3 times champion tipster Steve Simpson

Recent Winners

Buttercup 11/4
Strong Economy 4/1
Daily Trader 11/4
Keswick 2/1
Kings Walk 2/1
Space Oddity 5/2
Im A Game Changer 2/1
Aislabie 9/2
Spin Doctor 12/1
Spiritual Lady 3/1
Timekeeping 15/8
Getgo Evs
Wahash 4/1
Now Children 4/1
Justanotherbottle 13/2
Flying North 11/2
Majeste 7/2
Paulownia 11/4
Pirouette 9/4
Dannyday 7/2
Sporty Yankee 11/4
The Tailgater 2/1
Musdam 6/1
Glenrowan Rose 11/4
El Bandit 15/8
Ventura Storm 15/8
Hereawi 4/1
Prayer Time 5/1
Shanroe Street 20/1
Strawberry Sorbet 3/1
Sahees City 2/1
Card Game 6/1
Special Catch 11/4
Never Equalled 9/2
Battle Dust 5/2
Criq Rock 15/8
Real Smart 4/1
Howlongisafoot 9/2
Toby Lerone 11/4
Sign Of The Kodiac 2/1
Royale Knight 10/1
Tikthebox 11/4
Fei Kuai 15/8
Brittleton 2/1
Chadic 5/2
Normandy Knight 15/8
Farletti 9/4
Queen Catrine 9/4
Red Seventy 5/2
Obsidian 7/2
Tribal Dance 15/8
On The Fringe 6/1
Its A Mans World 11/4
Thanksgiving Day 11/4
Quito Du Tresor 11/2
Quinlandio 5/2
Ned Stark 5/2
Definitly Red 2/1
Steelriver 7/1
Lightning Moon 13/2
The Character 15/8
Bronze Maquette 10/1
Redkirk 4/1
Mays Boy 6/1
Cay Dancer 11/4
Integral 15/8
Robot Boy 10/3
Abi Scarlet 11/4
Glorious Star 2/1
Always Archie 9/4
Enchanting Smile 3/1
As I Am 7/2
Montaly 6/1
My Wigwam Or Yours 3/1
Crazee Diamond 9/4
No Duffer 11/2
Rutherglen 9/4
Smart Exit 7/2
Deputy Dan 5/2
Peters Friend 15/8
Cloudy Too 11/4
Gandalfe 8/1
More Of That 3/1
Kingston Hill 7/2
Top Notch Tonto 5/1
Nichols Canyon 5/1
Big Whiskey 7/2
Limegrove 3/1
Stepper Point 10/1
Haikbidiac 9/1
Dovils Duel 9/4
Stepper Point 7/2
Cricklewood Green 2/1
Peniaphobia 5/1
Miracle Of Medinah 33/1
Ocean Applause 9/4
My Lucky Flame 5/2
Brass Ring 2/1
Fergall 5/2
Estimate 2/1
Boonga Roogeta 9/2
Haafaguinea 11/2
Urban Kode 13/2
Ballyculla 3/1
Legacy Gold 9/1
Iron Butterfly 2/1
Teophilip 10/1
Back In Focus 9/4
Moorlands Mist 4/1
Ifandbutwhynot 3/1
Shadows Lengthen 2/1
Forty Crown 5/2
Witness In Court 2/1
Space Artist 11/4
Fergall 40/1 EW
Little Glenshee 9/4
Valerene 11/1
Thomas Crapper 2/1
Jakes Destiny 7/2
Annecdote 5/1
Penny Rose 5/2
Gifted Dancer 7/2
Sole Power 5/2
Sushi 9/2
Cameron Highland 9/4
Suzis A Class Act 4/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Lucky Beggar 3/1
King Of Paradise 3/1
Savida 9/4
Faithfilly 5/2
Jet Away 11/4
Anomaly 5/2
Unforgettable 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
No Mean Trick 3/1
Baileys Strider 7/2
Loose Chips 7/1
Gores Island 14/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Knock A Hand 5/2
Ballycolin 11/4
Mundana 3/1
Alsindi 5/1
Salik Tag 7/2
Requinto 10/3
Caledonian Spring 10/3
Roger Sez 5/1
Harbour Watch 2/1
Icebuster 7/2
Korabushka 4/1
Khor Sheed 15/8
Frederick Engels 9/4
Perfect Tribute 12/1
King Of Eden 9/4
Tazahum 11/4
Falcon Island 11/4
Havingotascoobydo 9/4
Halifax 9/2
Pret A Thou 11/4
Menorah 6/1
Timepiece 2/1
Casamento 2/1
Twice Over 7/2
Katla 5/1
Sir Lunchalott 7/2
Midday 15/8
Pausanias 3/1
Harbinger 4/1
Measuring Time Evs
Triple Aspect 15/8
Seasonal Cross 16/1
Seasonal Cross 9/1
Jollywood 3/1
Fortuni 9/1
Business As Usual 9/1
Roulez Cool 2/1
Canford Cliffs 9/4
Lovelace 3/1
Harbinger 11/2
Crank Em Up 2/1

Notable Winners

Glen Countess 8/1
Glen Countess 8/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Coral Sands 7/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Molon Labe 14/1
Urban Kode 13/2
Urban Kode 13/2
Legacy Gold 9/1
Legacy Gold 9/1
Everaard 15/2
Everaard 15/2
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Lukes Benefit 6/1
Adiynara  10/1
Adiynara 10/1
Shaking Hands 11/2
Shaking Hands 11/2
Locked Inthepocket  6/1
Locked Inthepocket 6/1
Valerene 11/1
Valerene 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Harouet 11/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Bladewood Girl 5/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Premier Dane 14/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Princess Of Orange 6/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Ethics girl 14/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Another Citizen 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Kalk Bay 7/1
Iktiview 10/1
Iktiview 10/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Captan Scooby 7/1
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Rock A Doodle Doo 11/2
Able Master 6/1
Able Master 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Gra Geal Mo Chroi 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Cosmic Moon 6/1
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Silviniaco Conti 7/4
Unforgettable 4/1
Unforgettable 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Burnhope 4/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Loose Chips 7/1
Gores Island 14/1
Gores Island 14/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Eurohunter 8/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Woop Woop W5/1
Deacon Blues 5/2
Deacon Blues 5/2
Alsindi 5/1
Alsindi 5/1
Princely Hero 11/2
Princely Hero 11/2
Korabushka 4/1
Korabushka 4/1
Quite Sparky 13/2
Quite Sparky 13/2
Perfect Tribute 12/1
Perfect Tribute 12/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
The Which Doctor 5/1
Numide 4/1
Numide 4/1
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Anne Of Kiev 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Lang Shining 9/2
Changing Lanes 6/1
Changing Lanes 6/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Space Telescope 8/1
Pro Pell 11/2
Pro Pell 11/2
Admission 10/1
Admission 10/1

Recent winners

Buttercup - Warwick    13 Mar 2017
It was all so easy for Buttercup, who romped to an 18-length victory for Champion members!

Ckalco Des Loges - Chepstow    13 Mar 2017
Ckalco Des Loges kept up the good run for the Champion Service and landed the Monday bet in a thriller!

Spiritofthegames - Taunton    02 Mar 2017
Spiritofthegames was well backed, had the field on the stretch & won by 8ls for Champion members!

Chez Castel Mail - Fontwell    14 Feb 2017
It was all very easy for Chez Castel Mail, who cruised to a 13-length victory for Champion members.

Walsingham Grange - Catterick    03 Feb 2017
Walsingham Grange is a bit awkward but was kept up to his work & won without too many worries.

Strong Economy - Ayr    30 Jan 2017
Strong Economy had the form in the book to run well & duly defeated the odds on favourite, easily!

Castafiore - Catterick    25 Jan 2017
Very well backed, Castafiore simply bolted up with the gamble landed!

Daily Trader - Southwell    24 Jan 2017
Daily Trader had the form in the book to get off the mark in todays modest Southwell contest & won easily by two lengths!

Keswick - Lingfield    20 Jan 2017
Keswick looked capable of building successfully on his sound effort last time out & duly did - providing Champion members with another winner!

Serenade The Stars - Chelmsford    19 Jan 2017
Serenade The Stars was only just touched off when well backed last time & gained compensation this evening.

Kings Walk - Plumpton    16 Jan 2017
Kings Walk had looked the class act & well backed, got up to score for Champion members in a thriller.

Space Oddity - Taunton    11 Jan 2017
Space Oddity won on New Years Day in clear cut style and defied a penalty to score for Champion Service members today.

Finians Oscar - Sandown    07 Jan 2017
Finians Oscar rates an exciting prospect & now should be heading to Cheltenham!

Im A Game Changer - Bangor    03 Jan 2017
Im A Game Changer ran with sufficient promise last time to suggest there was more to come & landed a fine gamble for Champion Service members on Tuesday.

Baron Alco - Plumpton    02 Jan 2017
Baron Alco was strongly fancied & did the job for Champion Service members, landing a tidy gamble!

Aislabie - Wetherby    27 Dec 2016
Aislabie had put in a decent clear round last time after a previous tumble & that was a satisfactory effort to ready the horse for victory today.

Pistol Park - Newcastle    11 Nov 2016
Pistol Park figured on a handy weight, had scope for improvement and came from a stable in decent form. the result - another win for Champion Service members!

Spin Doctor - Southwell    10 Nov 2016
Spin Doctor returned to winning form last time after a lean spell and, still reasonably handicapped on the pick of his form, landed a big priced win for Champion members!.

Master Of Finance - Ayr    29 Oct 2016
It was all very easy for Master Of Finance, who was backed off the boards & sluiced in by 8 lengths!

Spiritual Lady - Newmarket    28 Oct 2016
Spiritual Lady looked a filly on an upward curve and the booking of Frankie Dettori was also a plus. The result - a nice 3/1 winner for Champion Service members!

Timekeeping - Pontefract    17 Oct 2016
Timekeeping simply bolted up for Champion Service members, winning by nearly four lengths, the field strung out behind!

Getgo - Brighton    04 Oct 2016
Getgo may not have won by far but was always in control & landed a tidy gamble for Champion members!

Wahash - Lingfield    20 Sep 2016
Wahash was well backed but still had to beat an odds on shot & did the job easily by 5Ls!

Now Children - Ayr    17 Sep 2016
Well regarded, Now Children is getting better & better & landed the gamble at 4/1!

Justanotherbottle - Worcester    06 Sep 2016
Justanotherbottle is an improving horse & belied his odds of 13/2 to score for Champion members!

Flying North - Ascot    03 Sep 2016
Made all and held on by 1/2 a length in the end to land the money for Champion members!

Battlement - Newmarket    22 Jul 2016
Battlement was a very strong word at Newmarket & landed the gamble staying on strongly!

Majeste - Newbury    16 Jul 2016
Majeste was another big Champion Service winner, scoring easily by 2ls at Newbury & could be smart.

Paulownia - Ascot    09 Jul 2016
Paulownia was a great Champion winner on Saturday, well backed and scoring by nearly 2ls!

Pirouette - Doncaster    07 Jul 2016
Very well backed form much bigger, Pirouette landed the Champion gamble in style despite trouble in running!

Dannyday - Newcastle    25 Jun 2016
Dannyday has been saved by Sir Michael Stoute for some big handicaps & the selection did the job for Champion members on Saturday!

Sporty Yankee - Windsor    20 Jun 2016
Sporty Yankee was a fine winner for the Champion Service, obliging at a decent price of 11/4 & is clearly going the right way.

The Tailgater - Huntingdon    17 May 2016
The Tailgater W2/1 was not disgraced last time, though all may not have been entirely well with him as he has had a long absence since then. However, he had the potential to win one of these and the booking of champion Richard Johnson was a plus.

Musdam - Leicester    16 May 2016
Musdam had shown solid place form to date and a reproduction of that was expected to be good enough and that proved the case as the Champion bet W6/1!

Glenrowan Rose - Ripon    15 May 2016
Glenrowan Rose is a filly in form & got up in a thrilling finish to land the Sunday Champion bet at 11/4!

Grandioso - Southwell    10 May 2016
Grandioso was the class act & enjoyed this ease in class to score.

Bombilate - Wolverhampton    27 Apr 2016
Bombilate was very well backed & the gamble landed for Champion members in a great scrap with the second!

El Bandit - Warwick    21 Apr 2016
El Bandit had shown enough to suggest that winning a race of this nature was well within his compass & he did the job nicely, scoring by 4Ls!

Mister Miyagi - Cheltenham    13 Apr 2016
Mister Miyagi ran a fine race to be sixth at the Festival last time and a repeat of that display was sufficient to score on his return to the track.

Ventura Storm - Newmarket    12 Apr 2016
Ventura Storm remained a smart prospect even allowing for an unplaced final outing when he did not get the run of the race & duly stormed to victory on Tuesday!

Hereawi - doncaster    02 Apr 2016
Hereawi ran below par on her second start, but had run with much encouragement prior to that. It was interesting that on her seasonal reappearance, connections put the filly in against colts & the result - an easy 4/1 winner.

Intermiitent - Wolverhampton    24 Mar 2016
Intermittent had been runner up on all 3 starts but did not look ungenuine and simply bolted up!

Prayer Time - Southwell    22 Mar 2016
Prayer Time had been running consistently well & was due a win & so it turned out & scored at 5/1!

Shoofly - Lingfield    18 Mar 2016
Shoofly showed last time when stepping up on her previous start that she was more than capable of landing one of these & did so nicely to score at a well-backed 11/8.

Shanroe Street - Ayr    11 Mar 2016
Shanroe Street belied his huge odds & won nicely at 20/1 leaving the 3/1 on favourite toiling back in third!

Strawberry Sorbet - Lingfield    04 Mar 2016
Strawberry Sorbet made all after the 6f pole & then held on well form the odds on favourite to give Champions Service members a fine 3/1 winner!

Sahees City - Catterick    01 Mar 2016
Sakhees City is nothing if not consistent at this level, looked the part in this contest & landed the gamble.

Card Game - Market Rasen    21 Feb 2016
A very nice result for Champions Service members as Card Game landed the Sunday punt at 6/1! And the job was done in style by nearly 5Ls!

Bracken Brae - Chelmsford    18 Feb 2016
Bracken Brae - well backed - got off the mark in some style & could well return to jumping before too long.

Atomix - Musselburgh    09 Feb 2016
Atomix is Flat-bred & that proved useful as the Champion Service bet landed the gamble, keeping on strongly.

Special Catch - Newcastle    03 Feb 2016
Special Catch had been well backed the run before & again today - this getting it right & landing the Champion Service winner at 11/4!

Shaan - Kempton    13 Jan 2016
Shaan had shown plenty of potential on debut & stepped up on that today to land another Champion Service gamble!

King Of Dreams - Lingfield    12 Jan 2016
King Of Dreams was seriously well backed all day & before the off, to land a mighty Champion Service gamble for members!

Takingrisks - Kelso    29 Dec 2015
Takingrisks had shaped well on his two races over timber to suggest that a race of this nature is well within his compass & the result was a very well backed victory!

Never Equalled - Ffos Las    14 Dec 2015
It was close but Never Equalled landed another Champions Service touch & at a fine price of 9/2 - the front pair miles clear of the rest!

Baywing - Uttoxeter    08 Dec 2015
The Champions Service continues in fine form as Baywing simply bolted up on Tuesday, to score by an easy 10 lengths!

Battle Dust - Chepstow    05 Dec 2015
It was close but Battle Dust proved the stronger in the testing conditions & landed the weekend Champions Service gamble!

Dutch Golden Age - Kempton    02 Dec 2015
A fine performance by Dutch Golden Age to get up & nab the even-money favourite on the line & that making it yet another winner for the Champions Service!

Tea In Transvaal - Newbury    28 Nov 2015
Tea In Transvaal ran a solid race at Cheltenham last time & now up in class to Listed level but back among her own sex - won by six lengths.

Criq Rock - Ascot    21 Nov 2015
Criq Rock produced one of the best bumper performances of the season so far last time and followed up on Saturday to keep the Champions Service on a roll!

Real Smart - Lingfield    19 Nov 2015
Real Smart looked to be improving with her and racing and boasted the form in the book to take todays race, now stepping up in trip. The result - a cracking 4/1 Champion Service winner!

Howlongisafoot - Taunton    12 Nov 2015
Howlongisafoot landed another fine Champion Service touch today, fending off the fancied Shangani to score by nearly four lengths!

Toby Lerone - Towcester    05 Nov 2015
Toby Lerone picked up plenty of experience last season & looked the type to catch first time out. He scored in a driving finish & will be aimed at better as the season progresses.

Smad Place - Kempton    02 Nov 2015
Smad Place boasted some decent form last year, though there were some jumping lapses mixed in & with not so much pressure on his jumping out in this small sized field, he scored with ease.

Sign Of The Kodiac - Wolverhampton    30 Oct 2015
Sign Of The Kodiac had been highly tried on more than one occasion, but this was more of his grade and he figured on a reasonable enough mark. The result - another fine Champion winner!

Royale Knight - Sedgefield    29 Oct 2015
Royale Knight finished sixth in this years Grand National, needed the run last time but was spot on today to score at 10/1 for Champion members!

Architecture - Nottingham    14 Oct 2015
Architecture came from a yard in form after being well backed on debut only to miss out, but still running well. Expected to come on for the outing, the horse obliged today at 11/4!

Quiet Reflection - Newmarket    09 Oct 2015
Quiet Reflection came good in some style at Ayr, creating a favourable impression showing that there was more yet to come & then landing a gamble at HQ today.

Column - Beverley    01 Oct 2015
It was all so easy for Column who landed a big gamble to hose in by 8 lengths!

Tikthebox - Hamilton    21 Sep 2015
Tikthebox the lived up to his name & with a battling performance that eventually had the field well strung out.

Speed Company - Ayr    17 Sep 2015
Speed Company did the job very nicely, landing a tidy gamble in the process!

Fei Kuai - Chepstow    10 Sep 2015
Fei Kuai was a typical Cumani slow developer but looked to have a very decent chance of getting off the mark at Chepstow & duly scored very, very easily!

Star Storm - Haydock    03 Sep 2015
Star Storm had arguably his best chance by far yet of getting off the mark after some consistent efforts in good company & did the job nicely for Champion members.

Altruism - Cartmel    29 Aug 2015
Altruism had created a favourable impression when winning on debut, is trained close to the track and the booking of Richard Johnson was also a plus.

Brittleton - Goodwood    28 Aug 2015
Brittleton hacked up last week, winning in a manner that would suggest the horse had every chance of defying a penalty & so he did, by a very easy five lengths!

Cryptonym - Chelmsford    22 Aug 2015
Cryptonym had the form in the book to take this and, not be inconvenienced by the drop back in trip, did the job.

Mr Singh - Newmarket    09 Jul 2015
Mr Singh had run really well in a better race at Royal Ascot &, rated the class act in an easier race, scored easily just pushed out!

Galileo Gold - Haydock    02 Jul 2015
There were some very useful sorts in the 3.50 at Haydock today, not least Galileo Gold who was most impressive last time and followed up.

Chadic - Newcastle    26 Jun 2015
Chadic ran at Newcastle in preference to a tempting alternative at Chester 24 hours later. Favourably treated by conditions & strongly fancied with the yard going so well, he landed a big 4-point Champion bet.

Normandy Knight - Leicester    23 Jun 2015
Normandy Knight looked to be on a workable mark, having not enjoyed the best of passages on his most recent start & he certainly atoned for a stable in prime form.

Farletti - Chepstow    22 Jun 2015
Farletti was not beaten far last time out showing plenty of promise in the process & with his trainer finding a suitable opportunity today, the horse scored for us at 9/4.

Elronag - Newmarket    19 Jun 2015
Elronag bumped into a useful sort in the well-regarded Eltezam at Haydock last time, doing little wrong on his first run. Normal improvement was expected and he duly obliged today.

Chitu - Perth    07 Jun 2015
Chitu, Perth, 5.30, was out of his depth when running in a championship bumper last time out at Aintree, but still performed with credit and, back to a more realistic level, won easily today.

Queen Catrine - Leicester    01 Jun 2015
Queen Catrine made an encouraging return to the track last time and duly came on for the outing in what looked a very good opportunity.

Red Seventy - Fakenham    31 May 2015
Red Seventy looked in good heart when a merit worthy runner-up on his previous start & the tight turns around this track brought out the best out in him.

Maleficent Queen - Carlisle    26 May 2015
Maleficent Queen was well backed to land the Champion Bank Holiday gamble, winning very easily just pushed out!

Obsidian - Thirsk    09 May 2015
Richard Fahey would not have taken on board a four-year-old maiden, as he has done this season, if he did not think it had winning potential. That was the case with Obsidian, who ran better than his finishing position last time would indicate & won in style tonight.

Bertie Moon - Sedgefield    30 Apr 2015
Bertie Moon ran in the 2.15 at Sedgefield rather than a maiden hurdle earlier on the card, which looked a better option. The hint was worth taking, the horse having performed with credit in a handicap last time.

John Constable - Huntingdon    06 Apr 2015
John Constable, formerly trained in Ireland and well-bred, made a successful transition to hurdles for his new yard last time out and very well backed, eased to victory again today.

Tribal Dance - Plumpton    05 Apr 2015
Tribal Dance looked up to defying a penalty after romping to victory at Warwick last time, and enjoying the step up in trip, landed the odds in a tight finish!

Boite - Stratford    28 Mar 2015
Boite ran a sound jumping debut at Market Rasen when beaten by a fancied runner. The gelding had also finished third at Royal Ascot in 2013, so has plenty of speed and used that to score today!

On The Fringe - Cheltenham    13 Mar 2015
On The Fringe is a consistent sort who finished third in this last year & came good this time by a massive 17 lengths to give Champion members a big 6/1 winner!

Penmore Mill - Towcester    12 Mar 2015
Penmore Mill was be suited by this drop back in trip after running well over a marathon distance at Cheltenham last time. He has plenty of speed for this level - being a two-time Fakenham winner and the course and distance winner made it 2-2 at the track.

Its A Mans World - Catterick    04 Mar 2015
Its A Mans World clearly looked a class above the field in the seller today & duly hacked up to win unextended!

Court Dismissed - Sedgefield    19 Feb 2015
Court Dismissed made a solid start to his hurdling career and was fancied to open his account today in a winnable contest. Well backed he fought off the joint favourite & the gamble was secure.

Cowards Close - Sandown    13 Feb 2015
Cowards Close stood out on time and form and had the services of a decent pilot in a competitive renewal. The winners was always going best & a big gamble was landed.

Filatore - Ffos Las    10 Feb 2015
Well backed, Filatore handled the conditions best at a muddy Ffos Las & scored by five lengths!

Thanksgiving Day - Chelmsford    01 Feb 2015
Thankgiving Day had been running consistently well, was on a favourable mark & had Jamie Spencer booked to do the steering. The result was a very easy, well-backed victory to make it 3 wins in a row for the Champion Service!

Pain Au Chocolat - Sandown    31 Jan 2015
Pain Au Chocolat ran well against older horses last time and made his mark in his own age group on Saturday. He could be off to Cheltenham.

Dolores Delightful - Wincanton    29 Jan 2015
Well backed, AP McCoy teamed up with Dolores Delightful and the pair successfully landed the gamble by a solid margin.

Quito Du Tresor - Musselburgh    16 Jan 2015
A fine run by Quito Du Tresor to give Champion Service members a big 11/2 winner! Driven out, the winner fended off the favourite to score by one and a half lengths.

Royal Albert Hall - Lingfield    10 Jan 2015
Royal Albert Hall was well gambled & did the job well after bumping into so useful types prior to this race. He can go on from the victory.

Quinlandio - Towcester    18 Dec 2014
It was gruelling at Towcester today but Quinlandio ground out the win, by battling on in a very game manner!

Theatrical Star - Fontwell    09 Dec 2014
Theatrical Star was sharpened up by a recent run, figured on a reasonable mark and hailed from a yard with plenty of winners in the last two weeks. And the gamble was landed for Champion members!

John Reel - Wolverhampton    28 Nov 2014
John Reel won as easy as he liked today, well backed & returned an 11-length victor!

Ned Stark - Newbury    27 Nov 2014
Ned Stark was expected to build on his successful start over fences at Huntingdon, particularly with the going looking a positive and he stayed on well to leave the field pretty well strung out behind.

Lightentertainment - Fontwell    26 Nov 2014
Lightentertainment is progressive and made plenty of appeal off bottom weight, from a yard very unlucky not to have had more winners of late. And he did the business nicely, winning by three and a half lengths.

Definitly Red - Cheltenham    16 Nov 2014
Definitly Red was not inconvenienced by the soft going and, fancied to outclass the field on hurdles debut in a warm race, did the job easily very well backed.

Red Pike - Newmarket    31 Oct 2014
Red Pike took a massive step forward when second against a big field of seasoned sprinters and was fancied to score back among own age group. And so he did, landing some decent bets.

Steelriver - Kempton    30 Oct 2014
What a result for Champion members as Steelriver scored at 7/1! The winner looks very progressive & although he didnt win by far, he had plenty in hand!

Maraakib - Leicester    14 Oct 2014
Maraakib was proven in the mud and, heavily backed, landed the Champion bet on Tuesday with ease!

Lightning Moon - Ascot    04 Oct 2014
A nice-priced winner for Champion members as Lightning Moon landed the touch at 13/2! It was a thriller but a fine victory in the end.

Always Managing - Warwick    02 Oct 2014
From a stable that does well in this type of race, Always Managing was fancied to open his account & duly landed the gamble.

The Character - Chester    27 Sep 2014
A well named winner as The Character showed real guts and determination to keep his market rival at bay and was called the winner by the shortest of margins.

Plucky Dip - Wolverhampton    20 Sep 2014
Plucky Dip has been nothing but consistent this season and deserved to get his head in front here.

Skate - Haydock    04 Sep 2014
Very well backed, Skate used his experience to land a very well backed gamble! The horse can go on from this confidence booster.

Satanic Beat - Market Rasen    30 Aug 2014
Satanic Beat showed his fitness edge from a recent run on the flat as he edged out his main rival in the drive to the line.

Bronze Maquette - Newbury    15 Aug 2014
Bronze Maquette bounced right back to form with a fantastic win for members and clearly appreciated the return to softer conditions.

Long Cross - Newmarket    14 Aug 2014
Defeat was never in question as Long Cross left his rivals for dead and the only down side was the price which plummeted on course!

Redkirk - Ascot    27 Jul 2014
Redkirk had created a favourable impression on debut when winning eased down under a hands and heels ride & followed up for Champion members today. It was a big run & returned a fine price of 4/1!.

Home Of The Brave - Newmarket    25 Jul 2014
Extremely well backed, Home Of The Brave simply cruised to victory. Hes very well regarded & may be put away until next season.

Mays Boy - Cartmel    21 Jul 2014
What a result for Champion members as Mays Boy landed a lovely touch at 6/1! He had solid track form & took full advantage!

Cay Dancer - Newbury    18 Jul 2014
Cay Dancer was always travelling well & won nice & cosily for Champion members. Shed been unlucky the time before & can win again.

Integral - Newmarket    11 Jul 2014
Integral was fancied to augment the impression created at Royal Ascot when winning in commanding style, by a follow up win at Newmarket. And so he did in style again & landing a big gamble in the process.

Robot Boy - Newcastle    28 Jun 2014
Robot Boy had won from a big field last time, was less exposed than most and bossed this 15-runner race, bolting up by 3Ls.

Hoop Of Colour - Newbury    12 Jun 2014
Hoop Of Colour ran up against a decent sort first time up and improved for that with Richard Hughes again booked to do the steering to score at 6/4.

That Is The Spirit - Epsom    06 Jun 2014
That Is The Spirit justified Champion Service major confidence by landing a pro gamble at Epsom on Oaks Day. It was close but the money safely bagged!

Nabatean - Lingfield    05 Jun 2014
Nabatean hailed from a yard that has had a fine season and was fancied to back up a promising run last time, by taking an average maiden. Which he did do, landing another big Champion touch!

Jupiter Storm - Windsor    02 Jun 2014
Jupiter Storm looked to figure on a handy mark judged on his last run and the course and distance winner was fancied to score! And so he did - by 8 lengths!

Lightning Moon - Haydock    31 May 2014
Heavily backed, Lightning Moon landed the gamble in style. The 3yo quickened in style & won going away!

Abi Scarlet - Southwell    19 May 2014
Abi Scarlet ticked the right boxes on time and form on Monday and the multiple Fibresand winner made it six C&D wins! And a value price for members!

Rolling Maul - Market Rasen    18 May 2014
Very well backed, Rolling Maul landed a touch for members, strolling home by an easy 13 lengths! The first time visor did the business!

Marsh Daisy - Ascot    09 May 2014
Yet another big winner for members as Marsh Daisy landed the gamble at Ascot on Friday evening. It was tight but the winner held on for more Champion Service profits this month.

Glorious Star - Southwell    08 May 2014
Glorious Star kept up the good form of the Champion Service to land the gamble at Southwell. The winner made a taking impression on a belated debut and easily built on that.

Always Archie - Fakenham    06 May 2014
Always Archie had run very well last time and made the most of the weight he received from the others at Fakenham today for a very easy 44-length victory!

Huff And Puff - Kempton    05 May 2014
Very well supported, Huff And Puff landed a solid touch for members on bank holiday Monday. It was a deserved first success & the field well stretched out.

Enchanting Smile - Newton Abbot    19 Apr 2014
The 4.25 at Newton Abbot looked tailor made for the improving Enchanting Smile and so it proved as the winner landed a fine touch for members at 3/1!

As I Am - Cheltenham    17 Apr 2014
As I Am had been admirably consistent but benefited from a break to score on Thursday. He is now 7-14 over hurdles after appreciating today’s better going.

Montaly - Leicester    04 Apr 2014
Montaly looked progressive last year and made a winning start to the campaign. Andrew Baldings horses continue to thrive & 6/1 was a cracking price!

My Wigwam Or Yours - Newbury    21 Mar 2014
My Wigwam Or Yours had had a break since his last run and with the form in the book broke his maiden tag in style. He appreciated the better going and can at last fulfil his potential.

Crazee Diamond - Wolverhampton    17 Mar 2014
Crazee Diamond simply bolted up on Monday to score by over 3Ls! Unlukcy to bump into a decent colt last time, this was a lot easier!

Two Moons - Southwell    12 Mar 2014
Two Moons landed a touch for Champion Service members, staying on in fine style to score as the very well backed 7/4 favourite.

No Duffer - Warwick    21 Feb 2014
A big value win recorded for Champion Service members on Friday as No Duffer got up to beat Mighty Mobb by a neck. The favourite was nowhere & backers well rewarded at 11/2!

Rutherglen - Kempton    13 Feb 2014
Rutherglen did the job nicely at Kempton today & will now be fully revved up for Cheltenham as he reverts to jumping.

Broughton - Musselburgh    02 Feb 2014
Broughton posted a fine winning performance to land a tidy gamble for Champion Service members. The way he quickened away was noteworthy & this slick jumper should be off to Cheltenham.

Examiner - Kempton    29 Jan 2014
Examiner only ever does what is required and that will help where the handicapper lies. He remains in great heart and can seek more successes this winter.

Smart Exit - Towcester    19 Jan 2014
What a stayers race at Towcester which was fought all the way to the line & Smart Exit coming out on top for Champion members! It was a tremendous effort & a great price of 7/2 to reward punters.

Deputy Dan - Warwick    11 Jan 2014
Another big winner for Champion members as Deputy Dan hcked up in Grade 2 company today, landing a very big gamble. He rates a horse with a bright future.

Peters Friend - Southwell    09 Jan 2014
Peters Friend almost blew his chance by trying to anticipate the stalls opening & then banging his head. Then, given a patient ride, he challenged late & grabbed the spoils on the line!

Vicenzo Mio - Kempton    27 Dec 2013
Vicenzo Mio was anything but disgraced last time and a repeat showing was sufficient to land the spoils from a yard fresh from Boxing Day glory. In fact, he simply bolted up making it a fine two festive days for members!

Cloudy Too - Wetherby    26 Dec 2013
Cloudy Too provided Champion members with a superb Christmas prsent by scoring easily at Wetherby on Boxing Day. It was a tremendous jumping display & he looks a potential Grand National horse for a couple of years time.

Black Thunder - Lingfield    14 Dec 2013
Despite the testing conditions, Black Thunder travelled well & then asserted in the final 100 yards to score with something in hand, landing a tidy gamble.

Sausalito Sunrise - Chepstow    07 Dec 2013
Sausalito Sunrise picked up plenty of experience last term including in a decent Ascot race & after making a pleasing re-appearance in handicap grade won on this return to novice hurdle grade.

Koolala - Uttoxeter    28 Nov 2013
Paul Webber does well with mares in his care & Koolala, who had bumped into a good one on her jumping debut, stayed on well to take the spoils. She is well regarded & conections are aiming for some black type with her.

Gandalfe - Huntingdon    03 Nov 2013
Another stunner for the Champion Service! Gandalfe was expected to appreciate a drop in trip and figured on a fair enough mark to break his duck. The result was a thumping 10-length victory at 8/1!

More Of That - Wetherby    02 Nov 2013
More Of That kicked off a massive weekend for Champion Service members by scoring at 3/1. He was given a super confident ride by AP & the gamble landed!

Kingston Hill - Doncaster    26 Oct 2013
Kingston Hill looked potentially top-class and was fancied to re-pay the supplementary fee with conditions to suit in the Racing Post Trophy. And what a result as the smart juvenile did the job in imperious fashion!

Norway Cross - Pontefract    21 Oct 2013
Norway Cross was fancied to build on a very impressive debut second on a course where the stable often excels & duly landed the gamble by a very easy 9 lengths, with the field strung out into another parish!

Sea Lord - Kempton    20 Oct 2013
Sea Lord - who won a Group 3 on the Flat - has been in terrific form and added to his tally on Sunday. Returned even-money, that was a tremendous price!

Musical Comedy - Haydock    18 Oct 2013
Musical Comedy is holding his form really well and was taken to dominate the field. He has a big engine, was unlucky to bump into Aeolus in a hot race last time & made amends by winning by a big margin today.

Fossola - Wolverhampton    08 Oct 2013
Fossola looked to be ready to strike after a promising run to be second at Wolverhampton last time and the extra furlong saw her break her maiden tag in style! That made it 3 winners in a row for the Champion Service.

Top Notch Tonto - Redcar    05 Oct 2013
Another fine payout for Champion members as Top Notch Tonto landed the odds at Redcar. The winner took it up 2f out & then dug in deep when it mattered!

Nichols Canyon - Ascot    04 Oct 2013
Nichols Canyon probably lost all chance when stumbling as he exited the stalls in the Great Voltigeur Stakes at York. However, better judged on his sixth in the Queens Vase at Royal Ascot in June behind subsequent Leger winner Leading Light, he was fancied today & landed a fine touch for Chmapion Members!

Big Whiskey - Lingfield    24 Sep 2013
Big Whiskey ran a fine race last time out when only narrowly beaten in a competive race and was fancied to go well again. And what a result for members as the well-backed winner landed a big gamble!

Limegrove - Wolverhampton    13 Sep 2013
Limegrove looked favoured by conditions at Wolverhampton on Friday night and made the most of it from a yard that knows the time of day in such races. A winner by just over a length, she had the field on the stretch & did the jobe well.

Stepper Point - Beverley    31 Aug 2013
Another fantastic win and what a way to finish the month as Stepper Point held on really gamely to land the win. A trip to France may well be on the cards for this likeable type.

Northern Water - Ripon    27 Aug 2013
Northern Water has never run a bad race in all five starts and got back to winning races with an easy win. It sealed the 5th straight winner on the trot for Champion members

Supplicant - Ripon    26 Aug 2013
Supplicant had the strongest form on paper and so it proved with a ready success to land his second C&D win. He will surely now have loftier targets.

Me And Ben - Cartmel    24 Aug 2013
An easy opportunity for Me And Ben who clearly appreciated the step up in trip and should remain competitive in future racers if not harshly treated by the handicapper.

Haikbidiac - York    22 Aug 2013
Haikbidiac produced an exceptional performance for the Champion Service. Despite racing alone he stuck on bravely with the rail to help and scored at 9-1.

Dovils Duel - Leicester    20 Aug 2013
Dovils Duel showed a return to form last time and confirmed that promise with a comfortable success. This would have done his confidence the world of good and could be bouncing back to his best.

Stepper Point - Nottingham    13 Aug 2013
Stepper Point had run well enough (not beaten far at Deauville) when placed in France last time to suggest he will be a big player here and so it proved! A big gamble was landed & Champion members had the info early enough to be on at 7/1!

Cricklewood Green - Newbury    04 Aug 2013
Cricklewood Green impressed when making a winning debut and, open to plenty of improvement, was fancied to add to that for an in-form team. And so it proved as the juvenile prevailed in a thrilling finish!

Someones Darling - Ayr    22 Jul 2013
Someones Darling looked the one on the upgrade in the small field and on top of her game as a 3yo after a frustrating juvenile campaign, landed yet another Champion touch. Tha is now 3 wins from the last 3 bets at 33/1, 5/1 & 7/4!

Peniaphobia - Newbury    20 Jul 2013
Peniaphobia had looked a potential pattern race horse and on todays terms had a fine chance in the Weatherbys Super Sprint. And so it proved as the Champion Service banged in another impressive winner!

Miracle Of Medinah - Newbury    19 Jul 2013
Wins dont come much bigger as Miracle Of Medinah thrashed a strong field to land connections a Listed win. At 33/1 it was a magnificent win for the Service and one members will be celebrating all weekend.

Aljamaaheer - Ascot    13 Jul 2013
Aljamaaheer ran a stormer at Royal Ascot last time and todays race afforded the opportunity of some compensation. And so it proved, as the Champion winner landed a fine gamble in a fast time.

Ocean Applause - Yarmouth    10 Jul 2013
Ocean Applause showed improved form last time in a Newmarket maiden and was strongly fancied to be a factor today. The money came thick & fast & a very easy victory was recorded for Champion members.

Letsby Avenue - Uttoxeter    30 Jun 2013
Letsby Avenue had shown in his two starts over hurdles this term that he his capable of picking up a race & today was the day & in what style! The Champion Service winner led after the second last & cruised in by 23 lengths!

Lexington Rose - Musselburgh    15 Jun 2013
Lexington Rose was not far away in his previous race & with conditions perfect today, made all & then stayed on well to score comfortably.

Morpheus - Nottingham    13 Jun 2013
A poignant winner for Champion Service members as Morpheus bolted up today. The half-brother to Frankel took some time to assert but then pulled clear to win easily.

Thats Rhythm - Stratford    07 Jun 2013
Thats Rhythm keeps his form remarkably well and is a seasoned, consistent pro in this grade & so it proved as the 13-year-old saw off some interesting hunter chasers in an excellent race. That made it 2 winners in 2 days for the Champions Service!

My Lucky Flame - Worcester    06 Jun 2013
My Lucky Flame bumped into a useful sort of David Pipes at Uttoxeter last time and was fancied go one better today. And so it proved, as the 6yo eased to a near 4L victory.

Montiridge - Sandown    30 May 2013
Montiridge left behind a slightly disappointing seasonal debut with a fine run at Sandown this evening. It was an imperious performance & the Richard Hannons inmate is firmly back on track for a big season.

Brass Ring - Newmarket    18 May 2013
Yet another big winner for the Champion Service as Brass Ring bolted up at 2/1. There was some tail flashing but when he picked up it was impressive & he should now head to Royal Ascot.

Riposte - Newmarket    17 May 2013
In what was expected to develop into a fight with Auld Alliance, it was Riposte who was fancied to come out on top and build on a sound debut effort at Sandown. And that was what happened as Champion Service members were rewarded with another winner.

Fergall - Newton Abbot    09 May 2013
Fergall had run with credit in better company than todays and was expected to be suited by the tight track. And, what a result as yet another winner goes in for the Champion Service!

Sea Shanty - Kempton    06 May 2013
Sea Shanty was an impressive winner last time and still at the right end of the handicap, continued on an upward curve with victory today. It was a ready performance & made it 50% for the Champion Service in May.

Windhoek - Newmarket    04 May 2013
Another great result for the red hot in-form Champion Service as Windhoek landed the touch at HQs today! Never in any danger, the gig gamble was safely in the bag by over 3Ls!

Estimate - Ascot    01 May 2013
Estimate won the Queens Vase at Royal Ascot last year and was not disgraced on two subsequent occasions. Looking the type with scope for more improvement, she was well fancied today on her seasonal bow & landed a fine Champion touch to start the month in style.

Boonga Roogeta - Doncaster    27 Apr 2013
Boonga Roogeta showed that she was in good heart with a fine, front-running display to win at Bath & followed up for Champion members on Saturday! It was a tremendous result to make it a stunning 27.5 point profit for April so far!

Haafaguinea - Sandown    26 Apr 2013
Haafaguinea has a lot going for him the season and landed another fine touch for Champion Service members on Friday. 11/2 was a cracking price & members are cleaning up this month!

Urban Kode - Perth    25 Apr 2013
Urban Kode, a course and distance winner from last summer on soft ground, showed signs of a return to form last time out at Newcastle and was fancied to step up on that here. He duly did & scored for members at a fine 13/2!

Ballyculla - Ffos Las    23 Apr 2013
Ballyculla had performed creditably last time out, running as though he would appreciate this step-up in trip to three miles. And so it proved, as he ran out a ready winner leaving the favourite trailing.

Refreshestheparts - Lingfield    10 Apr 2013
Refreshestheparts had a fine winter and fresh from a break and with champion Richard Hughes in the saddle, gave the weight away to land another Champion touch!

Legacy Gold - Aintree    05 Apr 2013
Legacy Gold was quietly fancied to make her mark in this step-up in grade after winning both her starts, including very easily at Catterick last time! And she certainly came good in style scoring by 4ls & landing Champion members a tasty 9/1 touch!

Saharia - Lingfield    03 Apr 2013
It was all so easy for Saharia, who was heavily supported to land the hat-trick & did so in style to make it 100% so far in April for the Champion Service.

Mathew Riley - Newcastle    01 Apr 2013
Mathew Riley had shaped with promise first time over hurdles and then stepped up on that today by scoring at Newcastle. It was a rare old battle between the front two & they finished 41 lengths clear of the the third!

Iron Butterfly - Fontwell    26 Mar 2013
Iron Butterfly had a strong chance to take this modest prize after a much better performance last time & he duly obliged with the step up in trip aiding the cause. It was decent 5L victory & another strong winner for the Champion Service.

Teophilip - Lingfield    16 Mar 2013
CHAMPION! A stunning result for members as Teophilip landed a fine touch at 10/1. The winner quickened in tremendous style & then held on gamely to repel the well backed favourite!

Back In Focus - Cheltenham    13 Mar 2013
What a touch for Champion Service members as Back In Focus powered home to land the cash! The horse is an out and out stayer and needed all the 4m to get up. He is going places!

Moorlands Mist - Chepstow    09 Mar 2013
It was close but Moorlands Mist came out on top to give Champion Service members a fine 4/1 value winner! Better jumping would have seen him score by plenty more & the 6yo surely can only improve.

Wordiness - Wolverhampton    25 Feb 2013
WORDINESS was strongly fancied to follow up for his new trainer under a 7-pound claimer today & duly landed the odds. He look useful at this level.

Faultless Feelings - Ludlow    20 Feb 2013
Faultless Feelings, back in maiden company after a sound handicap effort last time, got off the mark in decent style. Well backed, the Champion winner held off the challenge of the second, with the pair miles ahead of the rest.

Ifandbutwhynot - Musselburgh    13 Feb 2013
Ifandbutwhynot did not run up to form last time in a Listed race at Sandown, but that was surely not his true running. The 7yo consequently bounced back to form on Wednesday to land Champion members a big touch!

Godsmejudge - Warwick    09 Feb 2013
Godsmejudge had looked unlucky not to collect last time but retains a progressive profile & resumed winning ways today. He made all & knuckled down well to repel the second & both horses were a country mile ahead of the only other finisher.

Brick Red - Wincanton    17 Jan 2013
Brick Red landed his second win in 7 days with another smooth victory. He is obviously a horse in form and should continue on the up for a stable having a great season.

The New One - Warwick    12 Jan 2013
The New One absolutely cruissed to victory here posting the most impressive display of the day. He should take all the beating when turning up at Cheltenham for the Neptune.

Shadows Lengthen - Sedgefield    11 Jan 2013
Shadows Lengthen was touched off narrowly at Catterick, when mugged in a three-way thriller. Had he not blundered at the third he may well have won and he certainly made amends today. Pushed clear, it was very easy!

Big Society - Exeter    01 Jan 2013
Big Society ran green but was given a fine ride by Paddy Brennan to land the first Champion bet of 2013 & a big gamble! The horse will come again on for that effort.

Forty Crown - Kelso    29 Dec 2012
It was mighty close but Forty Crown landed the touch at Kelso today to give Champion Service members a fine 2-point winner at 5/2. The front two were miles clear of the rest & the form looks solid.

Cedre Bleu - Ascot    22 Dec 2012
Cedre Bleu didnt get all his own way but ultimately class told & the 5yo bravely fought off the persistent challenge of the brave Brass Tax. He is still inexperienced & learning the game & has much more to offer.

Equitania - Kempton    13 Dec 2012
Yes, not a great price in the end as the money came flooding in, but as our advice goes out at around 10am then we know everyone was on at the morning prices of 5/4. Under Richard Hughes there was never a moments doubt as he led them from start to finish and just had too much toe for this lot.

Witness In Court - Sedgefield    11 Dec 2012
Witness In Court posted a good effort last time at Kelso when just out-pointed by an odds on shot but finished miles clear of the third. That put him spot on fir today & he duly trotted up by a very easy 22Ls!

Bold Sir Brian - Sandown    07 Dec 2012
Bold Sir Brian posted a scintillating display at Sandown today, completely destroying the opposition. He did make one mistake but it made no difference & he rates an exciting prospect.

Scholastica - Uttoxeter    29 Nov 2012
An emphatic win for Scholastica, who looks a very decent mare with a bright future. She tracked the leader & then powered away for a very easy win.

Space Artist - Wolverhampton    24 Nov 2012
Space Artist kept the Champion Service ticking over nicely by scoring at Wolverhampton tonight. Very well backed, Bryan Smarts 2yo made all & then held on bravely in a thrilling finish!

Fergall - Ascot    23 Nov 2012
It was so nearly an incredible 40/1 winner for members with Fergall just missing out at the finish. Members were advised to back each way so were still rewarded at tasty odds.

Little Glenshee - Newcastle    16 Nov 2012
It couldnt have been much easier for Little Glenshee, who was left with no challenger after the second last & simply sauntered to a 27-length victory. The mare had always looked in command & can win again.

Belgian Bill - Kempton    14 Nov 2012
Belgian Bill kept the Champion Service ticking over with victory at Kempton tonight. He has a fine turn of foot & could rate even higher.

Valerene - Musselburgh    08 Nov 2012
What a fine touch for Champion Service members as Valrene landed a good old fashioned quiet touch at Towcester! She had previously run well at Ludlow and looked tailor made for the todays tough stayers track.

Ninjago - Newmarket    02 Nov 2012
A fine bonus for members as Ninjago drifted on course & was returned at even money! That was bigger than expected but Richard Hannons youngster was up to the task.

Dutch Masterpiece - Haydock    20 Oct 2012
Dutch Masterpiece was proven under testing conditions & used his experience to land a big on course gamble. Never in any trouble - he looks a decent prospect.

Thomas Crapper - Worcester    11 Oct 2012
Thomas Crapper set a good standard in terms of form and time, having posted a decent effort in a Grade 3 Sandown race when last seen. And he put his experience to good use in a race that was perfect to start off his season to give Champion Members yet another winner!

Jakes Destiny - Ascot    05 Oct 2012
Jakes Destiny was well backed to score at Ascot today & did the business after some solid placed efforts in a light campaign. The slow conditions really suite & he was the more powerful horse on the soft going.

Annecdote - Newmarket    30 Sep 2012
Another cracking Champion winner in Annecdote, who did the job very easily to win at a super price. Just pushed out, the filly was always in command & can make a nice 3yo. The victory made it a healthy 14 points profit for the service in September!

Penny Rose - Newbury    21 Sep 2012
After a number of selection options for Penny Rose, connections opted for the fillies conditions race at Newbury today. It was certainly a wise move and she looks a classy horse after an easy 2l victory.

Gifted Dancer - Chepstow    13 Sep 2012
Gifted Dancer landed yet another Champion Service touch on Thursday, holding on in a tight finish. Returned at a tasty 7/2, that makes it 17 points profit & a 66% strike-rate for the month.

Sole Power - Doncaster    12 Sep 2012
At last it came right for Sole Power, who landed yet another touch for The Champion Service on Wednesday at Doncaster. The smart Irish raider had been unlucky all year but quickened superbly & won easily.

Sushi - Lingfield    05 Sep 2012
What a price returned for Sushi, who traveled well & won in some style. The result can be upgraded & she looks quite useful.

Hi Note - Bath    01 Sep 2012
A fine start to the month for the Champion Service as Hi Note landed the gamble in a thriller at Bath. Shes in fine form & is likely to go hurdling again soon.

Enrol - Lingfield    30 Aug 2012
ENROL Well gambled on the day, she looked like winning easily when arriving with her effort on the bridle 2f out, but only managed to wear down the runner-up close to the line. Her future depends on what handicap mark she gets now.

Cameron Highland - Windsor    25 Aug 2012
Cameron Highland dictated affairs from start to finish to land listed honours at Windsor. His rivals tried to reel him in but he kept on finding and galloped on strongly in the closing stages to the delight of Champion members.

Dundonnell - York    22 Aug 2012
Well backed prior to the off Dundonnell cruised home at York for Champion members. Despite showing greeness when hitting the front the win was never in doubt.

White Nile - Newcastle    17 Aug 2012
An expensive purchase White Nile ridden by the inform Graham Lee just did enough to hold off his market rival and did well considering the difficult conditions. He can improve again when stepped up in distance.

Suzis A Class Act - Salisbury    16 Aug 2012
A tremendous result again for Champion Service members as Suzis A Class Act made all to win at a tasty 4/1. Young Adam Beschizza gave her a fine ride & she can win again.

Princess Of Orange - Newmarket    11 Aug 2012
A Seb Sanders masterclass as he produced Princess Of Orange to pulverise the field at Newmarket. And if that wasnt good enough, the winner was returned a fantastic price of 6/1 for Champion Service members!

Lucky Beggar - Thirsk    04 Aug 2012
Lucky Beggar ran with credit when second to a juvenile of near listed class at Bath recently & was fancied to go one better on Saturday. In the end it was tight but Champion Service members were on the right horse & 3/1 was a decent return.

King Of Paradise - Hamilton    03 Jul 2012
King Of Paradise is well regarded by his yard and won last time despite a badly slipping saddle. Better things were expected today & he duly obliged although he should be even better on quicker going.

Euxton Hall - Pontefract    02 Jul 2012
Euxton Hall was a ready winner on debut at Haydock & probably did not act on the track at Epsom last time. However, Pontefract suited & he returned to winning form today.

Savida - Wolverhampton    18 Jun 2012
The blinkers worked the oracle for Savida today and she bolted up despite still hanging right. She was way too good for the field and itll be interesting to see where connections go with her next time.

Faithfilly - Sandown    15 Jun 2012
Faithfilly landed another nice punt for the Champion Service on Friday. The filly put her experience to good use in the small field contest & won by an easy three and a quarter lengths.

Razorbill - Nottingham    14 Jun 2012
Razorbill simply cruised to victory at Nottingham today, taking up the lead a furlong out. It was that easy that the horse was heavily eased!

Sir Maximilian - Doncaster    10 Jun 2012
Sir Maximilian set the standard today with some sound efforts and looked set to get off the mark. And so it proved as the selection simply bolted up by a very easy 6Ls!

Jet Away - Goodwood    27 May 2012
Jet Away made a highly satisfactory return to action with a victory in a conditions race at Ripon and with that confidence-boosting run behind him, bolted up at Goodwood today! The 5yo quickened up really well & clocked a very fast time.

Handsome Ransom - Kempton    23 May 2012
Handsome Ransom was all the rage in the market and was backed as if defeat was out of the question. Under a positive ride he pulled clear of the field and won in good fashion.

Anomaly - Newmarket    18 May 2012
Anomaly was placed in two back-end maidens & horses that finished behind him had won since, including a Henry Cecil Oaks entry. Hed shown enough to break his maiden & duly won very easily at HQ tonight.

Astrology - Chester    12 May 2012
Astrology was very heavily backed to land the Dee Stakes at Chester & won as easy as he liked! The winning margin was a huge 11 lengths - it was that easy!

River Maigue - Ayr    22 Apr 2012
Nicky Henderson loves to win the bumper at Ayr on Scottish Grand National day & he did it again on Saturday with River Maigue. Itll be interesting to see how good the horse is when switched to obstacles.

Silviniaco Conti - Aintree    14 Apr 2012
Silviniaco Conti (Aintree 2.30) boasts some high-class novice chasing form, and though rather below-par on his previous run, bolted up today. Having missed Cheltenham, he arrived at the meeting fresh & duly won as he liked.

Unforgettable - Huntingdon    10 Apr 2012
A very nice price was gained for Unforgettable, who was returned a 4/1 winner. The selection proved too hot to handle for Tornade DEstruval & the touch was in the bag in the final 100 yards.

Primaeval - Kempton    01 Apr 2012
Primaeval had been in excellent form over the past 12 months and was a fine second in Meydan last time. He missed out on competing in the World Cup but gained some compensation with victory today.

Wolf Shield - Carisle    08 Mar 2012
Wolf Shield ran well in a fast-timed bumper last time out to finish second, 36 lengths clear of the third & followed by winning nicely at Carlisle today. He looks a decent stayer in the making.

Lemon Drop Red - Southwell    15 Feb 2012
Lemon Drop Red was prominent from the off and fought off the persistent challenge of the runner up. It was a close call in the end but the Champion selection just did enough.

Lucia Bay - Ayr    06 Feb 2012
Another trmendous result for the Champions Service as Lucia Bay stayed on strongly to beat the favourite at Ayr today. She was well backed & is now expected to head to Newbury for the Mares Final.

Burnhope - Lingfield    04 Feb 2012
Burnhope was a very good fourth last time in a race where the form is working out well & improved on that to score on Saturday. And what an impressive victory too, winning eased down at a tremendous price of 4/1. That makes it 2 bets & 2 wins in January, & a profit of 7 points already!

No Mean Trick - Southwell    02 Feb 2012
No Mean Trick is consistent at this sort of level and rated the one to beat today at Southwell. It was close but he made all and held on in a thrilling finish.

Baileys Strider - Lingfield    28 Jan 2012
Baileys Strider looked as though he would benefit from the experience when fifth on debut at Wolverhampton. And with that outing under his belt, he opened his account on Saturday to give the Champions Service another superb winner.

Clash Duff - Huntingdon    27 Jan 2012
What a thriller, as two tough horses fought out the finish, with Clash Duff prevailing under a superb ride. Its another winner for the Champions Service and what a month it has been!

Loose Chips - Towcester    22 Jan 2012
Loose Chips ran with great promise, clocked a decent time on his debut over timber and duly obliged for Champion Service members on Sunday. He had the field on the stretch from 2 out & stayed on powerfully to win at a tasty price.

Gores Island - Doncaster    11 Jan 2012
A stunning result for the Champions Service as Gores Island stayed on strongly to win at 14/1. It looked a warm race but the six-year-old shouldered his penalty well and looks decent.

Tycoons Reflection - Huntingdon    04 Jan 2012
Champions Service members were advised to back Tycoons Reflection each way and were duly rewarded when he finished an honourable third at 10/1.

Getting Ready - Ayr    02 Jan 2012
Getting Ready made it a fine start to 2012 for members by landing the odds at Ayr today. Apart from a couple of mistakes, he was never in trouble & won with plenty in hand,

Rowan Tiger - Bangor    19 Dec 2011
Rowan Tiger could hardly have gone closer in his first two starts over timber, being beaten a short head and a nose. However, the booking of Tony McCoy was a boost to his chances of getting off the mark and he bolted up by 9 lengths.

Mezzotint - Kempton    15 Dec 2011
Mezzotint transfered his maiden form to handicapping & won cosily to land a hefty on0course gamble. Connections are probably going to wait until next year now, but you never know.

Bold Sir Brian - Hexham    07 Dec 2011
It was as easy as you like for Bold Sir Brian at Hexham today, as he romped through the testing conditions to score unchallenged. He is tough & can win again.

Eurohunter - Kelso    04 Dec 2011
Eurohunter ran a fine race after a lengthy absence to be runner-up at Newcastle last time. That was a solid performance and put him right for todays race in which he scored easily by 6Ls and land a hefty touch for Champions Service members!

Knock A Hand - Chepstow    03 Dec 2011
Knock A Hand is held in the highest regard by connections & returned to the scene of his impressive win last time, duly followed up. It was tough going in the conditions but the selection has an engine & is going the right way fast.

Peckhamecho - Bangor    26 Nov 2011
Peckhamecho never looked in any danger and scooted home by a very wide margin. He looks another useful prospect for his young trainer Rebecca Curtis.

First Fandango - Leicester    14 Nov 2011
First Fandango justified the long trek from Cowbridge to Leicester & landed a tidy gamble in the process. It was a decent ride by AP & in the end victory was achieved by a comfortable near 4 lengths.

Ballycolin - Musselburgh    03 Nov 2011
Ballycolin did little wrong in defeat when second to a southern raider at Carlisle last time & duly obliged for the Champions Service today. Members were wel rewarded with a value 11/4 price!

Neutrafa - Ayr    29 Oct 2011
Neutrafa simply bolted up today, landing a big gamble & revelling in the testing conditions. Never in any trouble, the filly won eased down.

Ducal - Wolverhampton    06 Oct 2011
Ducal ran what was perhaps a personal best at Kempton when second to Dare To Bare. It would be wrong to say he was an unlucky loser, but the winner got first run on him and Ducal had to come widest of all. He duly went one better at Wolverhampton today and landed a nice gamble in the process.

Mundana - Ascot    30 Sep 2011
Mundana showed a willing attitude to score a battling win at Yarmouth last time and, nowhere near as exposed as most of her rivals, landed a nice touch at Ascot today. She is a progressive horse to stay on the right side of.

Alsindi - Newmarket    23 Sep 2011
Alsindi is very high up the pecking order at Clive Brittains yard and won impressively at HQ today. She took time to get going but nailed the race close home. She can rate a very good horse next year & must have Classic aspirations.

Salik Tag - Catterick    17 Sep 2011
Salik Tag provided the Champions Service with another tasty touch on Saturday. Dropping back to maiden company did the trick & there looks to be more to come now.

Caledonia Lady - Ayr    16 Sep 2011
Caledonia Lady recovered from a slow start to power home in the Listed sprint at Ayr. She looks a decent filly & will be aimed higher.

Requinto - Doncaster    09 Sep 2011
It was a thriller but Requinto came out on top in the Flying Childers to see off the persistent challenge of Burwaaz. Things didnt go his way when he took on his elders at York in the Nunthrope Stakes last time and the ground was probably against him too. However, he created a favourable impression when winning at Goodwood, and he was more at home back among his own age group.

Caledonian Spring - Haydock    03 Sep 2011
Caledonian Spring was pretty good value at 10/3 considering he had the highest official rating in the race. He was always traveling well and could be called the winner at the two furlong pole.

Green Howard - Catterick    24 Aug 2011
Green Howard made it back to back victories for the Champions Team following yesterdays win from Sugar Hiccup. It was another exciting finish and some tidy bets landed.

Sugar Hiccup - Warwick    23 Aug 2011
Sugar Hiccup just managed to get her head in front on the line and deny the long time leader Spanish Plume. The winning distance was only a neck but the win was all that mattered.

Gold City - Nottingham    09 Aug 2011
In what turned out to be a relatively depleted field Gold City never saw a rival and won as expected for Frank Dettori

Roger Sez - Newmarket    30 Jul 2011
Champions Service members were rewarded when Roger Sez came home a comfortable winner even more so at the odds of 5/1. This useful two year old is now unbeaten in his last three starts

Harbour Watch - Newmarket    07 Jul 2011
Harbour Watch spoilt the party for backers of the favourite Burwaaz at Newmarket today & did son in tremendous fashion by four and a half lengths. He looks a smart sort for Richard Hannon & can go on to better things.

Icebuster - Leicester    02 Jul 2011
Icebuster had run a personal best last time when runner-up in handicap company and appreciated the return to maiden company. It was an exciting finish but Rod Millmans gelding just edged out the favourite and the gamble was landed.

Korabushka - Newbury    30 Jun 2011
Korabushka landed a fine touch for Champions Service members at Newbury tonight. Not entirely straightforward, Shane Kelly kept her up to her work and she won with plenty in hand.

Peader Miguel - Stratford    29 Jun 2011
Peader Miguel landed yet another touch for the in-form Champion Service. His jockey had trouble restraining him but let him go 2f out & the result was then never in doubt. A decent prize awaits this talented horse.

Khor Sheed - Warwick    23 Jun 2011
Khor Sheed was fancied to land the fillies Listed race at Warwick & duly obliged with the minimum of fuss. Clear in th final furlong, she was eased down & the result never in doubt.

Frederick Engels - Royal Ascot    14 Jun 2011
Frederick Engels was battered off the boards & won as a very well backed favourite should - by an easy two and a quarter lengths to make it a fine Royal Ascot winner for members!

Executives Hall - Uttoxeter    09 Jun 2011
Executives Hall mostly travelled & jumped well & despite a mistake at the last, won easily. Thats now 2-2 for his new yard & there should be more to come.

Miss Aix - Newcastle    04 Jun 2011
Miss Aix was given the full Hayley Turner treatment & was always hoding on at the end to land a tidy gamble, backed in from 9/4. It rates a good effort in a warm maiden for the track.

Early Applause - Ripon    24 May 2011
It was a thrilling race resulting in a dead-heat as Early Applause was joined on the line by Qenaa. The front two were well clear of anything else and Early Applause should have more to offer in hanmdicaps.

Perfect Tribute - Lingfield    07 May 2011
What a result as Perfect Tribute stormed to victory at Lingfield today. Ignored by most, Champions Service members were in the know & well rewarded at a stunning 12/1!

King Of Eden - Newcastle    27 Apr 2011
Another great result for the Champions Service as King of Eden hacked up at a very well backed 9/4. Connections are aiming for the Ayr Gold Cup with this progressive horse & he is starting to look the part!

Button Moon - Yarmouth    26 Apr 2011
Button Moon was the class act in the field judged on his efforts last season and a promising opener at Newmarket this year. He easily brushed aside this field and deserves another try up in class.

Tazahum - Sandown    24 Apr 2011
Tazahum gave the impression last season that there was more to come and can rate better than a handicapper. He appeared off an appealing mark in the Esher Cup today - winning the race - and looks to have a bright season ahead.

Sound Amigo - Wolverhampton    09 Apr 2011
Sound Amigo duly followed up an encouraging maiden win by scoring with plenty in hand tonight. Ridden to take it up in the final furlong, he won staying on well.

Falcon Island - Stratford    01 Apr 2011
Falcon Island finally got it right again and landed a deserved second success. He jumped well and had the power to score at the business end of the race.

Havingotascoobydo - Ludlow    31 Mar 2011
Havingotascoobydo lost nothing in defeat when second at Sandown and duly went one better at Ludlow this afternoon, winning by a comfortable 5Ls. Given a fine ride by Warren Marston, the six-year-old was produced with a late telling run.

Strong Vigilance - Wolverhampton    31 Mar 2011
It was close but the touch was landed with Strong Vigilance, who after being headed, fought back to take up the lead in a thriller at Dunstall Park. There weres some meaty bets landed in the process!

Quotica De Poyans - Kelso    05 Mar 2011
An impressive performance from Quotica De Poyans, who mostly jumped well & then showed a decent turn of foot to put the race to bed. Hell be winning again.

Halifax - Lingfield    26 Feb 2011
Available as big as 10/1 in the morning, Halifax was well backed & landed the touch in style. There should be plenty more to come!

Pret A Thou - Towcester    23 Jan 2011
Pret A Thou is tough as old boots & powered up the Towcester slope to score with a bit in hand. He could well go in again.

Medaille DOr - Lingfield    22 Jan 2011
Medaille DOr won on her handicap debut by an easy two and a half lengths - always in command. She looks a nice filly for the turf season.

Binocular - Kempton    15 Jan 2011
Binocular landed the re-arranged Christmas Hurdle with an impressive display to post his well being with the Cheltenham Festivsl looming again. In this form, hell be very hard to beat.

Master Minded - Cheltenaham    11 Dec 2010
Master Minded simply bolted up & is well on the way to Cheltenham Festival glory. Hed won the race in 2008 and looked back to his best today.

Imperial Commander - Haydock    20 Nov 2010
Imperial Commander stayed on really well & never looked in any big danger to see off Tidal Bay. Kauto Star was absent but it still rates a fine victory.

Menorah - Cheltenham    14 Nov 2010
It was a thriller but Menorah was a fine winner of the Greatwood Hurdle and at a tasty 6/1 price. The Cheltenham Festival surely beckons after this win.

Timepiece - Newmarket    30 Oct 2010
Timepiece finished off her season with an awesome display to take the a Listed race virtualy unchallenged. Yet to score in Group company, theres a strong chance shell stay in training.

Casamento - Doncaster    23 Oct 2010
Casamento landed a tremendous Irish raid by blistering to victory in the Group 1 Racing Post Trophy. A glittering three-year-old career awaits.

Twice Over - Newmarket    16 Oct 2010
Twice Over won the final running of the Champion Stakes on the Rowley Mile before it is switched to Ascot & what a win it was! He made it back-to-back wins in the race & the Breeders´ Cup Turf or the Dubail World Cup awaits.

Katla - York    09 Oct 2010
The Irish raider Katla had few supporters on course and she drifted out to 5/1. However, with conditions to suit, she absolutley bolted up - spreadeagling the field in the style of a very good filly.

Sir Lunchalott - Wolverhampton    18 Sep 2010
Richard Hughes replaced an apprentice to ride Sir Lunchalott tonight & the hint was taken. The jockey gave the ride his all & the touch was landed.

Genki - Ayr    18 Sep 2010
Genki (ew) ran his heart out in the Ayr Gold Cup & finished a respectable fourth. He was second in his group, finishing strongly & remains a horse to keep an eye on.

Krypton Factor - Sandown    11 Sep 2010
The in-form Krypton Factor gave the bookies a right thrashing as the gamble was never in any danger. He deserves a try in loftier company.

Class Is Class - Haydock    07 Aug 2010
Class Is Class ran a great race but was just run out of it in the end by a horse that handled the conditions that bit better. He still fnished 6Ls clear of third & each-way backers were not out of pocket.

Midday - Goodwood    31 Jul 2010
Brilliant horses are often blessed with more than one change of gears & Midday proved that today. After seemingly putting the race to bed, she idled & then accelerated at the last moment. A fine win.

Pausanias - Goodwood    31 Jul 2010
Pausanias was reported working very well prior to his debut & duly landed a nice touch at Goodwood. He looks a decent recruit & can rank more highly.

Harbinger - Ascot    24 Jul 2010
Harbinger duly came of age & in quite scintillating style. It was a truly astonishing run as Sir Michael Stoutes star bounded clear by 11 lengths to land a famous victory. An amazing horse!

Sansili - Market Rasen    17 Jul 2010
Peter Bowen is having a fine season & Sansili (ew) rewarded each-way backers with a solid run in a warm race. Hell do better granted a stiffer test.

Triple Aspect - Sandown    03 Jul 2010
Triple Aspect looked unwilling to start with but responded well to Laim Jones urgings to win cosily in the end. He looks worth a try at a higher level.

Acrostic - Sandown    03 Jul 2010
Acrostic was very well backed for the Coral Challenge Stakes & our each-way selection was just done by a 33/1 shot. It was still a fine run & the horse will have further chances.

Seasonal Cross - Newmarket    26 Jun 2010
Seasonal Cross proved her Bath win no fluke by taking this competitve handicap under a great Hayley Turner ride. Looking a lost cause at one point, the horse made up enormous ground and flew past the field to score at a lovely 16/1.

Dr Green - Windsor    26 Jun 2010
Dr Green continued Richard Hannons juvenile purple patch and strolled to an 8L victory! He may not have beaten much but could hardly have done the job any better.

Harbinger - Ascot    19 Jun 2010
Harbinger continued his climb up the ranks with an assured win in the Group 2 Hardwicke Stakes. It was easy enough & bigger prizes await.

Seasonal Cross - Bath    12 Jun 2010
Simon Dow likes to target this race & Seasonal Cross was fine winner at a great price. She quickened well & can follow up.

Jollywood - Bath    12 Jun 2010
Jollywood gave the in-form Richard Hannon another two-year-old winner & the speedy youngster was returned a decent price. She finished like a rocket & a step up in class beckons.

Fortuni - Epsom    05 Jun 2010
Fortuni was another big-priced winner for the service, enjoying the Epsom undulations & bolting up by four and a half lengths.

Business As Usual - Newmarket    29 May 2010
Business As Usual was friendless on course but we knew better & Michael Jarvis inmate foiled a big gamble on Ransom Note & was returned a very tasty 9/1 price.

Roulez Cool - Stratford    29 May 2010
Roulez Cool had been laid out for this Stratford Chamion Hunters Chase & did the job with a gritty performance. He is likely to be aimed at the Cheltenham Foxhunter next year.

Canford Cliffs - The Curragh    22 May 2010
Could Canford Cliffs really be the best Richard Hannon has ever trained? On this brilliant performance, the three-year-old looks very, very good indeed. He ran away with the Irish 2,000 Guineas and hell be winning more top class races.

Paradise Expected - Uttoxeter    15 May 2010
Paradise Expected posted a fine effort each-way at 10/1 & continues to run well. Shell probably now be rested & will be of interest when she reappears after a break.

Lovelace - Lovelace    08 May 2010
Lovelace has returned to his best now with David Nicholls & the six-year-old produced a telling change of gears to put this race to bed. He beat the warm favourite Mias Boy & looks to have a bright season ahead.

Canford Cliffs - Newmarket    01 May 2010
One day Canford Cliffs (ew) will get it spot-on! Today in the 2,000 Guineas it was still a cracking effort but there is more to come from this exciting horse.

Paco Boy - Sandown    24 Apr 2010
Paco Boy confirmed his wellbeing with a demolition job in the Bet365 Mile at Sandown. The way he quickened clear was a sight to behold.

Harbinger - Newbury    17 Apr 2010
Always highly regarded, Harbinger bounced back in style to land the Group 3 John Porter Stakes. He clocked a fine time & after running the field ragged, looks to have a big season ahead.

Paco Boy - Newbury    01 Jan 1970
Paco Boy continued his flying start to the season with a heavily backed victory in the Group 1 Lockinge Stakes. He simply outclassed his rivals & deserves more glory.

Crank Em Up - Uttoxeter    01 Jan 1970
Crank Em Up had been running well of late and suited by this trip, landed the New Years Eve gamble.

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