors, the yards Xmas job was battered into 6/4 & desopite it being tight, the cash was bagged!

Russian Bullet - Kempton    20 Dec 2011
Russian Bullet was given a fine ride by Sophie Doyle, who timed the challenge to perfection. Despite the gelding trying to hang right, he was rousted along in the final furlong and won going away.

Archie Rice - Wolverhampton    19 Dec 2011
A big gamble unfolded in the amateur riders race at Wolverhampton & Archie Rice did not let backers down. The right jockey was on board & the in-form horse eased to victory.

Thehillofuisneach - Uttoxeter    16 Dec 2011
What a ride by AP! A trmendpous cheeky win on Thehillofuisneach lands a nice touch for PAYW members at Uttoxeter today. Youll have to go far to se a more confident riding perfromance!

Emmaslegend - Folkestone    13 Dec 2011
Emmaslegend absolutley bolted up today on her chasing debut & looks a very decent prospect for future mares races. She jumped like a veteran & won by 20 lengths!

Maybeagrey - Wolverhampton    09 Dec 2011
Maybeagrey was the subject of sustained support & repaid that with victory at Wolverhampton this evening. It was close but her yard is in form & she may well follow up.

Quizzed - Kempton    07 Dec 2011
Quizzed kept the PAYW Service on a roll by winning comfortably at Kempton on Wednesday. She flew round the final bend & was never going to be caught!

Lets Get Serious - Fontwel    06 Dec 2011
Lets Get Serious lived up to his name and landed some meaty bets at Fontwell today. The conditions were no problem & the field was well strung out behind.

Hunt Ball - Fontwel    06 Dec 2011
What a day for the PAYW Service as Hunt Ball romped home in the mud to score by a very easy 13 lengths, with the third horse a further 35 lengths in arrears. The winner made it a big 100% day for members!

Woop Woop - Lingfield    05 Dec 2011
What a performance by Woop Woop, who finished like a rocket to win going away. She is improving at a rate of knots & the sequence could well continue!

Sous Les Cieux - Fairyhouse    04 Dec 2011
Sous Les Cieux handed trainer Willie Mullins a fourth win in the Royal Bond Novice Hurdle at Fairyhouse. He traveled well throughout the race and held off the challenge from Galileos Choice very well.

Junoob - Lingfield    02 Dec 2011
Another big winner keeps the PAYW Service ticking over nicely with Junoob landing the punt at Lingfield! It couldnt have been any easier as the 7-length margin indicated.

Crackentorp - Market Rasen    01 Dec 2011
Crackentorp had a decent season on the Flat & proved his well being with a fine victory over hurdles today. He fended off the other joint-favourite as the pair pulled clear & the form looks very good.

Emmuska - Lingfield    29 Nov 2011
Emmuska was the word in the race & duly held off the late challenge of stable companion, Tones. It was a great ride by Kieran ONeill & the filly is on the upgrade.

Storm Survivor - Folkestone    28 Nov 2011
Tony McCoy was seen once again at his brilliant best and in passing the post in front he reached another landmark. Storm Survivor being his 150th winner of the season. This made it 7 wins from the last 11 bets for the Richard Dunwoody PAYW Service.

Battlecry - Newbury    26 Nov 2011
Battlecry had not won for nearly three years but no problem today as PAYW members cleaned up again. The selection made all & won unchallenged!

Sydney Paget - Bangor    26 Nov 2011
What a day for PAYW members as Sydney Paget made it 2 bets & 2 winners! It was a fine performance by the Donald McCain-trained youngster, who asserted on the run in to leave the feild well strung out!

Beneficial Reform - Doncaster    25 Nov 2011
Beneficial Reform was the subject of a serious market move and repaid the confidence with a three and a quarter-length victory. The winner made four wins from the last five bets for the in-form PAYW Service.

Hayjack - Uttoxeter    24 Nov 2011
Hayjack proved very popular on course as the bookies ran for cover. He took a bit of time to assert but pwoered away after the last & can improve over a further. The winner made it 3 in a row for the PAYW Service!

Triple Charm - Lingfield    23 Nov 2011
Triple Charm justified solid support and landed the gamble despite being slowly away. The horse has plenty of speed and in the end, had no trouble in tackling the leader late on. Job done!

Woop Woop - Kempton    23 Nov 2011
Woop Woop made it 2 bets & 2 winners for the PAYW Service today. Sent off a cracking price of 5/1 the touch was landed with ease & she looks one to saty on the right side of!

The New One - Warwick    16 Nov 2011
The New One justified stable confidence & landed the juvenile bumper with ease. Reported as top of the pile in that division at the yard, a bright future awaits!

Uncore Un Fois - Kempton    16 Nov 2011
Uncore Un Fois made it 2 bets & 2 winners on Wednesday with a smooth victory in the claimer. It was a well timed ride & he can continue to be competitive at this level.

Shernaz - Plumpton    14 Nov 2011
Shernaz made the very long journey from Ireland to Plumpton today & duly eased to victory. It wasnt much of a race but never in any trouble, the horse hardly broke sweat!

Distime - Bangor    09 Nov 2011
Distime was hammered in the offices early & again on track and repaid the confidence. Always going well, he went clear on the run in and the gamble was safely landed.

Goring One - Lingfield    08 Nov 2011
Goring One won in an absolute hack canter at Lingfield today, never in any trouble & landing a tidy touch. The winning margin was 12 lenghts & it could have been so much more. Impressive!

First Lieutenant - Cork    06 Nov 2011
It was all very easy for First Lieutenant, who cruised to victory off a muddling pace. Hell appreciate a stronger gallop.

Silviniaco Conti - Wincanton    05 Nov 2011
Silviniaco Conti gained his first win over the larger obstacles after just coming up short against Cue Card on his debut. He was highly impressive in beating a decent field and hes a real contender in a hot novice chasing division.

Fascinating - Kempton    27 Oct 2011
Fascinating was soon clear and in no danger of being caught as he claimed the three-timer. He is really on the up at present and this good looking sort can only get better.

Perpetually - Haydock    26 Oct 2011
Perpetually landed the odds in a great battle with Pippa Greene, the pair an enormous 33 lengths clear of the third horse. Both look quality animals & should pay their way this season.

Grandads Horse - Stratford    22 Oct 2011
Grandads Horse is in fine fettle at the moment, as is his trainer & the gamble was duly landed with ease today. Theres no doubt, the winner is a very progressive horse.

Good Authority - Wolverhampton    20 Oct 2011
Good Authority looks one to keep on your side this winter and it would be no surprise to see him rack up some wins on the all weather in the coming months.

Alfraamsey - Kempton    16 Oct 2011
Alfraamsey did the job very nicely for members, running on well to leave most of the field, including the favourite, trailing. That made it 2 winners in a row for the PAYW Service.

Deacon Blues - Ascot    15 Oct 2011
Deacon Blues was in impressive winner at Ascot today, landing an almighty punt in the process! He is such an improved horse & made mincemeat of the opposition. Next season cannot come quick enough for James Famnshawes star turn.

Master Bond - Redcar    14 Oct 2011
Master Bond had perfect conditions at Redcar today & was given a fine ride by Joe Fanning to pounce late. He then showed a fine attitude to hold on when challenged.

Mr Knightley - Kempton    12 Oct 2011
Mr Knightley has plenty of tow & handled the drop to 6f with a game victory. In the right company, hes very tough to pass.

Strong Suit - Newmarket    08 Oct 2011
You dont get many Group winners who do the job as as easy as that but Strong Suit absolutely cruised to victory today at Newmarket. The 3yo has a tremendous turn of foot & may well now head for the Breeders Cup.

Come On Blue Chip - Wolverhampton    07 Oct 2011
Come On Blue Chip has found his niche & despite not having a clear run, cruised to a 5-length victory. It was very, very easy!

Lucky Henry - Nottingham    05 Oct 2011
Lucky Henry had looked a promising horse on debut & duly obliged today, landing a tidy gamble for PAYW members. Backed into 7/4, he late & fast to bag the spoils.

Mauritino - Ludlow    05 Oct 2011
Mauritino made it great day for members by cruising to victory at Ludlow. That made it 2 winners for the PAYW Service on the day & some meaty on-course bets were landed!

Diverting - Pontefract    03 Oct 2011
Diverting duly landed a nice-priced touch for members, sticking his nect out to bag the spoils at Pontefract. In this mood, he could fo on and make it five-timer!

Alfraamsey - Huntingdon    02 Oct 2011
Alfraamsey may have blundered around the Cambridgeshire track but still won unchallenged. He trotted over the line & could have won by any amount.

Campanology - Newmarket    01 Oct 2011
A classy performance by Campanology, saw him win eased down despite trouble in running. Hampered at a vital stage, he still managed to escape the trouble could have won by an awful lot more than one length!

Lackamon - Hexham    30 Sep 2011
Lackamon - rated 130 over hurdles - duly obliged first time over fences today, landing a tidy gamble in the process. It looked a very promising run & better races await.

Avon River - Salisbury    28 Sep 2011
What a confident ride by Richard Hughes, who held on to Avon River as long as he could! Returned 2/1, that rates a cracking price for a horse so much at home at this level!

Ardglen - Listowel    23 Sep 2011
Ardglen was a rare bet for the PAYW Service in Ireland but members were well rewarded with a very easy 16-length winner. Never in any danger, the horse strolled to an unchallenged victory.

Tanmawy - Wolverhampton    23 Sep 2011
Tanmawy made it a great 100% day for the PAYW service by scoring at Wolverhampton tonight. Ed Dunlops inmate made all & then stayed on to hold off the challengers to give members another 2/1 winner on the day!

Lawn Jamil - Redcar    21 Sep 2011
It was a thriller but Lawn Jamil landed another PAYW touch at what turned out to be a value price! The well regarded Derby entry can only get better over further.

Poet - Ayr    17 Sep 2011
Laid out for the Dooneide Cup, Poet couldnt have done the job more impressively! Making all, he won unchallenged!

Passionada - Pontefract    15 Sep 2011
There were no signs of temperament from Passionada today, who flew from the stalls, made all & made it 4 wins from lst 5 for the PAYW Service! She looks a decent filly!

Farraaj - Sandown    14 Sep 2011
Farraaj simply bolted up today, making it 3 winning bets in a row for the PAYW Service. Well- backed, he made all & responded to pressure to score by 5 lengths!

Firebeam - Haydock    13 Sep 2011
Firebeam was all the rage on course and heavily backed to take the Haydock conditions race. Eddie Ahern gave the selection a great ride, making all and then staying on well to repel all challengers. In the end, it looked nice and easy.

Silenzio - Folkestone    13 Sep 2011
Silenzio made it 2 bets 2 winners today for the PAYW Service and landed a mighty gamble in the process. Richard Hannons inmate had been desperately unlukcy not score the time before and Richard Hughes made sure the race was safe this time.

French Navy - Goodwood    10 Sep 2011
A quite superb effort by French Navy who came from last to first in the blink of an eyelid to score handsomely! The SP of 2/1 looked very good value indeed for such a classy winner!

Bogini - Down Royal    09 Sep 2011
A rare bet for members at Down Royal produced the goods at a value 9/4! Favourite backers were on the wrong horse as the PAYW service recorded another fine winner.

Deliberation - Epsom    08 Sep 2011
The trip down to Epsom paid off big time as Deliberation ran the field into the ground. It was a tremendoue performance and great ride by Julie Burke. In this form the four-timer could well be on the cards!

Unex Michelangelo - Thirsk    03 Sep 2011
Unex Michelangelo confirmed the promise he showed on his debut with a convincing win with his jockey easing down as he crossed the line. He is well bred so we can expect an exciting future ahead.

Manger Hanagment - Hereford    31 Aug 2011
A rare runner at Hereford for Irish trainer Gordon Elliott but with AP booked we knew they meant business and so it proved with an easy win after an early scare at the second fence. This kept up the fine run of the PAYW service making it 5 from 5 this week.

Sharp Relief - Carlisle    31 Aug 2011
Sharp Relief maintained what has possibly been one of the PAYW services best ever weeks. His win under Paul Hanagan made it a sixth winner on the bounce for the service and a 100% record since the week started.

Colourbearer - Southwell    30 Aug 2011
Colourbearer made it 100% for the week and 4 winners from the last 4 bets when winning in convincing fashion at Southwell. He may have been slow leaving the stalls but he was far from that at the business end of the race.

Hot Rod Mamma - Ripon    30 Aug 2011
Hot Rod Mamma was the first of what was to be another fine double for the PAYW service. It was clear from the early stages that she was full of running & in top form to land her four timer. She also returned at the very generous odds of 3/1.

The Wifes Pet - Huntingdon    29 Aug 2011
The Wifes Pet who had ran well over fences earlier in the month jumped competently for most of the race and although idling when at the front came home in good style.

Absolute Shambles - Huntingdon    29 Aug 2011
Absolute Shambles kept on well after the last and provided PAYW members with a double on the day at Huntingdon. At the odds of 5/2 it was successful bank holiday Monday for the team.

Sansili - Ffos Las    25 Aug 2011
Rarely does Peter Bowen leave Ffos Las without a winner but he had to wait until the very last race on Thursday to see the PAYW selection Sansili cross the line in front. It was a cracking win for PAYW members at the odds of 3/1.

Abidhabidubai - Carlisle    25 Aug 2011
In what looked a good opportunity for Abidhabidubai to follow up her win at Redcar earlier in the month she duly obliged and could well follow up in the next few weeks.

Mundana - Yarmouth    23 Aug 2011
Kieren Fallon was in top form at Yarmouth and Mundana was the middle leg of his successful treble. It was another close finish but Mundana did not want to be beat.

Na Zdorovie - Chester    20 Aug 2011
Na Zdorovie ensured trainer Barry Hills went out on a high with a battling display under a determined Robert Winston ride. She is clearly useful and has a good attitude.

Im The Decider - Stratford    18 Aug 2011
Im The Decider needed AP to throw the kitchen sink at it but responded well in the end to win easily. A faller also aided the cause and the PAYW bet was returned at a decent price of 9/4.

Jeu De Vivre - Hamilton    18 Aug 2011
Jeu De Vivre justified strong market support & eased to a near 3-length victory. That made it 2 bets & 2 winners today from the PAYW Service.

Tip Top Gorgeous - Carlisle    17 Aug 2011
Tip Top Gorgeous won as easy as she liked today, stringing the field out to score by 5Ls. She had a 71-rated horse 12Ls in arrears & it will be interesting to see what the handicapper makes of the victory.

Susan Stroman - Kempton    16 Aug 2011
Susan Stroman had failed to handle cut in the ground on her run before but back on the quick all-weather surface, returned to form. She was well backed & landed a tidy PAYW gamble.

Lady Paris - Nottingham    12 Aug 2011
Lady Paris kept the PAYW Service on a roll by easing to victory on Friday. Always going well, she had a tremendous burst of acceleration & put the race to bed emphatically. She can rate much better.

Side Glance - Salisbury    11 Aug 2011
Side Glance was given a top ride by Jimmy Fortune, who had the smart four-year-old always up with the pace, ready to pounce. Available earlier at 10/3, the money came & the gamble was landed at 2/1 after a flood of money.

Imaginary Diva - Yarmouth    10 Aug 2011
Imaginary Diva was delivered with a fine late finish to land yet another PAYW Service touch. The latest winner made it four wins in a row & 50% strike-rate for the month so far!

Arctic Reach - Newton Abbot    09 Aug 2011
Arctic Reach was given the full AP treatment & despite being a bit ragged towards the end, responded well to land the gamble. It may be he was just idling in front & can be rated better than the winning margin.

Alla Svelta - Newton Abbot    09 Aug 2011
Alla Svelta made it 2 winners in a row on Tuesday & despite one or two sloppy jumps, made mincemeat of the opposition. The touch was in the bag from way out & he could have won by much more than the 19-length winning margin.

Blown It - Ayr    09 Aug 2011
Blown It made it a memorable day for PAYW members by making it 3 bets & 3 winners in a day! Shrewdly placed by Keith Dalgleish & well ridden by Paul Hanagan, the result was never in doubt.

Roninski - Redcar    06 Aug 2011
Roninski justified the support & after rearing at the start, had the field on the stretch by the 2f pole. He stayed on well & the gamble was landed.

Anjomarba - Folkestone    04 Aug 2011
Anjomarba was well backed & given the Hayley Turner treatment, asserted to score with plenty in hand. The gamble kick-started another 100% day for PAYW members!

Polar Annie - Chepstow    04 Aug 2011
It was a thriller but Polar Annie hung on with determination & landed a huge gamble for PAYW members. Backed in from a much bigger price, she used her course experience to oblige.

Eijaaz - Catterick    02 Aug 2011
Eijaaz loves it at Catterick & did the business again, overturning the even money favourite. It was a tough performance & tremendous result at a cracking 2/1 value price!

Cape Classic - Ffos Las    02 Aug 2011
Cape Classic justified the huge diesel bill & scored at Ffos Las, with plenty in hand. He probably hit the front too early & then idled but it was still an emphatic victory.

Jewelled Dagger - Musselburgh    29 Jul 2011
Jewelled Dagger landed a tidy touch for members this evening, scoring by one and three-quarter lengths. The horse is in fine form & another quick reaapearance could be on the cards.

Lastroseofsummer - Bath    29 Jul 2011
Lastroseofsummer made it another red letter day for members by winning unchallenged at Bath this evening. The mare quickened impressively & after this rout, may run again quickly under a penalty.

Caranbola - Beverley    26 Jul 2011
Quite remarkably Caranbola was very briefly available early at 14/1 with Betfred until the mistake was noticed. In the event, it was still a big gamble - 4/1 into 13/8 & was landed with plenty to spare!

Present Your Case - Perth    26 Jul 2011
Present Your Case made it 2 winners from 2 bets on Wednesday for PAYW members & did the job with the minimum of fuss. The winning margin was 8Ls & the horse was never in danger.

Camberley Two - Yarmouth    25 Jul 2011
Camberley Two continues to progress at a rate of knots & once he hit his stride today, won going away very easily. The handicapper will not be amused but Roger Charltons horse may not have stopped winning yet.

Pipers Song - Southwell    22 Jul 2011
Tony McCoy was never going to let this one go astray & gave Pipers Song a great ride, despite the horse diving left at the last. Well backed, it was another big winner for PAYW members.

Rock The Stars - Sandown    20 Jul 2011
Rock The Stars started a great evening for PAYW members by landing the odds in a cracking race at Sandown. Daryl Byrne held his nerve & delivered the horse with a finely judged finish!

Little Jimmy Odsox - Redcar    17 Jul 2011
Little Jimmy Odsox was yet another big winner for PAYW members, keeping the service in red hot form. It was a finely judged ride by David Allan and there looks to more to come from the very lightly-raced 3yo.

Heavenly Dawn - Newbury    16 Jul 2011
Another winner for PAYW members on Saturday as Heavenly Dawn won by four lengths, landing a big touch. She took time to geto going but scored decisively in the end. She can step up in lass before long.

Coupe De Ville - Newbury    16 Jul 2011
Coupe De Ville made it a superb five winners from the last five PAYW bets. It was close but the filly held on well in the thrilling finish & the gamble was in the bag.

Roodee Queen - Nottingham    15 Jul 2011
Another tasty result for the PAYW service to make it 3 winners in a row. The filly is progressing rapidly & could well turn out again quickly in search of the four-timer!

Dinkum Diamond - Newmarket    15 Jul 2011
The PAYW winning run continued as Dinkum Diamond scored at Headquarters this evening. Henry Candys sprinter has a tremendous turn of foot & in this form can be a winner again.

Lightning Cloud - Leicester    14 Jul 2011
Lightning Cloud is having a tremendous season and continues to progress & impress. He was subject of a big word & a heavy gamble & duly obliged.

Mystic Edge - Epsom    14 Jul 2011
Mystic Edge made it a big 100% day for PAYW members by landing a touch at Epsom tonight. It was close but the horse showed a determined attitude to hold on as the second tried to pass.

Princely Hero - Southwell    10 Jul 2011
What a touch as Princely Hero scored at a cracking price of 11/2 on Sunday. The horse looked half asleep early in the race but when woken up by Tom Cannon, stayed on to beat the favourite by just over 2 lengths, the rest nowhere!

Farlow - Warwick    07 Jul 2011
Farlow landed a tidy touch at Warwick today, brought with a fine telling run to win a shade cosily in the end. He is a progressive horse and may not have stopped winning yet.

Fast Shot - Catterick    06 Jul 2011
Fast Shot was given a fine ride by David Allen to overtake Bay Of Fires close home. That was his second win of the season and in this form, can go in again.

Lexis Boy - Wolverhampton    27 Jun 2011
Lexis Boy is tough horse to beat at Wolverhampton & under a top ride from Julie Burke, had the field well in trouble a furlong from home. The step up in trip suited & there should be more to come from the 3yo.

Kool Henry - Newcastle    25 Jun 2011
It was tight but Kool Henry made all & held on in a thrilling finish. It was another fine Silvetsre De Souza ride & the gamble was rewarded at 2/1.

John Forbes - Newcastle    23 Jun 2011
What a shrewd piece of placing by Brian Ellison as his charge proved too good for the field at Newcastle today. After Quite Sparky winning at 13/2 on Wednesday, John Forbes provided the PAYW members with another decent winner this week.

Quite Sparky - Carlisle    22 Jun 2011
A big touch landed today as Quite Sparky stayed on strongly to score by 2Ls at a very tasty 13/2. The first time visor did the trick & the rest of the field were left trailing!

Golden Waters - Brighton    21 Jun 2011
Golden Waters turned out a ready winner at Brighton today under a confident Cathy Gannon ride. She does tend to flash her tail but that didnt stop her today!

Bondage - Ayr    18 Jun 2011
Bondage was a very smooth winner of this race, won last year by Dirar. Always travelling well, he looks a decent prospect for some top handicaps later oin the year.

Valencha - Goodwood    17 Jun 2011
Valencha showed she could handle the testing conditions & ground out a result tonight. It looked hard work for the field but the selection was the strongest & justified the heavy support.

Princely Hero - Ffos Las    15 Jun 2011
Princely Hero toyed with the opposition at Ffos Las tonight, allowing Misamon to challenge but then powering clear after the last. In the end, it was a very easy 9L win.

Timepiece - Warwick    13 Jun 2011
There was heavy support for Timepiece throughout the day and Sir Henry Cecils charge landed the Warwicksire Oaks. She did idle whenin the lead but never looked like being defeated.

Minis Destination    12 Jun 2011
A terrific result for the PAYW Service as Minis Destination bolted up at 5/1! The three-year-old quickened up well in the final furong & won unchallenged.

Collect Art - Salisbury    07 Jun 2011
Collect Art made all to land the gamble in the Sailsbury finale, and despite being challenged in the final fulong, found more. It was a decent ride by Lucy Barry.

Addictive Dream - Ripon    01 Jun 2011
Available at 7/1 earlier in the day, Addictive Dream was backed into 4/1 & the gamble was landed! It was an inpressive 2L victory for the horse who can feature in top sprints this summer.

Victory Parade - Ffos Las    31 May 2011
Victory Parade posted a quite remarkable victory, scoring by 11Ls, heavily eased down in a very rapid time! He jumped superbly today & can go on from this.

Bajan Sunshine - Fontwell    29 May 2011
Bajan Sunshine absolutely bolted up, scoring by 8 lengths, heavily eased down. It was a waek race and connections took full advantage.

Show Rainbow - Haydock    28 May 2011
Show Rainbow landed a decent touch for PAYW members, swooping in the final furlong & holding on under a power-packed Jamie Spencer ride. It was close but a fine effort in a competitive race.

Wooden King - Brighton    27 May 2011
On paper it looked a competitive race but Wooden King landed a nice touch for PAYW members at a decent price. He won comfortably by over 2 Ls and can follow up.

Malibu Sun - Towcester    17 May 2011
Malibu Sun was returned at a value price of 11/4 and the joint-second favourite duly powered up the Towcester hill to score by two and a half lengths. Hes progressive & can score again.

Miss Muga - Ripon    15 May 2011
Up and coming apprentice Charles Bishop gave Miss Muga an enterprising ride and was never going to be caught. Returned a value price off 11/4, the filly looks better than a plater.

Elzaam - Newbury    13 May 2011
It was a shrewd move to drop Elzaam back in trip and without the headgear on, the three-yaer-old won as he liked. It was a most impressive performance and surely there are bigger races to be won!

Health Is Wealth - Plumpton    08 May 2011
Health Is Wealth landed a nice touch today, with some decent on course wagers hitting the bookies hard. Colin Tizzards charge battled bravely to the line & could still remain ahead of the handicapper.

Boy The Bell - Southwell    04 May 2011
Boy The Bell was the subject of a big on-course gamble but looked to have thrown away his chance, only to rally and mug Exceedingly Good on the line. It was determined attitude and punters can be grateful for the horse not throwing in the towel.

Dandino - Newmarket    30 Apr 2011
It was mighty close but Dandino - one of the gambles of the day - prevailed to land the touch. He looked to have lost the lead but nicked it back opn the nod!

Tatispout - Bangor    29 Apr 2011
Tatispout was returned a generous price of 3/1 and is definitley on the ugrade. A fine 5Ls victory marks this down as a horse to follow!

Mandhooma - Brighton    28 Apr 2011
Mandhooma had conditions to suit and came out on top in a thrilling finish at Brighton this evening. The now five-time course winner is in great form & can go in again.

Dream Achieved - Kempton    27 Apr 2011
Dream Achieved looks a horse to follow after a commanding victory at Kempton tonight. He made all, and only had to be given a gentle reminder before staying on to win unchallenged.

Rossbrin - Huntingdon    25 Apr 2011
Rossbrin had too many guns in the opener & fended off the challenge of Shrewd Investment in style on the run in. Clearly happy at the Cambridgeshire track, hell be of interest when he returns.

Bold Diva - Southwell    20 Apr 2011
Bold Diva doesnt win too often but was primed today & duly took the race with the minimum of fuss. Returned 3/1 - it was a cracking price for PAYW members!

Indian Shuffle - Bath    19 Apr 2011
Indian Shuffle proved a tough nut to crack at Bath this evening, despite the constant attentions of Dancing Tara. In the end though, he won going away and that should be a real confidence booster for the horse who loves firm going.

Sir Kezbaah - Cheltenham    14 Apr 2011
Sir Kezbaah sealed the spoils with a fine jump at the last & then held on well against the persistent challenge of Theres No Panoic. A big gamble was landed & that made it 3 wins from the last 4 for PAYW members.

I Confess - Wolverhampton    12 Apr 2011
I Confess is a very useful horse in these types of races and duly obliged again, landing some hefty bets in the process. That made it 2 wins from the last 2 PAYW bets.

The Which Doctor - Wolverhampton    11 Apr 2011
A fantastic result today as The Which Doctor won at 5/1. Generally ignored in the betting by on-course punters, PAYW members were very well rewarded!

Alderley Rover - Fontwell    08 Apr 2011
It was all so easy for Alderley Rover, who made the long trip pay off in some style. Never in any danger he won by 8 lengths, with the third horse 34 lengths further back!

Frequency - Lingfield    06 Apr 2011
Unlucky last time, Frequency made no mistake today & simply bolted up going away. Misaro set the race up perfectly & members were well rewarded with the second favourite.

Red Kestrel - Musselburgh    01 Apr 2011
Red Kestrel went off a little shorter than expected due to two non runners but won very easily indeed. Surely he is better than a selling plater & can return to loftier company.

Strong Vigilance - Wolverhampton    31 Mar 2011
Strong Vigilance landed a tidy gamble & could prove to be a decent horse this season. He lost the lead 2f out but battled back gamely and won with a bit in hand.

Ana Emarati - Southwell    29 Mar 2011
Ed Dunlop has been in fine form & is always to be respected at Southwell. Ana Emarati provided the yard with another winner & it was all so easy. In the end 11/8 looked way too big a price!

Nideeb - Lingfield    26 Mar 2011
Nideeb was well & truly laid out for the Winter Derby & did the job in style with a fine turn of foot of the final bend. Heavily backed - it was another fine winner for PAYW members.

Goal - Southwell    22 Mar 2011
It may have been a desperate race but Goal was an easy scorer in the end. He took some time to hit the front but then put the race to bed by nearly 2Ls to provide yet another PAYW winner!

Wyse Hill Teabags - Kelso    21 Mar 2011
Wyse Hill Teabags was well backed from an early 11/10 & took the opener with great ease. The horse looks to have a bright future ahead.

Topolski - Newton Abbot    20 Mar 2011
One bet & one winner for PAYW members on Sunday, as Topolski won very easily. It was an impreeive run & the Aintree Festival noiw awaits.

Edgeworth - Lingfield    18 Mar 2011
Edgeworth is proving a money spinnner in low grade races & won again today. Never looking in trouble, the gamble was landed with ease.

Go Maggie Go - Wolverhampton    17 Mar 2011
Kevin Ryan has his team in top form & Go Maggie Go provided the yard with yet another winner. It was a thrilling finish but the gamble was landed!

Beau Fighter - Southwell    15 Mar 2011
Beau Fighter took plenty of time to get going but when he did, he was never going to be caught. It was all very easy in the end & another fine PAYW winner.

Wistow - Warwick    13 Mar 2011
Wistow was in a different league today, cruising to a very easy win & landing some meaty bets. This looks a good horse.

Stormin Exit - Ayr    12 Mar 2011
Stormin Exit bolted up at Ayr today, staying on very strongly to win by 12 lengths. Jim Goldies charge is in tremendous form and in this mood can go in again.

Robertewnutter - Catterick    09 Mar 2011
Robertewnutter landed yet another touch - travelling & jumping well - for PAYW members, making it 8 winners from 14 bets & very nearly 11 points profit for March!

Kipchak - Southwell    08 Mar 2011
The storming run of the PAYW service contiues with Kipchak winning on Tuesday. That makes it a near 60% strike-rate for March & a healthy 8.45 points profit!

Alla Svelta - Newton Abbot    07 Mar 2011
Hardly a race - more of a procession - as Alla Svelta took the field apart. It was all very impressive & a big gamble landed in the process. The win coninues the fine run of the PAYW Service which is currently 50% strike-rate & over 7 points in profit for March.

Trooper Clarence - Kempton    05 Mar 2011
Trooper Clarence simply took the field apart at Kempton today, easing to a 13-length victory. Now over his bleeding problem, he looks a horse of some potential.

Fantasy Fry - Southwell    03 Mar 2011
Fantasy Fry made it 4 winners from 5 bets in March & did the job in style. Heavily backed in, PAYW members were rewarded with a very easy winner again!

Numide - Bangor    02 Mar 2011
Numide was friendless on course but PAYW members were well rewarded as the horse travelled well & then cruised to the lead on the run in! 4/1 was a cracking price!

Non Dom - Bangor    02 Mar 2011
Non Dom made it a red letter day for PAYW members by winning at Bangor - making it 2 winners from 2 bets on the day. The job was done nice & easily by four and a half lengths.

Sertao - Ffos las    01 Mar 2011
Sertao provided the in-form Tim Vaughan with a popular St Davids Day winner in a thrilling finale at Ffos Las. It doesnt get any closer than a nose but the gamble was landed!

Positivity - Southwell    24 Feb 2011
After the days first bet fell at the last when in control, Positivity spreadeagled the Southwell field to land members another gamble & decent compensation.

Raya Star - Doncaster    23 Feb 2011
Raya Star made slightly hard work of scoring today but a powerful finish sealed the race & he won going away. A step up in trip looks likely.

Sir Tantallus Hawk - Sedgefield    20 Feb 2011
Sir Tantallus Hawk kept up the winning run of the PAYW Service and won with plenty in hand, beating the odds on favourite. Barry Keniry dropped his whip before the 2nd last but it made no difference at all.

Riverside Theatre - Ascot    19 Feb 2011
Riverside Theatre won as easy as he liked at Ascot today, jumping well & handling the testing conditions well. There should be plenty more to come from him & hell be of interest again next time.

Strictly Pink - Wolverhampton    18 Feb 2011
Strictly Pink was the subject of a tidy gamble for PAYW Members and duly sauntered to victory by four and a half lengths. Alan Bailey is in hot form & his filly was well prepared.

Premier Sagas - Kelso    17 Feb 2011
Premier Sagas did the business for PAYW members by a very easy 22Ls and looks a progressive horse. It was a welcome winner for Nicky Richards & was returned a cracking value price in a 5-runner field.

Alderluck - Plumpton    14 Feb 2011
In a great race that was domianted by the two joint favourites, Alderluck put in a dcent leap at the last & put the race to bed, landing another big winner for PAYW members.

Flying Phoenix - Wolverhampton    11 Feb 2011
What a result as Flying Phoenix lands yet another PAYW touch making it 6 winners from the last 9 & over 10 points profit so far this week! Never in danger, the result was sealed by an easy 6 lengths!

Lake Legend - Taunton    10 Feb 2011
Theres no doubt Alan Kings horses are moving into menacing form & Lake Legend provided PAYW members with another fine winner. Heavily gambled, the touch was landed in a thrilling race.

April Fool - Kempton    10 Feb 2011
April Fool certainly had the last laugh this evening & PAYW members cleaned up big time as the horse made all. Backed in from 7/2 from 6/1 it was a famous touch & made it 2 winners from 2 on the day!

Kuala Limper - Kempton    09 Feb 2011
Dane ONeill kicked for home at the perfect moment & that well timed move proved crucial. It was tight in the end but the big gamble was landed!

Elhamri - Southwell    08 Feb 2011
Elhamri landed a fine touch for members with a terrific finish at Southwell today. Confidently ridden, he did the job a shade cosily & will be of interest under a penalty.

Unlimited - Wolverhampton    07 Feb 2011
What a result for members to start the week as Unlimited murdered the field beating the 4/9 favourite. Never in any trouble, the horse powered to a 6L victory!

Shoegazer - Ffos Las    05 Feb 2011
A big gamble was landed with Shoegazer, who did the job in style despite a mistake at the last. There looks to be more to come form the David-Pipe trained six-year-old.

Falmouth Bay - Wolverhampton    31 Jan 2011
Falmouth Bay landed a monster gamble on his debut for Mark Johnston today. The bookies were sent running for cover & bred to be decent, looks a horse to follow.

Honourable Arthur - Huntingdon    26 Jan 2011
Honourable Arthur is tough as old boots & duly obliged at Huntingdon at a cracking value price of 7/2 as the gamble Timpo, finished second. PAYW members were on the right horse & grabbed the great price!

Better Self - Kempton    23 Jan 2011
Better Self was desperately slow out of the stalls but she made up ground off the slow pace and prevailed an easy winner - ceratinly better than the official one-length winning margin.

Anne Of Kiev - Lingfield    22 Jan 2011
It was a thriller but Anne Of Kiev prevailed & landed a nice-priced PAYW touch on Saturday. Nearly last entering the straight, she flew home like a rocket!

Pride In Battle - Newbury    19 Jan 2011
Pride In Battle proved himself a tough horse as he handled the testing conditions at Newbury today with aplomb. Taking the race by the scruff of the neck two out, he went easily clear only to then idle to the line. He was worth more than the official two and a half lengths winning margin.

Catbells - Wolverhampton    18 Jan 2011
A tidy gamble was landed on Catbells, who despite giving the field a five-length start, pulled herself to the front and left the field for dead. She looks a horse to follow!

Vosges - Musselburgh    14 Jan 2011
Vosges was the horse for the conditions and ground out the result in determined fashion. It may not have been pretty but the job was done & touch landed.

French Hollow - Wolverhampton    14 Jan 2011
French Hollow made it a big 100% day for the PAYW Service & duly did the business at Wolverhampton tonight. It was very easy & some tasty on-course bets were landed.

Stanley Rigby - Southwell    11 Jan 2011
Stanley Rigby landed PAYW members a lovely touch & the 2nd favourite was never in any trouble to score by nearly 3 lengths. He looks a Southwell natural!

Yourelikemefrank - Lingfield    07 Jan 2011
Yourelikemefrank was given a fine ride & got first run on Estonia at Lingfield today. He loves it at Lingfield & can follow up.

Lord Lansing - Wolverhampton    07 Jan 2011
Lord Lansing made it a big red letter day for PAYW members & landedc a nice touch at Wolverhampton. The horse has a progressive profile & looks ahead of the handicapper at the moment.

Hollo Ladies - Southwell    05 Jan 2011
Hollo Ladies had the benefit of a spin in a bumper at the track last time & that proved crucial in a ding-dong battle with the favourite. Backed in from 3s to 9/4 - the gamble was landed in a thriller!

McConnell - Southwell    04 Jan 2011
McConnell was well & truly laid out for the job today & was confidently ridden to victory. He is a standing dish here & a quick fillow up beckons.

Osric - Ffos Las    28 Dec 2010
Andrew Tinkler gave Osric a confident ride to keep up Nicky Hendersons fine run of recent form. The Seven-year-old may not have won by far but did the job well & can only improve.

Dark Promise - Lingfield    15 Dec 2010
Michael Jarviss team is in hot form and Dark Promise landed another big gamble. She didnt win by far and is better than that winning margin.

Nazreef - Southwell    14 Dec 2010
Youll find it hard to see a much easier winner thatn Nazreef, who quite simply bolted up to win by 11 lengths. The handicapper will not be amused & its likely the three-year-old will make a quick reappearance.

Mossley - Cheltenham    11 Dec 2010
Mossley kept up Nicky Hendersons decent run since the ice melted & landed a big gamble in the process returned at 3/1.

Ingleby King - Southwell    07 Dec 2010
Ingleby King was given a hard race but landed the gamble, holding on well at the line. The front two were well clear so the form looks solid.

Fantasy Gladiator - Kempton    04 Dec 2010
Fantasy Gladiator was a very easy three and a half length winner, always going well & powerinf clear to the line. He is likely to reappear quickly for the hat-trick attempt.

Spensley - Kempton    28 Nov 2010
A sustained gamble was landed on Spensley, who cruised to the front & won unextended. It would be no surprise to see him back out again very soon.

Stratton Banker - Lingfield    26 Nov 2010
Stratton Banker had all the elements of a Christmas expenses yard gamble & it all went swimmingly. Stuart Williams inmate swept through to land a huge touch & it would be no surprise to see him back out again quickly.

Crimson China - Wolverhampton    25 Nov 2010
Crimson China had been reported as working really well for Brian Meehan and ran on well to win with ease, landing a decent gamble in the process.

Tayarat - Ludlow    22 Nov 2010
Tayarat was simply too good in this race & landed the touch with a minimum of fuss, despite clattering the last. He looks a decent type in lowly company.

Master Of The Hall - Ascot    19 Nov 2010
Master Of The Hall looked different class today and deespite making a hash of the last, won pretty impressively. An ex-point-to-point winner, he rates a horse to follow.

Marino Prince - Hereford    18 Nov 2010
Marino Prince justified sustained support to win despite fluffing his lines at the second last. After that however, it was all palin sailing & he cantered to a very easy win.

Semi Colon - Hereford    18 Nov 2010
Semi Colon made it another big day for Payw members by cruising to victory in the bumper at Hereford. She looks a decent type & will jump a hurdle in time.

Salpierre - Warwick    17 Nov 2010
Salpierre landed the odds comfortably and Jonjo ONeills inmate looks as though he can add to his tally. In the end 9/4 was a decent price & members well rewarded.

Ravethebrave - Folkestone    16 Nov 2010
Ravethebrave showed a tremendous attitude to win at Folkestone today, staying on well at the death in tough conditions. There was plenty of money for the horse & Payw members were on.

Moon Indigo - Wetherby    13 Nov 2010
It was tight but Moon Indigo made it a big 2 out of 2 for Payw memners on Saturday, hloding on well in a thriller at Wetherby. The front two were well clear of the remainder & the form could work out well.

Take Ten - Lingfield    13 Nov 2010
Take Ten followed up his Dundalk win with victory back on home shores. He fought off the attentions of the gamble of the race Edinburgh Knight to win a shade cosily at a value price.

Pitkin - Wolverhampton    12 Nov 2010
Pitkin could prove a tidy money spinner over the next few weeks. Seriously well handicapped, there looks to be much more to come!

Pennellis - Taunton    11 Nov 2010
Pennellis, a huge eyectacher on his previous run, landed a monster gamble for members today. Noel Fehily only had to push out the Paul Nicholls-trained horse to score & the cash was bagged!

Calypso Bay - Fontwell    05 Nov 2010
There were 2 big gambles in the race but members were on the correct one as Calypso Bay surged clear by 9Ls to win very easily! Some tasty bets were landed & the horse can follow up.

Amuse Me - Fontwell    05 Nov 2010
Amuse Me made a couple of jumping errors at the business end of the race but powered away after the last to win cosily. That made it 2 bets 2 winners for members today!

Ritual - Lingfield    04 Nov 2010
Ritual gave Paul Hanagan a crucial winner & in doing so landed a big gamble for PAYW members. It was an impressive performance as the horse won easily going away.

Mister Hyde - Towcester    04 Nov 2010
Mister Hyde was another winner for Jonjo ONeill & AP, and did the job well, staying on up the hill to score by four lengths. Another big touch was landed & the win made it 2 from 2 for members on Thursday.

Mr Hudson - Exeter    02 Nov 2010
Mr Hudson foiled a big gamble on Madison De Berlais with a gritty performance. He was a little novicey in the jumping department but won well & looks a likely big improver.

Dunraven Storm - Ascot    30 Oct 2010
An on course opening price of 7/4 was gleefully taken & a torrent of big bets forced the horse into 11/8. Payw members joined in & the gamble was landed to make it 8 wins from the last 10 for members!

Kilcrea Kim - Uttoxeter    29 Oct 2010
Well, PAYW members were on the right one in this race as a gamble went astray on My Boy Paddy. As a result, 5/2 was an amazing price & that makes it 7 winners from the last 8 bets for the service.

Quick Wit - Lingfield    28 Oct 2010
A torrent of on course money sent the bookies running for cover & Quick Wit duly made sure the gamble was landed. The win keeps the PAYW Service on a fine roll.

Paphos - Lingfield    28 Oct 2010
Paphos waltzed to victory to make it 6 winners from the last 7 PAYW bets & land some hefty bets in the process. It was a very, very easy win & the horse will be fancied to score again.

Swansea Jack - Kemton    27 Oct 2010
William Carson made absolutely sure that there would not be a repeat of the last unlucky run on Swansea Jack. Fingers were burnt that day but not today as the gamble was lended with ease.

Flag Officer - Kempton    27 Oct 2010
Flag Officer made it 2 bets & 2 winners for PAYW members again! The Godolphin-trained horse was heavily supported & Ted Durcan made sure punters went home happy!

Shallow Bay - Kempton    25 Oct 2010
Shallow Bay landed a very big gamble at Kempton on his all-weather debut & absolutely trotted up. Given a really positive ride, the horse scooted clear & was then heavily eased.

Jovial - Kempton    25 Oct 2010
Jovial made it another big day for the PAYW servise as the horse cruised to victory by 3Ls. The handicapper will not be amused but members were on 2 bets & 2 winners today.

Al Dafa - Ludlow    22 Oct 2010
Al Dafa was given the full AP treatment & prevailed in a driving finish. A mistake at the last almost cost members but the champs never say die attitude won the day.

Garton King - Exeter    19 Oct 2010
PAYW members were on a tidy touch today as plenty of money went on Garton Kings stablemate, Royal Collonges. That gave us real value at 7/2 & the horse bolted up.

Cousin Khee - Exeter    19 Oct 2010
Cousin Khee made it a red letter day for members, winning by an easy 10 lengths & landing some hefty bets in the process.

Woodlark Island - Kempton    17 Oct 2010
Woodlark Island, like Frosted Grape from the same yard, looks a horse to follow after this win. Always travelling & jumping well, he can only improve.

Willing Foe - Newmarket    15 Oct 2010
Frankie Dettori had a superb day at HQ and steered Willing Foe to victory, landing the gamble of the day in the process. It was a fine win & the Dubai Carnival is a likely next target.

Psychic Ability - Nottingham    14 Oct 2010
Frankie Dettori is riding well at the moment & he gave Psychic Ability the full treatment at Nottingham today. It was a fine performance & the gamble landed at 2/1.

Whistleinthewind - Kempton    13 Oct 2010
Whistleinthewind touched 7/4 before being hammered into 5/4, with some tasty bets sending the bookies running for cover. The gamble was landed with ease & the horse was unchallenged.

Ingleby Spirit - Windsor    11 Oct 2010
It doesnt get much closer but Ingleby Spirit prevailed in a heart-stopper at Windsor today! Paul Hanagan gave the ride his all & the result was a teriffic 7/2 winner!

Cappagh - Ffos Las    10 Oct 2010
Cappagh duly made it three wins in a row at a value 15/8 price. He is quirky but knuckles down well & won with a bit in hand.

Kartanian - Chepstow    09 Oct 2010
Kartanian proved friendless in the market early doors but PAYW members steamed in late & the well regarded bunper horse was backed from 5/1 into 11/4. Given a fine ride Richard Hughes, Kartanian was never in trouble & did the job in style.

Signs In The Sand - Kempton    06 Oct 2010
Signs In The Sand foiled a gamble on Twist Of Silver in fine style. Frankie Detoori decided to go for it early doors and was never going to be caught. A super ride!

Harris Tweed - Newmarket    30 Sep 2010
Harris Tweed proved the class act in the Noel Murless Stakes, winning with total authority by 3Ls. It could have been plenty more but PAYTW members were not complaining after another fine winner.

Lang Shining - Kempton    29 Sep 2010
Lang Shining provided the perfect result for PAYW members by landing a thriller at Kempton tonight, returned a very tasty 9/2 price. That makes it a 17.5 point September profit with 1 day to go!

Regal Park - Newbury    28 Sep 2010
The fantastic form of the PAYW service continues with Regal Park landing yet another touch for members. In an exciting finish, Richard Hughes came out on top & the bookies were left working out the damage.

Earlsmedic - Ffos Las    27 Sep 2010
Earlsmedic was returned a tasty 7/2 for members on Monday, landing the touch in confident style. William Carson was always in command & it would be no surprise to see the winner go in again quickly.

Dreamacha - Wolverhampton    24 Sep 2010
Another nice touch for PAYW members as Dreamacha is produced with a fine late run to land the opener at Wolverhampton. Following yesterdays nice 3/1 winner, members clean up again at 10/3.

High Twelve - Wolverhampton    23 Sep 2010
High Twelve provided members with an easy winner at a nice price on Thursday. William Buick gave John Gosdens charge a positive ride and he kicked clear early & was never going to be caught.

Sharp Sovereign - Hamilton    20 Sep 2010
Sharp Sovereign is game as they come & dug in well to repel all challengers. PAYW members collected yet again and the service continues in flying form!

Home Advantage - Kempton    20 Sep 2010
Home Advantage shows no sign of stopping & duly made it five wins from the last six starts. The victory made it a big 100% day for PAYW members, who continue to clean up this month.

Vesuve - Ayr    18 Sep 2010
Franke Dettori may have had an nightmare getting to Ayr but it was worth the hassle for PAYW members as he steered Vesuve to victory in the Listed race. Always doing just enough, the win keeps members on a profitable September roll.

Alben Star - Ayr    17 Sep 2010
Alben Star got PAYW members off to a flyer on Friday, landing some hefty punts in the Ayr nursery. Paul Hanagan gave the horse a fine ride & they held on well under pressure.

Oldrik - Newbury    17 Sep 2010
Oldrik came from last to first to beat the favourite Valid Reason & make it a red letter day for the PAYW service! Two wins from the two bets sends members into the weekend on a high & well in profit for the month!

Activate - Yarmouth    16 Sep 2010
A decent plunge on Activate paid off nicely as Hayley Turner gave the horse a tremendous ride. The pair toyed with the opposition & won unextended.

Handsome Jack - Yarmouth    14 Sep 2010
Handsome Jack was all the rage at Yarmouth on Tuesday and didnt leave his supporters disappointed. It was an easy win & the bookies were left reeling.

Horseradish - Haydock    14 Sep 2010
Connections must have been overjoyed at the rain falling on Haydock Park & Horseradish made the most of the deluge, although it was very close. There was a massive oncourse plunge & the bookies suffered yet again!

Finch Flyer - Brighton    13 Sep 2010
A tidy gamble was landed on Finch Flyer, who was given a fine ride by young Harry Bentley. The winning margin was 3Ls & the gamble never in doubt.

Epic - Epsom    08 Sep 2010
A nice-priced touch landed with Epic at Epsom today, saw PAYW members well in profit for the day. The horse won as easy as it liked & was heavily eased at the line.

Sassanian - Sedfefield    07 Sep 2010
Sassanian was shrewdly placed & with Richard Johnson giving his all, won with a bit in hand. He is no superstar but can be placed to win again.

Rudanphast - Newton Abbot    06 Sep 2010
Rudanphast was well prepared as youd expect from the Peter Bowen yard and jumping inexperience proved no problem for the hurdling debutant. The gelding stalked the leaders & then was pushed out to win. Very easy!

Makena - Fontwell    05 Sep 2010
Makena continues to thrive and was most impressive in winning again. Richard Johnson allowed het to quicked three out and the resukt was then never in doubt.

Parvaaz - Kempton    04 Sep 2010
Sustained support for Parvaaz throughout the day was rewarded as the Michael Jarvis-trained colt was given the full Dettori treatment, and won in the style opf a progessive horse. Theres more to come from this one.

Cheyenne Chant - Musselburgh    03 Sep 2010
Cheyenne Chant made light of a 6lb penalty & made all to score comfortably under a superb ride. A tidy gamble was landed & a follow up could well be on the cards.

Mushy Peas - Brighton    01 Sep 2010
Available as big as 3/1 early doors, Mushy Peas landed the touch in a thriller to start the month off in style for members. It was a fine ride by Cathy Gannon and a repeat may not be out of the question.

Benedict Spirit - Newton Abbot    31 Aug 2010
Benedict Spirit landed a big gamble in from 5/4 to score by 8Ls. He is not entirely straight forward but Rhys Flint took command in the final stages of the race & in the end won comfortably.

Poets Voice - Goodwood    28 Aug 2010
PAYW members collected with ease as Poets Voice crusied to vistory over the odds-on favourite, Main Aim. The Godolphin horse was driven to go clear in the final furlong and in the end cruised to a four and a half-length win.

Harry Patch - Yarmouth    24 Aug 2010
Harry Patch quickened clear in the final furlong under Neil Callan to win comfortably in the end and who’s to say theres not more to come.

Nave - Carlisle    23 Aug 2010
This progressive three-year-old continued the good run of the Mark Johnston stable, winning well in the end. He is very much on an upward curve and it would be no surprise to see him turned out again soon.

Calipatria - Sandown    20 Aug 2010
This three-year-old filly certainly looks like one to keep on the right side of for now. She has progressed with each run and fast ground certainly appears to suit her.

Magic Cross - Bath    15 Aug 2010
Magic Cross may have given some trouble at the start but proved far too strong for her rivals in the race itself, running on well in the final furlong under Nicky Mackay.

Micky P - Epsom    12 Aug 2010
Micky P survived trouble in running leaving the stalls but recovered well to land the gamble. He handled the rain-softened going well & looks the type to continue to progress.

Classic Swain - Newton Abbot    10 Aug 2010
Classic Swain may not be the most fluent jumper but he did the job tidily & was returned at a value 3/1. Paul Nicholls has his small summer team in great form & his five-year-old can improve again for the win.

La Fortunata - Lingfield    07 Aug 2010
La Fortunata was friendless in the ring but PAYW members had already got their money on early & were well rewarded. The horse responded well when the favourite threw down a serious challenge & won well in the end.

Jet Away - Sandown    05 Aug 2010
Jet Away landed a major gamble at Sandown tonight, with some hefty on-course bets being landed. It was tight, but Tom Queally did not panic & the Henry Cecil-trained horse landed the spoils on the line.

Midday - Goodwood    31 Jul 2010
What a race & what a performance by Midday. Henry Cecils top class filly was very well supported & in the end landed the gamble with ease. But just for a moment it looked like she had thrown the towel in. However, another stunning change of gears saw her fly to the line. Top class!

Libranno - Goodwood    30 Jul 2010
Richard Hughes gave Libranno a super-confident ride to make all & give Richard Hannon yet another winner. It was a fine performance by horse & jockey, and the gamble was landed without fuss.

Pompeyano - Epsom    29 Jul 2010
Available as big as 13/8 a few minutes before the off, there was big on-course plung on Pompeyano. The bookmakers were sent scurrying for cover and despite idling in front, Frankie Dettori steered the gamble home.

Wadnaan - Beverley    27 Jul 2010
Mark Johnstons handicap debutant made mincemeat of the opposition today, winning eased down by 10 lengths. The assessor will take a dim view of the manner of victory & it will be no surprise to see Wadnaan appear again very quickly.

Changing Lanes - Uttoxeter    26 Jul 2010
Changing Lanes was originally available at 10/1 but was backed in to 6/1 by the shrewdies including PAYW members. Fighting fit & rejuevenated by a change of yards, the cheers in Bridgend must have been something to behold!

Jack Luey - Carlisle    25 Jul 2010
It was a thrilling finish but Jack Luey landed a nice PAYW touch on Sunday. Barry McHugh kept his head to bring the three-year-old with a telling late charge & the horse was always doing just enough.

Face The Problem - York    24 Jul 2010
After sustaining heavy support throughout the day, Face The Problem was an emphatic winner of the opener at York. Frankie Dettori - at short notice - took over the ride & despite the horse drifting to the rail, it was a fine performance.

Excelebration - Newmarket    23 Jul 2010
Excelebration was hit hard by punters at Newmarket this evening, backed in from an opening 5/4. Expected to win well, the two-year-old bolted up by an easy two lengths & the gamble was in the bag.

Eucharist - Lingfield    20 Jul 2010
Eucharist quickened up well to leave the field trailing, landing a big gamble in the process. The on-course bookies were sent scurrying for cover & the result was never in doubt.

Orpenindeed - Epsom    15 Jul 2010
Orpenindeed made it another winning day for members as he prevailed in a thriller at Epsom. Given a fine ride by Andrew Hefferman, Tim Vaughans seven-year-old landed some hefty on-course bets.

Perfect Blossom - Catterick    14 Jul 2010
PAYW members cleaned up again as Perfect Blossom cruised to victory, in the end returned a value price in the 4-runner race. She reamins one to follow.

Celestial Girl - Brighton    13 Jul 2010
Celestial Girl managed to avoid being spooked by seagulls this time & won with any amount in hand. The gamble was never in any doubt and she was eased down to score by just over three lengths!

Ginger Jack - Musselburgh    13 Jul 2010
Ginger Jack made it a red letter day for PAYW members by making it 2 bets & 2 wins on Tuesday. Mark Johnstons gelding had to wait for a gap to appear but when it did, he flew home!

Lady Eclair - Ffos Las    12 Jul 2010
Lady Eclair is progressing fast & this cosy win at Ffos Las gave PAYW members a decent payout. Sent off the second favourite, she was always doing enough & is one to remain on the right side of.

Luminous Gold - Folkestone    08 Jul 2010
A big gamble was landed easily by Luminous Gold, whoi flew home courtesy of an excellent Seb Sanders ride. Available at 11/4 in the morning, the on-course bookmakers were sent scurrying for cover!

Space Telescope - Worcester    07 Jul 2010
Not quite the 8/1 members availed themselves of last week but Space Telelscope was still returned a decent price. A.P. gave the ride everything as always & the gamble was landed.

Perfect Blossom - Pontefract    06 Jul 2010
Perfect Blossom was given a peach of a ride by Paul Hanagan and the filly made all to land a decent touch for members. Returned at a value 11/4, it would be no surprise to see her turned out quickly again.

Mandhooma - Brighton    04 Jul 2010
Mandhooma came with a late charge to nail the favourite at Brighton today. It was a well timed ride by Chris Catlin and the filly looks well handicapped to strike again.

Christopher Wren - Newbury    01 Jul 2010
Christopher Wren was given the perfect ride by Steve Drowne to finish fast & late to bag the spoils. PAYW members have cleaned up again & the service continues in quite outstanding form.

Space Telescope - Worcester    30 Jun 2010
Despite being friendless on course, Space Telescope was a comfortable winner under a super-confident ride. Laid out & with blinkers on first time, PAYW members were well rewarded with a very easy 8/1 winner.

Goldtrek - Brighton    29 Jun 2010
Goldtrek landed yet another gamble for PAYW members by bolting up at Brighton today. The three-year-old made nearly all & repelled all challengers with ease.

Gritstone - Hamilton    29 Jun 2010
Gritstone needed a gap to appear but when it did, he flew to the line & simply trounced the field. There was a big on-course gamble landed & PAYW members were rewarded by another 100% day!

Premier Clarets - Pontefract    28 Jun 2010
Premier Clarets had to work quite hard to land the odds but wore the second down near the line to land some tasty bets. That made it 7 winners from the last 10 bets for PAYW members!

Parks Prodigy - Musselburgh    28 Jun 2010
What a day for PAYW members as Parks Prodigy landed a big touch, outclassing the field under a fine ride. That result made it 8 winners from the last 11 for clients!

Crown Prosecutor - Salisbury    27 Jun 2010
Crown Prosecutor, well regarded & entered up, overcame a poor start & then interference to land a big on-course gamble. He looks a decent type and can go on to better things.

The Fonz - Windsor    26 Jun 2010
The Fonz made it happy days for PAYW members by landing a sustained gamble. It was a thrilling finish but Sir Michael Stoutes charge had plenty to give & won staying on strongly.

Abbondanza - Folkestone    25 Jun 2010
Abbondanza did it again and continues to thrive in claiming company. Always going well, he was never in danger and the gamble was landed.

Maid In Heaven - Leicester    24 Jun 2010
Maid In Heaven made it three wins from the last four bets for PAYW members at Leicester tonight. The progressive filly did the job with ease and was returned a value price for backers.

Speed Dating - Kempton    23 Jun 2010
Speed Dating was given a superb ride by Seb Sanders to land a sustained gamble. The four-year-old was produced with a telling late run and won going away.

Sea Of Heartbreak - Newbury    22 Jun 2010
Sea Of Heartbreak disposed of a competitive field with the minimum of fuss & surely can go on to much better. She is progressing rapidly & PAYW members winnings were never in doubt.

Abbondanza - Redcar    19 Jun 2010
Its hard to ignore David Nicholls runners in claimers & Abbondanza turned todays race at Redcar into a rout. Always going well, he asserted a furlong out & was never going to be caught,

Kellys Eye - Ripon    16 Jun 2010
Kellys Eye missed out on a valuable opportunity on Saturday when failing to make the cut but rewarded backers with a taking win tonight. He now is expected to head to the Newmarket July meeting.

Ruby Isabel - Sedgefield    14 Jun 2010
The heavily backed Ruby Isabel won decisively by 10 lengths at Sedgefield today landing a sustained gamble. Despite some novicey jumping, she powered away after the last & won as she liked.

Jollywood - Bath    12 Jun 2010
Seb Sanders brought Jollywood with a telling late charge to land the touch for PAYW members at Bath on Saturday. The horse was returned a cracking price as two big gambles in the race went badly astray!

Nouriya - Newbury    10 Jun 2010
Nouriya was backed very heavily before the off and duly obliged to land the gamble. The filly only had to be pushed out by the man of the moment, Ryan Moore, and can rate a lot better.

Milhu - Uttoxeter    10 Jun 2010
Milhu made it a red letter day for PAYW members by making a fine debut for Tim Vaughan. Given a no nonsense ride by the champion jockey, the obviously quirky horse was cajoled to the line to win at a value price.

Strike A Deal - Redcar    08 Jun 2010
Strike A Deal was given an excellent ride by Alan Munro to land some tasty on-course bets at Redcar. Always in the vanguard, the filly hit the front a furlong out & won with a bit to spare.

Sonning Rose - Pontefract    07 Jun 2010
Sonning Rose justified the long journey & solid support throughout the day to win her maiden. She is a speedy filly & can go on from this victory.

George Adamson - Newcastle    05 Jun 2010
George Adamson landed a nice touch away from the glare of Epsom. He had to do it the hard way though, overcoming trouble in running to swoop late!

Penang Cinta - Brighton    27 May 2010
Penang Cinta looked to be in trouble a furlong out but Richard Evans knew better and he picked off Whats Up Doc in cheeky style! The horse loves it at Brighton & was returned a value 15/8 price.

Boogie Waltzer - Goodwood    22 May 2010
Boogie Waltzer was given a top class ride by Ryan Clark to fend of persistent challengers. The horse stuck to her task superbly and is expected to continue to run her heart out.

Four Kicks - Brighton    18 May 2010
Four Kicks took advantage of her track experience and low handicap mark to land a tidy touch at Brighton today. Under the capable hands of Ryan Powell, PAYW members recorded yet another winner.

Feathered Crown - Leicester    17 May 2010
Henry Cecil can do little wrong at the moment and Feathered Crown duly won with the minimum of fuss. Fully tuned up after a seasoanl bow, the colt stayed on strongly to win with plenty in hand.

Day Of The Eagle - Newmarket    15 May 2010
Day Of The Eagle advertised his well being by making a mockery of his mark of 76 at Newmarket. PAYW members had no worries at all as he won pushed in what had looked a competitive heat. He rates one to follow until the handicapper gets hold.

Aviate - York    12 May 2010
It was a thriller but Aviate managed to find space after trouble in running and then flew to the line. Her stamina was questioned by many but PAYW members were on the right horse at a value price!

Pro Pell - Fontwell    12 May 2010
Pro Pell made it a day to remember for PAYW members! After Aviate earlier won at 11/4, the handicap debutant won in fine style by an easy 5 lengths and members were well rewarded at 11/2.

Kajima - Warwick    08 May 2010
Kajima landed the odds in a thriller at Warwick, mugging Night Trade on the line. The front two were well clear & both can be winning in the near future.

Timeless Stride - Nottingham    07 May 2010
Timeless Stride got the PAYW Service off to a flyer on Friday by landing a touch at Nottingham away from the limelight. Not one of Sir Michael Stoutes stable stars, he nonetheless has ability & can pay his way.

Mostly Bob - Aintree    07 May 2010
Mostly Bob made it a 100% day for the PAYW Service by winning by an easy 5Ls at a value 3/1. He took time to pick up but when he did, the result was never in doubt.

Shalamiyr - Exeter    04 May 2010
Shalamiyr thwarted a gamble on Spent & gave the PAYW members an easy winner. The fast ground suited & Richard Johnson was always in command on the five-year-old.

Awsaal - Salisbury    02 May 2010
Awsaal landed the odds in a tight finish, showing a gritty attitude to hold off the challenge of Ashbrittle. The two horses finished miles clear of the third and both can go on to better things.

Aviate - Ascot    28 Apr 2010
Aviate posted a smart performance to beat the 102-rated, Blue Angel. The filly has some tasty big race entries and looks a filly to keep on the right side of this season.

Activate - Kempton    28 Apr 2010
Activate made it another red letter day for PAYW Members by making it 2 bets and 2 wins on the day. Hayley Turner gave the Michael Bell-trained three-year-old a confident ride and the gamble was duly landed!

The Sydney Arms - Windsor    26 Apr 2010
The Sydney Arms certainly knew his job first time out and won cosily at Windsor to keep up the hot form of Richard Hannon & the PAYW Service. He looks another decent recruit to add to the growing juvenile riches at Everleigh.

Barthelemy - Ludlow    25 Apr 2010
Barthelemy was yet another winner for the PAYW Service & did the job in some style. He cruised into the lead 1f out & won as he liked. Hell make a fine hurdler.

Paco Boy - Sandown    24 Apr 2010
Could it be Paco Boy is even better as a five-year-old? He certainly routed the field under an ultra-confident ride in the Sandown Mile and has more Group glory to look forward to this season.

Mabait - Sandown    24 Apr 2010
Mabait simply bolted up at Sandown to give PAYW members a quick-fire double after the easy win of Paco Boy. Both horses look well worth staying on the right side of this year.

Quick Reaction - Epsom    21 Apr 2010
Quick Reaction proved suited by the Epsom undulations and won tidily for Richard Hannon & The Queen. A nice winner for the PAYW Service, the 3yo was returned the value 5/2 second favourite.

Bathwick Bear - Thirsk    16 Apr 2010
Bathwick Bear made it two wins from two, to record a flying start to his career. The pacey juvenile cerainly knows his job & it would be no surprise to see him win again.

Captain Chris - Cheltenham    15 Apr 2010
Captain Chris toyed with the opposition today before scooting clear after the final hurdle. He looks an exciting horse and could be one for honours next season. In the meantime, PAYW members were rewarded with an easy 2/1 winner.

Retainer - Newmarket    14 Apr 2010
Ther can be little doubt about the standard of Richard Hannons early two-year-olds, as Retainer was different class on debut today. Despite looking green, he absolutely bolted up and could be smart.

Zebedee - Windsor    12 Apr 2010
Richard Hannons Zebedee was all the rage & the gamble was landed with ease. He did idle when in front but can only improve for the experience.

Prince Taime - Southwell    11 Apr 2010
Prince Taime duly won, as expected, a race somewhat spoilt by the non-runners. He had to work quite hard but class told in the end.

Avow - Wolverhampton    10 Apr 2010
Avow landed the odds for PAYW members at a tasty 3/1 under a strong Kieren Fallon ride. The horse is not straight forward but Fallon was taking no nonsense & in the end it was a comfortable success.

Bobs Worth - Kempton    09 Apr 2010
Bobs Worth made it another bumper winner for Nicky Henderson and the gamble was never in any trouble. Always going well tracking the early pace setters, he had the race won in a matter of strides.

Buona Sarah - Wolverhampton    09 Apr 2010
Buona Sarah made it a red letter day for PAYW members by making it 2 bets 2 winners today. No superstar, the filly won with a bit to spare & may improve again for a step up in trip.

Admission - Yarmouth    05 Apr 2010
Admission was friendless on course at Yarmouth but PAYW members knew better & were rewarded with a very easy 10/1 winner. It was an ultra-confident ride by Hayley Turner & Admission looks very decent!

Pipette - Kempton    03 Apr 2010
Pipette readily landed the gamble and looks a useful filly. She was cut from 40/1 down to a best-priced 25/1 for the 1,000 Guineas and now looks likely to take her place in the Classic.

Flanagan - Hereford    31 Mar 2010
Looking every inch like a future three-mile chaser, Flnagan toyed with the opposition & then powered home to give PAYW members a very easy winner.

Teerie Express - Carlisle    26 Mar 2010
Teerie Express justified a big gamble when trotting up by an eased down 29 lengths. He jumped superbly and is progressive under these tesing conditions.

Bene Lad - Kelso    22 Mar 2010
Bene Lad landed yet another PAYW winner in impressive style. Always jumping & travelling well, he powered clear at the last & left the field trailing behind.

Sophies Choice - Fontwell    21 Mar 2010
Sophies Choice travelled well on the sticky going & won without being asked a serious question. The winning distance could have been plenty more & he looks progressive for the grade.

Tranquil Tiger - Lingfield    20 Mar 2010
Henry Cecil produced Tranquil Tiger in tip top condition for the Winter Derby and the quirky but smart six-year-old repaid all the hard work in style to land a massive PAYW touch. He did idle in front but was too classy in what looked a decent renewal. He remains a horse of some potential on fast surfaces.

Bormo - Fakenham    19 Mar 2010
Away from the main action, Bormo landed a quiet touch for PAYW members with the minimum of fuss. Drawing clear towards the last, the gamble was never in any doubt.

Buxted - Kempton    17 Mar 2010
Buxted came with a rattling run to snatch the spoils in the Listed race tonight. He is progressing at such a rate of knots & it will be interesting to see where he goes next. He looks smart.

Drussell - Ayr    13 Mar 2010
Drussell kick-started a massive day for members by cruising to victory. The winning margin was only just over 2Ls but it could have been an awful lot more. The Irish raider will be of interest next time.

Fred Bojangals - Ayr    13 Mar 2010
Fred Bojangals made it a red letter day for PAYW members by proving too classy for the opposition. Given a fine ride by Brian Hughes, he landed a tidy touch at a juicy 7/2.

Mister Pete - Newcastle    09 Mar 2010
Mister Pete won with the minimum of fuss under an excellent Alex Voy ride. Always in the frontline, he popped over the last & was away. In this form, the hat-trick looks likely.

Azlak - Lingfield    05 Mar 2010
Azlak kept up Clive Brittains astonishing run of form with a very easy win at Lingfield today. Never in any danger, the three-year-old skipped clear & is likely to reappear again very quickly.

Good Old Thyme - Catterick    02 Mar 2010
A decent gamble was landed on Good Old Thyme, who won with plenty in hand. Available at 6/4 in the morning, the price was demolished on course as the bookies ran for cover!

Lord Singer - Plumpton    01 Mar 2010
Lord Singer was the subject of a sustained gamble & made light of the heavy ground to win by three and a quarter lengths. There were some tasty bets landed!

Hurakan - Kempton    28 Feb 2010
Hurakan had little trouble in seeing off the even money favourite to land the claimer at Kempton. No superstar, this is his level & it was shrewd placement by his canny trainer.

Victory Quest - Southwell    25 Feb 2010
Victory Quest knows his way round Southwell & despite his advancing years, bolted up by an easy 8Ls today. He can continue to pay his way in lowly races.

Franco Is My Name - Kempton    24 Feb 2010
Franco Is My Name landed yet another gamble, demonstrating an electric kick to demolish the field again. The handicapper is not going to be amused but he is so progressive, who says he will not win again?

Bothy - Taunton    23 Feb 2010
Bothy earned himself a quote of 40/1 for the Triumph Hurdle after winning in some style at Taunton on Tuesday. Keith Mercer gave the rapidly improving northern raider a confident ride and a big touch was duly landed.

Granny McPhee - Wolverhampton    22 Feb 2010
You could have 2/1 about Granny McPhee in the morning but continuos support during the day saw her go off at even money. She was given a perfect ride & the gamble was landed easily.

Vivarini - Fakenham    19 Feb 2010
A very easy win for Vivarini, who scooted round this tight track to win by 30 lengths. Rarely will you see an easier winner & the horse is clearly at home at the north Norfolk track.

Last Of The Bunch - Musselburgh    17 Feb 2010
Last Of The Bunch defied a two-month break because of the freeze, to land a tidy gamble & yet another winner for Alan Swinbank. She looked a little race-rusty & can improve for the run.

Franco Is My Name - Lingfield    17 Feb 2010
Franco Is My Name is a class act at this level & the handicapper will have to have his say. The finishing kick was electric & the gamble duly landed to make it a second winner of the day for PAYW members.

Gansey - Ayr    13 Feb 2010
Gansey was one of the easiest winners youll see in a while, making all (with a breather after the 7th) and sauntering to a 15-length victory. He looks booked for Cheltenham.

Rackham Lerouge - Bangor    12 Feb 2010
The half-brother to Punchestowns won with plenty in hand & landed the gamble tidily. He looks the type to progress when stepped up in trip & can make a handsome chaser.

Wayward Prince - Doncaster    06 Feb 2010
Wayward Prince capped a big day for the PAYW Service by cruising to an impressive victory, landing a big gamble in the process. A bright future awaits.

Ginger Grey - Lingfield    06 Feb 2010
Despite being a market drifter, the shrewd money was on Ginger Grey, who won with plenty in hand. It wasnt a great race but he can make a mark in handicap company.

Grey Command - Wolverhampton    05 Feb 2010
Grey Command won as he liked and landed a tidy gamble in the process. It would no surprise to see him out again very quickly.

Dvinsky - Kempton    31 Jan 2010
Dvinsky used all his course experience to fend off the persistent Misaro to land his fourteenth success. Not as good as old, he does remain a solid horse in these types of races.

Clear Sailing - Lingfield    27 Jan 2010
An emphatic success for Clear Sailing, who justified a torrent of late money to win as he liked. He can continue to pay his way in these types of races.

Shadows Lengthen - Southwell    26 Jan 2010
Shadows Lengthen continues to defy the handicapper & duly bolted up at Southwell today. The horse is progressing rapidly & it would be no surprise to see him go in yet again.

Gargano - Lingfield    23 Jan 2010
Gargano survived the late thrust of the runner-up to land some decent bets. Mark Johnstons inmate opened at 2/1 before being hammered by eager punters & landing another PAYW touch.

Milans Man - Catterick    22 Jan 2010
Milans Man justified heavy support to fend off the dogged attentions of Tilt, to win at Catterick today. The ex-Irish point-to-point scorer stayed on powerfully & looks a chaser in the making.

Qozak - Taunton    21 Jan 2010
Qozak looks set for a big season as he had the field strung out into another parish on his seasonal bow today. Paul Nicholls charge can now look forward to action at the big Festival meetings.

Oiseau De Nuit - Ffos Las    17 Jan 2010
Oiseau De Nuit landed a tidy gamble at the West Wales track, cruising into the lead two out & winning with ease by 7Ls. He looks most progressive & it would not be a surprise to see him at Cheltenham.

Clear Sailing - Lingfield    16 Jan 2010
Clear Sailing may have flashed his tail when given a smack but was always in control & is a very good horse in plating company. He looks good for more wins this winter.

Wunder Strike - Lingfield    02 Jan 2010
Wunder Strike was a very cheeky winner & remains a horse to keep on the right side of over the next few days. He looks considerably better than his current rating of 62 & his future lies in the hands of the handicapper.

Ere Alfie - Taunton    30 Dec 2009
Ere Alfie continued Nick Williams Christmas purple patch with an emphatic victory at Taunton. It may not have been a great race but it was still an impressive win.

Doctor Pat - Newbury    29 Dec 2009
Doctor Pat was given a superlative AP ride & powered home to land a tidy gamble. The five-year-old looks to have plenty of improvement to come & could rank quite highly.

What A Friend - Leopardstown    29 Dec 2009
The wait was well worth it for PAYW members as the 24-hour delayed Lexus Chase produced a superb victory for What A Friend. The Paul Nicholls-trained six-year-old is getting better & better & will be of interest at the Cheltenham Festival.

Tranquil Tiger - Lingfield    19 Dec 2009
Tranquil Tiger demonstrated a battling attitude to fend off a fine attack by Suits Me. The Winter Derby now beckons and Henry Cecils inmate would be a very popular winner.

Dohasa - Kempton    16 Dec 2009
Dohasa was heavily backed to score & got up to win a thriller by a head. His AW form is impressive & a return to the Dubai Carnival beckons.

Wishfull Thinking - Hereford    13 Dec 2009
Wishfull Thinking posted an impressive jumping debut & looks a very good horse. Never in any trouble, he won as he liked & is a possible Cheltenham Festival horse.

Istiqdaam - Wolverhampton    11 Dec 2009
Istiqdaam smoothly landed a hefty gamble at Wolverhsmpton, after a slightly unlucky run the time before. He looks p[rogressive on Polytrack & has more to offer.

Topcroft - Kempton    10 Dec 2009
Topcroft landed another almighty gamble to win going away. Looking extremely well handicapped and versatile as regards trip, he can run up a tidy sequence.

Follow The Dream - Southwell    08 Dec 2009
Follow The Dream was given the perfect ride by Darryll Holland to make up for what looked like poor judement on the same horse a few days ago. Never going to be caught, PAYW members collected at a value 11/4.

Diamond Blade - Southwell    08 Dec 2009
Diamond Blade was given an excellent positive ride to land a big last race touch at Southwell. That made it a big 2 bets 2 winners for PAYW members on Tuesday!

Ghufa - Wolverhampton    07 Dec 2009
On a quiet betting day generally, Ghufa was the subject of heavy support, backed from 5/4 into a winning 4/5. That makes it three wins from four attempts at Wolverhampton for the gelding.

Kilshannig - Southwell    01 Dec 2009
Kilshannig opened at 7/4, was promptly hammered into 5/4 & the gamble landed under a power-packed AP ride. PAYW members start the month in fine style!

Natural Action - Folkestone    30 Nov 2009
Natural Action was one the easiest winners seen in some time, sauntering to a 13-length victory. PAYW members cleaned up again with the result never in doubt.

Magnetic Pole - Leicester    29 Nov 2009
Magnetic Pole was placed very shrewdly by connections and duly trotted up by 8 lengths. He travelled like a good horse and is likely to reappear again soon.

Spinning Bailiwlick - Lingfield    28 Nov 2009
Spinning Bailiwlick made a mockery of her handicap mark & landed a touch that saw the bookies scurrying for cover. Available at 11/8 in the morning, she bolted up. Expect a quick reappearance.

Definite All Star - Musselburgh    27 Nov 2009
Definite All Star justified support to land a tidy gamble & keep the PAYW Service in fine form. The Definite Article gelding is improving & should make into a decent hurdler in time.

Banjaxed Girl - Wetherby    25 Nov 2009
Banjaxed Girl looked to have lost the race but battled back gamely to land the spoils & another big PAYW winner. She looks a thorough stayer and hurdles await.

Spear Thistle - Lingfield    24 Nov 2009
Spear Thistle posted a decent display to score comfortably & land a tidy gamble. A quick follow up looks on the cards.

Bowdlers Magic - Wolverhampton    21 Nov 2009
Bowdlers Magic knew his job well & was given a terrific front-running ride to repel all challengers. Returned a tasty 11/4, PAYW members collected again.

Manjam - Hereford    19 Nov 2009
Manjam was given a superb ride & stayed on well to land yet another PAYW members touch. He is improving all the time & connections will be keen to strike while the iron is hot.

Nirvana Swing - Market Rasen    18 Nov 2009
Nirvana Swing stayed on powerfully to land a tidy touch for PAYW members. Sue Smiths inmate looks good to follow up.

Hypnotized - Kempton    18 Nov 2009
Hypnotized proved too classy for the opposition & won with the minimum of fuss. It was a demolition job & a major gamble landed in the process.

Ayemdee - Fontwell    15 Nov 2009
Ayemdee was given a superb ride on his chasing debut and landed a cracking touch for PAYW members at 10/3. Sent off the outsider of four, he looks a decent horse if kept at a realistic level.

Wallace Monument - Ludlow    12 Nov 2009
Wallace Monument simply galloped & galloped to victory & looks a decent potential hurdler for the future. PAYW members collected at a value 11/4 price.

Oriental Cavalier - Wolverhampton    12 Nov 2009
Oriental Cavalier landed a big gamble on the all-weatther, to make it two winners from two bets for PAYW members on Thursday.

Clear Ice - Southwell    11 Nov 2009
Clear Ice was the subject of very shrewd placement by Dandy Nicholls & despite not being best in at the weights, landed PAYW members a nice touch at 7/2.

King Fontaine - Hexham    06 Nov 2009
King Fontaine obliged first time out for new conections, despite an unfortunate incident when spooked in the parade ring. He hurdled well and can only come on for the experience.

La Gifted - Wolverhampton    06 Nov 2009
La Gifted made it two winners from two Friday bets for PAYW members. Opening at 11/4 the bookmakers retreated rapidly & the gamble was duly landed.

Bab Al Salam - Kempton    03 Nov 2009
Bab Al Salam maintained Godolphins purple patch by strolling to victory at Kempton. Well-backed, the result was never in any doubt.

Hunting Tower - Wetherby    30 Oct 2009
Hunting Tower maitained a perfect 100% record with AP McCoy & duly bolted up on Friday. The handicapper will not be amused but this progressive horse may not have stopped winning yet.

Rainbow Peak - Newbury    24 Oct 2009
Rainbow Peak is making rapid progress & duly won again, delivering a smart turn of foot. He deerves a further step up in class.

The Jigsaw Man - Cheltenham    16 Oct 2009
The Jigsaw Man held on well to land a massive gamble at Cheltenham on Friday. Available at 11/8 in the morning, the Welsh-trained dual-bumper winner was the subject of heavy support. He can come on for this victory.

Toby Jug - Huntingdon    13 Oct 2009
Toby Jug looks a cracking recruit for his small yard and duly demolished a small field at Huntingdon on Tuesday. The odds on favourite, Pairc Na Gcapall, had no answers to the onslaught and the winner could be decent.

Balthazar King - Ffos Las    11 Oct 2009
Balthazar King was given a peach of a ride by Richard Johnson and smoothly obliged at Britains newest racecourse, making it 2 winners from 3 bets for PAYW members at the weekend.

Tito Bustillo - Chepstow    10 Oct 2009
Tito Bustillo took an avalanche of late money & repaid the confidence with a solid debut win over hurdles. Decent on the Flat in France, he looks made for the jumping game.

Collateral Damage - Redcar    03 Oct 2009
Landed another gamble for members and was highlighted by the team as a horse to follow some time ago. Given a great ride by Kelly Harrison to lead right on the line to give members a massive 15/2 pay day!

Confront - Newmarket    02 Oct 2009
Confront is in fine form and made it three in a row. The result was never in any doubt as he lead them home from the three pole. His worth keeping and eye on as he could well win again next time as in such rude health!

Alainmaar - Newmarket    02 Oct 2009
The team thought this should be odds on, though still not a great price it was easy money for all members giving them all another 100% winning day.

Spoken - Salisbury    30 Sep 2009
Well backed and proved far to good leading them home in decent fashion.

Ascendant - Musselburgh    27 Sep 2009
Ascendant justfied heavy support (6/4 early price) and witheld the late charge of Spirit Is Neeeded to score in a thriller!

Blue Nymph - Kempton    24 Sep 2009
Blue Nymph had the bookies running for cover in a huge panic & then duly obliged by 5Ls!.

Captain Dunne - Beverley    22 Sep 2009
Captain Dunne powered home to win in spectacular style to land another big gamble for members. This horse is at the top of its game!

The Last Don - Wolverhampton    19 Sep 2009
Landed a flurry of late bets by winning as easily as he liked by 7Ls & looks well worth staying on the right side of.

Silent Secret - Beverley    16 Sep 2009
Silent Secret made slightly hard work of staying up the finishing hill at Beverley but justified support with a game win.

Bengal Tiger - Kempton    16 Sep 2009
Bengal Tiger belied his yards recent cold spell by running away with this maiden. It was as easy as you like & punters were counting their money a long way from home. The three-year-old made it 2 wins from 2 bets on the day for PAYW members.

Bawaardi - Lingfield    15 Sep 2009
Bawaardi landed some meaty bets in cheeky style to keep PAYW members on a roll!

Yurituni - Bath    13 Sep 2009
Yurituni rewarded Silvestre De Souza with comprehensive victory on his first ever visit to Bath. Never in any danger, the filly won with plenty to spare.

Poets Voice - Doncaster    12 Sep 2009
Poets Voice upped his game to win the Champagne Stakes, staying on strongly to repel all challengers & landing members a big pro touch.

Mountain Cat - Wolverhampton    12 Sep 2009
Mountain Cat was the subject of a huge gamble, backed in from 4/1 to 5/2 as a flurry of bets sent the bookies scurrying for cover. The win made it 2 from 2 for members on Saturday!

Lithaam - Chepstow    10 Sep 2009
Lithaam posted a scintilating performance to burst from the stalls and run home an unchallenged four and a half length winner at 11/4.

Ottoman Empire - Kempton    09 Sep 2009
Ottoman Empire proved himself a versatile horse by following up his Fibresand maiden win with victory on Polytrack. He was the subject of a sustained gamble & provided members with another touch.

Sarahs Gift - Sedgefield    08 Sep 2009
Sarahs Gift justified the heavy diesel cost to win in some style & land his hat-trick on Tuesday. Always travelling & jumping well, PAYW members money was never in any danger.

Implication - Newcastle    07 Sep 2009
Implication was given a very confident ride by Paul Hanagan & members collected at what, in the end, looked a value price of 7/4.

Brief Look - Lingfield    04 Sep 2009
Brief Look knuckled down well to justify heavy support, in a race where the market was affected by the non-participation of Becausewecan. The Henry Cecil-trained filly made it 3 winners from the last 3 bets for members.

Waveband - Wolverhampton    03 Sep 2009
Waveband duly obliged taking advantage of a perfect draw & landing a mighty gamble in the process. Available at best price 5/4 just before the off, she was returned an easy winner.

Leahurst - Wolverhampton    03 Sep 2009
Leahurst made it a great day for members by strolling to victory & looking a smart horse in the process. Well regarded, the Verglas gelding is clearly suited by a quick surface & can go on to much better things.

Vanishing Grey    28 Aug 2009
Vanishing Grey looks a horse to follow after winning this maiden in commanding fashion. She could turn out to be a very decent filly.

Saga De Tercy - Newmarket    28 Aug 2009
Saga De Tercy is a credit to connections & won again today, making it a superb 4 wins from just 6 starts.

Hawks Eye - Epsom    27 Aug 2009
Hawks Eye landed a nice touch for members, swooping late & fast to hit the front on the line. It was a cheeky win!

Collateral Damage - Ayr    26 Aug 2009
Collateral Damage Was available at 7/2 early doors and hacked up for members by an easy 5 lengths. He had tumbled down the handicap & had his perfect ground.

Lethal Combination - Lingfield    20 Aug 2009
Lethal Combination justified the support with a resolute victory.

Street Power - Kempton    19 Aug 2009
Street Power won as easy as he liked & continues to progress at a rate of knots.

Midnight Fantasy - Newcastle    14 Aug 2009
Midnight Fantasy showed a fine turn of foot to win at 11/4 for members.

Marching Time - Salisbury    12 Aug 2009
Sir Michael Stoutes Marching Time won without fuss & looks a horse to stay on the right side of in better races.

Prescription - Lingfield    11 Aug 2009
Prescription justified strong support & was never in any trouble under a typical Seb Sanders ride.

Beauchamp Xerxes - Windsor    10 Aug 2009
Beauchamp Xerxes stayed on powerfully yo land yet another big touch for members.

Turnkey - Ayr    08 Aug 2009
Turnkey was strongly fancied to win this claimer & did so despite trouble in running.

Wing Play - Sandown    06 Aug 2009
Wing Play simply bolted up!

Surprise Party - Yarmouth    06 Aug 2009
Surprise Party clocked a decent time & won in impressive style.

Saga De Tercey - Catterick    04 Aug 2009
Saga De Tercey is a credit to Alan Swinbank & is worth keeping on the right side of.

First Lieutenant - Cork    01 Jan 1970
First Lieutenant only had to be pushed out to land the gamble. It was very easy but a stronger pace will help in the future.

Woop Woop - Kempton    01 Jan 1970
A big day for the PAYW Service as Woop Woop made it 2 bets & 2 winners - scoring at a tasty 5/1! It was a superb price for a horse that bolted up by nearly 3 lengths!

Storm Survivor    01 Jan 1970
What a mighty gamble for a Monday as Storm Survivor was battered off the boards at Folkestone. Available at 11/4 early doors, the money flooded in all day & the result had the bookmakers heavily in retreat!

Grand Vision - Huntingdon    01 Jan 1970
Grand Vision was the subject of a sustained gamble all day & the long journey up from Dorset paid off. They didnt go much of a gallop & it ended up being a sprint to the line but the well-handicapped six-year-old had the legs on them all.

Third Intention - Fontwel    01 Jan 1970
Third Intention landed the only bet of the day very easily indeed, landing a big on-course gamble in the process. Cheltenham now awaits the impressive winner.

Jezki - Leopardstown    01 Jan 1970
Jezki kept up an impressive record & eased clear to record yet another success. Barring injuries, it would be surprising if the exciting Irish horse does not make Cheltenham 2013.

Arthurs Pass - Leicester    01 Jan 1970
Arthurs Pass is a horse progressing nicely now over fences & had the field pretty well strung out at Leicester today. On this evidence, hell be winning again.

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