3 times champion tipster Steve Simpson

Recent Winners

Lord Murphy 8/1
Riddlestown 12/1
Amateur 4/1
Scala Regia 8/1
Behind The Wire 7/2
Shanroe Santos 5/1
Vieux Lion Rouge 8/1
Ballyandy 3/1
Daphne De Clos
Custard The Dragon 2/1
Lost The Moon 2/1
Ami Desbois 15/8
What A Diva 6/1
Lady Buttons 9/4
Pinzolo 5/2
A Toi Phil 7/2
Espresso Freddo 5/1
Looks Like Power 15/8
GDay Aussie 2/1
Stamford Raffles 11/2
Royal MacNab 12/5
Midnight Jade 100/30
Mythical Madness 3/1
General Hazard 15/8
Priors Brook 11/4
Lozah 5/1
Signed Request 11/4
Miss Spent 11/1
Taroum 7/2
Oxford Blu 5/1
Peak To Peak 7/2
Astracad 100/30
Charlemar 7/2
Moss Street 3/1
Cape Cova 4/1
Bold Image 8/1
Zippy 9/4
Burning Thread 10/1
Outre Mer 11/10
Marquee Club 5/1
Medieval 11/4
Captain Dion 6/1
Kiringa 5/2
Wediddodontwe 11/4
Captain Colby 6/1
Minminwin 3/1
Fact Of The Matter 5/1
Lord of the North 4/1
Certifcate 7/2
Coopers Friend Evs
Nemoralia 15/8
Kummiya 15/8
Amthal 5/2
Ralphy Boy 11/4
Mokarris 9/4
Kyllang Rock 15/8
Right Touch 7/1
Silva Eclipse 11/4
Langley Vale 5/1
Bayston Hill 2/1
Eddiemaurice 11/4
Son Of Suzie 11/4
Sir Dylan 9/2
Master Blueyes 10/3
Bernisdale 4/1
Jumeirah Star 3/1
Baadi 5/2
Urban Space 3/1
Art Mauresque 3/1
Taysh 3/1
Brave Spartacus 7/1
Sharp Rise 9/4
Cue Card 6/5
Shrewd 3/1
Affectionate Lady 22/1
Value At Risk 11/4
Carried 2/1
Magical Man 7/2
Annie Power 5/2
The Nipper 9/2
Swift Cedar 6/1
Crosse Fire 7/2
The Organist 11/4
More Spice 9/2
Jotem Down 5/2
Arthurs Oak 11/4
Lightscameraction 6/1
Ericht 5/1
New Abbey Angel 11/4
Fleckerl 5/2
Supreme Bob 11/4
Bridge Of Sighs 2/1
Frivolous Lady 4/1
Elysian Prince 7/2
Moon River 7/1
Le Reve 4/1
Welliesinthewater 2/1
Kalahari 9/4
Logans Lad
Truckers Highway 9/2
Les Gar Gans 11/2
Jess 11/4
Kadrizzi 2/1
William Of Orange 9/2
Percella 3/1
Little Stampy 2/1
Money Team 7/4
Mulzamm 9/4
Mystic Sky 15
Dont Be 20/1
Commeragh Trix 9/4
Supreme Bob 11/4
Ruby Rambler 11/4
Baby Shine 6/1
Minstrels Gallery 4/1
North Hill Harvey 4/1
Seek The Fair Land 6/1
Jers Girl 2/1
Quatrieme Ami 2/1
Little Sweetheart 11/4
Entihaa 9/4
Alibi De Sivola Carlisle
Mindurownbusiness 2/1
Seychelloise 15/8
El Campeon 4/1
Pithivier 11/4
Yes I Did 2/1
Final Assault 15/8
Rosa Fleet 7/2
The Steward 7/2
Throthehatch 9/4
Clondaw Cian 9/2
The Cobbler Swayne 15/8
Rouge Nuage 12/1
Automotive 7/2
Love The Leader 2/1
Butlergrove King 15/8
Gleann Na Ndochais 4/1
Replenish 3/1
Atwix 5/1
Be On Time 15/8
Ullswater 11/8
After Eight Sivola 6/1
Tobefair 7/1
Forever My Friend 3/1
Top Offer 9/2
Roadie Joe 9/4
Billy Ranger 5/2
Sea Pride 3/1
Mandria 3/1
Harlequin Striker 5/1
Polarisation 3/1
Libran 9/1
Curious Carlos 11/4
Sir Billy Wright 15/8
Dr Robin 9/2
Algaith 5/2
Be Lucky 10/3
Air Force Blue 9/4
Balmoral Castle 6/1
Highland Reel 7/4
More Mischief 6/4
Dear Bruin 7/4.
Bold Runner 12/1 EW.
Seamour 5/2
Guiding Light 13/8
Talyani 11/4
The Tin Man 9/4
Temple Lord 7/2
Azure Amour 5/1
Pixeleen 11/4
Franklin D 5/4
Picture Dealer 11/2
Shipyard 11/8
John Splendid 2/7
Majenta 5/1 EW
Swift Cedar 11/4
Trulee Scrumptious 3/1
Ghinia 7/2
Tigers Tale 3/1
First Selection 11/2
Stone Roses 15/8
Lady Tiana 7/2
Iseemist 11/2
Tobefair 11/4
Mutawathea 9/2
War Envoy 10/1
Mercers Row 3/1
Saved By The Bell 9/2
Avenue Des Champs 5/2
Code Red 14/1
One More Go 4/1
Kerrymerry 11/4
Adaay 6/1
Pennant Dancer 8/1
King Of Rooks 11/4
Cygnet 5/2
Red Baron 3/1
Cygnet 4/1
Libran 13/2
Goolagong Girl 9/2
Libran 7/1
Goldream 5/1
Pennant Dancer 7/2
Go Dan Go 2/1
Tanerko Emery 4/1
Lungarno Palace 4/1
Bon Chic 2/1
Arctic Lynx 5/2
Osaila 4/1
Kublai 15/8
Don Cossack 3/1
Dark Ocean 3/1
Princess Ombu 5/1
Party Palace 9/1
Quadriga 8/1
Windshear 15/8
Elusive Ellen 9/4
Better B Quick 11/4
Rebel Rebellion 7/1
Subversive 2/1
Forgivienne 17/2
Tsarglas 5/2
Desert Strike 12/1
Matraash 9/4
Primrose Valley 11/4
Its A Long Road 2/1
Murrayana 2/1
Comeonginger 10/3
Perfect Cracker 12/1
Pearl Noir 2/1
Lean On Pete 5/1
Bowberry 4/1
Chelwood Gate 5/4
Royal Macnab 4/1
Always Bold 13/2
Brave Spartacus 7/2
Telegraph 9/4
Varsovian 11/4
Gigawatt 5/2
Gabrial The Terror 9/2
Shanroe Santos 11/4
Theregoesthetruth 5/2
Kodafine 3/1
Perfect Pasture 4/1
Hallelujah 2/1
Baradari 11/2
Rebel Rebellion 12/1
Monkerty Tunkerty 7/1
Steel City 5/4
Cody Wyoming 2/1
Rathlin Rose 10/3
Brandon Hill 9/2
Gores Island 3/1
Royal Player 10/11
Rock On Ruby 5/2
Francos Secret 5/1
Melvin The Grate 9/4
Grey Danube 6/1
Toot Sweet 3/1
Welease Bwian 14/1
Benbane Head 16/1
Daveron 3/1
Deep Resolve 7/2
Champagne Chaser 9/4
Past Forgetting 3/1
Malibu Sun 9/2
Dont Be 2/1
Rowlestone Lass 9/1
The Ould Lad 9/4
One For The Boss 5/2
Strawberry Martini 7/1
Dont Be 9/2
Good Authority 5/2
Desilvano 15/8
Tikkandemickey 6/1
Robbie 9/1
Big Baz 5/2
Sam Winner 15/2
Synonym 100/30
Toothemoonandback 5/2
Favorite Girl 100/30
Monbeg Theatre 5/2
One For Hocky 3/1
Brother Brian 3/1
Alright Benny 5/2
Eurystheus 9/4
Mary Le Bow 3/1
Cadmium 4/1
Blue Kascade 5/2
Midnight Charmer 9/4
Montoyas Son 5/2
Madame Lilibet 7/1
Dark Ruler 3/1
Urban Space 10/1
Eastern Dragon 7/1
Lady Tiana 4/1
Yakoum 6/1
Chesil Beach 7/2
Caulfields Venture 11/4
Mister Bob 9/4
Knights Reward 5/1
Abbeygrey 9/4
Phoenix Returns 9/4
Islandmagee 9/4
Della Sun 100/30
Sleep In First 2/1
Bluegrass Blue 11/4
Interception 2/1
Knight Owl 5/1
Bayleyf 3/1
Battersea 8/1
Green Howard 15/8
Chapellerie 2/1
Baltic Knight 11/4
Secret Missile 7/2
Hallings Wish 9/4
Storm King 9/2
Giant O Murchu 10/3
Saborido 3/1
Elhaame 9/4
Ssafa 7/1
Pretty Bubbles 5/2
Maverik 10/1
Rawoof 4/1
Go Go Green 14/1
Trulee Scrumptious 6/1
Rusty Nail 15/8
Mick Duggan 2/1
La Bacouetteuse 11/4
Kiwi Bay 3/1
Solar Spirit 7/2
Almagest 3/1
Thourntoun Care 11/4
Gorteenwood 5/2
Ballybough Gorta 15/8
Jargon 2/1
Dr Red Eye 9/2
Tenor 11/4
Swiss Cross 11/4
Top Chief 5/2
BookEm Danno 11/4
Bernisdale 9/2
Gravitational 4/1
Le Chat DOr 3/1
Pennant Dancer 9/2
Baitha Alga 15/8
Laughing Jack 9/4
Genius Boy 3/1
Beach Belle 15/8
Midnight Diamond 4/1
Youre Fired 9/4
One Pursuit 4/1
Tiggy Wiggy 3/1
Chatez 7/1
Comrade Bond 2/1
Uncle Dermot 3/1
Uncle Dermot 100/30
BookEm Danno 4/1
Sir Lynx 7/2
Intibah 5/2
Six Wives 2/1
Lemon Gent 2/1
Secret Art 7/1
Alices Dancer 3/1
Should I Stay 9/4
Mull Of Killough 4/1
Sudski Star 15/8
Ifan 6/1
Hold Court 3/1
Time Square 8/1
Camden 5/2
Heronry 7/1
Ballylifen 7/2
The Lock Master 4/1
Bob Keown 7/2
The Lock Master 7/2
Ballyoliver 8/1
Villa Royale 6/1
Dynaste 3/1
Present View 8/1
Capisci 3/1
Gibbstown 7/2
Khajaaly 6/1
Dark And Dangerous 9/4
Fair Breeze 3/1
Kaylif Aramis 11/2
Saffire Song 5/1
Songcraft 9/1
Star Links 5/1
Ballyesker Hill 5/2
Grendisar 9/4
Masterful Act 5/2
Robin Hoods Bay 4/1
Wilfrid Pickles 4/1
Star Links 3/1
Captain Chris 15/8
Random Success 2/1
Stanlow 6/1
Perfect Pasture 11/4
Tony Dinozzo 2/1
Baradari 11/4
Caroles Spirit 2/1
Dubai Hills 11/4
Lord Protector 5/1
Maggie Pink 5/2
Renard DIrlande 11/4
Next Sensation 15/8
Melodic Rendezvous 9/2
Dancing Daffodil 5/2
Powerful Pierre 2/1
Hunters Lodge 8/1
Standing Ovation 3/1
Jump City 7/2
Line DAois 15/8
Volume 9/4
Pantxoa 6/1
Goal 9/4
Mister Fizz 3/1
Waahej 2/1
Ebony Express W8/1 8/1
Tawhid 15/8
Bayan 5/1
Aloha 4/1
Exclusive Waters 2/1
The Lark 15/8
Lancelot Du Lac 3/1
Gordon Lord Byron 7/2
Anytimeatall 9/2
Yojimbo 9/4
Cullentry Royal 9/2
Royal Bajan 9/4
Papradon 12/1
Surf And Turf 5/2
Glen Moss 5/2
Bohemian Rhapsody 11/4
True Pleasure 3/1
Silver Rime 7/2
Certavi 3/1
Floating Along 11/4
Born To Fly 15/8
Dineur 5/2
Alwilda 15/8
Oceana Gold 2/1
Reginald Claude 5/2
Dame Nellie Melba 15/8
Jubilee Dancer 15/8
Secondo 15/8
Excellent Aim 5/2
Forever My Friend 11/4
Progenitor 13/2
The Grey Gatsby 11/4
Snowy Dawn 5/2
Riskit Fora Biskit 4/1
Universal 3/1
Al Kazeem 15/8
Ambiance 7/2
Front Page News 5/2
Sky Lantern 9/2
Glen Countess 8/1
Man Of Steel 4/1
Great Crested 11/4
Baltic Knight 2/1
Clowance Estate 11/4
Emperors Hope 5/2
Dom Lukka 5/1
Honoured 9/4
Area Fifty One 11/4
Langley Vale 15/8
Creek Falcon 3/1
Yeager 15/8
Nafa 5/2
Clon Brulee 9/2
Ralston Road 3/1
Lord Ashley 5/2
King Of The Danes 4/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Nafa 3/1
Eton Forever 9/2
Eshtiaal 9/4
The Black Baron 4/1
Brunton Blue 9/4
Edgware Road 4/1
Saint Thomas 15/8 (dht)
Sky Lantern 9/1
Honest Strike 2/1
String Theory 9/4
Molon Labe 14/1
Sleep In First 7/2
Aryal 7/2
The Clyda Rover 4/1
Deputy Dan 11/4
Stuccodor 7/2
Araldur 2/1
El Salvador 15/8
Rockalong 3/1
Mojolika 15/8
Hidden Justice 5/2
Calculated Risk 4/1
Solwhit 9/4
Cappa Bleu EW 12/1
Ace Master 5/2
Five Rivers 7/2
Rumble Of Thunder 4/1
Irene Kennet 5/1
Goldstorm 15/8
Devout 3/1
Top Of The Range 11/4
Riskit For A Biskit 15/8
Come On Annie 4/1
Botteen 5/1
Howards Legacy 2/1
Everaard 15/2
Bridge That Gap 11/4
Leviathan 9/4
Goldstorm 2/1
No Way Hozay 2/1
Light Burst 2/1
Mubtadi 4/1
Boxing Shadows 7/2
Toga Tiger 9/4
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Bitaphon 4/1
Gorgehous Lliege 3/1
Adiynara 10/1
Katenko 4/1
Woolfall Sovereign 2/1
Last Fighter 3/1
Master Of The Sea 11/4
Chartreux 2/1
Killimore Cottage 9/4
Kames Park 11/4
Mica Mika 11/4
Shaunas Spirit 5/1
Flag Of Glory 5/1
Lean On Pete 2/1
Lager Time 9/2
Tarquinius 5/2
Outlander 9/4
Noble Witness 10/3
Neige DAntan 5/2
Shaking Hands 11/2
Sulpius 5/2
Stow 4/1
Dark Lover 9/2
Changing Times 11/4
Doctor Harper 2/1
De La Bech 7/2
Sakhees Rose 3/1
Amok 3/1
Our Father 11/4
Buck Mulligan 11/4
Cue To Cue 7/2
Locked Inthepocket 6/1
Harouet 11/1
Ivors King 7/2
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Nameitwhatyoulike 5/2
Fama Mac 9/2
Lamb Or Cod 7/2
Grand Liaison 5/2
Little Rocky 2/1
Dolores Rocket 15/8
Pericoloso 15/8
Tis Rock N Roll 4/1
Fire Ship 2/1
Fattsota 9/2
Im Back 15/8
Solar Deity 4/1
Hit The Switch 4/1
Chosen Character 11/4
Jacob Cats 10/3
Ingleby Angel 15/8
Empowerment 85/40
Hawdyerwheesht 4/1
Black Spirit 7/2
Trackmate 9/2
JoBurg 9/2
Kings Flyer 7/2
Heeraat 9/2
Finch Flyer 15/8
Star Links 4/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Universal 3/1
Mister Ming 5/2
Raving Monsun 9/2
Changing The Guard 11/4
Green Howard 7/4
Illustrious Prince 7/2
Juarla 9/2
Premier Dane 9/4
Geminus 4/1
Royal Dutch 9/4
Echion 4/1
Brigadoon 7/2
Gospel Choir 5/2
Ethics Girl 14/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Meccas Team 9/2
Fresa 2/1
Charlie Em 9/2
Sound Of Guns 15/8
Orwellian 2/1
Victor Hewgo 4/1
Asker 9/4
Iktiview 10/1
Captain Scooby 7/1
Guiletta 3/1
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Able Master 6/1
Potomac 4/1
Liberty Island 4/1
Farang Kondiew 3/1
Fenella Fudge 5/1
Cardigan Island 7/4
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Lahaag 15/8
Basseterre 11/4
Our Boy Jack 7/4
Liliargh 6/4
Queen Of Mantua 5/2
Colbyor 9/4
Teak 2/1
Cecily Parsley 85/40
Lexis Boy 3/1
Bint Alzain 11/4
Niceonefrankie 2/1
Vertueux 5/2
Kedleston 2/1
Kentford Grey Lady 5/2
Emmaslegend 2/1
Woop Woop 3/1
Battlecry 11/4
Woop Woop 5/1
The New One 11/4
Alfraamsey 15/8
Deacon Blues 5/2
Mauritino 2/1
Diverting 11/4
Alfraamsey 15/8
Avon River 2/1
Ardglen 2/1
Tanmawy 2/1
Passionada 2/1
French Navy 2/1
Bogini 9/4
Deliberation 15/8
Hot Rod Mamma 3/1
Absolute Shambles 5/2
Sansili 3/1
Im The Decider 9/4
Side Glance 2/1
Imaginary Diva 9/4
Blown It 15/8
Roninski 15/8
Polar Annie 5/2
Eijaaz 2/1
Jewelled Dagger 2/1
Little Jimmy Odsox 3/1
Roodee Queen 10/3
Princely Hero 11/2
Farlow 2/1
Lexis Boy 15/8
Kool Henry 2/1
John Forbes 9/4
Quite Sparky 13/2
Golden Waters 15/8
Bondage 9/4
Princely Hero 5/2
Minis Destination 5/1
Addictive Dream 4/1
Show Rainbow 5/2
Wooden King 9/4
Malibu Sun 11/4
Miss Muga 11/4
Elzaam 10/3
Health Is Wealth 15/8
Tatispout 3/1
Mandhooma 85/40
Dream Achieved 11/5
Bold Diva 3/1
Indian Shuffle 15/8
Sir Kezbaah 9/4
The Which Doctor 5/1
Nideeb 9/4
Topolski 15/8
Go Maggie Go 15/8
Stormin Exit 2/1
Robertewnutter 5/2
Trooper Clarence 11/4
Numide 4/1
Non Dom 9/4
Premier Sagas 9/4
Flying Phoenix 15/8
April Fool 7/2
Elhamri 2/1
Unlimited 10/3
Honourable Arthur 7/2
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Stanley Rigby 9/4
Yourelikemefrank 11/4
Lord Lansing 5/2
Hollo Ladies 9/4
Mossley 3/1
Fantasy Gladiator 9/4
Salpierre 9/4
Take Ten 3/1
Calypso Bay 5/2
Mr Hudson 2/1
Kilcrea Kim 5/2
Garton King 7/2
Psychic Ability 2/1
Ingleby Spirit 7/2
Cappagh 15/8
Kartanian 11/4
Lang Shining 9/2
Earlsmedic 7/2
Dreamacha 10/3
High Twelve 3/1
Sharp Sovereign 15/8
Vesuve 2/1
Oldrik 11/4
Finch Flyer 9/4
Epic 7/2
Rudanphast 15/8
Mushy Peas 15/8
Poets Voice 2/1
Nave 9/4
Magic Cross 9/4
Classic Swain 3/1
La Fortunata 10/3
Jet Away 2/1
Midday 15/8
Changing Lanes 6/1
Jack Luey 9/4
Orpenindeed 2/1
Lady Eclair 15/8
Space Telescope 9/4
Perfect Blossom 11/4
Mandhooma 5/2
Christopher Wren 5/2
Space Telescope 8/1
Parks Prodigy 3/1
The Fonz 2/1
Maid In Heaven 9/4
Jollywood 3/1
Milhu 9/4
Strike A Deal 15/8
Penang Cinta 15/8
Boogie Waltzer 100/30
Feathered Crown 15/8
Day Of The Eagle 10/3
Aviate 11/4
Pro Pell 11/2
Kajima 15/8
Mostly Bob 3/1
Shalamiyr 2/1
Activate 9/4
Mabait 9/4
Quick Reaction 5/2
Bathwick Bear 2/1
Captain Chris 2/1
Avow 3/1
Buona Sarah 2/1
Admission 10/1
Bene Lad 15/8
Sophies Choice 3/1
Buxted 5/2
Drussell 15/8
Fred Bojangals 7/2
Mister Pete 5/2
Bothy 2/1
Gansey 9/4
Ginger Grey 9/4
Shadows Lengthen 11/4
Qozak 2/1
Oiseau De Nuit 2/1
Wunder Strike 2/1
Ere Alfie 100/30
Doctor Pat 9/4
Wishfull Thinking 15/8
Follow The Dream 11/4
Natural Action 85/40
Magnetic Pole 2/1
Banjaxed Girl 9/4
Bowdlers Magic 11/4
Manjam 2/1
Woop Woop 5/1

Notable Winners

Glen Countess 8/1
Glen Countess 8/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Urban Kode 13/2
Urban Kode 13/2
Legacy Gold 9/1
Legacy Gold 9/1
Everaard 15/2
Everaard 15/2
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Adiynara  10/1
Adiynara 10/1
Shaking Hands 11/2
Shaking Hands 11/2
Locked Inthepocket  6/1
Locked Inthepocket 6/1
Valerene 11/1
Valerene 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Iktiview 10/1
Iktiview 10/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Able Master 6/1
Able Master 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Unforgettable 4/1
Unforgettable 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Gores Island 14/1
Gores Island 14/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Deacon Blues 5/2
Deacon Blues 5/2
Alsindi 5/1
Alsindi 5/1
Princely Hero 11/2
Princely Hero 11/2
Korabushka 4/1
Korabushka 4/1
Quite Sparky 13/2
Quite Sparky 13/2
Perfect Tribute 12/1
Perfect Tribute 12/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
Numide 4/1
Numide 4/1
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Changing Lanes 6/1
Changing Lanes 6/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Pro Pell 11/2
Pro Pell 11/2
Admission 10/1
Admission 10/1

Horses To Follow

"Betfair makes money out of people winning and welcomes Richard Dunwoody's customers. Other bookmakers won't work with Richard as the liability for loses is too high for them!"


Next update due soon..........

25th, March

BOB KEOWN (Rebecca Curtis) was unlucky at Chepstow today as the rain had dumped on the track over night & his favoured good going disappeared.  He ran a fine race but is better on a faster surface. His day can come again.

27th, February

MINSTRELS GALLERY (Lucy Wadham) attracted plenty of support on debut for Newmarket yard & although could only finish second, was not beaten far.  He'll be of interest next time, particularly at Southwell.

9th, January

PETER'S FRIEND (Michael Herrington) almost blew his chance by trying to anticipate the stalls opening & then banging his head. Then, given a patient ride, he challenged late & grabbed the spoils on the line & is unlikely to go up much for the win. He can go in again.

13th, December

SOFIAS NUMBER ONE (Roy Bowring) looked very reluctant back at his favourite track at Southwell today but eventually picked up nicely & was doing all his best work late on. He now looks set for a big AW winter campaign.

9th, November

DAWN TWISTER (Lucy Wadham) was well backed to score after a llng lay off & very nearly pulled off the gamble. In the end, lack of race fitness told & he'll be of big interest next time.

BABY SHINE (Lucy Wadham) was a very decent hurdler & was in the process of running a big rave first time over fences, when coming down at the fourth last. Assuming confidence is not damaged, the mare is worth another chance.

25th, September

GUD DAY (Fergal O'Brien): The long trip paid off for Gud Day, who sporting cheekpieces for the first time, landed the only bet of the day for PAYW members! He looks a different horse with the aids on & will be of interest again!

4th, September

RADIATOR (Sir Michael Stoute) holds a Fillies' Mile entry & was most impressive today at Lingfield, winning pushed out by a facile 15Ls. She could be anything & will be attracting plenty of ante-post support.

9th, August

GRAN CANARIA QUEEN (Tim Easterby) is thriving at the moment & due a hike in the weights. However, her trainer is likely to look for another opportunity very soon.

3rd, August

DINEUR (Peter Bowen) There was plenty of confidence behind Dineur at Market Rasen today & the Peter Bowen-trained horse landed the gamble in a fast time. He will now be aimed at a valuable Ffos Las race later in the month where he will have a very big shout.

25th, July

NULLARBOR SKY (Lucy Wadham) had been building a head of steam and duly landed a tidy gamble at Yarmouth today. Her handler continues to quietly pick up winners & she'll be looking for another opportunity soon.

6th, July

(Sir Michael Stoute) was a most impressive winner of the Coral Distaff today, showing a devastating turn of foot to pulverise the field. It will be interesting to see where she goes next but it will surely be in a Group race.

KINGMAN (John Gosden) posted one of those rare performances that sets the pulse racing! Despite racing green early on & then getting hampered 3f out, the colt picked up with an electric change of gears & flew home for a most impressive debut victory. The Solario Stakes at Sandown looks the next step.

14th, June

HENRY THE AVIATOR (Mark Johnston) relished the mile today & scored in a hack canter! It was all too easy & he is likely to reappear again quickly before getting hit hard by the handicapper!

5th, June

AWAKE MY SOUL (David O'Meara) somehow managed to get up & win a decent heat at Ayr today by a nose, despite the saddle slipping! Who knows how far he would have won otherwise & the John Smith's Cup at York is the likely target.

31st, May

PRODUCER (Richard Hannon) had a nightmare at Epsom today. Not only did he get upset before the start, he then got squeezed up and finally ran out of steam over the trip. He is better than that at Epsom & will be of interest when he returns over 7f.

24th, May

WENTWORTH (Richard Hannon) was well fancied today on his return to action after a lengthy lay off and can be counted desperately unlucky not to score.  He was travelling sweetly but had nowhere to go from 2f out and had to be content with fast-finishing third. Easily the best horse in the race, he will be of great interest next time.

17th, May

HAWKEYE NATIVE (Mathew Barber) progressing nicely for trainer/rider & landed a nice gamble at Fontwell today. The aim is now to head to Stratford for the John Corbett Cup where he'll be of great interest.

5th, May

VERUS DELICIA (Daniel Mark Loughnane) was well backed to score at Hamilton but blew her chance when rearing at the start.  She was always playing catch up after & recompense awaits.

2nd, May

HONEST STRIKE (Daniel Mark Loughnane) loves it at Lingfield and duly landed a bit of a touch at the venue on Thursday. His previous effort at Wolverhampton had been poor but the way he won cosily today, indicates more to come at the Surrey track.

26th, April

MOLON LABE (David Rees) nearly landed a fine 14/1 touch for Dynamite PAYW members today at Chepstow but was harshly disqualified & placed second. He clearly loves it at the track & his shrewd handler will be looking for further opportunities.

16th, April

LEITRIM PASS (William Haggas) was well backed to score at Kempton this evening but had a nightmare passage. Eventually a gap appeared but despite rocketing home, the principals had flown. Compensation awaits.

12th, April

LOOK FOR LOVE (Susan Gardner) was a little unlucky at Chepstow when challenging between horses.  He stumbled after the last & then couldn't pick up again over the trip.  Not beaten far he will be of interest next time, particularly if dropped in distance.

4th, April

NORTH STAR BOY (Richard Hannon) probably needed the first run of the year & ran accordingly. He travelled well for most of the race but lost his place after the furlong pole & was not knocked about after. He'll be straighter next time.

30th, March

UPSILON BLEU (Pauline Robson)  had looked promising on stable debut & stepped up on that with a fine win on Saturday. A decent gamble was landed & the horse now heads to Ayr or Perth, with soft ground looking a priority.

21st, March

FLYING TEMPO (Ed Dunlop) is surely much better than the company has has been keeping & posted a superb performance to win by four lengths tonight. Graham Lee had so much horse under him, it was astonishing! There's plenty more to come.

13th, March

UPAVON (David Elsworth) provided Dunwoody PAYW members with a lovely touch away from the Cheltenham limelight, taking it up inside the final furlong & holding on well. He is still green & a big baby but improving all the time & can go in again.

8th, March

KING GEORGE RIVER (Alan Bailey) showed himself to be a class above the field & is surely capable of performing at a much higher level on turf.  The Chester May Meeting is a possibility, as is Royal Ascot. He looks smart.

28th, February

THECORNISHCOCKNEY (John Ryan) makes onto the list for the third time after another impressive victory! He has form figures of 211211 at 1m6f-2m since November of last year & doesn't look like running out of steam yet.

20th, February

RISKIT FORA BISKIT (Michael Bell) showed a tremendous attitude first time out today and scored cosily in the end to repel Can You Conga. The filly had been working well prior to the race but can be expected to improve again. She could be exciting!

14th, February

THECORNISHCOCKNEY (John Ryan) was back from a break & fully refreshed, posted an imperious run.  The 4yo cruised into the lead & could have won by much more. He is likely to reappear quickly.

6th, February

REGINALDHINO (Venetia Williams) looked a tired horse at Ludlow today and ended up a well beaten favourite. He had only run seven days before and the exertions seemed to take hold. Freshened up by a mini-break, he can resume his previous progress.

29th, January

DR LIVINGSTONE (Charles Egerton) was such an easy winner that if there are any more all-weather bumper races scheduled he would be of immediate interest. The 8yo relished the surface & shot clear impressively!

24th January

BOG WARRIOR (A J Martin) makes on to the list again after another impressive display. Apart from a sloppy jump at the last it was an imperious run & where he goes next will be going dependent.

16th, January

SEVENTH SIGN (Alan King) just held on to score on debut for King but is fully expected to improve in leaps & bounds for the effort.  He was a rig & only had surgery in December, so it ended up being a decent hurdling bow. He could be anything.

10th, January

LOWTHER (Lee Carter) is a classy horse on his day & his new handler has rekindled the enthusiasm.  Rated 102 just a year ago, there looks to be plenty more to come this winter.

31st, December

BOG WARRIOR (A J Martin) is looking back to his devastating best over hurdles & is making hay on the current bottomless conditions. Connections may decide to stick with hurdling & the 8yo is now a best price14/1 shot for the World Hurdle.

27th, December

JEZKI (Mrs John Harrington) cruised to victory at Leopardstown today to make it four wins in a row, including two Grade 1 races. He looks smart and barring injury, can figure prominently at next year's Cheltenham Fesival.

20th, December

TWO ROCKERS (Alan King) could not have had a better start to his career and looks a horse to stay on the right side of. He stays and stays all day and it will be interesting where Alan King goes with 5yo.

13th, December

THECORNISHCOCKNEY (John Ryan) has been in top form the last few weeks and narrowly missed out on a hat-trick at Kempton today. The winner managed to get first run but was very nearly reeled in. He can gain compensation.

4th, December

HAAF A SIXPENCE (Ralph Becket) ran a fine race from a wide draw at Kempton this evening, finishing third in a thrilling race where fortunes changed rapidly at the death.  The filly had been off for 211 days and is expected to back winning again soon.

29th, November

MY FLORA (Donald McCain) was put in her place by Champion Service winner Scholastica at Uttoxeter today but can't be written off yet.  She was racing over a trip too short on awful ground.  She'll be straighter next time & both horses look potentially decent.

20th, November

ROCK ME JOHN (John Flint) was the subject of a huge gamble but backers were unfortunate that Barney Curley also had a horse laid out. In the end, the Welsh-trained horse suffered for trying to go with the winner & came in third. Connections will be looking for another chance.

15th, November

SIZING EUROPE (Henry de Bromhead) posted a fine effort in a Grade 2 at Clonmel today & is now spot-on for Christmas action either in Ireland or at Kempton. He may not have beaten much but it was an imperious performance!

7th, November

SHAVANSKY (Rod Millman) is a capable horse on the all-weather but never landed a blow in a warm race at Kempton today. He is much better than that and will be interesting when turned out again.

31st, October

BUCKERS BRIDGE (Henry De Bromhead) showed a tremendous attitude when headed by Sword Of Destiny, to fight back and nail the result by one and a half lengths at Punchestown.  The front two were miles ahead of the rest and both look exciting prospects.

24th, October

BOLD HENRY (Philip Hobbs) looked likely to make it a great debut over fences today but was outpointed by another horse to follow, Rebel Rebellion (Paul Nicholls) in a warm novices' chase.  Both look decent prospects and are expected to make the grade.

17th, October

MORPHEUS (Sir Henry Cecil) as expected, attracted plenty of attention on his debut at Nottingham today.  In the end, it was just an okay debut as he ran green & seemed ill at ease on the going.  He'll be a different propostion next year.

11th, October

DOLORES ROCKET (Kevin Ryan) is a very tough juvenile & cruised to victory in the mud today.  Happiest when it pours with rain, it would be no surprise to see her back out again quickly.

3rd October

FORT KNOX (Richard Hannon) was well touted prior to his debut today but the full brother to Dubawi Gold let backers down by fading after travelling well.  He is surely better than that and can prove his ability next time.

25th, September

BERNARDINO (David Barron) will now be qualified for handicaps after an eyecatching run at Beverley on Tuesday. The 2yo stayed on nicely under patient handling & it'll be interesting to see what mark he is allocated.

19th, September

DARK CASTLE (Sylvester Kirk) was well fancied to score at Kempton tonight but was too keen early on and that probably cost him a winning chance. Still, he clocked a decent time and will be of interest next time on the all-weather.

13th, September

CLASSIC FALCON (William Haggas) was well fancied at Epsom today but reared over backwards at the start & really should have been withdrawn. Assuming no permanent damage has been done, she can gain a belated third win.

5th, September

GET HOME NOW (Peter Bowen) desperately unlucky not to win two races ago & today was a little one-paced down in trip. He looks a sure-fire winner when tried back up in trip.

21st, August

RUTTAN LAKE (Tim Vaughan)
This winning pointer made an impressive debut for Tim Vaughan. It may not have been a great race he won & he will need to brush up his jumping when facing stiffer opposition but he can certainly run up a sequence over the next few weeks.

14th, August

ALWILDA (Sir Mark Prescott) ran too bad to be true today & the race may have come too soon.  She is surely better than that & her shrewd handler will want to get it right with the half-sister to Albamara.

8th, August

JUBILEE BRIG (Gary Moore) should have run at Kempton tonight but was withdrawn due to worries about how slow the track was riding.  Connections will be looking urgently at further options.

2nd, August

MY SHARONA (Sylvester Kirk) ran a great race today at Goodwood considering she shot off like a scalded cat.  In the end, she finished third and can bounce back in less competitive company.

26th, July

SHESASTAR (David Barron) has taken some time to hit form this year but it all came good again this evening.  She appreciated the blistering pace & with the victory under the saddle, can be a force for the rest of the season.

19th, July

(John Patrick Shanahan) posted an eyecatching run at Hamilton today, getting outpaced but then staying on nicely, albeit too late.  The Irish raider will now be qualified for handicaps.

11th, July

DUNBRODY HOUSE (Peter Bowen) jumped much better today after a spell point-to-pointing but eventually ran out of steam on the soft going.  He's expected to improve when (if) the dry weather returns.

4th, July

WOODLANDSWAY (Richard Hannon) was very well backed to score but was not helped by having to race wide on her debut. She had clearly been showing up well at home & better can be expected.

28th, July

SILKEN THOUGHTS (John Berry) can be counted an unlucky horse at Yarmouth today.  Badly hampered 2f out, she still managed to finish fast but the winner had flown. Connections will no doubt be looking for another opportunity soon.

17th, July

CALIFANTE (Richard Hannon) expected to make into a decent filly and may have won first time out if ridden more positively.  In the end, she flashed home late to finish fourth.  No surprise if she obliges next time.

13th, June

POSITION (Sir Mark Prescott) taking time to get going this season but slightly unlucky in running last time & shrewd handler no doubt will place to advantage very soon.

7th, June

DASHING DAVID (Richard Hannon) posted a remarkable effort first time out at Nottigham today.  Very slowly away & looking clueless, the juvenile suddenly picked up and flew home to win going away.  He could be anything!

29th, May

SANSILI (Peter Bowen) bounced back to form at Chepstow today & showed a decent attitude to fend off the warm favourite. The tongue tie & fast ground have made the difference & he'll be expected to have a busy summer on the Flat & over hurdles.

23rd, May

ABI SCARLET (Hughie Morrison) just gets better and better on Fibresand and bolted up today.  She tends to need some stoking up but when she gets going, she's very hard to stop.  Her handler is likely to run her again quick if an opportunity arises.

16th, May

MUMBLES HEAD (Peter Bowen) has found a new lease of life & despite his age, is back in the winning groove.  He was in fine order at Perth today & gets on really well with Tom O'Brien.  Well handicapped, he can score again.

10th, May

BLACK MONK (Richard Hannon) was fancied & due to run at Goodwood today but the meeting has been called off due to waterlogging.  The 2yo had shaped well on debut & may have been a little unlucky as Pat Dobbs dropped his whip.

29th, April

CIRRUS DES AIGLES (Mme C Barande-Barbe) could manage only third behind Planteur in a stronger renewal of this race last year. He didn´t stop improving last season though and came here on the back of winning the Sheema Classic at Meydan. Settled in front, he was kicked on turning into the straight and kept going further clear, never looking in any danger. Despite handling quicker ground, he revels in these conditions and looks to be still be improving as a six-year-old. The Coronation Cup looks a suitable objective.

25th April

KHAZEENA (William Haggas) nicely bred & ran with a great deal of promise first time out today at Kempton.  But for getting outpaced at a vital stage, she would have finished a lot closer.  Better to come.

18th April

COURAGE (Sir Michael Stoute) badly needed the experience at Newmarket today. However, the well bred Invincible Spirit gelding will have learnt plenty & no doubt will be shrewdly placed this season.

11th April

RED SENOR (Charles Hills) was slowly away at Nottingham today & then had to race up the centre of the track.  That did his chance no good at all but he stayed on well & can be found another race soon.

1st April

(Michael Easterby)was an enormous eyecatcher at Doncaster today, making late headway from a hopeless position.  He is not a prolific winner but would have needed the run & can be placed to score soon.

28th March

HAAMAAT (William Haggas) was sthe subject of sustained support all day & though beaten (not far) into third, still ran a decent race.  The yard has been slow to get going this year & better expected next time.

18th March

HADA MEN (Brian Ellison) enjoyed the step up in trip on his handicap debut today & could well land a sequence as he did recently on the all-weather.  He looke seriously well handicapped.

14th March

JUNGLE BAY (Jane Chapple-Hyam) looked an unlucky loser tonight, being slightly hampered swinging in & then Adam Kirby having to stop riding at a crucial stage 50yds out.  He was very well backed & the yard no doubt will look for another race very soon.

7th March

DARTFORD (John Gosden) was all the rage but a tardy start and the drop back to 7f didn't help his cause.  He was staying on well in the final furlong and looks to need further.  No doubt his in-form handler will target another race before long.

29th February

SINFONICO (Richard Hannon) was quietly fancied to win first time out this year at Kempton & finished a creditable third, not beaten far.  Short of racing room up the straight, he stayed on well and will be straighter next time.

23rd February

DREAMBROOK LADY (Jeremy Scott) had fallen when almost certainly the winner at Chepstow the time before but avoided catastrophe today & won as she liked.  The mare jumped & travelled very well & can rate quite highly.

15th February

EDGEWORTH (David Bridgwater) had a productive time of it last winter & almost bounced back to winning ways today.  He found one just too good but can be winning again before too long.

8th February

PALE ORCHID (David Evans) may have found 7f a trip too far today but still posted a fine performance in a fast-run race.  The third horse was 8 lengths behind & she can be counted unlucky.

31st January

SANCTUAIRE (Paul Nicholls) had started to struggle over hurdles but the switch to chasing has rekindled the six-year-old's career.  He trotted up today at Taunton in a decent time and has the Arkle as a possibility for which he is quoted as low as 16/1.  In the meantime he'll probably head for the Kingmaker at Warwick, where he'll get a sterner test than he did today.

26th January

MOSCOW MANNON (B R Hamilton) could turn out to be very good indeed.  He eased to victory again today at Gowran Park and Declan Lavery who rides work for Willie Mullins, has been quoted as saying he is as good as anything he has sat on at Closutton this season.

19th January

QUIET APPEAL (Mark Johnston) eased to victory at Wolverhampton tonight and could have won by more had Joe Fanning not taken his foot off the gas.  Her handler no doubt will have her running again very soon.

11th January

NIBANI (Alastair Lidderdale) can be a bit of a monkey but under a tremendous ride by Leonna Mayor,  swooped very late to land the spoils at Kempton today.  He's in top progressive form & may not have stopped winning yet.

6th January

FLASH CRASH (Robert Cowell) landed a bit of a touch at Lingfield today and looks a horse to keep on the right side.  The way he took the race by the scruff of the neck and powered away to win easily, was impressive.

29th December

BITAPHON (Deborah Sanderson) was fancied to resume winning ways at Southwell today but after travelling well, failed to see out the trip.  A drop back to 7f at the track can help.

20th December

RUSSIAN BULLET (Jamie Osbourne) was given a peach of a ride by Sophie Doyle, who delivered the 2yo with a fine late challenge to win cheekily by just half a length.  He looks one to stay on the right side of until the handicapper has his say.

15th December

GENERAL TUFTO (Charles Smith) is in solid form at the moment and again ran well on his 100th start.  He loves it Southwell and can be found a winning opportunity very soon.

8th December

PAINTER MAN (David Pipe) had caught the eye at Exeter and was strongly fancied to score at Huntingdon today.  The horse was the subject of a sustained gamble but was withdrawn just before the off, following a problem that occured on the way to the start.  Assuming it was nothing serious, he is one to keep an eye on next time.

27th November

DARLAN (Nicky Henderson) unbeaten in two runs last season and quietly being prepared for his first run this term.  Owned by JP McManus, the horse is highly regarded & expected to make a mark in the run up to the Cheltenham Festival 2012.

24th November

NEW LEYF (Ed Walker) posted another fine run for his new trainer in a hot race at Kempton tonight that looks likely to throw up plenty of winners.  He lost second place on the line & desrves a change of luck.

16th November

SPADE (Tim Pit) had shown very little for David Elsworth but looked more like it at Kempton today, when travelling very strongly unfortunately was perhaps not given the best assistance from the saddle by the young apprentice.  Interesting next time!

10th November

ROWLESTONE LAD (John Flint) looked out of its league in a Class 3 novices hurdle today when finishing mid-division.  Looks to need a drop in class & handicapping to be seen in better light.

3rd November

DULCEMARA (John Flint) Ultimately found the tough finish at Towcester too much but will come on for the run & will be of interest next time.  She was quietly fancied but will find easier opportunities.

25th October

SWEDISH SAILOR (Mahmood Al Zarooni) rates a decent middle distance prospect after hacking up at Yarmouth today.  The race he won has gone to the likes of Sea Moon in the past & the colt must have Group aspirations for next season.

20th October

GOOD AUTHORITY (Karen George) was given an excellent ride by Darryll Holland to record a well-backed smooth victory.  This could be a serious horse to stay on the right side of on the all-weather this winter.

13th October

MISS KALIFA (Peter Bowen) was most unfortunate in her previous race to be cannoned into & falling as a result.  However, she looked none the worse today & posted a fine effort at Uttoxeter.  Her ever-shrewd handler no doubt will place her well.

6th, October

HOUSTON DYNIMO (Nicky Richards) has returned to hurdling after a near two-year spell on the Flat and is at last fulfilling the promise once shown.  He stayed on powerfully to win today and can now move on to better things.

30th, September

LACKAMON (Sue Smith) was rated 130 over hurdles but could easily be a much better chaser.  An almost flawless fencing debut saw the six-year-old win in style & better things await.

15th September

DUCAL (Sir Mark Prescott) fluffed his lines with a tardy start at Kempton this evening but stayed on well to chase the winner.  Expect the horse to reappear again quickly.

9th September

LILBOURNE LAD (Richard Hannon) posted a solid staying on effort back over the minimum trip at Doncaster today.  He is tough and remains in excellent nick and if his handler can find another race back over 6f, then he will be of serious interest.

29th August

Laganbank (W P Mullins) is a rare Irish eye catcher. Having only his second start over hurdles he looked a natural over the obstacles and sauntered home in the style of a very good horse. He is with a top yard who look to have yet another star hurdler who is one to watch over the winter.

17th August

ROSE OF SARRATT (Rae Guest) looks to need cut in the ground and found the rapidy drying Brighton turf a stumbling block today.  She'll be of interest on easier going in lowly company.

12th August

TOP OFFER (Roger Charlton) posted a fine effort after a slow start, killing the race off with a devastating turn of foot to then win eased down.  The colt holds a host of big race entries & is regarded as a smart prospect.

11th August

GOODWOOD ATLANTIS (John Dunlop) improved dramtically on a very green debut & held on well to score at Salisbury today.  The two-year-old has no fancy entries but is learning with each race & looks a decent nursery prospect.

4th August

SCHOOL FEES (Henry Candy) almost pulled of a mini-upset tonight but found Ewell Place just too good on the day.  She handled the step up to 6f well & also has the possibility of trying a furlong further.  She should be placed to effect next time.

29th July

DRUNKEN SAILOR (Luca Cumani) powered home with a late charge, clearly enjoying the track and quick going, despite selective watering.  This was his first Group win and he looks a serious horse for Cumani this year. 

19th July

WITH GRACE (Peter Bowen) just gets better and better and this talented ex-bumper winner has now really taken to hurdling.  She eased to victory today and rates a horse to stay on the right side of.

14th July

QAHRIMAN (Luca Cumani) has ability & ran another solid race in defeat at Leicester.  Looks a decent stayer in the making & no doubt will be shrewdly placed by his astute handler.

7th July

CENSUS (Richard Hannon).  It was agonising to watch for backers of the three-year-old, who finished like a rocket after taking time to pick up.  He was also slightly hampered by the winner coming across him and lost outby a rapidly diminishing head!  He looks a St Leger horse but can win before then.

30th June

FIREBACK (Andrew Balding) had a race to forget at Epsom tonight, being forced wide on the home turn & trailing in well beaten.  He is much better than that & a return to the Newmarket July course will be of interest.

23rd June

DOC HAY (Keith Dalgleish) had a nightmare run on Wednesday but managed to avoid severe trouble in running today and bolted up!  He has a tremendous change of gears and is of interest if reappearing again under a penalty.

16th June

ALKIMOS (Luca Cumani) was laid out for Royal Ascot but may not have been entirely happy on the rain-softened going.  In the end, he ran a fine race to finish second in the Tercentenary Stakes and looks to have a big season ahead.

8th June

POWER PUNCH (Barry Hills) looks a well-named horse after a tremendous win at Beverley today.  The colt didn't appear to progress after a decent effort at Chester last term but has certainly come good now.  He could be pitched at some decent handicaps.

Saturday, 28th May

SHUMOOS (Brian Meehan) was a pricey purchase & could well pay back the fee with interest.  Keen early doors, Shane Kelly managed to get cover & then let her loose in the final furlong.  The rsponse was impressive & Royal Ascot must surely be on the agenda now.

Wednesday, 25th May

DOMINO DANCER (Lucy Jones) has hit a serious patch of form and won very easily again on Wednesday.  He is thriving on fast ground & looks a fair bet to go in again & land a hat-trick.

Wednesday, 18th May

BEATRICE AURORE (John Dunlop) rates a fast improving filly & looks well worth a tilt at the Oaks.  She readily landed the odds in the Listed fillies' race today and was cut from 50/1 to 20/1 for the big race.  Whether she is quite good enough to win, only time will tell but she could well make the frame.

Wednesday, 11th May

DEFENCE OF DURESS (Tom Tate) was the subject of a big gamble, being backed in to 9/2 from 10/1. In the end, the money went astray as the three-year-old became outpaced before staying on in the final furlong.  He may have just needed it & will be straighter next time.

Thursday, 5th May

WITH GRACE (Peter Bowen) can be winning soon after a satisfactory start over hurdles today.  The mare was a decent bumper horse but pulled up in Listed race at Aintree.  Her astute handler will no doubt place her shrewdly.

Thursday, 29th April

RENARD D'IRLANDE (Venetia Willaims) was strongly fancied to win the opener at Perth but after travelling well, lost his action and was pulled up quickly.  In the end, he returned sound and can be forgiven an unusual bad run.

Thursday, 21st April

ROUGH ROCK (Chris Dwyer) lost his 100% track record at Folkestone today, looking as though he just about needed the run.  His yard has been quiet and the six-year-old couldn't go the early pace.  He'll be straighter next time.

Wednesday, 13th April

TELL DAD (Richard Hannon) is very well regarded and it was somewhat surprising to see him humbled by David Evans' Jack Who's He, who eventually went off favourite.  However, lack of experience and greenness cost the colt and he'll be much wiser next time.  A bright future awaits.

Monday, 4th April

SILVERHEELS (Paul Cole). It may be very early in the new season to get excited by a two-year-old but the Verglas colt posted a superb display to blow away the field, leaving the well-fancied Hannon horse Lord Ofthe Shadows trailing in his wake.  Entered in the Weatherbys Super Sprint, this could be a very good horse.

Wednesday, 30th March

HAVANT (Sir Michael Stoute) was unbeaten in two runs last season and is reported in great shape after exciting on the gallops.  Her form has also been franked after Khawlah's (5ls 3rd behind her at Newmarket) two wins this year at Meydan.  She has been attracting serious support for the 1,000 Guineas.

Thursday, 24th March

GREENFLASH (Richard Hannon) may be small but she has plenty of speed & ran a fine race on debut.  Although she found another newcomer too good today, she'll come on for the race & can be winning soon.

Thursday, 17th March

VICTRIX GALE (Nicky Henderson) was a big disappointment today but should not be written off as Towcester may not have suited.  Many a decent horse has come unstuck at the stiff track & bounced back next time.

Thursday, 10th March

ROYAL MACKINTOSH (Alan Mactaggart) loves it Carlisle and had given an indication of a return to form there in a voided race two weeks ago.  Well backed today, he was unable to dominate as Blazing Diva took the race under a superb ride.  However, he plugged on to finish third & will be of interest at the Cunbrian venue next time.

Thursday, 3rd March

HAVINGOTASCOOBYDO (Martin Keighly) posted a terrific effort to land a gamble at Ludlow today & that despite losing an iron for a while.  Luckily he regained control & steered the improving six-year-old to a fine victory.  There should be plenty more to come.

Friday, 25th February

RUSSIAN FLAG (Neil King) bounced back from some disappointing runs to win a decent handicap chase at Sandown today.  He seems well suited by the track but will be of interest wherever he appears on soft ground.

Wednesday, 16th February

MRS NEAT (Sylvester Kirk) at last managed to get her head in front on her 12th start but did the job so well, that a follow up looks on the cards.  That will have done her confidence a deal of good & she can take advantage.

Tuesday, 8th February

ELHMARI (Conor Dore) won tidily for the PAYW Service, with a fine late charge at Southwell today,  He did it with some to spare and could reappear again quickly with Conor Dore's team moving into top gear.

Thursday, 4th February

BISHOPSFURZE (Willie Mullins) is potentially a very, very good horse if his in-form trainer can sort out his jumping.  Bad jumps are not stopping him from winning though and he was an easy victor at Clonmel today.  He could still make it to Cheltenham where he holds three entries.

Thursday, 27th January

RANGITOTO (P Nicholls) looked the likely and easy winner on his debut for Nicholls but idled in front two out and by the time Sam Thomas had re-ignited the gelding the winner had moved past.  He did rally & stay on well but the damage had been done, although he can go one better next time.

Tuesday, 18th January

WORLD DOMINATION (Henry Cecil) - stablemate of Derby favourite Frankel has been attracting money this week.  Unraced, the Empire Maker colt has been causing a stir and looks well worth keeping an eye on in the ante-post markets.

Thursday, 13th January

MINELLA STARS (P Nicholls) made a wiining start to his UK career and can only come on for the experience.  Nicholls has taken his time with this one and judging by the way he jumped the final hurdle at Hereford, will make a fine chaser.

BUAITEOIR (Paul D'Arcy) was given too much to do last time and just failed to score as he closed rapidly on the winner.  The hold-up tactics looked to have been over done & a more positive ride can see him winning.

Monday, 27th December

POOL OF KNOWLEDGE (D Nicholls) was bought out of Venetia Williams' yard for 8,000gns after an unhappy time jumping & shaped really well over a trip to short at Southwell today.  He looks one to keep an eye on now.

Wednesday, 22nd December

FIRST ROCK (G A Swinbank) is well regarded - if a little quirky - and had no problems hacking up at Southwell in a bumper today.  Reported well schooled, he could appear on New Year's Day.

Thursday, 16th December

ROSEWIN (Ollie Pears) had a rather unlucky turf campaign this season but it all came right at Southwell today.  The filly was trying Fibresand for the first time and after a sticky start, got the hang of the surface to win going away.  She's likely to reappear again quickly.

Friday, 10th December

It's been a quiet few days of racing but SWIMSUIT (M Jarvis) looks a horse to follow if her handler allows her to run again this winter.  The filly won with plenty in hand at Southwell today & clearly likes the surface.

Thursday, 2nd December

GRAND STITCH (D Carroll) was one of many struggling to show best form on the Polytrack at Wolverhampton recently, which is currently running slow due to the  amount of harrowing needed to keep the surface raceable.  A trailblazing effort petered out close home & better can be expected.

Wednesday, 24th November

AROUND THE CLOCK (Mrs A J Perrett) was nibbled at in the market against 'talking horse' Club Oceanic at Lingfield today.  The each-way money was lost as the juvenile finished fourth but better can be expected next time.

Thursday, 18th November

MARINO PRINCE (Jim Best) posted a fine run at Hereford today, jumping well in the main & being eased down at the line.  A change of yards has done the trick & he could well be out again very soon.

Thursday, 11th November

ABBONDANZA (D Nicholls) should be nicely tuned up now after a spin on Fibresand today.  He'll be of interest when returned to Polytrack.

Tuesday, 2nd November

ACE HIGH (V R A Dartnall) ran a promising race first time out over hurdles behind Mr Hudson and Madison De Berlais at Exeter today.  He'll come on plenty for the experience and is one to note next time.

Thursday, 28th October

SAN REMO BELLO (P Nicholls) was easy to back on debut and ran as though there is much better to come.  Not beaten that far, he tired a little in the final few yards & can only come on for the effort.

NO TO TRIDENT  (J L Flint) a big gamble went astray on this one!  Well clear & looking a very easy winner indeed, the horse fell at the last to leave punters with burnt fingers.  Connections will be keen to run again, assuming all is well with the gelding.

Wednesday, 20th October

SWANSEA JACK (S C Williams) left punters with burnt fingers on Wednesday night, as the gambled on favourite finished fast and too late.  A more positive ride can see him repaying the lost money - hopefully with interest!

Thursday, 14th October

KINIGI (R A Harris) has had a tremendous autumn & is still foiling the attentions of the handicapper.  She bolted up at Brighton today & is in such great heart, that it'll be hard for connections not to bring her out quickly again.

Thursday, 7th October

HIDDEN GLORY (Pat Eddery) fell out of the stalls at Wolverhampton tonight & never really recovered to land a blow.  He had previously bolted up at Kempton & is not one to write off yet.

Thursday, 30th, September

BOTHAM (J Goldie) is looking a seriously well handicapped horse & a winner waiting to happen.  He was held up off the pace for far too long at Ayr today & would appreciate a more positive ride.

Monday, 13th September

LADY PARIS (B Smart) posted a terrific debut run at Redcar today and can be considered a little unlucky to come up against two more streetwise rivals.  She knew her job well & should not be far off winning.

Tuesday, 31st August

JIBAAL (M Johnston) had a nightmare run in the Ripon nursery, starting slowly, getting outpaced & then not having a clear run at a vital moment.  Switched right inside the distance, the colt stayed on well & can be rated a little unlucky.

Saturday, 7th August

CLASS IS CLASS (Sir Michael Stoute) ran an excellent race at Haydock in testing conditions and appears to be over the worst of his quirks.  In the end, he was just outdone by a horse that handled the conditions better and looks a horse with a future.

Wednesday, 21st July

MME DE STAEL (Sir Mark Prescott) is highly strung but hopefully will really settle down now she has won a race.  Taken down early & ponied to the start, she was given a fine ride by Jimmy Quinn, winning by an easy four lengths.  There should be plenty more to come.

Wednesday, 14th July

CINAMAN (T Vaughan) was nailed on the line today in a thrilling finish to the 3m chase at Uttoxeter.  Connections had been waiting for some cut in the ground as the horse has been ready to run for some time.  Unfortunately, he got very het up at the start - which can't have helped - & maybe would have benefited from stronger handling at the finish.  He'll be of big interest next time.

Tuesday, 6th July

PERFECT BLOSSOM (K A Ryan) was given an ultra-confident ride by the in-form Paul Hanagan and the progressive, speedy filly may not have stopped winning.  She is the form of her life and with early pace to burn, is likely to reappear very soon.

Saturday, 19th June

RECALCITRANT (S Dow), despite the yard's excellent form, ended up needing the run on Saturday.  He took the lead up 2f but lack of race fitness told and he dropped away tamely.  He'll be of interest next time out on turf.

Tuesday, 8th June

SEA OF HEARTBREAK (R Charlton) looks a filly of some potential after cruising to victory at Salisbury today.  The assessor will not be kind after this taking performance but she could prove better than a handicapper.

Sunday, 30th May

MUJRAYAAT (M Jarvis) was slightly disappointing at Newmarket today but had to be brought out wider than ideal to challenge after a slow start.  He may also have come up against two good horses and his in-form trainer can surely place him to good effect next time.

Thursday, 20th May

NORTHSIDE PRINCE (G A Swinbank) almost returned to winning ways when switched to Fibresand on Thursday.  The horse is best with ease in the ground & took to the surface well, only finding a Sir Mark Prescott-trained hotpot too much to handle.  His turn is not far away.

Tuesday, 11th May

SELECT COMMITTEE (J J Quinn) was disappointing at Beverley today but usually takes a few runs to get going.  The cobwebs should now be firmly blown away and, with a bit of luck, the handicapper will relent by dropping him a few pounds.

Thursday, 29th April

LORD GUNNERSLAKE (T Vaughan) is suited by a strong pace & perhaps, more importantly, decent quick jumping ground.  He won readily at Huntingdon today and connections will be looking to follow up soon.

Friday, 23rd April

AMONG the trainers worth following during the summer jumps campaign is Tim Vaughan. Based in south Glamorgan, Tim has around 75 horses in training and he is a man going places.

Here are three horses from his stable who are worth keeping a close eye on:

BALLYAGRAN was second in the Galway Plate in 2007 and having been sidelined last season, is on the way back. He will be aimed at Listed-class handicaps this summer.

DEFINITE DAWN won a maiden point to point in Ireland and according to his trainer “is a progressive horse”.

Finally, HONORARY TITLE won a Wexford bumper last August but is still a maiden and looks sure to win races over here.

Thursday, 15th April

JUST FOR LEO (P D Evans) is one for the notebook after an eyecatching debut at Ripon.  Badly drawn in berth 13, he did well to finish a creditable fourth and can improve for the experience.

Tuesday, 13th April

CAPPAGH (P Hobbs) was all the rage early in the day but drifted alarmingly shortly before the off.  The writing was on the wall before too long in the race and the horse was pulled up.  Definitely better than this effort, he will be of interest next time.

Monday, 29th March

ZUIDER ZEE (J Gosden) is a half-brother to a champion three-year-old colt in Scandanvia & shaped with promise on his debut at Lingfield today.  Not knocked about, he can be a different proposition next time.

Thursday, 25th March

INLER (J Best) has been attracting serious attention after a blistering gallop on Tuesday morning.  The 2000 Guineas entrant has been clipped to a general 16/1 from 33s for the Classic & will appear at Leicester on April 8 in the ladbrokes.com Conditions Stakes as a warm up for the main event.  He has never been beyond 6f but breeding suggests the Guineas trip will not be a problem.  He looks worth a small ante-post interest at current prices.

Saturday, 20th March

TRANQUIL TIGER (H Cecil). Henry Cecil produced.Tranquil Tiger in tip top condition for the Winter Derby and the quirky but smart six-year-old repaid all the hard work in style.  He did idle in front but was too classy in what looked a decent renewal.  He remains a horse of some potential on fast surfaces.

HEADING TO FIRST (C Brittain) was easily disposed of in the end by Beyond but there was no disgrace in defeat.  Not the quickest learner, he is improving and can be found a race by his in-form handler.

Thursday, 4th March

RACQUEL WHITE (J L Flint) posted a most promising performance in cruising to victory at Ludlow.  She took advantage of the drying ground and a positive ride, to win as she liked.  She has the option of mares'-only races and it will be interesting to see what route connections take next time.

Sunday, 28th February

MADLOOL (W Haggas) was a disappointment considering his 280,000euros price tag.  However, Willie Haggas does well with his three-year-olds at this time of year & better can be expected from this brother to Aqlaam..

Tuesday, 23rd February

GRANNY MCPHEE (A Bailey) flopped at Lingfield the day after winning with plenty in hand at Wolverhampton the day before. She has only ever won at the West Midlands track and will be of interest on her return.

Friday, 12th February

KAMES PARK (R C Guest) bounced back to form with a hard-fought victory at Wolverhampton,  He started slowly, took time to find his feet, had to be switched & then won with a bit to spare.  He can follow up.

Tuesday, 9th Febraury

PAIR OF KINGS (G A Swinbank) was weak in the market on debut & looked as though he would come on plenty for the run.  His yard is only just moving up a gear after the cold snap & better will be expected next time.

Sunday, 31st January

ERINJAY (M Wigham) mugged Oceans Legend under a masterful ride to land the spoils at Lingfield.  The lightly-raced four-year-old is likely to make a quick reappearance without a penalty and looks progressive in this grade.

Thursday, 21st January

QOZAK (P Nicholls) cruised to victory on his seasonal bow & is likely to be aimed at the big Festival meetings.  In any case, he remains one to keep on the right side of.

Friday, 15th January

HOPE ROAD (A B Haynes) looked to be going really well on his Fibresand debut but was found lacking in the final few yards.  He may have just needed the run after a break & can come on for the effort.

Monday, 11th January

PEARL (Mrs A M Thorpe) may not have won on her return to the all-weather but ran a promising race to finish fifth at 50-1.  Having lost her way over the jumps, the run should have done her the world of good & the mare will be of interest next time.

Wednesday, 30th December

ERE ALFIE (Nick Williams) hails from a yard in hot form over the festive period and looks one to run up a sequence if kept at a realistic  level.  The way he trotted up today was impressive and although the opposition was limited, he could not have done the job any better.

Monday, 21st December

ON BORROWED WINGS (A Flemming) is well regarded & duly posted a fine effort when winning at Ffos Las on the Monday before Christmas.  It was a very smooth performance & the ex-Irish-trained gelding can be a force to be reckoned with in better races this winter.

Tuesday, 15th December

ELUSIVE HAWK (B Curley) blew any chance of winning by rearing at the start of the 5f handicap at Southwell.  He did make some belated late progress & can be seen to better effect when upped in trip.

Monday, 30th November

NATURAL ACTION (P Bowen) is proving a handful for the handicapper & absolutely bolted up at Folkestone today.  He was one of the easiest winners you will see & a quick follow up is expected.


Posted on Richard's Update on 14/3/2010: "take advantage of their (Paddy Power) generosity by backing MENORAH, who looked a high-class novice when accounting for the highly-regarded Bellvano at Kempton on Boxing Day."

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